All-Star Squadron
Axis America (Young All-Stars #1) - Fledermaus, Grosshorn Eule, Gudra,
     Kamikaze, Sea Wolf, Ubermensch, Usil.
Deathbolt (All-Star Squadron #21).
Fledermaus (Young All-Stars #1) - child of Grosshorn Eule; German Robin.
Dragon King (All-Star Squadron #4) - martial arts; strength; possesses
     Holy Grail.
Prof. Gootsden (All-Star Squadron #60; A*S foe) - Axis agent; rocket
Grosshorn Eule (Young All-Stars #1) - owl outfit; fighting, general
     skills; German Batman; father of Fledermaus.
Gudra (DC Special #29) - a valkyrie; German Wonder Woman.
Kamikaze (Young All-Stars #6) - Bulletman-like red & white uniform;
     Japanese; flight via armored rocket suit.
Mekanique (All-Star Squadron #57) - evil female robot from future.
Night and Fog (All-Star Squadron #44) - sister/brother team who projects 
     darkness/transforms self into mist.
Nuclear (All-Star Squadron #14) - Percy Playboy acquires atomic powers?
Phantom Empire (All-Star Squadron #40) - Nazi sympathizers; led by Real
Real American (All-Star Squadron #38) - android Nazi agent; white
     supremacist; leads Phantom Empire; red white & blue outfit; steel
     whip; persuasion aura; superstrength.
Samurai Squad (All-Star Squadron #41) - Kung, Tsunami, Sumo 
Sea Wolf (Young All-Stars #1) - wolfman wearing blue trunks and bracers;
     strength, claws, swimming, underwater breathing; German Aquaman.
Thor (All-Star 80-Page #1; A*S foe) - apparently the Aesir god, at any
     rate an otherworldly foe of great strength.
Ubermensch (Young All-Stars #1) - flight, strength, invulnerability;
     German Superman.
Usil (Young All-Stars #1) - archer with trick arrows; Italian Green Arrow.

Air Wave
"Snake-Eyes" Bentley (Detective #88; Air Wave foe) - powers?
"Flipper" Graw and his gang (Detective #136; Air Wave foe) - powers?
Professor Girn (Detective #61; Air Wave foe) - scientist; builds exo-skeleton.
Moon Rocketeers (Detective #118; Air Wave foe) - crooks disguised as
Mr. Mystery (Detective #62; Air Wave foe) - crooked mayor in disguise.
the Parrot (Detective #131) - powers?
the Radio Robbers (Detective #113; Air Wave foe) - powers?
the Shooting Spooks (Detective #66; Air Wave foe) - criminals dressed as 
the Tiger (Detective #107; Air Wave foe) - powers?
[see Appendix]

Black Jack (More Fun #74; Aquaman foe) - your basic pirate; Aquaman's
Guerillas of Fen-Shu (More Fun #95; Aquaman foe) - powers?
Master Sargasso (More Fun #78; Aquaman foe) - is king of an island in the
     Sargasso sea; his men use gas-guns.
The Queen of the Sea (Adv. #187; Aquaman foe) - powers?
The Shark with the Human Brain - (Adv. #203; Aquaman foe) - a 
     criminal turned into a shark.
[see Appendix] 

The Atom
Amazing Farads (Batman #238; Atom foe) - trio of acrobatic carnival performers.
Boss (All-American #72; Atom foe) - henchmen Slugger and Duke.
Nick Crock (All-American #57; Atom foe) - powers?
Cootie Gang (All-American #33) - stolen metal-disolving formula.
the Little Men (All-American #46; Atom foes) - short men become 
      terrorists to get respect.
Mandini the Magician (Flash #93; Atom foe) - mysterious cabinets.
Mr. Fingers (Golden Age #1; Atom foe) - gangly jewel thief who pinches
     female victims' behinds.
Moustache Max (All-American #50; Atom foe) - powers?
Nada (All-American #23; Atom foe) - crooked hypnotist who frames Joe Morgan
the Tusk (All-American #40; Atom foe) - powers?
The Undersea Raiders (Sensation #86; Atom foes) - scavengers who try 
     to sink ships.
[see Appendix]

Bart Regan, Spy
Dr. Carter (Detective #38; Bart Regan foe) - invents a ray-machine which
     can produce lightning and launch it at whatever target he desires.

Ali (Batman #19) - corpulent proprietor of Ali's Health Resort; kidnaps 
     prominent persons and replaces them with impersonators.
the Artisans (Batman #65) - criminals who are experts in legitimate 
     fields; led by Jack Thorpe, editor of Gotham Gazette and including
     electrician John Slagg, telephone lineman Fred Bower, plumber Pete
     Hogan, and welder Ed Peters.
Baffle, Michael (Detective #63; Batman foe) - international gentleman
     jewel thief.
Bain, Martin (Batman #43) - gangster who fakes time-travel, pretending his
     thugs are Jesse James, John Dillinger, Genghis Kahn, and Captain
Bard, Jonathan (Detective #212; Batman foe) - puppet-master.
Blackbeard (Batman #4) - leader of band of modern-day pirates.
Black Diamond (Batman #58) - gang lord who accumulates gems.
Blackhand (Detective #113) - leader of band who terrorise raid oyster 
     fishermen; horribly burned hand.
the Black Rogue (World's Finest #62; Batman foe) - Felix Dunn, a scholarly
     criminal who dons a black costume and plumed hat to emulate the
     legendary Black Knight whom he admires.
Blackie Blondeen (Detective #82; Batman foe) - criminal football coach.
the Blaster (World's Finest #65; Batman foe) - a "Western criminal" who is
     fond of explosives. 
The Blaze (Detective #95; Batman foe) - pyromaniac with red hair,
     mustache, and beard.
Boss Zucco (Detective #38; Batman foe) - crime boss.
Eddie Brand (World's Finest #31; Batman foe) - x-ray eyes.
Bennet Carson (Batman #117) - leader of Red Gloves Gang.
Brimstone (Brave & Bold #200).
Catwoman (Batman #1).
Cavalier (Detective #81).
Clayface (Detective #40; Batman foe) - master of disguise.
The Conjurer (Batman #17) - uses magician tricks for crime.
Count Florian (World's Finest #43; Batman foe) - international spy 
     characterised by monocle, goatee, and cigarette holder; leader of
     underworld spy network; known as "man of a thousand eyes" from
     agents' habit of wearing third eye sticker on center of forehead.
Coyne, Joe (World's Finest #30; Batman foe) - obsessed with pennies.
the Crimesmith (World's Finest #68; Batman foe) - mechanical genius Rand
     Garrow leases super-weapons to gangsters in return for % of take; 
     gigantic mechanical mole, robots, etc.
the Dagger (Detective #174; Batman foe) - red-hood-clad knife-throwing 
     criminal; uses red-hood-clad henchmen; Ned Brann, gambling czar who
     controls prizefighting in Gotham.
Dala (Detective #32; Batman foe) - works with the Monk; a female vampire.
Deadshot (Batman #59).
Dr. Agar (Detective #127; Batman foe) - placed victims inside gigantic
     rooms to trick them into believing they had been reduced to Pygmies,
     in order to extort money in return for restoring them to normal.
Dr. Death (Detective #29; Batman foe) - evil scientist Dr. Karl Hellfern;
     first "name" foe for the Batman; has Indian strongman assistant
     Jabah; bald, with black beard coming to a point, and wearing a
     monocle; uses "death by pollen extract" as blackmail device; has
     "volatile incendiary" chemicals.
Dr. Tito Daka (Columbia Pictures 1943) - Japanese spy who transforms men
     into zombies with the intent of stealing Gotham's radium supply;
     leader of the League of the New Order.
Dr. Derek  (Detective #55; Batman foe) - Axis spy; uses "brain machine" to
     threaten/blackmail/drive important American men crazy by putting a
     sliver of metal in their heads, then broadcasting radio waves
     directly into their brains.
Dr. Doom (Detective #158; Batman foe) - smuggler.
Dr. Dreemo (World's Finest #17; Batman foe) - Darby Deems, host of
      Nightmare Hour radio show, dream analyst who uses his skills to
      determine patient's fears to exploit them later.
Dr. Hercules (Batman #42) - evil scientist who builds three giant robots
     to commit crimes.
Dr. Ra (Batman newspaper strip circa 1946) - powers?
Duc D'Orterre (Detective #182; Batman foe) - Parisian owner of a 
      "terrible ray"
the Executioner (Detective #191; Batman foe) - bounty-hunter who always
     brings them in dead; uses rifle; maroon robe with white "E" on
     chest; actually shooting-gallery owner Willy Hooker involved in con.
False face (Batman #113) - versatile disguise expert.
Fang (World's Finest #73; Batman/Superman foe) - superstitious, buck-
     toothed, bespectacled crime chief.
Firefly (Detective #184; Batman foe) - has great knowledge of lighting;
     theatrical sfx genius; uses lights to create fire illusions; uses
     "cyclops light" which will either kill or drive made those exposed to
     it over 3 days.
Gentleman Jim Jowell (Detective #86; Batman foe) - ruthless gentleman
     criminal described as "the crook deluxe".
Ghost Gang (World's Finest #4; Batman foe) - Western criminals in cowboy 
     gear, use autogyro to simulate being in more than one place.
Glass Man (World's Finest #28; Batman foe) - wears faceted glass mask 
     which conceals his identity; poisons people by sending them glass 
     sculptures whose razor edges are coated with poison.
Goblin (Detective #152; Batman foe) - safecracker in grotesque face mask
     and beat-up old hat.
the Gong (Batman #55) - Ed Peale, who uses bells to aid him in his crimes.
Goodwin, Dr. (Detective #83; Batman foe) - invents chemical formula which
     forces victim to remember and obey his commands.
Gorilla Boss of Gotham (Batman #75) - Boss Dyke's brain in body of
     "world's largest gorilla;" probably 30' tall.
Granda the Mystic (Batman #7) - fortune-teller who hypnotises his victims
     into revealing their innermost secrets then blackmails them.
Green Dragon (Detective #39; Batman foe) - hatchet-wielding Chinese tong
     in Gotham.
Gregorian (Detective #172; Batman foe) - evil stage magician.
Murray Wilson Hart (Batman #35) - runs monster island, robot dinosaurs.
Human Key (Detective #132; Batman foe) - thief with black outfit and
     purple hooded robe; former circus escape artist Paul Bodin; great
     skill at picking locks and opening safes; blackmailed into crime.
Human Magnet (Detective #181; Batman foe) - David Wist dons green tights
     marked with yellow lightning bolts and ywllow boots/gloves after
     accident causes right hand to magnetically attract metals, left hand
     to repel them.
Hydro (Batman #74) - water-based crimes.
Iron-Hat Ferris (Batman #39) - criminal welded into iron mask. 
the Jackel (Batman #33) - leader of the Looters, gang of scavengers who
     plunder in the wake of natural disasters.
Jolly Roger (Detective #202; Batman foe) - Thomas Wexley, hotel manager,
     runs smuggling ring out of old pirate cave in island Hotel is on;
     wears colorful costums of an old-time pirate.
Killer Moth (Detective #173; Batman foe) - moth armor; flight.
King of the Cats (Batman #69) - GA Catman; brother of Selina Kyle; dresses
     like Wildcat without cheeks; cat theme, costume, gimmicks, schtick.
Kingpin (World's Finest #57; Batman foe) - underworld boss, conceals
     identity behind white hood.
Kobra, Omar El (Batman #52) - ruthless usurper of the throne to Arabian
LeClerc Brothers (Batman #78) - Remy ("greatest knife-thrower in all of
     Canada") and Pierre ("can shoot the whiskers off a wold at 200
     yards"); Canadian villains.
Little Nap Boyd (World's Finest #8; Batman foe) - ruthless gangland chief
     who emulates the style and manner of Napoleon.
Lucky Starr (World's Finest #32; Batman foe) - Joe Starr dons bright
     maroon costume emblazoned with yellow stars and commits spectacular
     crimes after fortune teller informs he is born under a "lucky star"
Mad Hatter (Batman #49) - uses trick hats; fireman hat which shoots
     blinding smoke, a trick sombrero containing a tiny derringer, etc.
Mallard, Ducky (Batman #43) - Southwestern gang leader.
the Masked Mystic (Batman #71) - embezzler and amateur stage magician.
the Match (Batman #45) - arsonist.
Mennekin (World's Finest #15; Batman foe) - theatrical makeup artist.
Mirror Man (Detective #213; Batman foe) - convicted felon Floyd Ventris,
     who uses mirror gimmicks.
Mr. Blank (Batman #77) - white mask wearing scientist/conman.
Mr. Camera (Batman #81) - uses photographic devices to aid him in his crimes.
Mr. Cipher (Batman #71) - green mask-wearing criminal mastermind who runs 
     plastic surgery operation for criminals; own face is hideously
Mr. Roulette (Batman #75) - black hood-wearing Rigger Sims who uses
     gambling motifs/gimmicks.
Mr. X (Batman #62) - in reality Mousey, diminuative small-time hoodlum,
     who uses stilts and elaborate wooden frame concealed beneath his suit
     to make it appear he is large and powerful; conceals id behind black
Mr. Zero (Batman #121) - aka Mr. Freeze from television show; lives in
     sub-zero suit; has double-barrelled handgun that shoots ice gas and heat
The Monk (Detective #31; Batman foe) - has super-hypnosis and crimson 
     monk's suit w/skull on forehead; a vampire/werewolf; works with Dala.
Morgan, "Hook" (Detective #54; Batman foe) - leader of band of harbor
     pirates w/ amputated right hand replaced by a hook.
Moriarty (Detective #110; Batman foe) - diabolical English villain,
     apparently actual namesake of Holmes' foe.
Morton (Batman #48) - secretary of Gotham's "World of the Future" fair,
     and gang leader who uses fair vehicles and equipment to convince the
     public they have traveled through time to plunder the city.
the Night Fumbler (Bizarro Comics; Batman foe) - Julie Madison under mental
     control of the Penguin.
Numbers (Detective #146; Batman foe) - Carl. C. Cave obsessed with number
Penguin (Detective #58).
Prof. Frank Parker (Batman #90) - creates an "illuso-ray" which, of
     course, has Bats on the run for a while...
Mr. Phaeton (Batman #53) - mysterious, wheelchair-ridden criminal and
     gem-smuggler; possibly renegade merman scientist from undersea
     civilization who exchanged fish tail & gills for legs & lungs by 
     "converting chamber" of his own invention, though mere supposition. 
Pied Piper (Detective #143, Batman foe) - pipe-themed criminal - pipes
     which emit blinding smoke, uses corncob pipes, etc.
Poison Ivy (Batman #181).
Prof. Post (Batman #54) - renegade scientist who develops drug that acts
     to slow human reflexes and cause laziness.
Prof. Radium (Batman #8) - Henry Ross has a "radium serum" that can repair
     dead tissue and bring dead beings back to life; energizes self with
     radium & becomes human radium ray with lethal touch; super-strength
     because of radium; glows eerie green.
Prof. Hugo Strange (Detective #36).
Prof. Vilmer (Batman #87) - creates a monstrous "synthetic being" which
     has super-strength and quickness.
Prof. Zero (Detective #148, Batman foe?) - invents reducing/shrinking ray
     - "invisible black light."
Puppet Master (Batman #3) - has a "thought serum" which turns people into
     "human puppets;" uses this to steal important inventions.
The Queen Bee (Batman #84) - makes Batman think she controls giant bees,
     whose existence remains in question by the end of the story... 
Riddler (Detective #140)
the Robber Baron (Detective #75; Batman foe) - underworld leader who is
     specialist in firing a grappling hook.
Scarecrow (Worlds Finest #3).
Scarlet Horde (Detective #33; Batman foe) - led by Prof. Carl Kruger; four
     renegade scientists; have a scarlet dirigible with a "death ray
     machine" through the successful "fusion of ozene gas and gamma
     ray" which can topple buildings and kill thousands.
Scorpio (Detective #107; Batman foe) - confidence man Ben Scarpis uses
     uses hypnosis to pose as alchemist.
the Scuttler (Batman #29) - West Coast criminal with long cape and black
the Shiner (Detective #123; Batman foe) - Smythe, owner of Ross Radium
     Company, dons shining hood to smuggle radium into Canada.
Simmons, Hector (World's Finest #45; Batman foe) - imprisons historian in
     cellar and commits crimes using garb and weaponry from famous
     historical criminals.
Snow Man Bandits (World's Finest #7; Batman foes) - Arctic gang
     headquartered in Bikou Glacier, led by "Angles" Bigbee.
Sinister 8 (Batman #72) - Frenchy Le Doix, Singh Dan, Baron Hengler, Ling
     Chee, Luigi Verona, Aldo Toledano, the Liverpool Kid, Sumatra Joe. 
Smilter, John (World's Finest #71; Batman/Superman foe) - diamond thief; 
     uses flame-resistant asbestos suit and incendiary bullets; 
     inadvertantly responsible for Supes & Bats learning each other's id's.
Styx (Detective #189; Batman foe) - operates the Aqua-Lair beneath surface
     of Gotham Bay, where fugitive criminals hide out.
Thinker (Detective #125; Batman foe) - arch-criminal in motorized
     wheelchair; owns and runs factory "on the Great Western Desert" that
     produces arms for the underworld.
Thinker (Batman #52) - genius who uses "super-human thinking machines" to
     plot his crimes.
the Three Devils (Detective #50; Batman foe) - trio of former circus 
     acrobats clad in devil costumes who use acrobatic skills in robberies.
the Thumb (Batman #13) - a dapper desperado.
Tiger Shark (Detective #147; Batman foe) - gang leader who operate from
     sunken ship some 200 miles from Gotham shore; pink tiger-striped
     outfit; gold belt with a T in an inverted triangle at the buckle,
     gloves, ski-boots, helmet.
the Trapper (Detective #206; Batman foe) - Jason Bard uses lore of animal
     trapping and arsenal of complex traps to aid him and henchmen in
Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee (Detective #74; Batman foes) - lookalike
     cousins Deever & Dumfree Tweed.
Two-Face (Detective #66).
the Ugly Horde (Batman #3) - horribly ugly criminal fanatics who aim at
     destroying things of beauty.
Underworld Surgeon (Detective #131; Batman foe) - changes faces
Frederic Vaux (Adv. #462; Batman foe) - evil sorceror responsible for
     killing E-2 Batman.
Veking, Lars (Batman #79) - modern-day pirate; operates from island base
     in mid-Atlantic; preys on merchant shipping with henchmen and pirate
Von Buritz, Admiral (Batman #19) - Nazi U-boat commander who dupe
     peace-loving Atlanteans to use their undersea city as base from which
     to attack Allied shipping. 
Dr. Vreekill, Hugo (New York World's Fair; Batman foe) - invents a "short
     wave" device that can disintegrate (only) steel.
the Witch (World's Finest #1; Batman foe) - Mr. Wright, publisher and Fifth 
     Columnist, dresses in witch costume.
the Wizard (Columbia Pictures 1949; Batman foe) - hires hoods to capture 
     remote-control weapon from US government; hood, high-collared cloak, 
     leather gloves.
the Wrecker (Detective #197; Batman foe) - Dwight Farrow dons full-length
     maroon robe with white 'W' on chest and hood which conceals identity
     in order to conduct con which involves his henchmen wrecking
     establishments that may be said to have glorified Batman.
Yellow Mask Mob (Detective #145; Batman foes) - criminal gang.
the Zero (World's Finest #67; Batman foe) - mysterious hooded criminal
     whose "cunningly varied" crimes are aimed at "the most unusual loot";
     actually ex-convict Willis Gibling.
[see Appendix]  

Fura (Batman #26; Brane Batman foe) - Saturnian warlord from 3000 A.D.

the Dome (Batman #67; Brane Taylor Batman foe) - mind-reading criminal
     from 3051 A.D. 
Yerxa (Batman #67; Brane Taylor Batman foe) - Solar System bandit from 
     3051 A.D.

Black Canary
Sacred Order of the Crimson Crystal (Flash #93; Black Canary foes).

Bowman of Britain
Limehouse Larkin (Adventure #250; Bowman of Britain foe) - mugger who
     attempts to con Green Arrow with a "Big Ben" Arrow (actually a ticking 
     time bomb) to even a score.

Boy Commandos
Agent Axis (Boy Commandos' Who's Who entry) - powers?
Crazy Quilt (Boy Commandos #15).
Diamond Hand (Boy Commandos #27) - powers?
Mr. Bleak (Boy Commandos #5) soul collector; pudgy man who casts a 
     satanic shadow 

Chief Man-of-the-Bats
Black Elk (Batman #86; Chief Man-of-the-Bats foe) - leader of band of
      renegades who terrorise the countryside.

Congo Bill
The Skull (Congo Bill foe) - purple-skinned villain.

Crimson Avenger & Wing
The Brain (Leading #2; Crimson Avenger foe) - supergenius; works with
     Black Star.
Dark Cross cult (Crimson Avenger miniseries) - reactionary isolationist
     cult; thugs, uses "Brain-Blaster" heat-ray
Lone Wolf (Detective #85; Crimson Avenger foe) - man with mask; jiu-jitsu.
Methuselah (Worlds Finest #4; Crimson Avenger foe) - powers?
scientist, nameless (Detective #40; Crimson Avenger foe) - invents gun
     with "stunning rays" that can blanket an entire street; rays
     neutralized by "protective suits."
[see Appendix]  

Dan Delta
"Nails" Harrigan (Superman #93) - immobilises Superman with Kryptonite,
     planning to kill him unless $1 million ransom is paid.

Doctor Fate
Black Nergal (More Fun #67; Dr. Fate foe) - a demon from the underworld
     who sends ghosts to haunt mortals.
the Dude (More Fun #75; Dr. Fate foe) - powers?
Fishman of Nyarl-Amen (More Fun #57; Dr. Fate foe) - King of the undersea
     kingdom of Nyarl-Amen; a sorceror
Frog (More Fun #87; Dr. Fate foe) - powers?
Haldane the Sorceror (More Fun #63; Dr. Fate foe) - an evil sorceror.
Adam Igorovich (More Fun #71) - powers?
Ian Karkull (More Fun #69-70; Dr. Fate foe) - evil scientist/sorceror?;
     trapped in shadow form.
Krishna Das (More Fun #89; Dr. fate foe) - powers?
Michael Kruger (More Fun #76; Dr. Fate foe) - powers?
Loo Tung (More Fun #77; Dr. Fate foe) - created living paintings.
Mango the Mighty (More Fun #57; Dr. Fate foe) - an evil sorceror.
Master of the Baranga Marshes (More Fun #68; Dr. Fate foe) (is never
     actually named in the story) - kills from a distance leaving no marks
     on body; would-be world-conqueror; uses killing-sound machines; can
     bring down buildings; has lair with deathtraps; wears sound-proof
     lead helmet.
Mayoor (More Fun #64; Dr. Fate foe) - an evil Mayan god.
Mr. Who (More Fun #73; Dr. Fate foe) - uses "Solution Z" which can (even
     to animals/insects) regenerate lost limbs, gives supersize and
     superstrength, invulnerability, invisibility/chameleon
Nyarl-Amen Dynasty (More Fun #65) - fish-head men with
     lightning-generating spears
Octopus (More Fun #80; Dr. Fate foe) - bald & ugly; superstrong; uses a
     smoke gun to simulate magic.
Psycho-Pirate 2 (Showcase #56; Dr. Fate/Hourman foe) - induces emotions.
Raymond Rall (More Fun #62; Dr. Fate foe) - a scientist who makes the
     GA equivalent of skeletal, (radio-controlled) Terminator robots.
the Red Sage (More Fun #82; Dr. Fate foe) - powers?
wizard (More Fun #58; Dr. Fate foe) (is never actually named in the
     story) - tries to overcome Dr. Fate in a battle-of-spells.
Wotan (More Fun #55; Dr. Fate enemt) - evil green-skinned sorcerer
[see Appendix]  

Doctor Mid-nite
Baleful Banshee (All-American #65; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - criminal minstrel.
Boss King (All-American #95; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - powers?
the Cloud (All-American #56; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - make the sky rain black 
     ink to cover his crimes
the Cobras (All-American #29; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - lynch gang.
Hartmann, Kurt (All-American #69; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - an angling crook.
Hobble (All-American #50; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - the begger king; powers?
Ice Ingram (All-American #79; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - diamond thief.
Dr. Light (All-American #89; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - uses hypnosis; can also
     control and cause the giant-growth of flowers with his "light gun;"
     pointed ears and huge eyes.
the Fisherman (All-American #69; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - Kurt Hartmann, an
     angling crook
Killer Maroni (All-American #25; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - crimeboss.
Mr. Nitro (All-American #66; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - drinks nitroglycerin and
     threatens to explode if anyone opposes him.
Ravelk (All-American #102; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - saboteur of science.
River Pirate Gang (All-American #26; Dr. Mid-nite foes).
the Shadower (JSA #40; Dr. Mid-Nite foe) - powers?
the Sky Raider (All-American #98; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - wears a parka; rides
     a floating sled that uses "helium capsules" to fly; has a gun that
     shoots "plastic cement."
Tarantula (All-American #88; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - leads gang; wears black
     shirt with red tarantula-outline on it; uses gas bombs;
Unsinkable Bandits (All-American #96; Dr. Mid-nite foe) - crooks in a
     submersible automobile.
[see Appendix]  

Doctor Occult
Cult of the Wolf (More Fun #12; Dr. Occult foe) - a cult that turns their 
     followers into werewolves.
Koth (More Fun #14; Dr. Occult foe) - an alien sorceror.
Lord of Life (More Fun #23; Dr. Occult foe) - has secret formula/potion 
     that turns people into his zombies.
Master of Corpses (Dr. Occult foe) - "a human fiend with inhuman slaves"
Spectral Killer (More Fun #4; Dr. Occult foe) - powers?
Vampire Master (New Fun Comics #2; Dr. Occult foe) - owns thought
[see Appendix]  

The Flash
Alien X (Faster Friends #1; Flash/Green Lantern foe) - misunderstood 
Andrews, Artful Archie (Flash #34; Flash foe) - commands "Robbers of the
     Round Table" dressed like knights on horseback, wearing bulletproof,
     superlightweight armor.
Atom-Smasher (Flash Special #1) - Manfred Mota blows things up with an
     "atomic punch"; his bulletproof suit is atomic powered, back when
     "atomic" meant it could do just about anything.
Black Hat (All-Flash #31) - powers?
The Black Templars (Comic Cavalcade #22; Flash foe) - descendants of the
     Templars; knights in full plate armor.
The Black Widow (Flash #66; Flash foe) - Princess Hellene from Crete; tall
     thin brunette with thin face; has gang of men; has potion which turns
     humans into animals & insects.
Bonham, Johnny (Flash #40; Flash foe) - buggy eyes; telepathy.
Changeling (Flash #84; Flash foe) - powers?
the Claw (Flash #35; Flash foe) - megalomaniac.
Dmane (Flash Wheaties Giveaway 1946) - criminal from tomorrow; powers?
Eel (Steranko; Flash foe) - powers?
Empire, Norman (All-Flash #14) - mathematical & all-around genius.
Fiddler (All-Flash #32).
Garg, Nicholas (Flash #29; Flash foe) - criminal scientist who harnesses
     the sun.
the Jumper (Flash #77; Flash foe) - powers?
Kiua (Comics Cavalcade #25; Flash foe) - ancient Mayan terror returned to
Killer Kelly (Flash #10; Flash foe) - powers?
"Lord" Donelin (Flash #2; Flash foe) - serial murderer of actresses.
Maldita Toxicohedron (Comic Cavalcade #5; Flash foe) - a two-headed,
     intelligent, telepathic plant which controls other plants.
Men of the Secret City (Flash #94 & All-Flash #31) - telepathic,
     telekinetic, mental-illusion-broadcasting inhabitants of hidden city.
Merman (Flash #58; Flash foe) - a merman.
the Monocle (All-Flash #1) - has "garden of gems".
Peckabit, Alphonse (Flash #32; Flash foe) - writer; creates "real"
     villains when he types - "materializes thought waves;" creates
     Muscleman (purple-skinned bald muscleman with Tarzan outfit),
     Peg Leg (pirate with sword), Hot Stuff (flaming bald guy in red
     bodysuit), Zipper.
Rag Doll (Flash #36).
Rival (Flash #104) - rival academic who learned the secret of the Flash's 
     origin and duplicated his powers.
robot T-Rex (Flash #86; Flash foe) - "stone age menace" controlled from
School for Crime (Flash #38) - criminal tutelage.
Screaming Skull (Flash Secret Files #1; Flash/Quicksilver foe) -
     Walter Zileski; sonics weapons, a "fear scream".
Sieur Satan (Flash #1; Flash foe) - Peter Lorre-looking guy with
     hunchback; spy; wants to steal secret of "atomic bombadier;" one of
     the "Faultless Four" (others killed off in story); has drill-nosed
     earth-ship in A*S Annual #1.
Silicon Men (All-Flash #22) - men of sand in Sahara.
the Sinister (All-Flash #16) - powers?
Snapper (Flash #54; Flash foe) - powers?
Spider Men of Mars (Flash #24; Flash foe) - giant black spiders with man-
     faces, green skin, bald, fangs, front legs have hands; Martians
     ("Kigor"); telepathic.
Shade (Flash #35) - aka Richard Swift (possibly an alias).
Star Sapphire (All-Flash #32) - other-dimensional alien; has a
     dimension-travelling machine, telekinesis, and can project explosive
     rays (in her second appearance her power is linked to the A-bomb).
Sven Scarface (Flash #41; Flash foe) - Viking; defrosted in present day;
     has Mjolnir or at least a magical hammer.
The Thinker (All-Flash #12) - forms secret criminal organisation.
the Thorn (Flash #89; Flash foe) - control plant growth and movement.
Turtle (All-Flash #21) -  has a "slow-down gas" ring-projector; commits
     crimes with an obsessive slowness theme.
the Vandal (Flash #5; Flash foe) - powers?
Wolfe, Ace (All-Flash #22) - gambler & card-sharp; accuracy;
     uses steel cards viz. Bullseye; card motifs.
Wind Master (Flash #60; Flash foe) - wind powers?
Wooden Man (All-Flash #19) - powers?
[see Appendix]  

Gay Ghost
Dr. Vozak (Sensation #16; Gay Ghost foe) - evil Nazi mad scientist;
     invents Stratosphere fighter which can go intro stratosphere and
     reach America in one flight.
El Espada (Sensation #21; Gay Ghost foe) - Mexican Spaniard; guards magic
     mine in Mexico with magic waters that have granted him eternal life.
Flaming Hand (Sensation #5; Gay Ghost foe) - one-armed Nazi colonel; has
     an artifical arm and hand-shaped acetylene torch at the end of it.
Togio (Sensation #24; Gay Ghost foe) - Japanese spy; has heat ray machine.
Vultures (Sensation #8; Gay Ghost foe) - a bunch of outlaw fliers wearing
     orange flying costumes with skulls on chest.

Ghost Patrol
Ferret (Flash #33; Ghost Patrol foe) - Nazi colonel with a trained ferret;
     commands barbarians in South American jungle.

G.I. Robot
Krakko (Weird War Tales #113; G.I. Robot foe) - Japanese Shinto Imperialist 
      samurai robot.

Green Arrow
Alexander the Great (Leading #3; Green Arrow foe) - historical conqueror
      brought into the present by Dr. Doome.
the Angler (World's Finest #23; Green Arrow foe) - wears fisherman's
      outfit; uses fishing gimmicks, including fishing pole; gold smuggler.
Black Arrow (Adv. #143; Green Arrow foe) - leads Arrow Raiders.
Black Raiders (More Fun #78; Green Arrow foe) - pirate gang.
The Blaze (World's Finest #7; Green Arrow foe) - costumed criminal in asbestos 
     suit who is always on fire; uses incendiary bombs.
Boomerang (More Fun #79; Green Arrow foe) - revenge gimmicks & motifs.
Bull's-Eye (World's Finest #24; Green Arrow foe) - an evil clown;
      super-quick, agile.
the Cat (Adv. #104; Green Arrow foe) - costumed villainess.
Hopper (Leading #1,2; Green Arrow foe) - uses pogo stick & hopping
     gimmicks/themes; works with Black Star.
John Centaur (Adv. #120; Green Arrow foe) - predicts crimes with astrology.
Flying Aces (Adv. #150; Green Arrow foe) - powers?
Mighty Murdock (World's Finest #26; Green Arrow foe) - a human fly?
Crime, Incorporated (More Fun #81; Green Arrow foe).
Peter Piper & Pickle Pepper (More Fun #91; Green Arrow foes).
Prof. Million (More Fun #75 & #97; Green Arrow foe) - a professor who
     teaches crooks how to shoot arrows to commit crimes.
The Roper (Adv. #176; Green Arrow & Speedy foe) - rope gimmicks and
     motifs; swings on and uses rope tricks; electrified cables; a lasso;
     walks on wires; swirls rope into Wonder-Woman-lasso-like "rope
     barrier;" uses gimmick ropes - give off fumes while burned, luminous
     ropes, etc.
The Rogue Archers (World's Finest #61; Green Arrow foe) - criminal
the Skylark (Adv. #114; Green Arrow foe) - powers?
the Voice (More Fun #74; Green Arrow foe) - a crime boss; has a sound-
     cancelling machine that can affect an entire city.
[see Appendix]  

Green Lantern
Backwards Man (All-American #69; Green Lantern foe) - powers?
Baron von Zorn (All Star Comics #2; Green Lantern foe) - Axis agent;
     uses drug-altered "robot men."
Black Prophet (Green Lantern #5; Green Lantern foe) - works with Nazis;
Captain Kortz (Green Lantern #4) - a Nazi.
Crime of the Month Club (All-American #86; Green Lantern foes) - 
Dandy (Green Lantern #17; Green Lantern foe) - powers?
Johnny Double (Green Lantern #18) - the man who doubled in death.
the Fool (Green Lantern #28) - really goofy; uses a motor scooter, pop
     gun, bubble pipe, dummy plane (with glue-bubble exhaust), and a
     pea-blower with real bullets.
the Fop (Green Lantern #25) - a "gentleman criminal" (real name Percy De
     Chaunce); masked, uses a sword-cane and knock-out-gas cufflinks.
the Gambler (Green Lantern #12).
Gamma (Green Lantern #17) - 3 look-alike crooks.
Harlequin (All-American #89).
Harpies (Green Lantern #17; Green Lantern foe) - powers?
the Icicle (All-American #90).
The Juggler (Green Lantern #32; Green Lantern foe) - a thief who juggles
     smoke bombs and the like during his thefts.
Kid Triangle (Green Lantern #17; Green Lantern foe) - powers?
King Shark (All-American #67; Green Lantern foe) - ghost?
Knodar (Green Lantern #28; Green Lantern foe) - a thief from the future
     who has a "magitron" that can make anything.
League of Three-Eyed Men (All-American #48; Green Lantern foe).
Lisper (Green Lantern #14) - gang of criminal domestics.
the Lizard (Green Lantern #16; Green Lantern foe) - powers?
Master of Light (Green Lantern #1; Green Lantern foe) - powers?
Merry Moon (All-American #102; Green Lantern foe) - gang leader; powers?
Johnny Mimic (Comic Cavalcade #22; Green Lantern foe) - recreates old crimes.
Mr. Paradox (Green Lantern #38) - has a hypnosis-causing stick which also
     projects sleeping gas.
Nardo (Green Lantern #6) - powers?
Pan (Green Lantern foe) - pied-piperish villain who uses magic panpipes.
Prof. Nobody (All-American #87; Green Lantern foe) - scientist so 
     forgetful he ... forgot his head??
Raakj (Green Lantern #7) - the wizard of odds; owns giant robot.
Red Domino (Green Lantern #36; GL foe) - red tights, white jumper with
     red domino design; just a costumed leader of thugs without powers.
Silhouette (All-American #52; Green Lantern foe) - powers?
Sky Pirate (Green Lantern #27; Green Lantern foe) - dresses like a 
     pirate, flies in a balloon-galleon, uses a cutlass & gas-gun
Solomon Grundy (All-American #61).
the Spider (All-American #28; Green Lantern foe) - power?
Sportsmaster (All-American #85).
Vandal Savage (Green Lantern #10).
The Whistler (Green Lantern #9) - powers?
White Star (Green Lantern #34; Green Lantern foe) - "Cowboy Jim Jones," a
     rodeo star turned villain; imagine the GA Vigilante as a bad guy...
Woodman (Green Lantern #17; Green Lantern foe) - powers?
Albert Zero (Green Lantern #15) - thoughts that come to life?
[see Appendix]  

The Guardian
Vince McClain (Star-Spangled #41; Guardian foe) - a looter who makes fires
     and floods.
Robot Robber (Star-Spangled #51; Guardian foe) - remote controlled robot;
     has flame-thrower and machine gun attachments.
Soupy Slater (Star-Spangled #51; Guardian foe) - safe cracker.
[see Appendix]  

Hop Harrigan
Dr. Tobor (Columbia Pictures 1946; Hop Harrigan foe).

the Acrobat (Flash #89; Hawkman foe) - hooded leader of gang of acrobats.
Alexander the Great (Flash #2; Hawkman foe) - egghead in tuxedo; has a
     gravity-ray gun.
Armond Argot (Flash #26; Hawkman foe).
the Beanstalk (Flash #61; Hawkman foe) - powers?
Benjamin Brock (Flash #29; Hawkman foe) - criminal botanist that animates
Chance (Flash #37; Hawkman foe) - bald; evil genius; owns crooked gambling
     den; always calculates odds.
Coin (Flash #32; Hawkman foe) - clever thief; uses coins to distract & for
     gimmicks - heated coins, electrified, etc.
Dr. Barnes (Flash #94; Hawkman foe) - uses an molecular rearranger to
     project people into fabrics and then re-animate them.
Dynamo (Flash #49; Hawkman foe) - glows in the dark; electricity powers.
Father Time (Flash #33; Hawkman foe) - old man with poisoned scythe.
the Foil (Flash #87; Hawkman foe) - wields a foil; swordsman, presumably;
     any powers?
Gentleman Ghost (Flash #88; Hawkman foe).
Golden Mummy sect (Steranko; Hawkman foe) - powers?
Anton Hastor (Flash Comics #1; Hawkman foe) - scientist, astral projection
the Hood (Flash #19; Hawkman foe) - Pratt Palmer wears monk costume; uses
     superscience - the "cold light" killing radiation gun.
Horsemen of the Sky (Flash #93; Hawkman foes) - bandits on flying horses.
Hot Shot (Big All-American #1; Hawkman foe) - feeds on and manipulates
     massive amounts of heat.
Human Fly Bandits (Flash #100; Hawkman foe) - led by John Rotor, lab
     assistant, who stole "gyrocar" and "gyrobelt" which allow him to
     drive/run up walls, etc.
the Hummingbird (Flash #52; Hawkman foe) - blonde female ornithologist;
     wing-suit; flight; magnesium flare-gun.
Karvak (Flash #14; Hawkman foe) - owns futuristic suit; has conjured up
     Scorio, the Alligator God of Phoenicians to give him high-tech
     weaponry - a disintegration-flame gun; has small army in Central
Kogats (Flash #9; Hawkman foe) - evil ape-like telepathic undersea brutes
     that live underneath New York City harbor.
Johnny Law (Flash #31; Hawkman foe) - crook with animated creations.
Lasso (Flash #85; Hawkman foe) - ruthless strangler.
Leader of the Assassin Cult at Alamut (Flash #6; Hawkman foe) - Assassins
Mangar (Flash #28; Hawkman foe) - crooked scientist.
March, Danford (Flash #49; Hawkman foe) - electrified human dynamo.
Mazda the Great (All-Star Comics #3; Hawkman foe) - builds steam generator 
     within volcanic Mount Krakatao to harness its power for world domination;
     commands "fire-ghosts" (actually men in asbestos suits).
the Monocle (Flash #64).
Nikaloff, Boris (Flash #7; Hawkman foe) - makes "plasma-flesh" sculptures
     come to life.
Nyola (All-Star Comics #2; Hawkman foe) - Aztec priestess; magic spells.
Pan (Flash #75; Hawkman foe) - Greek god, come to play mischief over Mardi 
     Gras - summoning centairs, turning people into criminals, etc.
Phantom Menace (Flash #91; Hawkman foe) - commits crimes with Dexium, a
     compound that makes things invisible and intangible.
Pied Piper (Flash #59; Hawkman foe) - musical powers?
Plant Men (Flash #29; Hawkman foe) - plant-men, rooted, with
     superstrength; orchid types with poison gas; live undersea; multiple
Prof. Kitzoff (Flash #8; Hawkman foe) - has raygun that causes sunspots
     that can control mankind's thoughts, manipulate emotions, etc.
Purple Pilgrim (Flash #86; Hawkman foe) - descendent of 17th century 
     criminal continuing family vendetta against all Sanderses,
     including Shiera.
Radium (Flash #54; Hawkman foe) - steals radium; makes radium bullets.
Raven (Flash Wheaties Giveaway 1946; Hawkman foe) - "Scavenger of the
     the Skies" simulates flight suspended by wires from a helicopter.
Satana (Flash #13; Hawkman foe) - Sara Descarl owns man-eating menagerie
     of animals into which she has transplanted men's brains.
Simple Simon (Flash #53; Hawkman foe) - uses "simple" gimmicks to commit
     crimes - a glass, a dime, etc.
Soro (Flash #96; Hawkman foe) - warlord of a race of power-hungry centaurs 
     who have been secluded in a dormant volcano for millennia; they kidnap 
     a group of the United States' greatest scientists with the intent of 
     using them "to invent weapons to terrorize the world.".
The Spoiler (Golden Age #1; Hawkman foe) - fifth columnist; death ray.
Thayer, Edward (Flash #15; Hawkman foe) - commands a disembodied hand.
Thought Terror (Flash #4; Hawkman foe) - hypnosis.
Trygg (All-Star Comics #1; Hawkman foe) - sorceror who learned the Haitian 
     secret of zombies.
[see Appendix]  

Dr. Darrk (Adv. #64; Hourman foe) - scientist; uses a giant robot and
     an invisibility ring.
Dr. Feher (Adv. #59) - criminal hypnotist.
Dr. Glisten (Adv. #72; Hourman foe) - glows; has big misshapen bald
     head; superhypnosis; uses whip; can somehow freeze people in midair.
Dr. Iker (Adv. #64; Hourman foe) - scientist that creates a giant and 
     dwarves to help him commit crimes.
Dr. Cobalt (Triumph #1; Hourman foe) 
Dr. Morte (All-Star #2; Hourman foe) - assistant Longo; powers?
Dr. Slight (Adv. #56; Hourman foe) - has a chemical that gives life
     to plaster casts; creates a circus of crime.
Dr. Snegg (Adv. #51/52; Hourman foe) - criminal scientist; hypnotist; 
     commits crimes with animated figures made from wax.
Dr. Togg (Adv. #57; Hourman foe) - has created/bio-engineered
     intelligent, talking wolf-eagles which he uses to commit crimes.
Dodo & Globe-O (Adv. #70; Hourman foe) - criminal dwarfs who commit crimes
     with a flying carpet.
Falstaff (Adv. #78; Hourman foe) - murderer.
the High-Brow Hoods (Adv. #74; Hourman foes) - criminal academics.
the Mask (Adv. #68; Hourman foe) - fired opera conductor who kills his
     replacement and terrorizes the opera that fired him.
Professor Q (Adv. #73; Hourman foe) - criminal who bases his crimes on
     questions broadcast on a radio program.
Professor Whistler (Adv. #61; Hourman foe) - fire-breathing robot
The 90-Minute Man (All-Star 80-Page #1; Hourman foe) - radium-charged body 
     armor which gives power for an hour and a half.
[see Appendix]  

Insect Queen 
aliens (Superman Family #220; Insect Queen foe) - super-evolved fleas.

Johnny Quick
Black Knight (More Fun #73; Johnny Quick foe) - strong, dressed in
     all-black plate armor; robot controlled by criminal Sam Kirby.
Dr. Clever (More Fun #76; Johnny Quick foe) - evil bald scientist with
     horn-hair; has a lamp that can grant super-speed.
Drake, Charley (Adv. #159; Johnny Quick foe) - Professor Bradley/Professor
     Gill's lab assistant, given temporary version of the speed formula
     and uses it for crime.
The Human Bird (Adv. #200; Johnny Quick foe) - inventor; impersonates JQ.
Maestro of Murder (More Fun #72; Johnny Quick foe) - creates elaborate plots
     wherein his victims hear specific songs while he arranges their deaths.
Mason the Weapons Master (More Fun #77; Johnny Quick foe) - master of many
     medieval weapons.
Mercury (Adv. #142; Johnny Quick foes) - Trick Tate uses gimmicks to claim 
     to be the Roman god, and tricks JQ into telling him his magic formula
Mr. Magnate (Adv. #187; Johnny Quick foe) - powers?
Mr. Zero (More Fun #75; Johnny Quick foe) - skull-face; has a 1000
     gimmicks with which to kill people.
Savitar (Flash #108; Johnny Quick/Quicksilver foe) - leads speed cult.
Slowpoke Criminals (Adv. #129; Johnny Quick foe) - criminals moving too
     slowly to be detected.
the Spectre (Adv. #150; Johnny Quick foe) - besuited thief appears to have 
     a vast array of superhuman abilities (including intangibility) but 
     turns out to use a magic ring to hypnotise victims and convince them 
     he has ghostlike powers
Ticker Tock (Adv. #120; Johnny Quick foe) - organises a 'crime-a-minute'
     crime wave.
[see Appendix]  

Johnny Thunder
the Brotherhood (Flash #13; Johnny Thunder foe) - crime syndicate.
robbers (Flash #70; Johnny Thunder foe) - use Egyptian "flight stone" and 
     mummy case to commit crimes.
[see Appendix]  

Justice Society of America
The Baron (All Star #4; JSA foe) - unnamed in story; has a radio-jamming 
Black Dragon Society (All-Star #12) - Japanese spy ring.
Brain Wave (All-Star #15; JSA foe).
The Comet Criminal (All-Star #45 ; JSA foe) - outer space menace?
Per Degaton (All-Star #35; JSA foe).
Diamond Men (All-Star #51) - from beneath the Earth.
Dr. Able (JSA foe) - Dr. Elba invents a serum which drives men insane.
Eliminations, Inc. (Adv. #466) - organised crime cartel with high 
Evil Star (All-Star #44; JSA foe) - powers?
the Invisible Band (All-Star #46; JSA foes) - invisible/intangible gangsters.
the Key (All-Star #57; JSA foe) - powers?
King Bee (All-Star #18; JSA foe) - commands flying human insect-men.
Farrow, Nels (All Star #28; JSA foe) - painter; uses Atlantean-paint 
    which, by light of moon, becomes real.
Fire People (All Star #49; JSA foes) - aliens? from under the earth?
Fritz Klaver (All-Star #4; JSA foe) - spy-master working out of
     Toledo; leader of the Grey Shirts, a Bund organization of
Injustice Society of the World (All-Star #37; JSA foes) - Brain Wave, 
      Fiddler, Gambler, Harlequin, Huntress, Icicle, Degaton, Shade,
      Solomon Grundy, Sportsmaster, Thinker, Vandal Savage, Wizard.
Mad Maestro (All-Star #19; JSA foe) - Hector Bauer; powers?
Master Summoner (All-Star #74; JSA foe) - powers?
the Metal Menace (All-Star #26; JSA foe) - metal-eating robots from outer space.
Mr. Alpha (All-Star #50; JSA foe) - Fred Kinkaid; powers?
Mr. X (All-Star #5; JSA foe) - crime syndicate leader.
the Monster (All-Star Comics #18; JSA foe) - Jekyll & Hyde type who turns
     into a monster.
Prof. Zodiak (All-Star #42; JSA foe) - alchemist; has the Four
     Wonders of Alchemy - the Philosopher's Stone, the Elixir of Youth,
     the Universal Solvent, and the Secret of Perpetual Motion; uses an
Psycho-Pirate 1 (All-Star #23; JSA foe) - masterminds crimes based on
the Stalker (Stalker #1; JSA foe) - absorbs mystic energy and sends powerful
     "disciples" out with varying powers, to attempt to end all war by
     extinguishing all life.
Vulcan (All-Star #60; JSA foe) - solar powers.
the Wizard (All-Star #34; JSA foe).
Zor (All-Star #29; JSA foe) - energy being from outer space.

The King
the Face (Adv. #44; Sandman/King foe) - uses disguises.
Murder Master (Flash #36; King foe) - wears a hood with bug-eyes;
Scarlet Mermaid (Flash #19; King foe) - blonde; like Zatara's Tigress;
     femme fatale thief who robs at sea; wears red scaled rubbersuit.
the Witch (World's Best Comics #1; King foe) - ruthless thief, albeit the
     King's "loving enemy"; gas gun/gas grenades, sleeping drugs injected.

The Knight & the Squire
Matt Thorne (Batman #62) - leader of a gang of American criminals who
     arrive in England looking for gold buried by Nazis suring WWII.

Liberty Belle
El Bolo (Star-Spangled #25) - Latin American bandit
Hercules Raiders (Star-Spangled #59; Liberty Belle foe) - crooked
the Vandal Invaders (Star-Spangled #21; Liberty Belle foes) - Nazi
[see Appendix]  

Little Boy Blue & the Blue Boys
the Flare (Sensation #76; Little Boy Blue foe) - uses a 'pyro-pistol'.
Lupo, Wolf (Sensation #1; Little Boy Blue foe) - crimelord.

the Buzzard (Adv. #73; Paul Kirk Manhunter foe) - wears a green & yellow
      buzzard outfit with which he can fly.
Mr. Meek (Adv. #75; Paul Kirk Manhunter foe) - nerdy looking mild-mannered
      shy geek, who is, in actuality, a crimelord, but nobody suspects him
      because he's such a twerp; invents ray which turns people to stone.
the Rajah (Adv. #77; Paul Kirk Manhunter foe) - jewel thief, hypnotised people
     with the Burma Emerald; skilled knife-thrower.
the Tiger (Adv. #78; Paul Kirk Manhunter foe) - murderous gang leader.
[see Appendix]  

Merry, Girl of 1,000 Gimmicks
Gimmick Guy (Sensation #90; Merry foe) - uses gimmicks.
Presto the Magician (Star-Spangled #82; SSK, Stripesy & Merry foe) - a
     criminal magician; escape skills, slight of hand skills; squirting
     carnation, "burning illusion," smoke clouds.
the Rope (Star-Spangled #82; SSK, Stripesy & Merry foe) - rope gimmicks
     and motifs; swings on and uses rope tricks; electrified cables; a
     lasso; walks on wires.
[see Appendix]  

Mr. America/Americommando
Gorrah (early Action issues; Tex Thompson foe) - has a single eye in
      middle of forehead; Fu Manchu-esque? 
Dr. Ito (Action #56; Americommando foe) - diminutive "master of assassination;" 
     Japanese (half-German) dwarf/midget; short, bald, with goatee.
Queen Bee (Action #42; Mr. America foe) - female crimelord.
Thunderbolt (Action #45) - powers?
[see Appendix]  

Mr. Terrific
Big Shot (Sensation #1; Mr. Terrific foe) - crime boss.
Black Barax (Sensation #28; Mr. Terrific foe) - tyrant from the year 7532.
Dr. Laff (Sensation #12; Mr. Terrific foe).
Don Grieco (Sensation #49; Mr. Terrific foe) - hypnotist.
Five Geniuses (Sensation #51; Mr. Terrific foe) - 5 talented guys get
     bored and begin to commit crimes to entertain themselves.
Magician (Sensation #33; Mr. Terrific foe) - uses magician gimmicks/tricks
     for crime.
Mr. Futile (Sensation #46; Mr. Terrific foe) - former actor George
     Spelvin; a "craftsman of crime"; uses disguises & tear gas pistol.
Mr. Laff (Sensation #12; Mr. Terrific foe) - commits crimes through
     practical jokes - drugged cigars, poison "toy snakes" on corks,
     poison-gas-filled-balloons, itching powder put in ventilation systems, etc.
Savatte, Terry (Sensation #13; Mr. Terrific foe) - tap dancer; uses savate
     and kick-boxing.
Dr. I.M. Smart (Sensation #62; Mr. Terrific foe) - scammer.
Spirit King (Justice League of America #171; Mr. Terrific foe).
[see Appendix]  

Barry O'Neil
Fang Gow (Adventure #1; Barry O'Neil foe) - a swipe of Fu Manchu.

Radio Squad
Radio Robber (More Fun #76; Radio Squad foe) - dead ringer for the Sandman,
     complete with gas gun and gas mask.
Satan (More Fun #82; Radio Squad foe) - villain with a facial deformity that 
     elongated his face slightly and gave him pointed ears decided to take 
     advantage of his looks (which also included red hair and a beard) and 
     began a crime spree as "the Mephistopheles of Murder."

Black Cougar (Star-Spangled #113; Robin foe) - powers?
Black Magician (Star Spangled #73; Robin foe) - puppeteer; powers?
the Clock (Star-Spangled #70) - powers?
the Fence (Star-Spangled #76; Robin foe) - powers?
No-Face (Star-Spangled #66; Robin foe) - disguise powers?
Sinister Knight (Star-Spangled #87; Robin foe) - man in full plate armor.
the Sphinx Gang (Star Spangled #93; Robin foe) - leader wears a sphinx mask, 
     though the gang members are just business suited thugs.
[see Appendix]  

the Baffler (Detective #143; Robotman foe) - powers?
Blackie Botts (Star-Spangled #41) - hijacker.
Dr. Gaunt (Star-Spangled #32; Robotman foe) - genius.
Dr. Ripari (Detective #174; Robotman foe) - "Dr. Ripper"; powers?
the Four Strongmen (Star-Spangled #15; Robotman foe) - crooked athletes.
Hugo Harrah (Star-Spangled #36; Robotman foe) - trained dinosaurs.
Howard James (Detective #166; Robotman foe) - manufactures robots.
Human Magnet (Star-Spangled #9; Robotman foe) - powers?
the Radium Rogues (Star-Spangled #25; Robotman foe) - crooks who steal
     radium to sell to Axis powers.
robot (Star-Spangled #81; Robotman foe) - evil version of Robotman;
     superstrength; finger-flamethrowers.
Rubberman (Star-Spangled #77; Robotman foe) - has Plastic Man's powers.
Slanteyes (Star-Spangled #11; Robotman foe) - Juza Unno; Japanese agent; 
     has an autogyro, quickness, and fighting skills.
the Tiger-Man (Star-Spangled #54; Robotman foe) - costumed catburgler.
the Turtle (Star-Spangled #17; Robotman foe) - powers?
the Wizard (Detective #177) - ruthless criminal genius and inventor.
[see Appendix]  

Felix Black (Adv. #79; Sandman foe) - man who could not sleep.
Ivan Borloff (Adv. #61; Sandman foe) - foreign scientist using
    a ray that causes metal to disintegrate; aka the Mist?
the Brute (SMT #9).
the Butcher (SMT #25).
the Coin (Adv. #46; Sandman foe) - powers?
the Crime Carnival (Adv. #84; Sandman foe) - four members: Mite - a
     dwarf thief; Samson - superstrong; Stretcho - stretching; Presto - a 
the Crone (SMT #53).
Curio Man (Adv. #79; Sandman foe) - powers?
Dr. Death (SMT #21).
the Eraser Kid (Adv. #97; Sandman foe) - powers?
Elektro (Adv. #40; Sandman foe) - robot.
Dr. Doombie (Adv. #67; Sandman foe) - criminal scientist with a formula
    that lets him shrink to commit crimes.
Dr. Edley (Adv. #66; Sandman foe) - using a ray (the "cometiray") that
    draws power from comets.
Dr. Faversham (All-Star Comics #3; Sandman foe) - scientist who uses
     pituitary glands to make giant animals and men.
the Face (Adv. #44; Sandman/King foe) - uses disguises.
Gentleman Jack (Adv. #?; Sandman foe) - dapper criminal?
the Goblin (SMT #65)
Kali Gari (All-Star 80-Page #1; Sandman foe) - "Nazi Dream Assassin" of
     Indian ethnicity, uses narcoleptic gas that induces sleepwalking
     state in its victims.
Killer Shark (Action #41; Sandman foe) - powers?
Lorimer (All-Star #2; Sandman foe) - evil scientist.
Claudia Morgan (Adv. #52; Sandman foe) - leads Amber Apple Gang.
Mando the Mystic (Adv. #78; Sandman foe) - phony magician.
Mr. Noah (Adv. #76; Sandman foe) - Noah Batson and his gang disguised as
the Mummy (SMT #64)
Nightshade (World's Finest #6; Sandman & Sandy foe) - later on was turned
     into "Ramulus" in All-Star Squadron; plant control.
Phantom of the Fair (World's Fair Comics 1939; Sandman/Crimson 
     Avenger foe) - all-black uniform with red cape; acrobatic; 
Prof. Hiram Gaunt (Adv. #74; Sandman foe) - amplified brain-power;
     telepathy/esp, knowing how to crack safes, etc.
the Python (SMT #33).
Professor Sah (Adv. #71) - criminal with a ray that increases the effect
     of gravity on objects and people.
the Queen Bee (Adv. #69; Sandman foe) - scientist gives bees thyroid
     injections, causing them to grow huge and become intelligent. 
the Scarlet Ghost  I (SMT #49).
the Scarlet Ghost  II (SMT #50).
the Scorpion (SMT #17).
Slicer (SMT #61).
The Shatterer (DC Comics Presents #47; Sandman foe) - seismic technology.
"Snooze" Simpson (DC Comics Presents #42; Sandman foe) - gangster.
Society of Six (World's Finest #4; Sandman foe).
the Sparrow (Adv. #99; Sandman foe) - powers?
Sweet-Tooth Saunders (Adv. #100; Sandman foe).
Theater-Blade (Golden Age #1; Sandman foe) - savage, random killer and
      theater critic.
Tarantula (Adv. #40; Sandman foe) - masked killer and kidnapper; old man
      in black hood & cape.
Thor (Adv. #75; Sandman foe) - also fights A*S in All-Star Squadron
     #18; gangster (Fairy Tales Fenton) pretending to be Thor; has a
     mechanical hammer that can crush steel and shoot voltage.
The Unseen Man (Adv. #64; Sandman foe) - uses "invisible paint" to
     make himself invisible; aka the Mist?
The Vamp (SMT #13).
[see Appendix]  

Sargon the Sorceror
Blue Lama (Sensation #68; Sargon foe) - sorceress.
Dimmick (All-American #45; Sargon foe) - crook who conjures demon.
Lightning Bug (Sensation #76; Sargon foe) - projects stunning "Z-rays"
     through her antennae; has a special escape car.
Voltini (Sensation #80; Sargon foe) - uses electrical devices.
Nick Witry (All-American #33; Sargon foe) - gambling racketeer.
[see Appendix]  

The Scarab
Doktor Vortex (Scarab #1; Scarab/Sargon foe) - powers?
Johnny Sorrow (Starman/Scarab foe) - gangster with machine strapped 
     to his chest which allowed him to teleport; later, various (and 
     somewhat undefined) supernatural powers, including a face so hideous 
     that it can literally kill at a glance.
the King of Tears (Starman #25; Scarab/Starman foe) - villain of mixed 
     Scots/Cthonic descent.
the Quote (Scarab #1; Scarab/Sargon foe) - powers?

Sgt. Rock
Iron Major (Our Army At War #158; Sgt. Rock foe) - Nazi; iron hand.
Nazi Ghost Wolf (Our Army At War #199; Sgt. Rock foe) - fear-inducing
     howl; invisibility/immateriality?

Seven Soldiers of Victory
Big Caesar (Leading #1; Seven Soldiers foe) - typical crime boss.
Black Star (Leading #1; Seven Soldiers enemey) - uses black-light ray to
     grow giant animals & insects; employs/uses Falseface, Hopper,
     Captain Bigg, the Brain, and the Rattler.
Captain Bigg (Leading #1; Seven Soldiers foe) - a pirate; works with
     Black Star.
Dr. Doome (Leading #3 & 7; SSoV foe) - scientist; has a time machine that
     summons armies from the past and future; he can travel using it, too.
Falseface (Leading #1; SSoV foe) - disguises; works with Black Star.
Golden Skull (Leading #5; SSoV foe) - breaks other PaNs from jail; has a
     skull-like head; uses poison gas; wants to stave off his aging; pays PaNs
     to steal experimental age-reversal-ray from gvt. facilities.
Hand (Leading #1; Seven Soldiers foe) - Ramon Solomano, criminal supergenius; 
     uses an autogyro; commands as flunkies the Five Fingers: the Dummy, 
     Prof. Merlin, the Needle, Big Caesar, and the Red Dragon.
Mr. X (Leading #9; SSoV foe) - "the Chameleon of Crime;" master of
     disguises; uses yellow poison gas.
Nebula Man (Justice League of America #100; SSoV foe).
Needle (Leading #1; SSoV foe) - tall, thin; uses a needle-gun and ray-gun.
Prof. Merlin (Leading #1; SSoV foe) - genius; uses a super-freezing
Red Dragon (Leading #1; SSoV foe) - wears tuxedo and Sportsman mask; tall,
Sense Master (Leading #4; SSoV foe) - scientist; is paralyzed inside a
     breathing dome; uses robot body to get around; can amplify by surgery
     others' senses.

Shining Knight
Archimago (Adv. #124; Shining Knight foe) - Authurian times.
Big Artie (Adv. #102; Shining Knight foe) - runs Crime Court.
Black Baron (Adv. #78; Shining Knight foe) - phony knight.
King Artie (Adv. #102; Shining Knight foe) - runs "Crime Court", crooks 
     disguised as knights.
Red Dragon (Adv. #69; Shining Knight foe) - deformed criminal.
Sir Traytor (Adv. #142; Shining Knight foe) - immortal villain.
Sky Pirates (Adv. #67; Shining Knight foe) - powers?
the Wrecker (Adv #75; Shining Knight foe) - a giant monster.
[see Appendix]  

Azmodus (Showcase #60; Spectre foe) - evil spirit the equal of Spectre.
Bandar (More Fun #70; Spectre foe) - a mystic & sorceror; leads the
     Crimson Circle cult.
Beltane (Spectre V3#0)
Black Doom (More Fun #66; Spectre foe) - grotesque hunchback;
     controls monster-creating cloud
Deeja Kathoon (More Fun #67; Spectre foe) - bald, with a forked goatee; an
     evil sorceror.
Dr. Cragg (All-Star #1; Spectre foe) - powers?
The Dummy (More Fun #92; Spectre foe) - powers?
Gilroy, Gustaf/Gustave (More Fun #16) - uses alchemy to impersonate
     Spectre; turns foes into gold.
Head Man (More Fun #76; Spectre foe) - powers?
Hjalmar, Dane (More Fun #97; Spectre foe) - a neurologist who invents a
Kaiti Luigi (More Fun #78; Spectre foe) - pits his mastery of hypnotism
     against the Spectre.
Kulak (All-Star Comics #2; Spectre foe) - superpowerful priest-sorceror.
Maligno (More Fun #77; Spectre foe) - looks like the Phantom of the Opera;
     can magically alter and control the elements.
Oom (All Star Comics #3; Spectre foe) - big grey statue; commands magic
     dragon; magical powers; from the planet Yzgartyl.
the Shadow (More Fun #64; Spectre foe) - a ghost.
Shaitan (Showcase #61) - 
Spectrum (More Fun #80; Spectre foe) - a caped figure with what looks like
     a disco ball on his head; it projects emotion-affecting/manipulating
Xnon (More Fun #60; Spectre foe) - a super-scientist; his voice creates
     super-hypnotism; wears armor; uses a "power-rod."
Zor (More Fun #55 & #57; Spectre foe) - the evil anti-Spectre.
[see Appendix]  

the Arab Avenger (Adv. #72; Starman foe) - ghostly green figure who is
     actually the butler of moonstone's owner, employs Dervishes of Death
     as his lackeys.
Astra the Astrologist (Adv. #85; Starman foe) - uses astrological
     gimmicks; leads a bunch of crooks dressed like Robin Hood's men
     who use gimmicked arrows.
Baron X (Adv. #70; Starman foe) - powers?
Jake "Bobo" Benetti (Starman #29; Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, Green
      Lantern, Hawkman, Human Bomb, Jester, Starman, Iron Munro foe) -
      extremely strong; regenerative abilities; no costume.
Big King Cray (Starman Secret Files #1) - powers?
Big Fist (Starman #13) - brass knuckles.
Captain Vurm (Adv. #63; Starman foe) - uses an earthquake-causing
Carbon Copy (Starman Secret Files #1) - powers?
Cuthbert Cain (Adventure #66) - by means of forbidden vood formulas
     combined with the properties of photo-electric cells, he controls
     the wills of all whose images he captures by camera.
Caroff, Ivan (Adv. #75; Starman foe) - has a ray that makes
     half-man, half-animals - animal-headed men - "Panther," "Tiger," etc
Dog Boy (Starman #13) 
Dr. Doog (Adv. #61; Starman foe) - leader of the Brotherhood of the
     Electron; evil scientist; hypnosis, tk, electronic inventions.
Dr. Fang (Animal Man #7/Starman #13) - robots; wears false vampire teeth.
Go-Lightly Gang (Starman #46; Starman/Jester foes) - four gunweilding
     goons in costumes and masks. 
Hooded Hunchback (Adv. #73; Starman foe) - murders men by shooting them
    into space.
Invisible Raiders (Adv. #67; Starman foe) - otherwise noncostumed.
Johnny Sorrow (Starman/Scarab foe) - various (and somewhat undefined) 
     supernatural powers, including teleportation; a face so hideous that 
     it can literally kill at a glance.
the King of Tears (Starman #25) - villain of mixed Scots/Cthonic descent.
the Light (Adv. #62; Starman foe) - a superscientist who uses a
     "diminishing" (shrinking) ray; time machine that takes things from
     the future; high-seas piracy operation.
Link (Starman #13) - fights with chain.
the Mist (Adv. #67; Starman foe).
Mr. Fingers (Starman #13) - pain glove.
the Moonman (Adv. #86; Starman foe) - crooks in moonman suits.
the Prairie Witch (Starman Annual #1) - green-skinned, gun-toating witch;
     apparent occult powers.
Prince Ahmed (Adv. #64; Starman foe) - sends his hypnotized "Staring
     Bandits" out to commit crimes.
the Purple Gang (Adv. #99; Starman foe) - attempt to commercialize
Shiver (Adv. #102; Starman foe) - runs Meteor Mob.
the Sun (Adv. #76; Starman foe) - the Moroni gang leader and his 
     satellites (Moon, Comet, Saturn and Mercury) get advanced weapons and
     become a costumed team of villians.
the Three Comets (Adv. #92; Starman foe) - aerialist criminals.
the Veil (Adv. #75; Starman foe) - has hypnosis-inducing lights and
     an "asbestos suit.".
[see Appendix]  

Star-Spangled Kid & Stripesy
Black Magician (Star Spangled #73; SSK & Stripesy  foe) - powers?
Buzz-Saw Bertie (Star-Spangled #54; SSK & Stripesy  foe) - powers?
Clock (Star Spangled #70; SSK & Stripesy  foe) - powers?
The Crooked Ghost (Star-Spangled #75; SSK & Stripesy foe) - crook
     disguised as a ghost.
Dr. Weerd (Star-Spangled #1; SSK & Stripesy foe) - mad scientist; has and
     uses a giant robot, growth potion, tornado machine, and illusion-
False Face (Star-Spangled #68; SSK & Stripesy foe).
Mr. Gadget (Star-Spangled #25; SSK & Stripesy foe) - powers?
Mr. Ghool (Star-Spangled #4; SSK & Stripesy foe) - a skull-faced giant;
     has a death potion.
Moonglow (Star-Spangled #5; SSK & Stripesy foe) - a professor with a giant
     moon-globe head; has superstrength and a heat-ray gun; his evil side
     only comes out at night.
Sad Dan (Star-Spangled #66; SSK & Stripesy foe) - second-story man.
Sparkles Morgan (Star-Spangled #41; SSK & Stripesy foe) - jewel thief.
The Needle (Star-Spangled #4; SSK & Stripesy foe) - seven feet tall 
     and needle-thin; specialised handgun; powers?
Presto the Magician (Star-Spangled #82; SSK, Stripesy & Merry foe) - a
     criminal magician; escape skills, slight of hand skills; squirting
     carnation, "burning illusion," smoke clouds.
the Rope (Star-Spangled #82; SSK, Stripesy & Merry foe) - rope gimmicks
     and motifs; swings on and uses rope tricks; electrified cables; a
     lasso; walks on wires.
the Weasel (Star-Spangled #21; SSK & Stripesy foe) - powers?
[see Appendix]  

Baron Death (Steel #1) - Baron Todlich; costumed Nazi scientist.
Black Assassin (All Star Squadron #8; Steel foe) - powers?
Gadgeteer (Steel #4) - Roger Romaine; designed a costume lined with hidden 
     pockets and filled with a plethora of miniaturized weapons, everything 
     from flamethrowers to sonic disruptors to a compact hovercraft.
Mineral Master (Steel #2) - Dr. Moag is transformed into a blue-skinned 
     giant "like a thing of molten rock" as a result of being exposed to an
     "omega force".
Sledgehammer (Steel #3) - Emil Sledgeski; superstrong mutant thug; Polish 
[see Appendix]  

Achilles (Superman #63) - John Achilles, archeologist turned criminal,
     develops metal box around his foot which attracts bullets and knives;
     claims he is descendant of legendary Achilles and the box protects his
Aesop, Johnny (Action #75) - gang leader who commits crimes based on Aesop's
the Amphi-Bandits (Action #90; Superman foes) - gang of criminals led by 
     Horace Rikker who commit crimes and land and escape with submersible boat.
The Archer (Superman #13) - Quigley, green-clad famous big-game hunter; uses 
     archery for theft & extortion.
Arctic Giant (Fleischer Studios 2/27/42; Superman foe) - defrosted dinosaur.
Atoman (Mutual radio 1945; Superman foe) - soldier injected with
     kryptonite by Nazi scientist determined to get revenge after 
     Germany's defeat; fingers emit green lightning.
Atomic Skull (Superman: Man of Steel #80) - German actor and ideologue
Baron Munsdorf (Action #31; Superman foe) - spy for unnamed country;
     gets "new anaesthetic gas" and "deadly sub-atomic death-ray gun"
     from inventor (Prof. Hunter).
Bey, Righab (Superman #10) - heads spy-ring; hypnotises govenrment 
     officials who come for astrological advice to probe their minds
     for government secrets.
The Brain (Superman #83) - scientific genius who destroys the Parthenon,
     the Sphinx, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa (all of course eventually 
     restored by Superman)
the Bulleteers (Fleischer Studios 3/27/42; Superman foes) - thieves who
     invent rocket-powered flying "bullet car", and blackmail city for 
     contents of treasury by threatening destruction.
The Chameleon (Action #126; Superman foe) - master of disguises and
     impersonation; commits crimes in the guise of a patsy who is then
     arrested by the police.
Colonel Future (Action #484)- Col. Edmund H. Future, constructor of
     the Mechanical Marauders, leader of the C-F Gang.
Corlin, Vance (World's Finest #57; Superman foe) - raised on small
     island off Metropolis coast under scientific conditions identical
     to Krypton's, hence has same powers as Superman; powers decline
     with absence from island; clad in maroon and orange costume.
Crawley (Superman #47) - commits crimes using a giant experimental
     dirigable and a pair of stolen zoo elephants.  (!)
Destruction, Inc. (Fleischer Studios 12/25/42; Superman foes) - foreign
     saboteurs led by "Jones" who has infilterated American torpedo factory.
Dr. Dorrow (Action #152; Superman foe) - has transparent cylinders which
     he fills with "suspended animation gas" and catapults them (w/their
     victims) into the direction of the planet Venus.
the Domino (Action #46; Superman foe) - handsome but profligate society
     playboy Jeff Farnham; dons purple mask and initimidates amusement park
    owner to allow crooked gambling on his grounds.
Drago (Superman #107) - renegade scientist in 30th century AD.
the Evolution King (Superman #15) - evil scientist who can advance/revert
     people's ages by means of special pills.
the Eye (Superman #53) - monocled Nazi spy who (post-War) plunders shipping
     on the Spanish Main with a fleet of submarines designed to resemble 
the Fang (World's Finest #73; Superman/Batman foe) - superstitious, buck-
     toothed, bespectacled crime chief; carries 1,000 year old Chinese lucky 
Herr Fange (Superman #20) - Nazi agent; named for his vampirish fangs; has
     a special diving bell and whistle that can send commands to horrifying
     sea monsters which will obey him.
Funny Face (Superman #30?) - comic-strip characters brought to life.
The General (Action #177; Superman foe) - Nazi general; forces captured
     scientists to create futuristic weapons; has orbiting mirror/lens
     that can focus heat-rays, giant flying buzz-saw, giant bulldozer that
     can topple skyscrapers, flying wrecking crane that can smash
     buildings in two.
Heavy Weapons Gang (World's Finest #72; Superman/Batman foes) - commit
     crimes using powerful automatic weapons capable of crusing an
     armored car "like an eggshell".
Hi-Jack (Superman #25) - debt-ridden banker Jack Jackson dons green 
     and purple costume with a jack of spades on his chest to commit 
the Image (Superman Sunday comic strips, 2/42) - Angus Calhoun dons 
     three-piece suit and a large blue-mirrored domino mask to steal
     back jewelry he sells; can create eleven optical duplicates of
     himself (and his vehicle).
the Insect Master (World's Finest #10; Superman foe) - evil scientist;
     wearing purple & gray costume; controls insects and uses them to
     extort/blackmail Metropolis.
Jim Dandy (Superman #107) - dapper leader of criminal gang.
the Gargoyle (Superman #49) - fanged villain, deafened and nearly blinded
     in a mine explosion, now wears electronic ears and infra-red lenses; 
     works for chemical magnate J.C. Quagmire.
Kyack (Superman #13) - warlike leader of underground people; have "ray-
     apparatus" and armada of "bore-vessels."
the Leopard (Superman #20) - Sam Kennedy, publicity man for the Cosmos
     Circus, dons leopard's-head mask and commits crimes involving big cats.
Lightning Master (Superman #14) - dressed in a green robe and hood; 
     bald mad scientist who has an extortion plot going (He wanted $300,000);
     no powers, but a lightning machine and an "electric-bolt gun."
Alexei Luthor (Action #23).
mad scientist, nameless (Fleischer Studios 9/26/41; Superman foe) - invents 
     "electrothanasia ray" which disintegrates objects from afar.
Mala (Superman #65) - evil Kryptonian, accompanied by brothers Kizo and U-Ban.
The Man with the Cane (Superman #18) - Axis agent; wears false-face mask,
     maroon tailcoat, top hat and cane; cane fires deadly poisoned darts.
Man Without a Face (Mutual radio; Superman foe) - powers?
"Many Faces" Fulton (Superman #115) - criminal impersonator.
Martler (Superman foe) - Martian fuhrer, leader of Solazis.
Mechanical Monsters (Fleischer Studios 11/28/41; Superman foes) - transformer
     style robots, about 12' tall, can fly, strong, flamethrower eyes. 
Medini (Action #25; Superman foe) - world's greatest hypnotist; hypnotises
     his victims into amnesia converning the details of his crimes.
Metalo (World's Finest #6; Superman foe) - renegade inventor; discoverer
     of the "most powerful metal on earth" and a "strength serum;" wears
     armored suit that helps him fly, makes him impervious to bullets, and
     gives him strength equal to Superman's.
Mr. Ohm (Superman #51) - devises a flying electro-magnet to rob armored cars.
Mr. Myxyzptlk (Superman #30).
Mr. Sinister (Superman #16) - malevolent purple-skinned alien from fourth
     dimension; speaks in rhyme; uses scientific machinery to kidnap
     buildings from Earth; high-tech weaponry.
Mole Men (Columbia Pictures 1951) - underground civilization.
Harold Morton (Action 38; Superman foe) - radio wizard; through his
     "ultra-high frequency" radio equipment can hypnotize people while they
Mother Goose (Action #110; Superman foe) - nursery rhyme-based crimes.
the Mummies (Fleischer Studios 2/19/43; Superman foes) - two 10' ancient 
     Egyptian guards who reanimate after being inoculated with ancient
     "fluid of life".
Night-Owl (Action #53; Superman foe) - scientist; bald, with pointy ears;
     performs darkness experiments which allow him to see in the dark; has
     "black light projectors" and pet owl with poison-dipped claws.
Papa Rausch (Mutual Radio; Superman foe) - German; powers?
Prankster (Action #51; Superman foe).
Puzzler (Action #49; Superman foe) - murderous game player, particularly 
     with playing cards.
Quicksilver Kid (Superman #26) - the god Mercury.
Rainmaker (World's Finest #1; Superman foe) - extortionist; has a "rain-
     maker" machine and a "radical new paralysis gas."
Scarlet Widow (Mutual radio 1945; Superman foe) - steals Kryptonite from
     Metropolis Museum.
scientist, nameless (Fleischer Studios 5/15/42; Superman foe) - American Indian
     scientist with underwater base who generates an "electric earthquake"
     unless Manhattan Island is returned to its native inhabitents.
the Shark (Mutual Radio 1939; Superman foe) - attempts to build an atomic bomb.
Sir Gauntlet (Superman #21) - former owner of dept. store who attacks it
     to get revenge on store; wears full plate armor.
the Skeptic (World's Finest #11; Superman foe) - uses a gas which induces a
     feeling of hatred in whoever inhales it.
The Snake (Superman #18) - wears a scaly yellow orange-spotted costume;
      kills victims with double-pronged lances tipped with snake-venom.
Spider Lady (Columbia Pictures 1948; Superman foe) - blonde in black mask
     and evening gown, has big electrified spider web in hideout; attempts 
     to steal "reducer ray"
"Stupid" (Fleischer Studios 10/16/42; Superman foe) - nickname given to
     nameless nonpowered Superman imitator by "the Boss" (Edward G. Robinson), 
     who uses the costume to commit crimes.
Talon (Superman #17) - president of Metropolis Subway; Fascist sympathizer; 
     dresses up as Fu Manchu-type (he is white); uses electric tricks in 
     attempt to electrocute subway as sabotage.
Der Teuffel (Mutual Radio; Superman foe) - German; powers?
the Tiger Woman (Action #195; Superman foe) - one-eyed bandit leader who is a
     perfect look-alike for Lois Lane.
Toyman (Action #64).
Ultra-Humanite (Action #13) - a scientific experiement results in his possessing 
     the most agile and learned brain on earth!---Unfortunately for mankind, he 
     prefers to use this great intellect for crime; particularly skilled in brain
Underground Worlders (Fleischer Studios 6/18/43; Superman foes) - hawk-headed
     and -winged inhabitents of "Henderson Caverns". fond of dipping 
     intruders into molton rock to turn them into statues.
the Vulture (Mutual Radio; Superman foe) - German; powers?
the Water Sprite (Action #82; Superman foe) - Kenneth Darby disguises as hideous
     green monster as part of elaborate scam.
Watkins (Superman #17) - master hypnotist; makes "human bombs" do as he
     pleases or else they blow themselves up.
Wizard of Wokkit (Action #86; Superman foe) - sorceror.
Zolar (Action #30; Superman foe) - leader of fanatical Arab assassins;
     secret hq in Sahara; radium-thirsty; his mastery of it enables him to
     control weather & do "total disintegration;" uses "globe gun" which
     releases fiery spheres with disintegrating "blinding rays" which can
     even knock out Superman; has sky-ship fleet.
Zoltan (Mutual radio 1945; Superman/Batman foe) - runs Zoltan's Wax Museum
     as listed in phonebook; encases Allied scientists in super-hard
     "wax-alloy" and smuggles them overseas where they will be forced to
     work for the Axis. 
[see Appendix]  

the Blade (Star-Spangled #4; Tarantula foe) - sword-wielding gangster?
Candle (Star-Spangled #8; Tarantula foe) - teams with Outlaw; uses
     pyrotechnics, special candles that emit gasses, etc.
the Fly (Star-Spangled #13; Tarantula foe) - dressed up in a fly-suit; can
     fly, glide, and stick to walls.
Outlaw (Star-Spangled #8; Tarantula foe) - teams with Candle; a cowboy thief.
Shiva (Star-Spangled #5; Tarantula foe) - crime-boss; scientific genius;
     has a blue teleport ray and Hindu-themed thugs.
Sting (Star-Spangled #8; Tarantula? foe) - crime boss.
Trio of Terror (Star-Spangled #8; Tarantula foes).
[see Appendix]  

TNT & Dan the Dyna-Mite
Crime Clown (World's Finest #5; TNT & Dan Dynamite foe) - evil clown.
[see Appendix]  

Unknown Soldier
Black Knight (Unknown Soldier's Who's Who entry) - the Unknown Soldier's
     Nazi counterpart.

Dummy (Leading #1; Vigilante foe).
the Head (Vigilante's Who's Who entry) - Japanese agent.
Pecos Kid (Western #3; Vigilante foe).
Rainbow Man (Action #103; Vigilante foe) - uses color (in the form of
     colored lights, bright paints, etc., to bring off capers.
Rattler (Leading #2; Vigilante foe) - poison bite; works with Black Star.
the Lariat (Action #182; Vigilante foe) - uses a variety of rope tricks 
     and trick ropes; robs a stagecoach with a "slingshot lariat",  robs
     a bank with a "blindfold lariat", and spooks the Vigilante and Stuff's 
     horses with a "snake lariat".
One Hand Gang (Bulleteer #2; Vigilante foe) - wolf paw - ensigned gang led
     by Ramon Solomano (who later becomes the Hand / the Iron Hand).
"Shakes" (Action #184; Vigilante foe) - criminal poet who publishes clues
     to his crimes in rhyme in the newspaper.
Singing Bandit (Action #130; Vigilante foe) - criminal brothers taking
     turns as a singing bandit.
[see Appendix]  

The Whip
White Dragon (Flash #23; Whip foe) - leads white-dragon-robed Chinese
     followers; Tong leader; uses a whip.
[see Appendix]  

Caveman (Sensation #10; Wildcat foe) - man who looks like a gorilla; born
     with exceptional strength; rejects society, lives in wild; archer.
Evil Eye Optic (Sensation #35; Wildcat foe) - gang leader.
Father Time (Sensation #74; Wildcat foe) - powers?
Headless Horseman (Sensation #16; Wildcat foe) - commits robberies in
     Central Park; riding master dressed as Headless Horseman; throws
     sleeping gas pumpkins.
Huntress (Sensation #68).
The Kidder (Big All-American Comics #1; Wildcat foe) - bases crimes on
     practical jokes.
the Laughing Ghost (Sensation #6; Wildcat foe) - gang leader.
Professor Zork (Sensation #78; Wildcat foe) - counterfeiting ring.
Purple Mask Gang (Sensation #3; Wildcat foe) - phantom killers?
the Texas Terror (Sensation #41; Wildcat foe) - corrupt cowboys.
Rex Velon (Sensation #80; Wildcat foe) - uses ultrasonics.
Yellow/Golden/Killer Wasp (Sensation #20; Wildcat foe) -  has a yellow flightsuit,
     paralysis goo on his wasp's stingers, a pistol with paralysis gas &

Wonder Woman
American Adolf (Sensation #21; Wonder Woman foe) - wants to take over USA;
     has plane from which he sprays poison gas.
Angle Man (Wonder Woman #70) - angle gimmicks.
Anti Electric (Comic Cavalcade #27; Wonder Woman foe) - green costume,
     green cowl, yellow lightning bolt across chest; invents
     "deactivating electronic generator" which cancels out electric
     current on nation-wide scale.
Armageddon (Wonder Woman #235) - Nazi; powers?
Badra (Comic Cavalcade #25; Wonder Woman foe) - beautiful, raven-haired
     woman; from ruined planet of Hator; can fly faster-than-light, has 
     superhuman strength; cunning thief.
Baron Blitzkrieg (World's Finest #246; Wonder Woman foe).
Baroness Paula von Gunther (Sensation #4; Wonder Woman foe) - Gestapo
     agent; spy; ruthless.
Blitz (Wonder Woman #19) - Nazi spy & war-criminal; has submarine; uses
     "mental brain wave of death" death-ray machine based on his
     slaves' body & brain energy.
Blizzard (Wonder Woman #29) - rule of "Iceberg Land;" steals a
     "climate-changer" capable of heating the North Pole and creating
     huge glaciers.
Blue Snowman (Wonder Woman #28) - Byrna Brilyant uses a cold-projecting 
     "telescopic snow ray" which makes blue snow; she is member of Villainy
the Bouncer (Wonder Woman #241) - costumed thief, abnormally strong mutant
     who vows vengeance on "society women" as a result of being made fun of 
     and beaten up when his mother, at the urging of her society friends,
     forced him to study dance.
Bughumans (Sensation #55; Wonder Woman foe) - gigantic, poisonous,
     intelligent viruses who look half-man, half-monster; ordinarily
     are microscopic; enlarged by Paula von Gunther's "electric
     enlarging" machine.
Cheetah (Wonder Woman #6).
Creeper Jackson (Sensation #41; Wonder Woman foe) - crippled botanical
     genius; has "octopus plants" which are man-eaters but require light.
Crime Master of Time (Wonder Woman #53) - criminal from the future; has a
     time machine; can assume anyone's identity (thus sending them into
     a "time zone").
The Cult of the Avenging Flame (Comic Cavalcade #5; Wonder Woman foe) -
     a group who use burning "liquid hydrogen" in their "religious
     ceremonies" and also use it to commit crimes/blackmail.
Dalma (Comic Cavalcade #12; Wonder Woman foe) - blonde Amazon who is very
     jealous of Wonder Woman.
Dr. Cue (Sensation #9; Wonder Woman foe) - Japanese agent (Col. Kogo Ku);
     real doctor/scientist who works on biological warfare; tests his work
     on unsuspecting patients.
Dr. Dirke (Wonder Woman #31) - has a "reduso liquid" that shrinks things
     to microscopic size.
Dr. Poison (Sensation #2; Wonder Woman foe) - Axis spy; woman scientist
     Princess Maru who poses as a man; invents "reverso," a drug that makes 
     people do the opposite of what they are told to do; invents "green gas" 
     which stops aircraft engines; member of Villainy Incorporated.
Dr. Psycho (Wonder Woman #5).
Duke of Deception (Wonder Woman #2) - demi-god; one of Mars' three
     commanders; dressed in centurion's uniform; withered old man; lives
     on Mars; astral projection, illusions
Earl of Greed (Wonder Woman #2) - demi-god; one of Mars' three
     commanders; dressed in centurion's uniform; withered old man; lives
     on Mars; mental powers, etc.
Eviless (Wonder Woman #10) - Captain of Women on Saturn; forms Villainy
     Incorporated; uses whip;
Furiousa, Mistress of Masquerade (Sensation #78; Wonder Woman foe) - has
     many disguises and uses knockout chemicals (that only work against
General Vertigo (Wonder Woman #42) - would-be world conqueror from Venus;
     leads followers to "sub-sea bottom world;" has rockets that spread
     "anaesthetic" gas; the rockets' explosions will lead to undersea
     earthquakes and huge explosions.
Gentleman Killer (Wonder Woman #14) - wears top hat, full dress, and
Giganta (Wonder Woman #9) - a female gorilla evolved into super-strong
     cave woman form; member of Villainy Incorporated.
Fausta Grables (Comic Cavalcade #2; Wonder Woman foe) - beautiful Axis
Gundra (Comic Cavalcade #17; Wonder Woman foe) - a "princess" of the Nordic 
Hypnota (Wonder Woman #11) - uses an elaborate male disguise; great
     hypnotic powers, including "blue hypnotic rays" that blaze from eyes
     and hand; allied with Saturnian slave merchants; member of Villainy
Inventa (Wonder Woman #33) - huge invention abilities; from island of
Iron Claw (World's Finest #245; Wonder Woman foe) - a Nazi; iron hand;
     other powers?
Ironsides (Comic Cavalcade #23; Wonder Woman foe) - brilliant geologist;
     brother of Dr. Psycho; invents and uses "iron giants" which are
     ordinary men on stilts wearing huge suits of armor.
Ishi (Sensation #10l Wonder Woman foe) - Japanese agent, tries to 
     electrocute WW.
Jaxo, Dirk (Wonder Woman #35) - has invented a "brain wave interferer"
     which cancels brain waves; allies with Mole Men and enslaves Mole
Kung (Wonder Woman #237) - "Assassin of a Thousand Claws" can transform 
     himself into any kind of animal.
Lord Conquest (Wonder Woman #2) - one of three commanders under Mars;
     demi-god; also from/ruling/living on Mars.
Mars (Wonder Woman #1).
Mask (Wonder Woman #24) - Nina Close, wife of a cruel millionaire who
     drives her to insanity; masked; black hair; uses gun, flask of
     "hydrocyanic acid" to threaten and blackmail her husband.
Master De Stroyer (Wonder Woman #44) - rules the Sargasso Sea Kingdom; has
     stolen weapons from every nation; has submarine and "atmosphere
     controller" which creates/controls weather, undersea cars and mines.
Mavis (Wonder Woman #4) - a former slave of Baroness von Gunther who is
     taught Amazon ways but turns evil.
Minister Blizzard (Wonder Woman #162)  
Mole Men (Wonder Woman #4) - ruled over by Blackfu; they live far
     underground; nearly blind; use women as slaves; have electricity.
Mouseman (Wonder Woman #158) - dressed in a grey mouse suit, sorta similar in
     design to Wildcat's, but with a nose with whiskers; about a foot tall;
     weird weaponry with mouse theme; bitter and hated women, because he was 
     so small that no woman would ever love him.
Nuclear the Magnetic Marauder (Wonder Woman #43) - has armor; powers of
     magnetic attraction/repulsion.
Osira (Wonder Woman foe) -  Egyptian Goddess who was actually ancient alien 
     from another dimension; powers?
Prof. Hypno (newspaper strip; Wonder Woman foe) - French accented stage 
     hypnotist who mesmerises women into acting as spies.
Prof. Toxino (Sensation #52; Wonder Woman foe) - evil scientist who breeds
     a poisonous bug that turns its victims criminally insane.
Prof. Vibrate (Sensation #63; Wonder Woman foe) - physics professor who,
     with his gang and dressed as an elderly lady, rob banks using his
     "wail of death" device which knocks people unconscious.
Queen Atomia (Wonder Woman #21) - Queen of Atomic Kingdom U-235 (in a
     "vast (sub-)atomic universe"); rules over blond proton girls and
     "neutron slaves/robots;" wants to expand her universe to take over
     ours; forms Amazon revolt on Reform Island.
Queen Clea (Comic Cavalcade #18; Wonder Woman foe) - cruel monarch of
     undersea Atlantean nations of Aurania and Ventura.
Red Panzer (Wonder Woman #228) - power armor; future-viewing machine.
robot woman (Wonder Woman #48) - made by Elektro, "scientific head of a
     criminal gang;" looks exactly like Wonder Woman and has most of her
     Amazonian powers.
Schultz, Karl (Sensation #16; Wonder Woman foe) - Gestapo agent "working
     for the Japs;" tries to commit "oil well sabotage;"
Seal Men (Wonder Woman #13) - seal-men living in Bitterland, beneath
     the South Pole.
Sumo the Samurai (Wonder Woman foe).
Syonide (Sensation #57; Wonder Woman foe) - homicidal maniac who thinks he
     is Powhatan; uses hatchet; wants revenge on white men for carrying
     off Pocahontas.
Thought Master (Wonder Woman #64) - mental powers; can project thoughts &
     illusions into other people's minds.
troglodytes (Wonder Woman #61) - frogmen who live beneath Sargasso Sea;
     have a-bomb and presumably other advanced weaponry.
Tigra Tropica (Wonder Woman #26) - commands a vicious horde of
     highly-trained tigers.
Unreal, Anton (Sensation #30; Wonder Woman foe) - leader of mystic cult;
     has "an electro-chemical machine which projects physical bodies into
     the 4th dimension."
Uvo of Uranous (Wonder Woman #32) - warlord of Uranus; commands space
     armada which tries to conquer Earth and steal uranium deposits; uses
     "decalcifying" ray which turns people into stone statues.
Villainy Incorporated (Wonder Woman #28) - Eviless, Cheetah, Queen Clea,
     Dr. Poison, Giganta, Hypnota the Great, Blue Snowman, and Zara.
The Vulture Cult (Comic Cavalcade #7; Wonder Woman foe) - a group that
     fly around, dressed in giant vulture flying suits; led by Vulture
Vulture King (Comic Cavalcade #7; Wonder Woman foe) - leader of Vulture
     Cult; has machines that "electronomize" (make people into mindless
Wanta (Comic Cavalcade #14; Wonder Woman foe) - one of Wonder Woman's
     schoolgirl chums, like Etta Candy, who Wonder Woman taught the
     Amazon Ways of Fighting to, but who then turned Evil.
Winged Maidens of Venus (Steranko; Wonder Woman foe) - powers? from
     outerspace, presumably.
Yasmini, Princess (Sensation #17; Wonder Woman foe) - Hindu princess
     working for Nazis; operates spy ring; has radio station on Cape Cod;
     has pet lions, Thuggee assassins, poison.
Zara (Wonder Woman foe) - leader of the Crimson Flame Cult; member of
     Villainy Incorporated.
Z-One (Wonder Woman #43) - master spy; has three lieutenants; tries to
     kill WW & S. Trevor with a bomb.
[see Appendix]  

Amen-Hotep (Action ???; Zatara foe) - Egyptian sorcerer.
Big Elmo (World's Finest #3; Zatara foe) - powers?
Dr. Caruther (World's Finest #4; Zatara foe) - powers?
Dr. Sight (World's Finest #10; Zatara foe) - uses mirages in heists.
Druid (Atom #19; Zatara foe) - evil druid.
King Inferno (Action issues? foe of Zatara) - evil sorceror.
Mad Llama Jerbel (Action #9; Zatara foe) - evil Tibetan sorceror with
     world-domination scheme; vast hypnosis powers.
the Magical Mobsters (Action #49; Zatara foes) - criminals who use sleight
     of hand and magic props to commit crimes.
the Magnet (Worlds Finest #7; Zatara foe) - a "walking dynamo".
the Menace (Worlds Best #1; Zatara foe) - powers?
Prince Porra (Action #14; Zatara foe) - J'onn J'onzz-ish ruler of 
     Saturnians threatening interplanetary war.
Tigress (Action #1; Zatara foe) - ruthless blonde female thief/spy; no 
     powers or costume, though fond of tiger-striped sweaters; ran gangs 
     of thieves and murderers, but was the "loving enemy" of Zatara.
Wizard of Philae (Action #9; Zatara foe) - evil Egyptian sorceror.
[see Appendix]  

Misc. Others
Krell (World's Finest #248) - evil (?) aliens.

Appendix: Jess Nevins's All-Evil Squadron from All-Star MUSH
Atom: "The Giant" - a big thug
Batman: Killer Moth 
Dr. Fate: Mango the Mighty (A short, mustachioed man with a swarthy face,
     wearing a yellow turban with a large, shining red gem on its front.) - a
Dr. Mid-nite: "The Dawn" - a thug with a compressed-air gun and a .45
Flash: a Speed Demon (National #20) - a gang who fought Quicksilver;
     they gained super-speed via pills.
Green Lantern: Mr. Paradox (Green Lantern #38) - a hypnosis-stick
Hawkman: Vulture (Doll Man #1; can fly) & a Kite-man (A short, Japanese
     man wearing a black bodysuit; he has a large kite strapped to his back, 
     and in his right hand he holds a strange-looking gun)
Hourman: Dr. Weerd (A large, muscular man wearing a lab coat.) - a growth 
     potion that gives him size and strength.
Johnny Thunder: Shade
Sandman: "Dream King" (A man dressed like a WW1 soldier, down to the metal
     hat and gas mask. In his right hand he has a strange, tubular-shaped gun.)
Spectre: Zor (a 10' tall, impressive-looking black man with flaming
     scarlet eyes) - the evil Anti-Spectre
Starman: Xnon (a man wearing what looks like a mirrored suit of armor that
     seems to cover him from head to toe) - a scientist in power armor with a 
     "power rod" that can lob energy bolts, etc.
Superman: Haldane the Sorceror 
Wonder Woman: Wanta (a tall blonde woman dressed in a shockingly indecent
Cr. Avenger: "The Black Hood" - a thug with white smoke gun
Wing: Hane', a ninja from House of Bamboo (GI Combat #232); Kana the
     Shadow Warrior was trained by the ninja clan The House of Bamboo.
     Kana turned against the Japanese through a twist of fate. It stands
     to reason that the House of Bamboo will have produced other ninja who
     are working for, and not against, the Japanese, who contributed the
     ninja to Kirat.
Green Arrow: "Black Arrow" - an archer with a few gimmick arrows,
     taught to shoot by Prof. Millions (More Fun #97), who pulled this
     stunt once before against the Green Arrow (A man dressed like Robin Hood,
     complete with feathered cap, quill of arrows, and bow with drawn arrow.).
Speedy: "Kid Archer" - archer with a few gimmick arrows, taught by Prof.
Shining Knight: Black Knight (A man dressed in full black plate armor,
     wielding a large black sword).
SSK: "Swastika Lad" 
Stripesy: "Mr. Iron Cross"  (A tall, muscular man wearing jeans and a
     shirt with horizontal red & white stripes with a large swastika on its 
     chest, and armed with a selection of knives.)
Vigilante: White Star (GL #34) - a rodeo star who turns to crime
Air Wave: "Voice Jnr." - a thug with The Voice's sound-cancelling machine 
     (More Fun #74; the machine cancels out all sound-waves within a 
     limited area)
Amazing Man: Furiousa (Sensation #78; the "Mistress of Disguise and
     Masquerade") & Sledgehammer 
Aquaman: Black Jack 
Dr. Occult: pawns of Mayoor & plants of Maldita
Firebrand 2: Mr. Zero
Guardian: "Hauptmann Deutschland" (A tall, muscular man dressed in a
     black-and-red uniform covered with swastikas; he carries a large, 
     strangely-shaped black shield, on the front of which is a large yellow 
Hawkgirl: a Kite-man (see Hawkman)
Johnny Quick: a Speed Demon (see Flash)
Judomaster & Tiger: ninjas from House of Bamboo
Liberty Belle: "Big Bertha" (a tall, muscular Nazi woman -- blonde and
     wearing a black outfit that has the icon of a cracked yellow bell on its 
Li'l Boy Blue: "Big Man Black & Blue"- a thug with knives
Manhunter: a ninja from House of Bamboo
Merry: Gimmick Guy (Star-Spangled #90; basically a criminal version of
Miss America: a thug with Prof. Parker's illuso-ray (Batman #90)
Mr. America: "The Whip Master" - a thug with a whip
Mr. Terrific: "The Renaissance Man" 
Robin: "the Bird-Killer" 
Robotman: (Star Spangled #81) Robotman's evil opposite; has
Sandy: "the Dune" (A pimply punk in a black leather jacket; his face makes 
     you want to hit him. He is holding a shiv in his right hand.)
Sargon: Bandar (More Fun #70) - an evil magician
Steel: 2 of Raymond Rall's robots (two tall, skeletal-looking robots, each
     carrying a Tommy Gun in each hand)
Tarantula: "Mr. Friction" (a thug in a frictionless suit)
TNT: Slanteyes
Dan the Dyna-Mite: "Dane Dynamite" : a thug with Hjalmar Dane's ray-gun 
Whip: "The Razor" - a thug in razored-edged armor (a man wearing what 
     looks like a regular suit of armor, except that it seems to reflect
     the light at odd angles)
Wildcat: "The Pug" - a boxer
Zatara: King Inferno