Black Condor
Ali Kahn (Crack #2) - powers?
Jasper Crow (Crack #11; Black Condor foe) - powers?
Eagle Battalion (Crack #5; Black Condor foes) - pilots?
the Ear (Crack #27; Black Condor foe) - powers?
Sihn Fang (Crack #4; Black Condor foe) - powers?
the Great Yaho (Crack #7; Black Condor foe) - powers?
Kite-Men (Crack #6; Black Condor foes) - Japanese agents on flying kites;
     throw lightning bolts; ruled by Karlo Klug and his mysterious master,
     a dwarf who has electricity-controlling machines.
Lung Wuo (Crack #8; Black Condor foe) - a Chinese scientist who created
     flying and digging machines & computers which become evilly sentient
     and try to form together to destroy mankind.
Sophisticated Lady (Crack #10; Black Condor foe) - lovely redhead, "smoothest
     criminal in the underworld".
Spinning Death (Crack #8; Black Condor foe) - a robot.
[see Appendix]  

Assassin Squad (Blackhawk #68) - Communist assassins.
Baron Blood (Blackhawk #49) - powers?
Basilisk (Blackhawk #29) - powers?
the Bat (Modern #70; Blackhawk foe) - human bat, black, capable of speech.
Blackbeard (Steranko; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
Black Flag (Blackhawk #98) - crooks take over a replica pirate ship.
Black Tigress (Military #4; Blackhawk foe) - "Gestapo's most dangerous spy".
Black Widow (Blackhawk #94) - evil female spy/agent, I presume - Blackhawk
     met an awful lot of those.
the Blast Bandits (Modern #75; Blackhawk foes) - explosive experts presumably.
Blonde Bomber (Military #20; Blackhawk foe) - powers? female spy?
Butcher (Military #13; Blackhawk foe) - brutal, evil Nazi officer;
     brother of Captain von Tepp.
Butcher Squadron (Military #1; Blackhawk foe) - Nazi opposites of the
     Blackhawk Squadron.
Buzzard (Blackhawk #165, 253) - Nazi ace, occasionally uses
     buzzard-shaped aircraft.
Captain Harpy (Steranko; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
Captain Squidd (Modern #70; Blackhawk foe) - "beneath the sea" - powers?
Captain von Tepp (Military #1; Blackhawk foe) - German air ace; commands
     Butcher Squadron of Nazi airmen like the Blackhawks.
Carnage (Steranko; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
Chameleon (Blackhawk #165) - costumed crook.
Cobra (Steranko; Blackhawk foe) - evil female spy/agent.
Colenol Frog (Blackhawk #196) - Japanese villain, powers?
the Crossbow (Blackhawk #121)
Danya (Blackhawk #68) - beautiful Communist spy.
Darkk the Destroyer (Blackhawk #94) - powers?
Death Legion (Blackhawk #72) - airmen?
Dragon Queen (Police #51; Blackhawk foe) - veiled mistress of barbaric
     Dragon People.
Dr. Baroc (Blackhawk #75) - "Mad Dr. Baroc" has something called the "Z
     Bomb Menace."
Dr. Koro (Military #30; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
Dr. Mendoza (Modern #67; Blackhawk foe) - slavemaster of forgotten island
     with superstrong caveman, dinosaurs, etc.
Dr. Mole (Blackhawk #60) - leads the "Devils Squadron."
Dr. Omega (Steranko; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
Domino (Blackhawk #252) - Nazi agent.
Eel (Blackhawk #165) - costumed crook.
Electronic Brain (Blackhawk #77) - "Fiendish Electronic Brain."
Fear (Modern #49; Blackhawk foe) - beautiful Asian political terrorist.
the Flying Panthers (Blackhawk foes)
the Fox (Military #16; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
Garg the Destroyer (Blackhawk #93) - scientist driven mad by explosion
     uses atomic projector to try to conquer world.
General Panic (Blackhawk #79) - has a huge drill device that vibrates
     cities to destruction.
General Raige (Blackhawk #103) - dictator of Volandia, uses giant
     appliances to attack the peaceful neighbor nation of Freeland.
General von Kummel (Blackhawk #103) - leads lost civilization of Lemuria.
Genghis Khan (Military #7; Blackhawk foe) - descendant of same; leads a
     "fierce Mongol horde."
Golda (Military #42; Blackhawk foe) - beautiful blonde female spy; pilot;
     uses sleeping gas.
Golden Mummy (Blackhawk #53) - powers?
Grin the Grabber (Modern #58; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
Hangman (Blackhawk #73) - powers?
Hitla (Blackhawk #97) - beautiful Communist agent pretending to be Hitler's
Human Bomb (Blackhawk #79) - costumed character with bombs strapped to
     his body, blows up free nation's vital weapons facilities but somehow
     survives; it's a trick with the bombers actually suicides and
     Von Tepp pretending to be the Human Bomb to gain access to top secret
Iron Emperor (Blackhawk #42) - giant robot. drive/run up walls, etc.
Iron Hammer (Blackhawk #238) - Nazi super soldier, uses American weaponry.
the Jailer (Blackhawk foe)
Killer Shark 1 (Blackhawk #269) - superhuman strength.
Killer Shark 2 (Blackhawk #50) - vessels and machines shapes like sharks,
     whales, etc.
Killer Vulture (Blackhawk #78) - powers?
King Cobra (Military #19; Blackhawk foe) - commands the Rattlesnake
     Squadron; evil air ace
King Condor (Steranko; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
King Cobra (Blackhawk foe) - powers?
King Murder (Steranko; Blackhawk foe) - employs costumed assistants who
     sport swords and wear 'KM' insignia on their chests.
Korvas, Zoltan (Blackhawk #64) - leads the "Legion of the Damned."
Laska (Columbia Pictures 1952; Blackhawk foe) - female spy, works for the
Lilith (Blackhawk #39) - evil female fanatic (spy/agent?); advanced
Madame Butterfly (Modern #78; Blackhawk foe) - female agent/spy.
Manta Ray (Blackhawk foe)
"Death" Mayhew (Blackhawk #1) - leader of aerial White Lions.
Mr. Carnage (Military #69; Blackhawk foe) - owns Melting Ray Gun.
Mr. Yesterday (Blackhawk #18; Blackhawk foe) - has a "lost island of 100
     years past" full of prisoners; controls vapor cloud that shorts out
     circuitry; has pirate crew and ship with cannon.
the Mockers (Blackhawk #33) - gang of playboy criminals.
der Morder (Blackhawk #264) - Nazi assassin.
Nichevo (Blackhawk #98) - Communist who brainwashes Olaf with supersonic
     waves to become a double agent.
Phantom Raider (Blackhawk #78) - powers?
Professor Merson (Blackhawk #252) - defector scientist who provides Nazi
     with high-tech weaponry.
Queen Bee (Steranko; Blackhawk foe) - woman agent/spy. 
Rattlesnake Squadron (Military #19; Blackhawk foe) - Nazi version of
Red Executioner (Blackhawk #66) - powers?
Red Laura (Steranko; Blackhawk foe) - female agent/spy
Rocketmen (Blackhawk #55) - men in jet-packs.
Sakyo the Madman (Modern #45; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
Satana (Blackhawk #21) - female agent/spy
Scavengers of Doom (Military #?; Blackhawk foe) - rat-faced Nazis plotting 
     to unleash a killer germ on Britain.
Scorpion (Modern #91; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
Sea Devil (Blackhawk #59) - powers?
Sirena (Blackhawk #93) - beautiful Communist agent.
Skull the Ruthless (Military #26; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
John Smith, "Stalin's Ambassador of Murder" (Blackhawk #61).
the Sniper (Blackhawk #201) - marksman.
Spider Web (Blackhawk foe) - powers?
the Thunderer (Military #18; Blackhawk foe) - Nazi agent who owns pocket-
     size STOR-Maker Machine which could create storms to destroy Allied
Tigress (Blackhawk #11) - woman in tigerskin bikini & tiger-head costume;
     rules deserted Pacific jungle island; has whitemen assistants
     (Tigermen) & rules natives;
Tondeleyo (Military #14; Blackhawk foe) - a "mysterious girl of the east"
     (China) who wages psychological warfare on the Blackhawks.
Valkyrie (Blackhawk #49) - uses planes that can borrow in the earth.
Vampira (Blackhawk #97) - Beautiful Communist agent, equips her men (The
     Horde of the Bat) with bat wings and rocket back packs.
the Vengeful Bowman (Blackhawk foe)
von Krug (Blackhawk around #200s; Blackhawk foe) - Nazi scientist; uses
     brain energy to feed synthetic beings (green, man-shaped, obey spoken
Von Volter the Terrible (Military #21; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
Vulture (Modern #52; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
The Whip (Blackhawk #51) - powers?
Witches of Death (Military #15; Blackhawk foe) - powers?
Xanukhara (Military #12; Blackhawk foe) - woman spy.

Black X
Madame Doom (Smash #4; Black X foe) - beautiful lady spy

Captain Triumph
Baron Bragg (Crack #27; Captain Triumph foe) - Axis agent; responsible
     for blowing up plane/airport and killing Cap's brother.
Colonel Fishama (Crack #33; Captain Triumph foe) - half-German,
     half-Japanese Axis spymaster; tall, with an eyepatch and an iron arm.
Dr. Marfree (Crack #35; Captain Triumph foe) - possesses and uses the
     deadly "flame-water."
Hypnotic Eyes Khor (Crack #47; Captain Triumph foe) - hypnotism powers?
the King - the Jack of all Trades (Crack #45; Captain Triumph foe).
Krogar (Crack #38; Captain Triumph foe) - tender/keeper of artificial
The Man Who Conquered Flame (Crack #35: Captain Triumph foe) - powers?
Men of Darkness (Crack #33: Captain Triumph foe) - powers?
Mr. Pointer (Crack #61; Captain Triumph foe) - powers?
Mr. Weary (Crack #46; Captain Triumph foe) - powers?
the Porcupine (Crack #52; Captain Triumph foe) - powers?
Rafree (Crack #51; Captain Triumph foe) - a werewolf.
Raven (Crack #34; Captain Triumph foe) - uses grenades and a lethal 
    "sonic-electric" bomb.
the Red Mask (Animal Man #7; Captain Triumph foe) - touch of death.
Silent (Crack #43; Captain Triumph foe) - powers?
Silvertip (Crack #44: Captain Triumph foe) - powers?
Sitok, Green God of Evil (Crack #37; Capt. Triumph foe) - Egyptian
     pharaoh?  cult leader?
Supremo (Crack #54; Captain Triumph foe) - powers?
The Veil (Animal Man #7; Captain Triumph foe).
Spade the Ruthless (Crack #29; Captain Triumph foe) - powers?
Tyrant of Toar Valley (Crack #37: Captain Triumph foe).
Vanishing Vandals (Crack #62; Captain Triumph foe).
Yorvey (Crack #37; Captain Triumph foe) - tyrant.
[see Appendix]  

The Clock
the Skull Gang (Crack #6; Clock foes).
Magoni (Crack #23; Clock foe) - powers?
Phantom Gang (Feature #27; Clock foe) - powers?
the Reaper (Feature #29; Clock foe) - powers?
Stuporman (Crack #8; Clock foe) - superstrong, invulnerable giant who is
     really, really stupid.
Tiger Woman (Crack #9; Clock foe) - commands tribesmen who use poisoned
Voltan, Cyrus (Crack #27; Clock foe) - murderer with an interest in gems.

Doll Man
Angle (Feature #102; Doll Man foe) - angle motifs?
the Bearded Lady (Feature #68; Doll Man foe) - powers?
Black Gondolier (Doll Man #5) - in black costume; uses gondola.
Bollini (Doll Man #10) - makes & uses self-activating puppets/mannequins.
Botanist (Feature #104; Doll Man foe) - has the "touch of death;" any
     other powers?
the Brain (Doll Man #109) - supergenius, presumably.
Cateye (Feature #108; Doll Man foe) - powers?
the Druid (Doll Man #38) - evil druid who attempts to summon ancient menace.
Dr. Thirteen (Doll Man #4; Doll Man foe) - deals in bad luck; uses a
     spiked mace.
Fat Catt (Feature #110; Doll Man foe) - fat cat-man.
the Flame (Doll Man #28) - uses an asbestos suit covered in a flaming
Goon Gibett (Doll Man #15) - powers?
Hag (Feature #121; Doll Man foe) - powers?
Hand of Horror (Feature #107; Doll Man foe) - powers?
the Highwayman (Feature #113; Doll Man foe) - masked robber?
the Image (Feature #92; Doll Man foe) - invisible killer who does nevertheless
     cast mirror reflection.
Iron Mask (Doll Man #15; Doll Man foe) - formerly Dan Vittorio, crime
     boss; misshapen face in car accident; now wears iron mask; strong;
     uses a machine-gun.
King of Beasts (Feature #85; Doll Man foe) - fierce animal tamer.
the Knife (Feature #78; Doll Man foe) - powers?
Madame Diablo (Feature #98; Doll Man foe) - evil woman; powers?
Mad Hypnotist (Doll Man #47).
Magog (Feature #135; Doll Man foe) - the "giant of evil;" size & strength.
Mandragora (Feature #139; Doll Man foe) - sentient man-shaped evil plant.
Masked Rider (Feature #84; Doll Man foe) - cowboy-gone-bad.
Master Diablo (Feature #98; Doll Man foe) - powers?
Mechanical Man (Feature #83; Doll Man foe) - android.
Mind Monster (Doll Man #42) - hideous caveman-like creature.
Minstrel, musician of menace (Doll Man #23) - powers?
Mr. Curio (Feature #112; Doll Man foe) - has "miniatures" - presumably
     tiny robotic mannequins.
Mr. Skeleton (Feature #118; Doll Man foe) - powers?
Murder Marionettes (Doll Man #10) - murderous puppets, presumably.
the Night (Doll Man #4; Doll Man foe) - uses "dream gas."
Nite-Owl (Doll Man #?) - powers?
Peacock (Feature #97; Doll Man foe) - has "feathered felons;" can fly &   
     has gang that can fly.
Phantom Swordsman (Doll Man #1) - invisibility.
Pluvius (Doll Man #28) - storm-maker.
Queen of Ants (Feature #103; Doll Man foe) - controls ants?
Radioactive Man (Doll Man #44) - powers?
Shawunkas the Shaman (Feature #82; Doll Man foe) - shaman, presumably.
Skull (Doll Man #37; Doll Man foe) - skull-face; uses poison gas; a Nazi
the Sphinx (Feature #115; Doll Man foe) - powers?
Sword Fish (Feature #106; Doll Man foe) - powers?
Thrawn, Lord of Lightning (Doll Man #25) - has electricity-wand on cover; 
     paunchy older guy with muttonchop sideburns, purple top hat & tux,
     yellow cape.
Tom Thumb (Feature #45; Doll Man foe) - ugly, publicity-seeking evil
The Undertaker (Feature #91; Doll Man foe) - camps out in mausoleums; uses
     knock-out gas; drives a hearse.
Vibro (Feature #127; Doll Man foe) - powers?
Vulture (Doll Man #1) - can fly.
[see Appendix]  

Raphael Van Zandt/Silver Ghost (Freedom Fighters #1; Firebrand foe) - 
      transform objects into solid silver, which are then under his 
White Gardenias (Police #11; Firebrand foes) - florid gangsters?
[see Appendix]  

Mata Hari (National #?; G-2 foe) - Gerta Von Horst, noted for her
     resemblance to the real Mata Hari; uses a mist-maker, a blinding
     light gadget, and a fire-lighter to make herself apparently 
     disappear into thin air.

Hugh Hazard
Dr. Van Thorp (Smash #1; Hugh Hazard foe) - inventor of Bozo the Iron 

Human Bomb
Black Vanguards (Police #6; Human Bomb foe) - Nazis; gang in black; use
     flame guns and earthquake/vibration machine.
Mr. Chameleon (Police #14; Human Bomb foe) - has an invisibility cloak;
     has a flashlight disintegration beam.
Patcheye the Perilous (Police #26; Human Bomb foe) - inventor; has walking
     robot skeleton, robot python, robot boxer, robot woman.
Stingmayer, Herman (Police #11; Human Bomb foe) - uses piped music to
     destroy buildings ala tuning forks; anti-Democrat, Republican, anti-
Three Mosquitos (Police #18; Human Bomb foes) - Axis spies; use bombs,
     guns, etc; foot-high clones of Axis leaders.
Yarboe (Police #56; Human Bomb foe) - criminal scientist who steals a bit 
     of the Human Bomb's power.
[see Appendix]  

Invisible Hood
Dr. Moku (Smash #18; Invisible Hood foe) - evil shaman; uses "the scarlet 
     death" mist to make drugged zombie-men which obey him.
Dr. Robb (Smash #16; Invisible Hood foe) - has Tutankhamen's jewel, which
     is an anti-gravity projector.
Green Lizard (Smash #4; Invisible Hood foe) - wears green mask over face;
     has giant crocodile.
Voodoo Master (Smash #8; Invisible Hood foe) - white houngan.
the White Wizard (Smash #27; Invisible Hood foe) - powers?
Zurgen (Smash #26; Invisible Hood foe) - uses submarine.

The Jester
Stoneface (Smash #53; Jester foe) - powers?
[see Appendix]  

Kid Eternity
the Brute (Hit #55; Kid Eternity foe) - brawny brute.
Dr. Pain (Hit #26; Kid Eternity foe) - master of pain; powers?
Her Highness & Silk (Hit #27; Kid Eternity foes) - confidence trickers;
       little old lady with granny specs and white hair tied behind her
       head, and an attactive young woman with flowing brown hair and
       a body-hugging dress.
Master Man (Kid Eternity #15) - worked directly for Satan; could summon
     history's great villains with the word "Stygia!".
Mr. Puny (Hit #53; Kid Eternity foe) - superstrong, skinny little
     bespectacled professorial type.

Madam Fatal
the Jester (Crack #10; Madam Fatal foe) - criminal in Jester suit with black 
     eyemask; burgles, robs banks.

Cobra (Police #14; Dan Richards Manhunter foe) - Nazi agent; wears caped
     black suit; has pet cobra King; uses throwing knife.
Dr. Sims (Police #29; Dan Richards Manhunter foe) - invents Artificial
     Circulator which keeps brain alive after body-death and grants it
     telepathy & broadcasting thought control.
Ghostmaster (Police #26; Dan Richards Manhunter foe) - aka Mr. Fearless;
Red (Police #17; Dan Richards Manhunter foe) - Kate; has red hair, viz.
     name; female crime boss; expert with a whip.
Sneer (Police #62; Dan Richards Manhunter foe) - sneering, bald, crime
Spine-Snapper (Police #64; Dan Richards Manhunter foe) - trained ape.
[see Appendix]  

Big-Hearted Bosco (Smash #80; Midnight foe) - murderous gangster
Chango (Smash #17; Midnight foe) - turbanned, beard & mustache;
     does magic by Pig Latin incantations.
Circe (Smash #66; Midnight foe) - emerald-masked spell caster.
Cyanide Cindy (Smash #65; Midnight foe) - powers?
Cyclops Celon (Smash #36; Midnight foe) - bald-headed crook.
Laughing Killer (Smash #56; Midnight/Jester foe) - carries noose.
Men from Mars (Smash #79; Midnight foe) - actual Martians?
Robustia (Smash #40; Midnight foe) - big woman with spiked club.
The Squid (Smash #62; Midnight foe) - ugly gangster.
[see Appendix]  

The Mouthpiece
Peg-Leg Friel (Police #1; Mouthpiece foe) - one-legged pirate and smuggler.

Neon the Unknown
Cardiff, Fritz (Hit #6; Neonfoe) - invents "invisible ray" which has 
     endless range and causes explosions.
Darmus the Wizard (Hit #11; Neon foe) - powers?
Four Llamas (Hit #8; Neon foe) - Tibetan; use long-distance hypnosis/thought 
     control to try to foment revolution in USA.
scientist, nameless (Hit #5; Neon foe) - a "Batzi" scientist; creates 
     "insanity spores" which, when dropped from airplanes, makes urban 
     populations go insane with hatred & anger.

Phantom Lady
Ace of Spades (Phantom Lady foe) - quick-shooting cowgirl type.
the Avenging Skulls (Phantom Lady #16) - powers?
the Fire Fiend (All-Top #13; Phantom Lady foe) - powers?
the Killer Clown (All-Top #9; Phantom Lady foe) - jealous actor playing
     Paggliaci murders romantic rivals.
Kurtz (Police #4; Phantom Lady foe) - saboteur.
the Robbing Robot (Phantom Lady #22)
The Subway Slayer (All-Top #12; Phantom Lady foe) - knifes women in subways.
the Vulture (Phantom Lady #15) - foreign saboteur who seeds clouds to
     cause "red rain", then causes mysterious deaths during the storms.
[see Appendix]  

Plastic Man
Abba & Dabba (Police #20; Plastic Man foes) - illusionists.
Amorpho (Plastic Man #21) - shape-shifting alien whose skills/powers are 
    the equal of Plas' (he frames Woozy); loves salt; has flying saucer.
Black Widow (Police #96; Plastic Man foe)- has crystal ball.
The Bounding Bandit (Plastic Man #41) - powers?
Captain Rivers (Police #95; Plastic Man foe) - pirate.
Cauldron (Plastic Man #9) - demonic powers?
Concrete (Plastic Man #14) - invulnerability; concrete blood & muscle.
the Crab (Police #63; Plastic Man foe) - strength, wrestling skill,
     undersea hideout.
Robber Barron (Plastic Man #11) - powers?
Dazzla (Plastic Man #30) - a daughter of darkness.
Dr. Ameeba (Police #93; Plastic Man foe) - can become twins.
Dr. Doser (Plastic Man foe) - nutty doctor.
Dr. Dratt (Police #42; Plastic Man foe) - powers?
Dr. Erudite (Police #53; Plastic Man foe) - evil genius.
Dr. Quomquat (Plastic Man #35) - hypnotist; builds robot.
Dr. Slicer (Police #47; Plastic Man foe) - nutty doctor.
Dr. Volt (Plastic Man #7) - powers?
Eight Ball (Police #8; Plastic Man foe) - mad scientist who creates & uses
     a giant 8 Ball (ten stories high, 15' thick steel walls) to crush 
Elektra (Plastic man #10) - woman with electrical powers, most notably
     a "shocking kiss"
the Fiend (Plastic Man #47) - ... of a thousand faces.
Fink, Phony (Plastic Man foe) - counterfeited counterfeit stamps.
Gargantua (Police #81; Plastic Man foe) - the Phi Beta Gorilla.
Granite Lady (Police #51; Plastic Man foe) - a lady made of solid granite.
Green Terror (Police #58; Plastic Man foe) - powers?
Hairy Arms (Police #9; Plastic Man foe) - spider-like dwarf inventor; 
     abandons crime to join up with the Axis.
the Hypnotist (Plastic Man #35) - hypnotism powers.
Invisible Raiders (Plastic Man #45) - from outer space; yellow-skinned
      aliens, rocket ships, etc.
Iron Fist (Plastic Man #50) - an iron fist, presumably.
the Japanese Beetle (Plastic Man V2#2) - powers?
Jets (Plastic Man #13) - bald thief; has boot-jets.
Killer Crossbones (Plastic Man #48) - powers?
King of Crime (Police #83; Plastic Man foe) - powers?
Kra Vishnu (Plastic Man #21) - mysitc mind reader of the East.
Leader (Plastic Man #27) - anti-American; powers?
the Lava Man (Plastic Man #2) - powers?
Madam Brawn (Police #5; Plastic Man foe) - cigar-smoking racketeer leader;
     runs Crime School for Deliquent Girls.
the Mangler (Police #31; Plastic Man foe) - runs slaughter clinic.
Merlin the Wizard (Hit Comics #32; Plastic Man foe) - powers? real wizard?
the Mime (Police #97; Plastic Man foe) - master of makeup.
Mirror Man (Plastic Man's Secret Origins Issue) - powers?
Mr. Aqua (Plastic Man #25) - villain who turns into water.
Mr. Fission (Plastic Man #32) - atomic-type powers, presumably.
Mr. Happiness (Police #59; Plastic Man foe) - powers?
Mr. Hazard (Plastic Man #13) - gambler, uses gambling shtick & gimmicks
Mr. Morbid (Police #76; Plastic Man foe) - powers?
The Moon Wizard (Plastic Man #6) - powers?
Mother Goose (Plastic Man #6) - powers?
Needles Noggin (Police #99; Plastic man foe) - needle-headed criminal
     genius, uses needles as weapons.
the Owl (Police #46; Plastic Man foe) - powers?
Penetro (Police #80; Plastic Man foe) - "master of solids;" can walk
     through walls.
Pogo Flinch (Police #18; Plastic man foe) - amputee pool gallery owner
     and racketeer whose lower body is a pogo stick.
Professor Dimwit (Police #74; Plastic Man foe) - souped-up motorcycle?
Professor Sparks (Plastic Man #61) - powers?
the Purple Viking (Plastic Man #4) - powers?
Raka the Witch Doctor (Plastic Man #31) - witch doctor; uses gang of
Reflecto (Plastic Man #24) - the astounding mirror man.
Riverman (Plastic Man #12) - shark-headed man; strength; can live 
Ronan, Pike (Police #26; Plastic Man foe) - werewolf.
Rubber Man (Police #78; Plastic Man foe) - has Plastic Man's powers.
Sadly-Sadly (Plastic man foe) - face so pathetic noone can refuse him
Scowls (Police #95; Plastic Man foe) - scowling, bald midget gang leader.
Serpina (Police #21; Plastic Man foe) - powers?
Skidd, Clarence (Plastic Man foe) - the King of Zing; invented slipperiest
     oil on earth - one squirt and his opponents couldn't stand or hold on
     to their valuables. 
Skullface (Police #77; Plastic Man foe) - powers?
Smythe, Cyrus (Police #11; Plastic Man foe) - deceased 17th century alchemist
    with immortal brain; creates syrum which transforms new body into a giant.
Snout Sniggers (Plastic Man foe) - gangster.
Spadehead (Plastic Man #12) - drives steam shovel.
the Spider (Plastic Man #46) - steel-like web cord.
Serena Sloop (Police #34; Plastic Man foe) - runs Society for the 
     Prevention of Cruelty to Criminals.
the Stealing Hands (Police #6; Plastic Man foe) - kleptomaniac due to an
     Indian prince's curse chops off hands which continue to steal.
Stretcho (Police #69; Plastic Man foe) - Indian rubber man, can stretch
     almost as much as Plas.
the Swami (Police #12; Plastic Man foe).
Thrilla (Police #100; Plastic Man foe) - blonde woman; electricity powers.
Tricky Toledo (Plastic Man #29) - powers?
the Vanishers (Police #89; Plastic Man foe) - powers?
[see Appendix]  

Quicksilver/Max Mercury
Baron Hoff (National #6; Quicksilver foe) - Axis agent; hypnotist; uses a
      "magno-gyro" copter and fire-bombs to rob banks.
Birdman (National #59; Quicksilver? foe) - birdman with flight,
Black Cats (Nation #41; Quicksilver foes) - three former circus arialists 
     turned costumed criminals.
Bumpy John (National #40; Quicksilver foe) - burglar.
Crocodile Man (National #62; Quicksilver? foe) - powers?
Dr. Morlo (Impulse #29; Quicksilver foe) - mad scientist.
Dr. Von Lohfer (National #5; Quicksilver foe) - hypnotizes police into
      doing his bidding.
The Hawk (National #55; Quicksilver? foe) - flight?
Human Fly (National #64; Quicksilver? foe) - can cling to walls?
Screaming Skull (Flash Secret Files #1; Flash/Quicksilver foe) -
     sonics weapons, a "fear scream".
Speed Demons (National #20; Quicksilver foes) - a gang who are turned
     super-quick by special pills.
the Wasp (National #67; Quicksilver foe) - bald; autogyro/wing-suit;
     needle ("sting") with poison.
Witch Doctor (National #57; Quicksilver? foe) - witch doctor, presumably.
"Wizard" Ward (National #13) - leads gang of thugs.
[see Appendix]  

The Ray
Bela Jat (Smash #16; Ray foe) - Hindu mystic; hypnosis, other "mystic"
     powers; can transport himself via "ecto-fluid;" has giant and dwarf
Cadava the Crumbler (Smash #15; Ray foe).
Captain Blue (Smash #21; Ray foe) - pirate.
Hammer Hand (Smash #36; Ray foe) - Nazi agent; prosthetic hand?
Khan (Smash #35; Ray foe) -  descendent of Mongol tribes intent on 
     invading Russia
Stradivarius (Smash #17; Ray foe) - pied piper-esque figure; uses
     clarinet to manipulate emotions, lull men to sleep, hypnosis.
[see Appendix]  

Red Bee
Dr. Marah (Hit #4; Red Bee foe) - crooked "spiritualist" drugging 
     wealthy men and compelling them to commit suicide
Swordsmen (Hit #6; Red Bee foe) - Kalak and Rugi; thieves who use
     batteries to electrify swords.
[see Appendix]  

Red Torpedo
Black Shark (Crack #7; Red Torpedo foe) - man in swimming outfit with
     scuba gear; formerly called Lone Shark; works with King of Caverns, 
     as well as directly with Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering.
King of the Caverns (Crack #7; Red Torpedo foe) - lives under the sea; has
     troops and uses lobster monsters and giant electric eels.

Swing Sisson
the Maestro (Feature #124; Swing Sisson foe) - masked crook.

The Sniper
Bull of Berlin (Military #8; the Sniper foe) - powers?

The Spider
the Crow (Crack #18; Spider foe) - powers?
the Falcon (Crack #10; Spider foe) - black pirate ship with hooded crew.
Iggie the Yogi (Crack #27; Spider foe) - powers?
the Skeleton (Crack #20; Spider foe) - powers?
the Surpriser (Shade #3; Spider foe) - fires different rays from each of
     his fingers. 
Weasal Nolan (Crack #6; Spider foe) - runs gang of counterfeiters.
the Yellow Scorpion (Crack #23; Spider foe) - cut-rate Yellow Peril; cloak,
     fedora, and dark suit with yellow scorpion emblem on chest.

The Sword
the Black Baron (Police #1; Chick Carter foe) - Harvey Randall dons armor
     and a sword, uses technology to pretend to be a ghost.

Uncle Sam
Ant Men (National #42; Uncle Same foe) - miniature men?
Big John Fales (National #34; Uncle Sam foe) - Axis agent? crime boss?
Black Legion (Secret Origins #19; Uncle Sam foe) - Nazi sympathizers in
     USA; wear Blackhawk-like uniforms with red panel & two black Xs 
     on chest.
Blackout (Uncle Sam #8; Uncle Sam foe) - Nazi agent; dressed in black
     jumpsuit; works sabotage during scheduled blackouts.
Boss Spring (National #33; Uncle Sam foe) - spy? crime boss?
doctor, nameless Nazi (Uncle Sam #8; Uncle Sam foe) - by mad scientist
     tactics and infusion from American traitor conjures up spirits of
     past American traitors.
Dr. Dirge (National #29; Uncle Sam foe) - goateed mad scientist; creates 
     formula of which one sniff and "all one's greatest desires come to mind",
     causing one to follow after one's desires and enhancing one's ambitions.
King Killer (Uncle Sam Quarterly #?) - powers?
Mad Poet (Uncle Sam #1) - skinny, bespectacled poet drives others mad with
     his rhymes, forms gang of thugs to institute reign of terror.
Malvolo (Uncle Sam Quarterly #2) - powers?
monster, nameless Nazi (Uncle Sam #7; Uncle Sam foe) - tall, muscular,
     evil-looking monster with fangs and horns; no rationale given for
     creation or history.
Prof. Nakajima (Uncle Sam #3; Uncle Sam foe) - Japanese agent; uses a
     shrinking ray that makes "human ants" for the Japs.
Purple Shirts (National 1; Uncle Sam foe) - symbol of a fiery sword over a
     cross; led by a dictator; organization whose goal is to enslave the
Shiller, Herman (Uncle Sam #6; Uncle Sam foe) - Japanese agent; uses
     magician's illusions (fire, air-monsters, etc) against American
[see Appendix]  

Dean of Darkness (Smash #37; Wildfire foe) - hooded gangleader who takes
     advantage of air raid blackouts.

Wun Cloo
Professor Grrr (Smash #17; Wun Cloo foe) - bald arch-criminal.

Misc. Others
Gag Man (Police #67; ? foe) - uses gag things for crime, presumably.
Mr. Cat (Police #72; ? foe) - powers?
Mr. Misfit (Police #57; ? foe) - powers?

Appendix: Jess Nevins's All-Evil Squadron from All-Star MUSH
Capt. Triumph: Spectrum (A tall man in a white 3-piece suit and white cape
     whose head is entirely covered by a large white sphere); projects
     emotion-controlling/generating lights.
Firebrand 1: "The Fire Extinguisher" - thug with throwing knives
Firebrand 2: Mr. Zero
Hourman: Dr. Weerd (A large, muscular man wearing a lab coat.) - a growth 
     potion that gives him size and strength.
Human Bomb: Image (Feature #92) - totally invisible except for his
     mirror image.
Doll Man: the shrunken men of Prof. Nakajima (Uncle Sam #3) - a Japanese
     agent who perfects a "shrinking ray" that can shrink men to nearly any 
     size - another contribution of the Japanese (six 5" high men, wearing 
     blue uniforms).
Black Condor: Sky Raider  - has an airship and a cutlass, and can "fly"
     using helium capsules.  Accompanied by an almost-stereotypical crew of 
     pirates - kerchiefs over their hair, earrings in ears, eyepatches and
     long, wicked-looking cutlass in their hands. However, you notice that
     all of them wear Nazi armbands and are carrying sidearm or machine-guns.
Jester: Crime Clown.
Manhunter: "The Predator" (A man in a blue costume with a blue domino
      mask; he has a number of knives strapped to his belt and arms, and a 
      pouch at his side) - a thug w/knives and poisoned dog food
Midnight: the Darkness
Phantom Lady: Octopus (More Fun #80) - has superstrength and a smoke-gun
Plastic Man: Rubberman.
Ray: Lightning Bug (A woman in a strangely colored costume with a blue,
     antennaed helmet.) - can project stunning "Z-Rays"
Red Bee: "The Bee-Handler" - a thug in a bee-keepers suit with a gun
Uncle Sam: Iron Major (A tall, Aryan-looking man wearing a black SS
     uniform and a pair of black gloves, carrying a briefcase.)