As much a complete list as I have been able to find, with links where available. Contributions are welcome. Israeli DC. . . . Dybbuk of Hayoth Golem of Hayoth [deceased] "Irv the Nerve" Haganah of the Fightin' Five <Charlton> [deceased] Judith of Hayoth Pterodon of the Hybrid Ramban of Hayoth Samson (historical character who frequently appeared in Superman) Seraph of the Global Guardians Marvel. . Legion Sabra of the Israeli Super Agents Image. . Masada Lancer. . Captain Israel and Boy Chick Mark1. . Shaloman Michelle Kishka. . Mister Tea, appeared in a children's magazine Mashehu ("Something", in Hebrew), a kid that gets super powers from a special tea he drinks. UNForce. . Sentinel Uri Fink. . Arba'at HaMufla'im ("The Wonderful Four", in Hebrew), a group of kids and their dog who are granted super powers Dan Bar-On HaKoakh HaMaggen ("The Protecting Force"), Super Shlumper's father from whom he inherited his powers Sabraman Super Shlumper (two pages in a children's magazine, Kulanu ("All of Us", in Hebrew), published by Yedioth Aharonot) Other. . Dani Din Gidi-Gezer Mighty Sha'anan Urion American DC. . . . Amazing Herschel and Betty (from Sandman) The Atom of the Justice League (mother is Jewish, as revealed in DC Comics Presents: JLA) Atom Smasher/Nuklon of Infinity Inc, the Justice League, and the Justice Society Batman of 2045-2050 (from Hex #11) Blackstarr (from Supergirl) Boogieman of the Blood Syndicate Captain Marvel (not Jewish, granted wisdom by Solomon) Cyclotron [deceased] (from The All-Star Squadron) Doctor Fate II (Eric Strauss) Harley Quinn Judith Mindboggler of the Suicide Squad [deceased] Oberon, ally of Mister Miracle Micah Rains (from Wonder Woman) Ragman II (I) Goody Rickels Sandman I (mother is Jewish) Michael Schorr (from Wonder Woman) Rabbi Sinnowitz (from Xombi) "Terrible" Dan Turpin of the Boy Commandos/NY Police Marvel. . Archie the Gruesome Vance Astro/Major Victory of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vance Astro/Marvel Boy 3/Justice of the New Warriors and the Avengers "Bernie America" (actually Bernie Rosenthal in an "imaginary story") Clutch of the GI Joe's Izzy Cohen (of Sgt. Fury's Howling Commandos) Doc Samson Dominic Fortune Forbush Man Golem [Jacob Goldstein, cf. Invaders #12] Greenberg the vampire Iceman of the X-Men (half-Jewish) Sydney "The Gaffer" Levine (S.H.I.E.L.D) Marvel Boy I (Robert Grayson, father originally German Jew named Grabstein) Microchip, assistant to the Punisher Moon Knight [cf. Moon Knight #37] Bermuda Schwarz of X-Force/Branch M Songbird (Screaming Mimi) of the Thunderbolts Solomon O`Sullivan, ally of X-Force Ariel/Sprite/Shadowcat of the X-Men and Excalibur The Thing / Benjamin Jacob Grimm [cf. Fantastic Four V3#56] Two-Gun Kid (real name Matthew Liebowicz, 19th century, also Avengers ally) Volcana (real name Marsha Rosenberg), from Secret Wars Limited Series ACG. . Shapiroman (assistant of Nemesis) Antarctic Press. . the Hammer (from Warrior Nun Areala) Byron Preiss Publications. . Shlomo Raven Comico. . Ratfink of Strikeforce America Fathom of the Elementals Eisner Studios. . the Spirit Electric Comics. . The Jewish Hero Corps First Comics. . Ruben Flagg Fox Features Syndicate. . Samson & David Image. . The Acidic Jew (Common Grounds) Captain Curtis (Pitt #18) [d] Kosher Comics. . Dick Shamus Lone Arranger Tishman of the Apes Supermax Mendy Enterprises. . Mendy & the Golem Mainstream Records. . Mr. Universe (Comic Book Heroes record album) Fantastic Gal (wife of Mr. Universe) Supernatural Boy (ward of Mr. Universe) Malibu/Ultraverse. . Prime National Lampoon. . Son O' God Zimmerman New England Comics. . Arthur the Moth (partner of the Tick) Number Foundation. . The Mitzvah 4 Renegade. . Manimal Rip Off Press. . Iggy Schwartz of the Merciless Mayhem Patrol [deceased] Warren Publication. . Ruben Youngblood Other. . Dreidel Maidel of the Jewish Hero Corps The Hebrew Hammer Hypergirl/Matza Woman of the Jewish Hero Corps Magen David of the Jewish Hero Corps Menorah Man of the Jewish Hero Corps Minyan Man of the Jewish Hero Corps Shabbas Queen of the Jewish Hero Corps Yarmulkah Youth of the Jewish Hero Corps British Other. . Johnny Samson Polish DC. . . . Ragman I (II) Marvel. . The Golem Czech Di Filippo, Paul. . the Jackdaw [from Science Fiction Age Jan 97] (Franz Kafka as a superhero) the Black Beetle " " " " " Austrian DC. . Silhouette of the Minutemen (from Watchmen) [deceased] German Marvel. . Achilles of the Pantheon Canadian Marvel. . Sasquatch (Dr. Walter Langkowski) of Alpha Flight Nuage. . Matzohgirl Other. . Northguard Martian DC. . Colossal Boy/Leviathan of the Legion of Super-Heroes Other Capital -> Dark Horse. . Judah Maccabee (from Nexus) (converted) DC. . The Anointed One was an alien raised by the Hebrews who fought crime in ancient Atlantis. (from JLA #70) There is a Christmas With The Super-Heroes story by William Messner-Loebs, where Hal wished Barry a happy Hannukah. Morgan Edge, sleazy crime boss/head of Galaxy Communications which in the '70s owned the Daily Planet--is Jewish, as revealed in Action #468, 2nd story (February 1977) Dust Devil (Moshe Levy) of the Blasters is Israeli or American? Marvel. . Achilles of the Pantheon (from The Incredible Hulk) an issue of What If featured Stan Lee as Mr. Fantastic, Jack Kirby as the Thing, et al. Magneto was Jewish at one point, although then apparently he wasn't, then he was again (due to a retcon, not a conversion). National Lampoon. . Pontius Pilot "the Barnstorming Money Lender" Warren Publications. . Zudkiel Kamish of the Cometeers there is an unsubstantiated rumor that Zorro was a Merrano (Jews who pretended to become Catholics during the Inquisition) Zoe "Kinetix" Saugin of the Legion of Super-Heroes (DC) has been said to be Jewish, but it hasn't officially been shown yet. Jewish Detectives (a short list from Michael Feldman [metatron11@yahoo.com]): The only reference I could find from the so-called Golden Age is from a very brief piece in a pulp fanzine (Echoes #98), written by a John Dinan. It gives a summary of a novel by prolific pulp hack Raoul Whitfied - "Death in a Bowl," serialized in Black Mask in 1930 and issued in hardover, the same year. [Feldman's list makes no attempt to be comprehensive -- particularly now, Jewish detectives are not so rare as they once were.] Here's everything he has to say about this pioneering work: "Ben Jardinn's P. I. agency is hired by film director, Ernst Reiner who believes a colleague intends to do him some harm. Hans Reiner, brother of Ernst, is shot at the Hollywood Bowl while guest conducting during a blackout as a Ford Trimotor flies over at just 500 feet elevation. Ben Jardinn's partner, Max Cohn, is described by Jardinn as looking like "the average businessman of his race." Cohn in turn returns the favor and also has the organization's secretary spy on Jardinn. This rampant paranoia is redeemed when Cohn, himself, turns out to be the killer." Hey, don't ask me to explain that - I don't understand either. We then jump a mere third of a century, to find some more detective novels with Jewish protagonists. For brevity sake, I'll just list the author, detective, and first appearance (maybe these include their secret origins too): Cornelius Hirachberg - Saul Handy, in "Florentine Finish" (1963) Paul Benjamin - Max Klein, (described as 'the last of the hard- boilded Yids') "Squeeze Play" (1982) Howard Engel - Benny Cooperman, [Jewish AND Canadian - 2 minorities in 1!] "Murder on Location (1982) Jeremy Piker - Joe Posner, "Junk on the Hill" (1984) Shelly Singer - Jake Sampson, "Sampson's Deal" (1983) Michael Katz - Murray Glick "Murder Off the Glass" (1987) Max Allen Collins - Nate Heller "True Detective" (1983) An apparent sub-genre is the humorous type, or parody, which include: Andrew Bergman - Jack Levine "The Big Kissoff of 1944" (1974) "Hollywood and Levine" (1975) Arthur Lyon - Moses Wine "The Big Fix" (1973) Jake Asch "The Dead are Dicreet" (1974) Sol Weinstein - Israel Bond, Secret Agent Oy Oy Seven in "Loxfinger" (1965), "Matzohball" (1965), "On the Secret Service of His Majesty the Queen" (1966), and "You Only Live Until You Die" (1968) JewishComics is an e-mail list devoted to discussions of relevant texts. Steven Bergson has a Select Jewish Comics Bibliography. John J. Appel is author of "Abie the Agent, Gimpl the Matchmaker, Berl Schliemazel, et al.", article on Jews in pre-War newspaper cartoons. Megillat Esther is a preliminary for a comic on the Biblical character. Zbang is a popular humor comic published in Israel. Jewish Comics Exhibit Notes has a cover gallery. THANKS TO: Ido Grabinsky [ido@grabinsky.com] Jorge de La Cruz [jorge@clark.net] Vanringham [vanringham@aol.com] Edgardo Rozenbom [erozenbo@riker.neoucom.edu] Bill Karwin [bkarwin@interbase.borland.com] Charles M Seaton [ENNEAD@deimos.oit.umass.edu] Jacob W Michaels [JWMICHAE@phobos.oit.umass.edu] Comnews [comnews@aol.com] James Wolford [psu02704@odin.cc.pdx.edu] Nick Eden [pheasant@cix.compulink.co.uk] Adam Vega [adamvega@aol.com] Dave Borak [dborak@icma.org] Jeff D. Barnes [jdb7809@org.freenet.jackson] Deej [dbarens@direct.ca] Ray H. Misra [rmisra@cs.umb.edu] Bob Fingerman [fingerbo@] Beth Touchet [BTOUCHET@habaco.com] Michael R. Grabois [orbit@ix.netcom.com] Barry Lyga [blyga@bcpl.lib.md.us] David Cohen [dzcohen@hotmail.com] Allon Mureinik [mureinik@hotmail.com] Ryan Jones [binaryan@yahoo.com] Arie Kaplan [zarizaplan@yahoo.com]

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