Earth-1278 Timeline

The city of Gotham founded.

 Greg Saunders has first public case as the Vigilante.  [Action Comics 
Special Edition]

 Dr. Desmond Powell battles crime in Central City as Nightshade. ["Ghost
in the Machine" episode of The Flash]

 The British spy James Bond battles the evil genius Doctor No.  [Showcase #43] 

 Clark Kent debuts as Superman. He battles criminal mastermind Lex Luthor.
[Superman: The Movie]

 Superman battles General Zod, Ursa and Non, three escapees from the
Phantom Zone. [Superman II]

 Alec Holland is transformed into Swamp Thing. [Swamp Thing movie and Saga
of Swamp Thing Annual #1]

 Superman battles Ross Webster's corporation and computer programmer Gus
Gorman. [Superman III]

 Superman's cousin Kara comes to Earth as Supergirl to retrieve the
Omegahedron, Argo City's power source, from the sorceress Selena.
[Supergirl Movie Special]

 Superman, while aiding in global nuclear disarmament, battles Nuclear
Man, the superpowered creation of Lex Luthor. [Superman IV Movie Special]

 Bruce Wayne makes his debut as Batman. Mob hitman Jack Napier becomes the
Joker. [Batman: The Official Comic Adaption of the Warner Bros. Motion Picture]

 Police chemist Barry Allen is struck by lightning and becomes the Flash.
[Flash TV Special #1]

 Detective Christopher Chance has his first recorded case as The Human
Target. [Human Target Special #1]
 Batman battles the Penguin and Catwoman. [Batman Returns: The Official 
Comic Adaption of the Warner Bros. Motion Picture]

 Batman battles the Riddler and Two-Face. Dick Grayson becomes Batman's
partner Robin. [Batman Forever: The Official Comic Adaption of the Warner 
Bros. Motion Picture]

 John Henry Irons becomes Steel to get the weapons he designed off the
streets [Steel: The Official Comic Adaption of the Warner Bros. Motion Picture]
 Batman and Robin battle Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. Barbara Wilson becomes
Batgirl. [Batman and Robin]

 Patience Phillips begins her semi-heroic career as Catwoman II after
being resurrected by her neighbour Selina Kyle's cat Midnight. She
then defeats Laurel Hedare with help from police officer Tom Lone. [Catwoman Movie Adaption]

John Constantine thwarts the angel Gabriel's attempt to destroy the human
race with the Spear of Destiny.  [Constantine]


From John McDonagh:  Constantine may serve as the last film for a while 
to fit on Earth-1278.  Batman Begins cannot fit, nor will the upcoming 
Superman film.

Gotham was celebrating its 200th anniversary in 1989. Well, I think we 
can presume safely that Gotham was an American city (I know, some of the
spelling on products was British: "moisturiser" for example).  Most major 
US cities on the East Coast celebrated their two hundredths in 1889, and 
the cities on the West Coast are even older (established by the Spanish 
and Mexicans, pace Zorro), while the in-between cities are younger (e.g. 
Chicago).  So no major American cities would have had an anniversary in 
1989 marking 200 years.


Earth 988 is a world whose only super-hero was a college-age Superboy. Also in the future year 2240, Superboy encounters rowdy metahuman teens named Shift, Wildstar, Tara, Romo, Glyder, Tarot, Diamond, and Screamdreamer (the first three of which had visited him in his own era). Numerical designation by John Wells from Superboy V2#1, other info from Superboy V2# 5, 15, 16,

Earth 1001 is a world where the infant Kal-El came to Earth in the midst of a meteor shower that permanently altered the lives of Jonathan and Martha Kent, Lana Lana, Lex Luthor and others. The near future of this Earth will sport adventurers such as Batman, Batgirl, Black Canary and Darkstrike. Batman's daughter eventually allies with Oracle (previously Barbara Gordan/Batgirl) and Black Canary's daughter as Birds of Prey. Numerical designation by John Wells, from Smallville: the Comic #1. The Birds of Prey comic book adaption of the tv series was announced, but placed on indefinite hold following the cancellation of the series.

Earth-11190: Roads Not Taken Part 1 aired on November 1, 1990, and featured a world where Superboy had, in anger, slain Lex Luthor. Numerical designation by John McDonagh. Earth-11890: Roads Not Taken Part 2 aired on November 8, 1990, and featured a world of Kal-El as a dictator called the Sovereign. Numerical designation by John McDonagh. Earth-51391: Road to Hell Part 1 featured a world where Superboy landed in the jungle in the modern day due to a time warp, and became a pawn of Luthor. It aired on May 13, 1991, numerical designation by John McDonagh. Earth-52091: Road to Hell Part 2 featured a world where Kal-El landed during the Depression due to a timewarp and started a movement that lead to an advance in human civilization that produced a more peaceful society- part of which included reforming the young Luthor. He eventually retired and reduced his interaction with society to avoid them becoming too reliant on him. It aired on May 20, 1991, numerical designation by John McDonagh.

Timeline by Douglas Ethington, thanks to Lenn Carlson for the 2004 entry.