Earth-17 / Dreamworld Timeline

In Animal Man #23 Grant Morrison "revealed" to us the existence of a pair
of pre-Crisis Earths: one in which heroes appeared to be affiliated with 
the youth movement of the 60's, another which appeared to be a satire of 
80's grim & gritty titles in which heroes were genetically engineered 
creations of the U.S. military.  I have done some speculating and chronicled 
their Earths (see Notes below).

Grant Morrison's use of the Earth-17 designation is from an Amazing Heroes 
Preview Special. Mark Evanier's use of the Earth-17 designation is from the 
text piece of New Gods #1.

Events in black text are common to both Earths.  Events in purple font are 
based on Dreamworld.  Events in blue font are based on Earth-17.

(thanks to Ross Cowin for supplying the graphics, Crazy Ivan for general 
assistance, several scans and naming the Justice Project, Clinton Pearce 
for naming "psychotropic vision", Dark Mark for New Gods info and Wonder 
Woman info, and David Simpson for the Batwings scan)

 Richard "Buck" Dare becomes Captain X of the R.A.F.  [Gardner Fox & John Blummer]  [Star-Spangled #1]
 Greg Saunders becomes the Vigilante on November 27.  [Mort Weisinger & Mort Meskin]
 Theodore Grant becomes Wildcat on July 19th (date from the 1976 Super DC Calendar).  [Bill Finger & Irwin Hasen]  [Sensation #1]  

 Larry Jordan becomes Air Wave.  [Mort Weisinger & Lee Harris]   [Detective #60]
 James Harper becomes the Golden Guardian, then becomes legal "guardian" for
members of The Newsboy Legion.  [Joe Simon & Jack Kirby]  [Star-Spangled #7]
 Paul Kirk becomes Manhunter in Empire City. [Joe Simon & Jack Kirby]  [Adventure #73]
 Dr. Robert Crane becomes Robotman.  [Jerry Siegel & Joe Schuster]  [Star-Spangled #7]
 Thomas N. Thomas & Daniel Dunbar become TNT & Dan the Dyna-Mite.  [Mort Weisinger]  [Star-Spangled #7]
 Boy Commandoes have first public case.  [Joe Simon & Jack Kirby]
 Wonder Woman becomes Diana Prince and has first public case in Washington D.C.;
she remains until the end of the war, whereupon she returns to Paradise Island.  
[All-Star #8, JLA #18, Wonder Woman #130-133]

 TNT and Dyna-Mite's powers go out of control, and they are placed in 
suspended animation. After being revived they cause havoc before being 
subdued by The Love Syndicate/The Justice Project.

 Apparent death of Paul Kirk/Manhunter; resumes big game hunting and is 
seriously injured by the charge of a bull elephant, only to be placed in 
suspended animation by a group of covert scientists called the Council who 
had intended to recruit him as an agent. Awakening in the modern day, Paul 
Kirk turns against the Council, who employ dubious means to solve the 
world's problems. Kirk fights various clones of himself that the Council 
had created, and dies again in battle alongside Batwings/Owlman.  [Detective #439]

 Air Wave is murdered by a criminal, but is avenged by his wife Helen, who 
briefly assumes the Air Wave identity to do so. Years later, Larry's son 
Hal became the new Air Wave.

 The last survivor of Vathlo Island from the deceased planet Krypton, 
armed with flight, strength, speed, invulnerability, and psychotropic 
vision, begins his career as Sunshine Superman.  He is soon accompanied 
by Trypto the Acid Dog.
 Batwings ... one down to earth hip dude - a one man army- Muhammed Ali, 
Jim Brown, Shaft, and Superfly all rolled into one ... has first public 
case.  [Batman #394]

 Wallis West has first public case as Speed Freak.
 On July 4, James Lobo saves American president William Sheldon and his
flower-power children from assassins. Lobo later meets with Angel Stealth, the
Girl from L.E.G.I.O.N., in the secret base underneath the club Love Ago. They
face Faust Crystalnight on order from Mister D (Vril Dox II). Along the way,
they face psychedelic musical hallucinations. [L.E.G.I.O.N. 94 Annual #5]

 An animated puppet becomes known as Brother Power, the Geek.
 Queen Hippolyte determines that the magic of the Amazons is exhausted after 
their 10,000-year stay on Earth, and that they must go to another dimension 
to rest and renew their powers. At the last minute, a badly-wounded Steve 
Trevor returns to the island, having been shot and left for dead by Dr. Cyber's 
agents.  Wonder Woman refuses to go with the Amazons, thus she is forced to 
give up her costume, perform the Amazon rite of renunciation that removes her 
powers, and return to Man's World only as Diana Prince. She accompanies Steve 
Trevor's son, an archeologist, in avenging his father's death.  [Wonder Woman #178, JLA #8]

 Magic Lantern has first public case.

 Sunshine Superman, Batwings, Wonder Woman, Brother Power, Magic Lantern, 
and Speed Freak form the Love Syndicate of Dreamworld.

 Scott Free becomes the escape-artist known as Mister Miracle.
 Orion of the New Gods discovers four humans who have been illegally kidnapped 
from Earth by Darkseid, and frees them.  Orion takes the four humans and
escapes to Earth.

 Prez Rickard becomes the first 18-year-old to win a Congressional election; 
an amendment to the Constitution is voted in which lowers the required age 
of the President from 35 to 18.  [Prez #1]
 Orion and Lightray return to Metropolis from New Genesis to find Kalibak on 
the rampage, and Detective-Sgt. "Terrible" Turpin, a former Boy Commando, 
intent on capturing him himself. 

 As part of the government's experimental DNA Project, and armed with flight, 
strength, speed, invulnerability, as well as heat vision and advanced sensory
abilities, astronaut Clark Kent becomes the first contemporary metahuman and 
takes the name Overman.

 Thomas Wayne Junior, the first modified human whose metagene is activated 
by cell scrapings from Overman, acquires infra-red vision and the ability 
to control the minds of others, and takes the name Owlman.
 An anthropologist named Ororo Monroe has her metagene activated by cell 
scrapings from Overman, she acquires powers similar to his and takes the 
name Wonder Woman.

 Senator Prez Rickard, running on the new Flower Party ticket, is elected 
President.  During his term he assigns Eagle Free to be the new F.B.I. Chief, 
and renames Air Force One "The Free Bee".
 The DNA Project includes workers who had been in the Newsboy Legion when 
they were children and who, in homage to the fallen Golden Guardian, create 
a clone of him.  [Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #135] 
 A former police scientist and rabbinic scholar, Barry Allen, has his 
metagene activated by cell scrapings from Overman, acquires incredible 
speed and takes the name The Flash.

 Orion, Lightray, Metron, Lonar, Forager, and Jezebelle split up to seek 
out six Earth people who are believed to have portions of the Anti-Life 

 Darkseid causes Orion to grow to planetary size, and the New Gods find 
that only the Flash can penetrate the Source to bring back an antidote 
for him. 

 A teenager named Kyle Rayner has his metagene activated by cell scrapings 
from Overman, acquires the ability to channel remarkable energy through 
metal, and takes the name Green Lantern.  He briefly rebels against the 
military backing of the DNA Project and becomes involved in the punk rock 
scene, but later becomes reconciled and rejoins the other metahumans.

 Overman, Owlman, Wonder Woman, Golden Guardian, Flash, and Green Lantern form 
the Justice Project of America.

 Apokolips is destroyed by a visiting Mr. Mxyzptlk.  [World's Funnest]

 Under the guidance of the Love Syndicate, humanity evolves into a united
energy mind and transcends physical reality.

 A sexually transmitted virus infects Overman's mind.  The Justice Project 
attempt to stop his rampage but are slain.  Overman sets off a doomsday 
bomb, killing himself and destroying the Earth. 


 The assumption of the DNA Project led me to assume that Earth-17 had a
Golden Guardian (name taken from a panel in the Jimmy Olsen series, the
character is not referred as such in dialog), and Neil Gaimin's Prez story
led me to assume Dreamworld had a Wildcat. However, I felt uncomfortable 
with those being the only 40's heroes available, so introduced a stripped-
down population of Earth-1 heroes (minus the magicians, the emigrants, 
and the Quality characters).

 Vathlo Island is a pre-Crisis location on Krypton with a dark-skinned
population.  Trypto the Acid Dog is the creation of Billy Mumy and Steve
Leialoha from a non-DC source, but is an obvious Krypto takeoff so I decided
to use him.  Is anything known about the background of the Earth-D Superman?

 Batwings is an interpretation of Batman from the story "The Batman Nobody
Knows."  He is referred to as Batwings as a nickname only, but I decided 
to make it the official name for variety's sake.  Is anything known about 
the background of the Earth-D Batman?

 Speed Freak's costume most closely resembles Kid Flash's, hence "Wallis West."

 Wonder Woman is from a dream sequence in Grant Morrison's JLA storyline.
I decided to give her a WW2 career because a later panel referred to her 
having previously lost her powers (which is very close to her Earth-1
hostory), but I wanted to keep the patriotic, 'square' Wonder Woman temporally
separate from the "mod" Wonder Woman who would join the Love Syndicate.

 Terrible Turpin was originally much older than the Boy Commandoes (he was
active alongside Eliott Ness), I have retained this post-Crisis retcon.

 Overman's identity as astronaut Clark Kent is from Morrison's Ultraman in
JlA: Earth-2.  Although the panel above clearly states the other Justice
Project members are modified clones, I have represented them as recipients
of cell grafts in order to make them a bit more interesting and individual.

 The name Owlman and Thomas Wayne Junior are also obviously from JlA: Earth-2.
The power set is fairly minimal, chosen from the abilities of Doctor Mid-Nite
and the Earth-3 Owlman.

 The name Ororo Monroe is from the Amalgam Wonder Woman, the only black 
version of the character extant (I chose not to name her Nubia).

 The name Barry Allen is used here because Hal Jordan once wished Barry a
"Happy Chanukah," which is an indication (though hardly convincing proof)
that the character might be Jewish.

 The name Kyle Rayner is used here due to the Green Lantern of Earth-17's 
hair color and relative youth.