Earth-18 Timeline

Earth 18 (numerical designation first given in the "Madman" strip)
was first seen in publications by the British company L. Miller & Sons,
and then in the pages of the magazine Warrior.  This is not intended
to be a canonical depiction of events as described in the Moore/Gaimin
series Miracleman; rather, it is my interpretation of the original, 
unified continuity as it might have carried on from Warrior's earliest
issues.  Nevertheless, the following contains many SPOILERS for those
who have yet to read the series.

Earth 18A contains a jigsaw-like continuity developed by Dez Skinn, as
well as some Warrior strips which are incompatible with the main line.

Dez Skinn had plans to obtain for Warrior the rights to Louis Crandell, 
the Steel Claw, at one point, intending that if he failed he would rework 
the character, renaming him Lewis Randell, the Talon.  For reasons which 
are unclear to me, in the original Quality-sponsored Steel Claw reprint 
series he was renamed Lewis Randell.  For variety's sake I have placed the 
original character on Earth 18A and the completely reworked character on 
Earth 18 (mainly so I can have him active as a member of the Spookshow).

Thanks to Loki and his UK Superheroes site for assistance and to AdyK for
information on the L Miller & Sons line, research primarily derived from 
Dennis Gifford - texts describing L Miller & Sons publications are largely 
derived from Gifford's books.

circo 9,000 B.C.
 The Confederacy of the Gulf Worlds create four immense Black Warpsmiths 
on the planet of Hod.  The Black Warpsmiths themselves create separate
corps organised into family clusters, including the White Warpsmiths who
act as warriors; Blue Warpsmiths who are artists, dancers, painters, and
bureacrats; Gray Warpsmiths who act as diplomats; Red Warpsmiths who tend
the hearts of stars, and others.
 Untold years later, one of the Black Warpsmiths attains a sort of 
enlightenment, leaving behind quantifiable existence and becoming the
destructive presence known as The Whisper.  The remaining three carry
on, aware that their search for knowledge has an ultimate, destructive
end which they dare not approach, but unaware what path leads to it.

 The firedrake gene emerges in humanity (this occurs when cultures 
need fire, producing mutants which conjure flame; with fire established
it becomes recessive, although throwbacks occur.  Only rarely would a
powerful firedrake strain emerge, though rogues have turned suns nova
and devestated worlds).  [Miracleman #14]

 An alien spacecraft sets down in ancient Egypt.  Its crew perform
diabolical experiments upon the natives, who eventually storm the
ship.  They destroy all of the crew except one, who blasts off into
space, where the ship malfunctions and veers off to plunge into the
sun.  [Warrior #4]

 Raiko and Tsannu acquire reputations as demon-hunters in old Japan.  [Warrior #18]

 The Sixth Crusade of Christendom.  The legend of Prester John
inspires many, particularly the young man known as Ganelon, son
of the knight Orlando.  The young man embarks on a search for 
the legend.  [Warrior #1]

 A witch, 'Old Mother Demdike,' forms a secret society, The Empire 
Of The Birds.  [Arkensword #15]

 The Bojeffries family moves into a house in a London borough.  

19th century
 Buffalo Bill Cody has adventures. [Published from 1955-56 in a comic 
of the same name]
 Colorado Kid has adbventures.  [Drawn by John Wheeler and published 
under a comic of that title from May 1954 to 1959]
 Kid Dynamite has adventures.  [Drawn by John Wheeler and published in 
a comic of the same name from 1954 to 1960 and billed as "The Gunslinging 
Marshal of the Old West". His faithful horse was called Lightning, but 
the Kid's real name was never revealed]
 Pancho Villa has adventures.  [Ran from 1954 to 1959, and presented the 
notorious Mexican bandit as "The Robin Hood of Mexico". On the run from 
the federales for supposedly shooting Don Lopez for kissing his sister 
Dolores, Pancho takes over an outlaw band when their leader is killed]
 Rocky Mountain King has adventures.  [Drawn by Colin Andrew, this one 
ran from 1955 to 1959. Like Colorado Kid and Kid Dynamite, Rocky started 
out as some other personality before last-minute editorial changes. In 
his original appearance he had a girl partner, Annie Oakley (another star 
of Les Miller's Western range of comics). His horse was called Prince.]
 The renegade monk known as Shandor traverses Europe, battling vampires 
(notably Count Dracula) and demons (notably Jaramsheela). [Warrior #1]

 Emil Gargunza born under the volcano Orizaba, in Rio de Janiero.  [Warrior #18]

 Gregor Samsa, unsuccessfully protecting Earth from invasion by 
agents of Earth-492, is transformed into a cockroach.  [Warrior #3]
[Note: this is an ongoing battle, most of whose combatants we are 
not shown.  Other agents which protect Earth-18 include Leonardo
da Vinci (codename Leo).  The invasion is not definitively repulsed 
until subjective-1982 by Martin Schiller (codename Madman) and 

 Gargunza's family has emigrated to Rio.  His father dies, and he 
aligns himself with the criminal element to protect and provide for 
himself and his mother.  [Warrior #18]

 Gargunza has emigrated to Europe.  He begins his research in genetics
and meets Martin Heidegger and Reich-Chancellor Adolph Hitler, among 
others.  [Warrior #18]

 Gargunza starts working for the Nazis, continuing his genetic research
and also becoming involved in rocketry, particularly the V2 Project.  [Warrior #18]

 Michael Moran born to Edward John Moran and Ellen Moran (nee Coleman).
[Kimota! the Miracleman Companion]

 Richard Dauntless born to Major General Sir Ian Dauntless (RAF); his 
mother dies in childbirth.  [Kimota! the Miracleman Companion]
 Gargunza, realising the Axis cannot win the war, defects to England.  [Warrior #18]

 Jonathan James Bates born.  [Kimota! the Miracleman Companion]

 The Qys spacecraft Gla, involved in a firedrake sweep, crashes in 
Wiltshire.  [Warrior #18]

 Martin Schiller born.  [Warrior #1]

 Project Zarathustra begins under Gargunza, supervised by Sir Dennis 
Archer.  Subjects are to be cloned, with the superhuman artificial 
bodies placed in infraspace and summonable via a post-hypnotic key word.

 Michael Moran (as Marvelman) chosen for Project Zarathustra.  [Warrior #2]

 Richard Dauntless (as Young Marvelman) chosen for Project Zarathustra.  [Warrior #2]
 Gargunza diverts government money and establishes a second, private 
lab with which carry on his cloning and para-reality programming 
experiments.  Avril Lear (as Marvelwoman), Terrence Rebbeck (as Young 
Nastyman), and a small dog named Pluto (as Marveldog) chosen.  [Miracleman #12]

 Jonathan Bates (as Kid Marvelman) chosen for Project Zarathustra.  [Warrior #2]

 Moran, Dauntless, and Bates prove to be the three most successful
guinea-pigs in Project Zarathustra, and field tests of the three 
begin.  The remainder (including Jonathan Dee, as "Captain Miracle"
and Jonathan Chapman, as "Miracle Man") are euthanised.

 Lewis Randell, able to become invisible and generate electricity through 
his artificial hand, becomes the Talon, and joins the governmental
agency the Spookshow. 
 Rebbeck, driven mad by his para-reality programming, escapes Gargunza's
private lab.  Marvelwoman and the Marvelman Family "released" by Gargunza
to dispose of him. 

 Dennis Archer close to sussing out how Gargunza diverted funds.  Gargunza
murders his assistant and flees (with his lab notes and his dog) to Paraguay.  
 Marvelman Family destroyed by Project Dragonslayer (as designed by Gargunza,
essentially an atomic bomb cloaked by holographic projection).
 Harold Demdyke, the Emperor of all the Birds, is assassinated by a 
coalition of sorcerors.  He is survived by a daughter, Mirrigan.  [Yuggoth Cultures #1]

 Michael Moran and Elizabeth Sullivan marry.  [Warrior #2]

 Benjamin Charterhouse Fortescue chosen for Project Zarathustra Mark II.

 Zarathustra Mark II's creation, Big Ben, becomes mentally unbalanced
due to a poorly understood para-reality programming process.

 Speedmaster works as a test driver and security guard for EXTRIC: 
Experimental Technological Reseach and Inventions Corporation, which
uses Gargunza-derived technology.
 An eccentric scientist named Hank has dedicated the past several 
years of his life to fighting for the preservation of endangered 
species.  When his long-estranged wife Madeleine brings their children 
to the African jungle for a visit, a snafu results in the family being 
met not by the environmentalist but by a pride of ferocious felines.
The family nevertheless prevails.  [Roar: The Movie]  [Warrior #2]

 In a moment of stress during an attempted terrorist takeover of the 
atomic power station at Larksmere, Michael Moran recalls his key word, 
and Marvelman is reborn.  [Warrior #1]
 Jonathan Bates challenges Marvelman, is eventually defeated, and 
spends the next couple years locked into a hrumu trance.
 Martin Schiller, Miriam McKaid, and Alisdair McKaid successfully
protect Earth from invasion from Earth-492.  [Warrior #1]
 Mirrigan Demdyke acts on behalf of The Empire Of The Birds, to whom 
she is known as Nightjar, avenging her father's death.  [Arkensword #15, 
Yuggoth Cultures #1]

 Marvelman's daughter, Winter Moran, born.  [Miracleman #9]
 Second Qys expedition arrives on Earth.  The Qys Imperium and The 
Confederacy of Gulf Worlds (as represented by the Warpsmiths of Hod)
establish ambassadors on Earth.  

 Silence, Marvelman's fortress of solitude, built.  [Warrior #4]
 Huey Moon takes on the title Firedrake.  [Miracleman #14]
 Challenger Force established, comprising Marvelman, Marvelwoman, Big Ben, 
Firedrake, Speedmaster, the Talon, and a pair of Warpsmiths named Aza Chorn 
and Phon Mooda.

 Return of Kid Marvelman.  Silence and most of London destroyed.  Death 
of Aza Chorn and possibly other members of Challenger Force.  [Warrior #4, Miracleman #15]

29th Century: The First Empire & Second Empire
 Pete Mangan of the Space Patrol has adventures.  [In 3490 AD Earth has 
been permitted to join the Planet Federation. Pete's adventures varied 
between solo outings and working as part of a team consisting of Commander 
Joe, Commander Bill and Commander Ted ("Whoa, dude!"). These three were 
replaced by a blonde assistant known only as "Sweetheart" in his second 
adventure, but as she turns out to be in the pay of the Klangorian Corsairs 
she probably doesn't count as a member of the team.  Although "Space Patrol" 
is given in the title which appeared in 1953, in his adventures the 
organisation varied between "Planet Patrol" and "International Space Patrol", 
though Pete is always given the title  "Patrolman" and operates out of the 
Central City of Metropol.]
 Space Commander Kerry has adventures.  [Appearing in 1953, Steve Kerry 
was Space Commander in the Interplanetary Special Service with his two 
lieutenants Rick Shaw and Tubby Low. Their first adventure ("The Atmoscope 
Mystery") saw them heading for Planet Mica to find Prof Zeink's missing 
machine. Kerry employed a few choice expletives, such as "Space alive!" 
and "By the sacred Biduls of Venus!".  With the aid of action-suits and 
persona-jets they foiled a Medissi plot to use the Atmoscope to shower 
the Earth with swarms of meteorites. Other gadgets included ultra-violet 
radar goggles, contra-gravity flying belts and Volta hand-guns capable 
of either a deadly "pressure flash" or temporary paralysis ray.]
 Sparky Malone: Space Commando has adventures.  [Title from 1953, featuring 
Space Commodore  Sparky Malone "the fearless leader of the Special Assignment 
Group". War was raging between the peace loving planets of Earth, Mars and 
Jupiter (known as the United Planets) and the evil forces of Venus, Mercury, 
Karoc and Gor (known as the "Axis"). While battles are fought in space and 
on the lesser moons and planets, raids are carried out on the main planets 
by small units of shock troops - the "Space Commandos".  His first mission 
("Operation Hostage") began with a meeting with the Supreme Military 
Commander of the  United Planets. Eminent atomic scientist Prof Western 
had been captured by Axis forces. Leaving his lieutenant, Jerry Bernstein, 
behind the lines Sparky flies over via his self-propellant flying belt 
and rescues the Prof with his paralysis gun. Other equipment included Heavy
Anti-Flash Battle Gauntlets, Anti-Radioactivity Capes, Volta Hand Guns (a 
possible tie-in to Space Commander Kerry, although their settings were 
completely different...) and Shatter Grenades carried in Pouch Pockets.]
 Helix of Yi becomes influential ("Soul Stone," reprinted in Miracleman #7].  
Possible ascendence of the demoness Jaramsheela into goddess.

45th Century: Collapse Of The Second Empire
 Ektryn has adventures.

49th Century: The Rediscovery of Man
 Barbarism ends, humans united in loosely confederated local states.
 Laser Eraser & Pressbutton have adventures.
 Three-Eyes McGurk & his Death Planet Commandos have adventures.
 Jay Verlaine has adventures out on the Twilight Planet


Earth-18A Timeline

 Louis Crandall becomes the Steel Claw, and joins the governmental
agency the Shadow Squad.  [Steel Claw #1]

 The Project formed.  Purportedly a governmental investigation into
psychic phenomena, in actuality human children with latent psychic 
abilities fall into the clutches of an alien called The Controller,
a member of a race of shapechangers known as Metamorphs, who sends
them off to his world to act as soldiers.

 Amadeus Wolf has first public case, accompanied by his assistant
Brannigan (counterparts to Cursitor Doom and Angus McCraggan).
[Spellbinders #1]

 An alien Metamorph poses as the superheroic Big Ben in order to
shut down The Project.  The Controller escapes, sacrificing his
current crop of cannon fodder.
 The remaining children finally escape and remain on Earth with
their boosted psychic abilities, and they take the name The 
Projectors.  Originally under the protectorship of the sinister 
Trevellion, by the time they are adults they have had members 
elected to parliament (under the slogan, 'A Straight Road to the 
Future') and manage to occupy many key positions of power.
[Steel Claw #6, Warrior 1996 Spring Special]

 Professor Axton develops a treatment which vastly increases human ability,
and treats an orphaned girl with it, whom he names Violet.  [Warrior #4]

 Violet Ray uses her advanced physical and mental prowess to take over the 
London criminal underworld as The Golden Amazon.  [Warrior #4]

 "Bogie" Bacall solves cases as a private detective.

 London is in ruins.  A huge shattered spacecraft lies amidst the rubble,
obscuring the skyline.  Its offworld crew of Metamorphs are in combat with
the remnants of humanity.  On the front lines are The Liberators, psychic
descendents of The Projectors.

 Scientists attached to the Catholic Church attempt to clone from cell
remains on the Shroud of Turin so as to effect the Second Coming.