Earth-1958 Timeline

Professor Matthew Grayson goes to Uranus along with his son Robert Grayson (Marvel Boy).
[Marvel Boy #1]

The horror movie "Skull Face" is released. [Mystery Tales #6]

Namor the Sub-Mariner and Human Torch active. [Marvel Comics #1]
The Human Torch is then aided by Toro.  [Human Torch #2]

Steve Rogers becomes Captain America. He is then aided by Bucky 
(James Buchanan Barnes). [Captain America Comics #1]
Jeffrey Mace has first case as The Patriot. [Marvel Mystery Comics #21]
Robert Frank has first case as The Whizzer. [USA Comics #1]
The Invaders established. [Giant Size Invaders #1]

William Nasland has first case as Spirit of '76. [Invaders #14]

Madeline Joyce becomes Miss America. [Marvel Mystery Comics #49]
Subbie active.  [Kid Comics #1]

Captain America went to suspended animation and Bucky is killed. [Avengers #4]
William Nasland (formerly as Spirit of '76) becomes Captain America II. [What If #4]
Fred Davis becomes Bucky II. [What If #4]

The All-Star Squadron established. [All Winners Comics #19]
Captain America II is killed by one of Adam II's androids. [What If #4]
Jeffrey Mace begins career as Captain America III. [What If #4]

Aquaria Nautica Neptuna active as Namora. [Marvel Mystery Comics #82]

Venus begins her modern adventures, eventually taking the name Victoria 
Starr. [Venus #1]

Jeffrey Mace retires as Captain America III.
Robert Grayson has first case as Marvel Boy on Earth. [Marvel Boy #1]
Professor Vance has first villainic case as Great Video. [Marvel Boy #1/4]

Venus encounters Jacob Scott (AKA Skrull Velmax). [Marvel: The Lost Generation #5]
The villainous Skull-Face comes to life. [Mystery Tales #6]

Teacher "Steve Rogers" becomes Captain America IV. [Young Men #24]
Jack Monroe has first case as Bucky III. [Young Men #24]
Lorna the Jungle Girl active. [Lorna The Jungle Girl #1]
Kenneth Hale forever transformed to Gorilla Man. [Men's Adventures #26, dated in What If #9]

Human Robot activated. [Menace #11]
Jane Hastings has first case as Jann of the Jungle. [Jungle Tales #1]
Ivan Kronov has first villainic case as Electro. [Captain America Comics #78]

Harris Moore has first case as The Comet. [Nova #21]
Captain America IV and Bucky III go mad, are captured by FBI and placed in 
the suspended animation program "Deep Freeze" [Captain America Vol.1 #155]
FBI Agent Jimmy Woo active to find Yellow Claw. [Yellow Claw #1]

Chuck Chandler has first case as 3-D Man. [Marvel Premiere #35]
Professor William Sinkovitz has first villainy case as Cold Warrior. [Marvel Premiere #37]
The Human Robot is later rediscovered by Namora and is reactivated by 3D-Man. [What If #9]
The Avengers / The O-Men established. [based on What If #9]

The "50's Avengers" fail to stop a Skrull imposter posing as Richard Nixon and 
Space Phantoms disguised as FBI agents. After that, the Skrulls begin their 
invasion of Earth. [based on Avengers Forever #4-5]
On an alternate Earth, the Wasp and Captain Marvel (III) travel back in time during 
the Destiny War and encounter the "50's Avengers" - between them they defeat a 
Skrull imposter posing as Richard Nixon and Space Phantoms posing as FBI Agents. [Avengers Forever #4-5]

The "O-Men" begin to battle against the Celestial at the Earth's Core. [Paradise X: The
Heralds #3]

On Earth-616, Jimmy Woo, Gorilla Man, Human Robot, Marvel Boy, Namora, and Venus 
reunite as the Agents of Atlas.

NOTE:  This team bears no relation to The O-Men (superhero action, mutant powers, 
small press indie, self-published title since January 1999).

Robert Gansler has continued the adventures of these characters in fanfic at the 
Avengers 1958 site.

Timeline by Lenny Carlson