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Ice Age Era
The Brute lives before going into suspended animation. [The Brute #1]

Ancient Egypt Era
Neferiti [Devilana ?]

circa 700-1000 CE
Count Eugene Lycosa is cursed and becomes The Tarantula. [Weird Suspense #1]

Events of William Shakespeare's "Tempest [Devilina #2]

Japanese Feudal Period
Events of "Temple of the Spider": Thrilling Adventure Stories #2

Matthew Dunsinane dies. [Grim Ghost #1]

Dracula, visiting Salem Village, observes the Salem Witch Trials. He impregnates
a woman. [Fright Featuring Son of Dracula #1]

"J.C. Clellan Lowe" works as a balloonist/observer for the Union Army. [Scorpion #1]

Tom Corbett becomes a fugitive known as Kid Cody. [Western Action #1]

"Virgil Torrent" serves as special envoy to Teddy Roosevelt. [Scorpion #1]

"Ben Turck" flies for Villa against Pershing. [Scorpion #1]
Chennault [Blazing Battle Tales]
Lawrence of Arabia [Thrilling Adventure?]

"Michael Christy" flies for Lafayette Escadrille. [Scorpion #1]

"Moro Frost" has adventures as The Scorpion. [Scorpion #1]

WWII Begins. [Thrilling Adventure]
War Bird begins his adventures.
Sgt. Stryker's Death Squad active. [Savage Combat Tales #1-3]
Professor Death [Targitt #3]?
Town Tamer [Thrilling Adventure #2]

Michael Rush is an Olympic athlete who becomes the pawn of a crazed rich man's
scheme to have one person survive atomic war. [Barbarians #1]

January 1975
Michael Dunsinane returns to Earth as The Grim Ghost. [The Grim Ghost #1]

February 1975
The caveman Known as The Brute revived. [The Brute #1]
Former drug dealer Jay Hunter has first case as The Destructor. [The Destructor #1]
NYPD Sam Lomax has first public case. [Police Action #1]

March 1975
John Targitt has first case as Manstalker. [Targitt #1]

April 1975
Stunt actor Jeff Rand has first case as Cougar. [The Cougar #1]
Dr. Lancaster Hill becomes Tiger-Man. [Tiger-Man #1]
The Bog-Beast enters the Surface World. [Tales of Evil #2-3]

June 1975
Southern California TV snchor Wu Teh has first case as Dragon. [Hands of the Dragon #1]
Adam Lucard discovers he's the son of Count Dracula. [Fright #1]

July 1975
David Harper has first case as The Scorpion II. [The Scorpion #3]  It is unclear
whether he is the same person as J.C. Clellan Lowe/Virgil Torrent/Ben Turck/
Michael Christy/Moro Frost.

September 1975
Vietnam Vet Gideon Cross begins adventures as Demon Hunter. [Demon Hunter #1]

October 1975
 Arthur Tyler has adventures as The Dark Avenger.  [Phoenix #3]

The Chameleon has adventures.  [unpublished]

Edward Tyler has adventures as Phoenix.  [Phoenix #1]

Professor Kroschell creates the sentient plant known as Morlock. [Morlock 2001 #1-3]

Six Astronauts prepare to begin their five year mission to Mars. [Planet 
of the Vampires #1]

April 21, 2010
Six astronauts return to Earth after their Mars mission to discover their
homeworld is devastatedly ruled by savage vampires, who make their base in
an immense structure known as The Dome. One of the astronauts is killed but 
the others attempt to survive and defeat The Domies. [Planet of the Vampires #1-3]

circa 3974
Michael Rush spends 2000 years in suspended animation, reviving to become 
Andrax the Barbarian.  [Barbarians #1]

Far Future
Ironjaw has adventures. [Ironjaw #1]

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Timeline by Lenny Carlson, with assistance from John McDonagh.