Earth-1977 Timeline

Based on Robert Mayer's novel Superfolks.  Some guesswork had to go into 
making this timeline, since Mayer left many things vague and unclear in 
his novel. I have made the presumption that the Earth-1977 versions of 
Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman roughly mirrored their 
Earth-1 and Earth-S counterparts, while the Lone Ranger presented special 

 Karl Xerox Strato active as first metahuman adventurer. Fundamentalists 
believe his body dissolved in the cosmos after Morris Feinstein killed him, 
and other metahumans meet him after death. [page 197] 

Circa 1290 BCE 
 Leda and Zeus have sex as swans, leading to the birth of Helen of Troy. [mentioned on page 193] 

 Heaven founded. [page 177] 

 Pxyzsyzygy presumably engineers the crucifixion of Jesus son of Mary. [page 99] 

1600's to 1700's
 Presumably Indigo meets Shakespeare, Rembrandt, and Hieronyous Bosch via 
time travel. [page 177] 
 Presumably Indigo meets George Washington via time travel. [page 177] 

 Presumably Indigo meets Abraham Lincoln and Daniel Boone via time travel. [page 76]
 Jim Reid becomes the Lone Ranger. His brother Dan becomes rich, starts a 
newspaper called The Daily Sentinel, and has a son named Britt who assumes 
the mantle of the Lone Ranger. [speculation based on page 1 and Now Green 
Hornet series; see notes]
 Events of Peter Pan. [Peter Pan appears on pages 166-168 and elsewhere.] 

 Rodney is born on an alien planet; he will become David Brinkley and Indigo 
on Earth. [page 2 states that he is 42 years old, page 49 reveals his original 
names as Rodney] 

 Captain America presumably active. [Captain America mentioned on page 112] 
 Captain Midnight presumably active.  [Captain Midnight mentioned on page 112] 

 Around this time, Doctor Piranha Spock traps Captain Mantra and Mary Mantra 
by tying them together naked. They try to undo each other's bonds, get 
aroused, commit incest, impregnating Mary Mantra with the child who would 
someday become Frederick News, the Demoniac.  [speculation based on the 
fact that reference is made to Captain Mantra speaking at Fred News' high 
school graduation on page 193; in other words, Fred News was born at least 
eighteen years before Captain Mantra retired.]   

 David Brinkley around this time begins career as Indigo, his first case 
involving the murder of one Jack Kennedy; he meets Peggy Poole. [page 74 
refers to him as twenty-years old, while page 81 refers to an incident from 
this time as twenty years ago] 

 No later than this decade, Kojak works as a rookie cop in Chicago. In one 
case, he surprises some thieves, including Stretch O'Toole, the later of 
whom becomes Elastic Man. Elastic Man pulls off crimes in Metropolis and 
Gotham [speculation based on page 136-137, which details Kojak's part in 
Elastic Man's origin, and on the air date of The Marcus-Nelson Murders, 
as one can presume Kojak's career as a policeman began several years before 

 Pxyzsyzygy engineers Lee Harvey Oswald's murder of JFK. [page 90] 
 Pxyzsyzygy founds XYZ Industries as part of his conspiracy involving a 
maze of corporations. [page 148] 

 Pxyzsyzygy has agent named Carl Robert Holmes set in place to kill Martin
Luther King Jr, but when on April 4 James Earl Ray actually kills the civil 
rights leader, Holmes is liquidated. [page 90] 
 Pxyzsyzygy engineers Sirhan Sirhan's murder of RFK on June 5. [page 90] 
 David Brinkley meets future spouse Pamela at a party. [page 36 states they 
first met nine years ago] 

 No later than this year, Wonder Woman retires. [pages 1-2]
 No later than this year, after seeing Captain Mantra at his high school 
graduation, Freddie News first transforms into his metahuman form. 
 No later than this year, Doctor Piranha Spock slays Mary Mantra, and her 
brother Captain Mantra retires to an asylum. [page 1, page 60]
 No later than this year, Pxyzsyzygy engineers the deaths of Batman, Robin, 
Superman, and Captain Marvel [pages 1-2; Pxyzsyzygy takes credit on page 
198; page 2 states that Indigo was the last costumed adventurer to drop 
out of sight, so the deaths of the above must take place before] 
 David Brinkley marries Pamela Pileggi [page 36, page 40]
 His metahuman abilities start to fade, and he retires. [page 9 gives a 
figure of eight years confirmed elsewhere on page 19 as his last recorded 
sighting as Indigo]
 Elastic Man retires from crime for a time. [page 137 states that he retired 
after the disappearance or retirement of all metahuman adventurers.] 

 No earlier than this year, Wonder Woman under her "real name" of Diana 
Prince, becomes an editor of Ms. Magazine [page 1; date based on historical 
year of release of first issue of Ms. Magazine] 
 Pxyzsyzygy engineers Arthur Bremer's attempted murder of George Wallace. [page 90] 

Kojak investigates the Marcus-Nelson Murders. [Date based on original date of tv movie The Marcus-Nelson Murders]
Around this time, Freddy News first becomes the Demoniac. [page 193; see 1955] 1977
Indigo's powers start to return. At the same time, Elastic Man, taking advantage of a police strike, hires bands of muggers to spread chaos, intending to draw Indigo's attention to flush him out. Indigo resume his career as an adventurer, and eventually kills Elastic Man, causes Demoniac's death, and thwarts Pxyzsyzygy's conspiracies. Notes:
Although Mayer refers to Indigo having been raised by a couple named Elenor and Franklin, having grown up in Littletown and known a Lana Lang analog named Lorna Doone on page 105 and 131, there is no mention of Indigo having had a career as an adventurer as a youth. Littletown is in New York. This may seem strange when one considers that Smallville is usually thought of as being in Kansas-but there was a letters page in the 1960's which strongly hinted that Smallville was close to the East Coast of the U.S. [Note from Mikel Midnight: and there have been accounts which placed it as a suburb of Metropolis.]
At one point, David Brinkley wonders why he changed into his costume so frequently in phone booths-when phone booths are transparent. This a joke on the stereotype of Superman changing into his costume in a phone booth- something he rarely did in the comic books. Superman did change in a phone booth in the 1940's cartoons-which, since they came out in the 1940's, came out when phone booths were made out of wood and resembled outhouses. It is sadly very conjectural to date when Indigo faced his enemies such as Univac and Logar. Other of his cases included per page 74 the Creature from Belle Harbor, Realtor, Mad Doctor Chancre, and O'Malley, the Rat Who Ate Brooklyn. Page 43 refers to adventures with Martians and resurrected dinosaurs. Also, a Pxyzsyzygy case involves a time when the elf stole the sun, till Indigo plucked Mercury and Venus from orbit, and rubbed them together till they began to provide heat and light. He later spoke the elf's name and made him return the sun. Page 10 refers to a time that he saved the Empire State Building from a tidal wave, while page 9 refers to a time that he saved John Wayne's life. Pages 11 and 97 indicate that metahuman adventurers were active on other planets. References to Snoopy and occur in the novel, but does anyone want him here? Page 10 confirms that Wonder Woman lived on Paradise Island, Batman in Gotham, Superman in Metropolis, and the Lone Ranger in Albuquerque. Super-Folks is a bit surreal and at times hard to fit into a coherent timeline. So on page 1, Mayer refers to the death of the Lone Rager "found with an arrow in his back after Tonto returned from a Red Power conference at Wounded Knee". Having the Ranger exist as a contemporary of Superman, the Marvel Family, et al. does not sit very well with me, so I have extrapolated, based on the Now Green Hornet comics, that as the original Green Hornet's father was the Lone Ranger's brother, on this world Britt Reid simply retained the name the Lone Ranger instead of creating the Green Hornet identity, and that it was passed down to his sons afterward. See Darkmark's Green Hornet Index.

Article by John McDonagh