Earth-2 Timeline
  • When DC introduced the Golden Age Superman, they made the (eminently reasonable) decision to stress the differences between that character and the Silver Age Superman, hence the name 'Kal-L', the position at The Daily Star, and the lack of a career as Superboy. This decision deliberately ignored the fact that all of these elements of the character had changed to the more familiar Silver Age characteristics by the early 40's. Jerry Boyajian informed me regarding: E. Nelson Bridwell named the Earth in which the Superman whose career started in the 40's and who had many of the Silver Age characteristics, 'Earth 2A.' I have used 2A as a convenient location for stories which contradict Earth 2 continuity but which I think worthy of mention. I have allowed myself to fill in some details from John Byrne's Generations (such as Superman's otherwise-unnamed son), although I do not take the series as canonical. John Wells designates the Generations series as taking place on Earth-3839.
  • Rob Salkowitz and Kurt Mitchell advise me that 1958 is an approximate switchover date for Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman #98 was the first issue to depict Queen Hippolyta as a blonde. Wonder Woman #105 retells the origin with a slightly different spin for the first time since the Golden Age.
  • DC's decision that all of the heroes published by the Quality Comics line actually began their careers on Earth 2 and then emigrated to Earth X (in which they were notoriously ineffective in battling the Axis powers, as the Nazis won in that parallel) created its own set of problems. I have placed information on the Quality characters in my Earth-X timeline, with the exceptions of Plastic Man, the Blackhawks, and the Spider (Ludlow-Dalt).
  • A Millennial note: E. Nelson Bridwell has called the 1959 story in Superman #128 "the last Earth-2 Superman story", because of its inconsistencies with Earth-1 history (the previous year featured the introduction of the contemporary Fortress of Solitude in Action #241 and of Brainiac and Kandor in Action #242). The story also attributed properties to red kryptonite which were unseen anywhere else: "Red Kryptonite that our scientists have discovered in the future! This freak variety will not kill Superman, but will cause him to lose his super- powers for TWO HOURS -- time enough for us to capture him!" However, it's also clear that the space pirates from the year 2000 which appear in that story are completely divergent from any real-world developments, as well as developments in DC Comics titles as we have reached the year in question. Consequently, A.D. 1999 was the last year in which I had "back-retconned" post-Crisis events into the pre-Crisis Earth-2; however, after Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory #0, I have revised that policy. It seems unlikely that the world would have returned so much to a 'status quo' state after the evaporation of Earth's oceans, so privately I believe the villains came from a later era; however I will retain A.D. 2000 on the timeline with a note.
  • In Amazing World of DC Comics #16, circa 1977, Paul Levitz stated the ages at which he was writing the various JSA members. Some of them are obviously inaccurate; most of the other birthdates I have listed here, although all should be taken with a grain of salt.
  • I have excluded most JLA/JSA crossovers as they have been dealt with extensively elsewhere. For more detailed timelines for specific characters see: Aaron Severson's The Golden Age Batman Chronology The JSA Chronology (thanks to John Censullo for many of the original historical entries, Kurt Mitchell for his invaluable Earth-2 reviews, JSA expert Michael Kooiman, time travel expert Arthur Lortie, Wonder Woman expert Scott Nesmith, Mike Harwood for Three Sandmen info and general contentiousness, John Wells and the rest of the folks at the DC Message Boards, and the folks at the Earth_2 e-mail list) pre-history ======================== Ur the Caveboy and his sister Wur discover fire in a tree struck by lightning and use their new discovery to help them and their family against various vicious dinosaurs. [New Fun #1] A scientist provides Alan Kane and Ted Dolliver with a time machine and they arrive in the prehistoric past from November, 1939. [Carl H. Claudy] [All-American #8] 98,056 B.C. ======================== The continent of Atlantis sinks, leaving only a few island remains of its once great cultures, including Aurania, Poseidonis, Therna Na Oge, Tritonis, and Ventura. [Wonder Woman #8, Comic Cavalcade #18] Possibly, four rulers of Atlantis (Senor Prince, Mr. Monarch, The Masked One, and Mr. Crown) survive in suspended animation until April 1940, before being slain by an atomic blast. [All-Star #52] Fragments of its technology survive into the 20th century, including jars of paint of which anything painted with them comes to life at night, discovered by artist Nels Darrow, [All-Star #28] and a radiant quality which gives those exposed to it super-powers exactly like Superman's, discovered by unscupulous seaman Bart Wellins. [Action #230] c. 50,000 B.C. ======================== Cro-Magnon Vandar Adg is in battle against a deadly opponent when he is bathed in the radiation of a newly fallen meteor, unknowingly making him immortal. He adopts the name Vandal Savage. His opponent takes a glowing jewel from the heart of the exploded fireball, and gains the reincarnation powers of The Immortal Man. A caveman named Rog dons a mask made from the head of a saber-tooth tiger to fight evil in the Stone Age as "probably the world's first lawman," Tiger Man. [Batman #93] Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Perry White, Professor Bates, and the mobster Benny the Brute travel from February 1955. Benny the Brute uses modern gadgets to impress the local cave dwellers using the name Stoneman, before he and the others return to their own time. [Action #201] The time-lost 20th century hero named the Star-Spangled Kid hides for a few weeks from a tribe of prehistoric men. He is rescued by Aquaman, Wildcat, and the Earth-1 Green Lantern. Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Professor Zool, the Holliday Girls, and Giganta are all thrown into the past from 1944 by Professor Zool's "electronic evolutionizer". They encounter Queen Darla and King Aros, and aid them against Giganta's treachery. [Wonder Woman #9] c. 40,000 B.C. ======================== In ancient Atlantis, Vandal Savage founds a secret society that would later be known as the Illuminati. 9638 B.C. ======================== Green Lantern briefly visits the island nation of Atlantis from June 1950, only minutes it sinks beneath the waves. [All-Star #53] Some of their descendants survive into the 20th century with a thriving glass-domed subsea kingdom, populated largely by handsome, muscular men ruled by Queen Paralea. [Superman #67] Some of their descendants survive into the 20th century in the cities of Aurania and Venturia, ruled by Queen Clea, in which tall giantlike women hold positions of power while the men are shorter and hold domestic positions. [Wonder Woman, Comic Cavalcade #18] At least a section of Atlantis survives as a surface island. [Justice League #65] c. 7000 B.C. ======================== On Earth-2A, space travelers from Earth-S, Osira and Hefnakhti, are stranded in prehistoric times. They contribute to the rise of culture in Egypt until a rebellion fomented by a priest named Anankh results in their being captured and mummified alive. In May 1942 Osira is awakened, and bedevils Wonder Woman and the Justice Society before being defeated. [Wonder Woman #231] 7049 B.C. ======================== Wonder Woman travels back in time from the year 1951 to the ancient kingdom of Mu to stop the destructive bombing of Paradise Island in the present. She battles Prince Ghu. [Wonder Woman #49] Shortly after this encounter, Mu sinks, only a thousand inhabitants of the island surviving in suspended animation, reviving in 1947 to battle Hawkman. On Earth-2A, survivors colonise the planet Mars. Their 20th century representative is Marsboy (Earth-2A counterpart of Starboy) [Superboy #12] c. 4,000 B.C. [???] ======================== Bobby and his sister Binks are looking into the "Magic Crystal of History" when suddenly they find themselves in ancient Egypt. They encounter King Tut and observe the Great Pyramid being built. [New Fun #1] [Adolphe Barreaux] c. 3,500 B.C. ======================== The Lord of Order known as Nabu the Wise descends to Earth from the planet Cilia, landing in the region called Mesopotamia. c. 3,100 B.C. ======================== [speculation] Heru, avatar of the hawk-headed god Horus, uses Horus' gift of speed and becomes the first emperor of Egypt. A scroll containing the formula he uttered to obtain this speed was found in the tomb of a king named Amen [Aha Menes], and deciphered in 1941 by Professor Gill, who gifted the secret to Johnny Chambers (who, unknowingly, was influenced to adopt a hawk emblem on his uniform as Johnny Quick). c. 3,000 B.C. ======================== A race of bird-people inspire the Egyptians to create their mythology. Thoth, their leader, "warned the Egyptians of the world-curse of his eternal enemy, Setekh ... but they heeded him not. So, he left the 'Black Land' forever, leading his great flock to what is now called Greenland. There, they founded Feithera. Then he left this planet altogether, and has since been seen by none. [Infinity, Inc. # 43] The Spectre destroys the cities of Sodom and Gomorra. [Spectre #3/Genesis 19:24-25] c. 2700 B.C. ======================== Vandal Savage is a king in ancient Sumer. [Flash #137] 26th century B.C.?? ======================== In Egypt, the time-lost 20th century hero named Stripesy is forced into slavery for a few weeks before he is rescued by Hourman, Starman, and the Earth-1 Batman. c. 2580 B.C. ======================== Vandal Savage and Kulak both pose as Cheops (Khufu), ruler of Egypt. Defeated by Savage, Kulak is placed in a tomb-like time capsule in the Egyptian desert. [JSA V2#10] Vandal Savage purportedly rules Egypt from 2590 to 2567 B.C., ordering the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza. He apparently continues his rule by masquerading as his own son, Khafre. [Flash #137] Superman assists Cheops by completing construction of the Great Pyramid (which provides evidence that there was a real Cheops, as the Superman of February 1948 would probably recognise Vandal Savage). [World's Finest #32] 2030 B.C. ======================== In the Egyptian city of Bubastis, the mad priest Khalis slays his followers in the name of the god Anubis, who grants Khalis the Amulet of Anubis as a reward for his service. Nabu the Wise overcomes Khalis, strips him of the Amulet, and orders Khalis mummified alive. [First Issue Special #9] c. 1500 B.C. ============================= Superman and Mike Mooney are projected from July 1948 by Professor Grog. Superman completes construction of the Trojan Horse for Agamemnon. [Superman #53] Green Arrow travels back in time to meet Diana the Huntress [Adventure #111] 1567 B.C. ======================== In Egypt, Prince Khufu-Maat-Kha-Tar and his beloved Chay-Ara are assassinated by Hath-Set, an evil priest of Anubis who truly serves Setekh. 3,500 years later, they will be reincarnated as Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders. [Flash #1] c. 1290 B.C. ======================== Nabu becomes adviser and court magician to the pharaoh Ramses. He is humbled in battle with the Spectre, who kills Ramses for his crimes against the Hebrews. Despite Nabu's warnings, the pharaoh's son, Ramses II, continues the persecution of the Hebrews. In retaliation, the Spectre slays the first-born sons of Egypt and then protects the Hebrews by parting the Red Sea as they flee the pharaoh's troops. Some time after these events, Nabu the Wise, realizing that his mortal form is weakening, places himself in suspended animation in a tomb in the land of Sumer, in the Valley of Ur, to await a new mortal host. [Spectre #14, Exodus 12:29-14:21-31] c. 1200 B.C. ======================== The time-lost 20th century hero Speedy is transformed by Circe into a centaur for a few weeks before he is cured and rescued by the Red Tornado II, the Earth-1 Flash, and Zatanna. The Greek goddess Aphrodite creates a new, all-female race of Amazons (approximately 2,500 in number, led by queen Hippolyta. After Hippolyta is humiliated by Hercules, the goddess transports the Amazons to the island of Themyscira (also known as Paradise Island), where they have no further contact with "Man's World" for more than 3,000 years. While on Themyscira, the Amazons do not age and are effectively immortal. [All-Star #8] A small group of Amazons settle on "Amazon Island", situated thousands of miles from Metropolis, whose Queen Elsha attempts to trap Superman into marriage in December 1957 (by which time, of course, he was already married). [Action #235] c. 1190 B.C. ======================== The Amazons take it upon themselves to rescue abandoned Spartan female babies, transporting them to the distant planet Infanta. Abandoned male babies are taken to the planet Duxo by agents of Mars. [Wonder Woman #37] The Amazons banish the sorceress Circe to the planet Sorca. [Wonder Woman #37] Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Professor Zool, the Holliday Girls, and Giganta travel to Amazonia from 1944 (a detour on their way back from c. 50,000 B.C.) and help the Amazons defeat a Greek invasion force led by Odysseus and Achilles (who evidently survived the Trojan War on Earth-2). [Wonder Woman #9] c. 1050 B.C. ======================== People of ancient Babylon revere a hero named Zorn [Batman #102] The technologically sophisticated Krell (or Krull), a race that rules great sections of the galaxy, disappears overnight except for a handful of isolated stragglers. A descendent of the latters visits Earth on August, 1942 where he encounters Wonder Woman. [Mystery in Space #73, World's Finest #249] 331 B.C. ======================== Per Degaton travels back in time from 1947 to help the Persian king Darius defeat Alexander the Great in the Battle of Arbela, changing history. The JSA later travels back in time to thwart Degaton, restoring history to its original course. [All-Star #35] c. 350 B.C. ======================== Alexander the Great is brought to 1942 by Dr. Doome and battles the Seven Soldiers of Victory. [Leading #3] c. 225 B.C. ======================== The Crimson Avenger and Wing land in China, captured by the Dummy and sent into the past with a stolen time machine, and help defend against a Japanese invasion before being rescued by the Shining Knight. [Leading #8] c. 1st century B.C. ======================== Vandal Savage rules Rome, adopting the identity of Gaius Julius Caesar. He fakes his own death in 44 B.C. The Vigilante, captured by the Dummy and sent into the past with a stolen time machine, meets Caesar in the period before being rescued by the Shining Knight. [Leading #8] In 50 B.C., Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and the Holliday Girls are transported to Rome from the year 1946 by a "time monster." Wonder Woman meets Julius Caesar and helps him defeat a band of renegades attacking Rome. [Wonder Woman #20] The Roman centurion Longinus uses his spear to pierce the side of Christ as he hangs on the cross. In future years it becomes known as the Spear of Destiny. [Weird War Tales #50/John 19:34. The Roman emperor Nero is brought to 1942 by Dr. Doome and battles the Seven Soldiers of Victory. [Leading #3] The Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy, captured by the Dummy and sent into the past with a stolen time machine, are on hand when Leif Ericcson and Eric the Red discover North America before being rescued by the Shining Knight. [Leading #8] The Starheart falls in China as a green, glowing meteorite. It is found by a blacksmith named Chang, who fashions it into a lantern. When Chang is apparently killed by neighbors, the lantern slays his attackers with a burst of energy. Chang survives the assault, and retains a small chip of the meteor, which he calls the "Power Stone," and uses its energies to keep himself alive down through the centuries, leading the Tong of the Green Dragon as Lord Chang. [Green Lantern #109] 84 B.C. ======================== The Winds of Time send Etta Candy and the Holliday Girls to Rome from the year 1946. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor follow, and Wonder Woman battle General Lucius Cornelius Sulla. [Wonder Woman #17] 71 B.C. ======================== Atom & Hawkman briefly visit ancient Rome during the time of Spartacus' rebellion. [All-Star #53] 51 B.C. ======================== Wonder Woman travels to China from 1949 to investigate a Chinese mummy found carrying an Amazon shield. While there, she stops a Tartar invasion of China and builds the Great Wall of China for protection. [Wonder Woman #37] A.D. 60 ======================== Wonder Woman travels to Britain from 1946 to help Queen Boadicea battle Roman soldiers. [Sensation #60] c. 100 ======================== A gladiator named Abrihim Barabbas is transformed into an angelic winged warrior known as Gabriel. He perishes in battle with a demonic lion-man. [Hawkman V3#25] c. 450 ======================== Dr. Mid-Nite & Wonder Woman briefly encounter Attila the Hun, from June 1950. [All-Star #53] Attila the Hun is brought to 1942 by Dr. Doome and battles the Seven Soldiers of Victory. [Leading #3] mid 6th century ======================== The era of King Arthur and Camelot. Brian Kent, aided by a falcon called Slasher, becomes The Silent Knight. [Brave & Bold #1] The Shining Knight enters suspended animation and awakens in the 20th century. He eventually (with the help of Merlin's magic) begins to make periodic jaunts home from 1947 on, and takes a young man named Butch as his squire. Wonder Woman travels to Camelot from 1952 and helps King Arthur defeat the evil Merlin (Vandal Savage?) and rescue Queen Guinevere [Wonder Woman #54] The JSA travel to Camelot from February 1977 and battle (the 20th century) Vandal Savage, who masquerades briefly as King Arthur. [All-Star #65] Batman visits from 1946 and is knighted by Arthur after clearing Merlin of a charge of treason and revealing Mordred as a spy for Morgan Le Fey. [preferred post-Crisis substitution: Hourman] [Batman #36] Wildcat visits after being given an elixer by a mysterious dwarf. 8th century ======================== Arak and Valda have adventures [Arak #1] 9th century ======================== The sailor known as Sinbad has many adventures across the seven seas. [Arak] c. 10th century ======================== The Crier, a villain of ancient Baghdad who always weeps as he steals, plunders the city [Batman #49] In the Central American civilisation of Quetzatlan, Emperor Quexo, Empress Nara and the wise man Haxtl place themselves into suspended animation in a "magic sun globe" to escape the decline of the empire. They awaken in December 1946 and attempt to re-establish their rule before encountering Superman. [Action #103] Superman, Batman & Robin travel from November 1955 to Baghdad to help Aladdin overcome Abdullah and his gang of Forty Thieves. [World's Finest #79] 11th century ======================== In Persia, Vandal Savage's secret organization, formed in ancient Atlantis, takes the name "the Illuminati". About the year 1070, the followers of Hassan Ibn Sadah, founder of a sect of assassins, slay many high-ranking men in Persia. The line continues until the year 1940 when Ibn Sadah's descendent is executed by Hawkman. [Flash #5] In 1086, Wonder Woman travels from 1955 to the kingdom of Prince Alain to restore him to the throne and defeat the Black Baron [Wonder Woman #72] 12th century ======================== In England, Robert Fitzooth, Earl of Huntingdon, becomes Robin Hood upon returning from the crusades, King Richard having sent him back to England to investigate the trouble there. He and his men hide in Sherwood Forest, stealing from the corrupt rich and giving their spoils to the downtrodden poor. [Robin Hood Tales #1]. He is visited by the golden age Flash briefly as well as Batman & Robin from 1946 briefly [preferred post-Crisis substitution: Hourman & Second Sweep] [Detective #116]. The time-lost 20th century archer named Green Arrow poses as Robin Hood for a few weeks before he is rescued by Hawkman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Wonder Woman. Wilfred of Ivanhoe becomes the Disinherited Knight. [New Fun #1] [Sir Walter Scott & Charles Flanders] Superman visits the English town of Belford from September 1954 and helps the local townspeople overthrow the evil Duke Glennon. [Superman #92] 13th century ======================= The Mongol warrior named Temujin becomes Genghis Khan, becoming the prince of the Mongols and leading their invasion of China. He twice, in the early 1160's and in the year 1237, encounters a time-traveling Flash, who saves his life and is rewarded with his sword. [intended for All-Star #58, unpublished; synopsis appears in The All-Star Companion]. The time-lost 20th century hero named the Shining Knight loses his memory and serves under Genghis Khan for a few weeks before he is rescued by the Sandman, the Earth-1 Superman, and Metamorpho. Genghis Khan is also brought from this era to 1942 by Dr. Doome and battles the Seven Soldiers of Victory. [Leading #3] Vandal Savage impersonates Khan for a period, later claiming to be the man himself. [Flash #137] Allan De Beaufort, the "Iron Man," fights in the Fourth Crusade (1202-1204) and becomes a Knight Templar before returning to Europe and fighting evil there. [New Comics #1] Roger Bacon sends two students, 20-ish blonde Marcus and younger, dark-haired Guy Tiller, from 1255 to June, 1955 to discover whether the future will be worth working for. Having discerned from historical records (of their frequent trips courtesy of Professor Nichols) that Batman and Robin are futuristic time travelers, he dresses Marcus and Guy in identical uniforms on the assumption that "future men must ALL dress like the two in the drawings." The pair, armed with crossbows, quivers of arrows and small shields, inadvertently impersonate and then assist the Dynamic Duo before returning to their own time. [preferred post-Crisis substitution: Hourman & Second Sweep] [Detective #220] At a later date, Roger Bacon is brought to December 1951 by a scientist who seeks the secret of turning other elements into gold. [Mystery In Space #5] Wonder Woman travels from 1948 to the kingdom of Barania in the year 1270 to stop Count Gaston from killing the country's rightful ruler, King Philippe. [Wonder Woman #27] 1372 ======================= The Flash & Black Canary briefly visit Samarkand and encounter Tamurlane, from June 1950. [All-Star #53] c. 15th century ======================= A scholar named Galio finds the Four Wonders of Alchemy: the Philosopher's Stone, the Elixer of Youth, the Universal Solvent, and the secret of Perpetual Motion. [All-Star #42] In Mexico, the time-lost 20th century hero named the Crimson Avenger loses his memory and, for a few weeks, is convinced he is the Aztec war god Huitzilopochtli. He is cured and rescued by Dr. Fate, the Earth-1 Atom, and the Elongated Man. The Shining Knight, captured by the Dummy and sent into the past with a stolen time machine, meets Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo builds a time machine that Sir Justin uses to rescue the other timelost 7SoV. [Leading #8] In the late 1400's, using the time machine of his own design, Leonardo da Vinci brings Wonder Woman to Florence from 1953 to end the rule of the evil Duke Perilosa. [Wonder Woman #57] Leonardo da Vinci's family line continues to the present day; his descendents include Luigi and later Giovanni (Jonathan) Zatara. In 1451, Wonder Woman travels to Mainz, Germany from 1954, where she saves Johannes Gutenberg's printing press from being destroyed by criminals. [Wonder Woman #69] In 1492, Wonder Woman travels back in time from 1954 and prevents Christopher Columbus' ships from being destroyed by a prehistoric water dinosaur. [Wonder Woman #69] 1554 ======================= Wonder Woman travels from the year 1954 to the kingdom of Sardonia, where she impersonates Queen Niana. [Wonder Woman #63] 1555 ======================= Wonder Woman travels to Tegurana Island from 1955 to rescue John Keigh from natives. [Wonder Woman #72] Hawkman visits the astrologer Nostredamus, seeking his crystal ball. [intended for All-Star #58, unpublished; synopsis appears in The All-Star Companion]. 1558 ======================= Jon Valor becomes the Black Pirate. [Gardner Fox & Sheldon Moldoff] [Sensation #1] The Lord of Time briefly transports him to 1978 to battle the JLA and the JSA. [JLA #159] Jon Valor is later killed, and is forced to wander the seas as a ghost. [Starman #31] As Vandalo Savaje, Vandal Savage leads the Spanish Armada in a failed campaign against Sir Francis Drake. 1588 ======================= Superman travels from May 1954 and assists Elizabeth I in defeating the Spanish Armada under the guise of Captain Kent the Terrible. [Superman #89] 1606 ======================= Superman and Lois Lane visit England from January 1947, as a result of being exposed to Professor Rinton's time ray. They rescue William Shakespeare from a gang of criminals and assist him in the staging of Macbeth. As Clark Kent, he and Lois Lane establish the world's first daily newspaper, Ye Daily Planet. [Superman #44] 1626-27 ======================= The events of Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers. Green Arrow and Speedy, captured by the Dummy and sent into the past with a stolen time machine, meet the Three Musketeers before being rescued by the Shining Knight. [Leading #8] Superman, Batman and Robin travel from May 1956 and assist the Three Musketeers against the king's evil chancellor Bourdet. [World's Finest #82] Henri Duval has adventures as a French soldier of fortune. [New Fun #6] 1632 ======================= An alleged sorcerer known as the Purple Pilgrim is sentenced to death by Judge Sanders. The Pilgrim responds by cursing him "and all who may come after you and bear your hated name." Viewing the man's punishment as unjust, a faction of the community decides "to cut themselves off from the colonies" and move to a completely isolated area known as Hidden Valley. [Flash #86] 1651 ======================= The pirate Capt. Storm buries a fortune in jewels on land that will become the site of the Holliday College for Women in Washington, D.C. [Wonder Woman #48] 1668 ======================= A cult of worships Nawor, ruler of the extradimensional realm of Geimpo, is led by a sorcerer named Zebabeb Dodson. Forced to flee England in 1668 for their beliefs, Dodson and his followers settle in America on the site of present-day Gateway City, then called Road Point. They are put under a curse of death by a Native American shaman for stealing mystical artifacts from his tribe, but Nawor intercedes so the cult is thrown into limbo. In September 1968 they escape to attempt to summon Nawor, but are prevented by the Spectre. [The Spectre #6] 1692 ======================= Wonder Woman travels to Puritan America from 1948 to rescue one of the Holliday Girls who has arrived in the era and been convicted of witchcraft. [Sensation #73] 1700 ======================= Keith Everet, the Earl of Strethmere, is killed by a band of itinerant rogues. [Sensation #1] 18th century ======================= Abel Adams becomes Captain Lightfoot, and confiscates shipments of contraband guns to help avert warfare between the colonists and Indians. [Batman #79] Thomas Hawk has adventures as Tomahawk, and founds the Rangers. [Star-Spangled Comics #69] Elizabeth Lynn becomes Miss Liberty (ancestor of Libby Lawrence/Liberty Belle). [Tomahawk #81] The Lord of Time briefly transports her to 1978 to battle the JLA and the JSA. [JLA #159] She dies shortly before the end of the Revolutionary War, fighting Hessian troops who had stolen the Liberty Bell. Her body was found by Tomahawk. The brutish pirate known as Captain Skull, loots the Caribbean islands and the Carolinas. He is later reincarnated as American special ambassador Joseph Clanton and in November 1967 manages to reassert enough of his own personality to pester the Spectre. [The Spectre #1] Narkran, apprentice to an elderly alchemist, enacts a spell to open "the doorway to limitless power." He finds himself flung to another dimension, and returns to Earth in January 1969, only to be foiled by The Spectre. [The Spectre #8] 1750 ======================= A time monster sweeps Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and the Holiday Girls to Charleston, South Carolina from 1946. Wonder Woman defeats a band of pirates while there. [Wonder Woman #20] A member of the Drake family begins service "in the original London police -- the Bow Street Runners, under John Fielding," initiating a nearly two-hundred year family tradition in law enforcement. [DC Special Series #10] 1753 ======================= American colonist Jeremy Coe is the first known man to use the batcave as his headquarters as he attempts to avert warfare between colonists and Indians while disguising himself. [Detective #205] 1760 ======================= Dr. Indigo Maylor, a botanist who basically creates Triffids, is saved from his hanging on July 1st by Carr Davis and his fiancee Anne Bell who create a machine that snatches folks from the past, and is brought to August 1951. Carr and Bell grab Ben Franklin and Napoleon to help defeat the plant creatures. [Mystery In Space #3] 1775 ======================= Wonder Woman travels to Boston from 1954 to prevent British agents from stopping Paul Revere's ride [Wonder Woman #69]. She also travels to the American West from 1951 to discover why a totem pole carved in this year bears her likeness. [Wonder Woman #47]. 1776 ======================= On July 4th, after signing the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson join with 10 others to perform a mystical ceremony. Led by the alchemist Taylor Hawke, they create the living spirit of the United States. Later that year, Taylor Hawke is killed; the living spirit of America bonds with his soul to form the Minuteman. The Minuteman is with Washington at Christmas when he crosses the Delaware. [Spectre #38] Also assisting the crossing by breaking up ice on the river is Superman, traveling from September 1947. [Superman #48] 1777 ======================= Suspecting that a friend's hatred of men stems from a past life, Wonder Woman travels to Scotland from 1947 to learn the cause. [Comic Cavalcade #24] 1779 ======================= Ely Kent, a Colonial-era blacksmith and ancestor of John Kent, receives a promissory note for $2,000 from George Washington. Superman travels from May 1949 and encounters George Washington a second time after the butler of Clark Kent's cousin Titus Kent, and heir to his estate, discovers the note and attempts to murder all living Kents to acquire sole ownership of the accumulated interest. [Action #132] c. 1781 ======================= The Minuteman fades away after Yorktown. 1790 ======================= The events of Mary Shelly's novel Frankenstein. 1796 ======================= As Marshal Sauvage, Vandal Savage becomes an advisor to Napoleon; during this period, Napoleon is brought to 1942 by Dr. Doome and battles the Seven Soldiers of Victory. [Flash #137/Leading #3] early 19th century ======================= Buckskin Jim and his grizzled best friend Trapper Pete have adventures on the American frontier. [New Fun #1] Captain Bill leads the Texas Rangers. [New Fun #2] Chuck Dawson has adventures. [Action #1] Hannibal Hawkes becomes the Nighthawk. The Masked Ranger has first public case [Jim Chambers] [More Fun #36] The man known as Rodeo Rick briefly becomes the Masked Stranger. [Western #58] William Polk has adventures as the Wyoming Kid. [Western #1] 1812 ======================= Using the magic sphere, Queen Hippolyte of the Amazons learns that she will one day have a daughter who will be known as Wonder Woman in the world of men. Seeing that women in the South American city of Cochabamba are about to be destroyed by conquistadores, Hippolyte summons Wonder Woman to help them. [Sensation #70] 1827 ======================= The events of Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym Of Nantucket; Arthur Gordon Pym finds the Dzyan. 1835 ======================= Mr. Oliver Weed builds a time sphere and travels from December 1935. [Sheldon Mayer] [New Comics #1] 1842 ======================= Captain Rip Carter, the "White Dragon", liberates China. 1840's ======================= Don Fernando Suarez becomes the original El Castigo, the Whip. After Etta Candy has been swept back in time from 1946 to the Old West, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor follow and rescue her. [Wonder Woman #17] 1846 ======================= [speculated] Zachary Zor, a member of a mysterious organization the Eight Unknown Men, defects to the side of unrighteousness. It is possible his defection is tied to the child murderer Cyrus Gold. The remaining Seven Unknown Men later enlist Richard Occult and Rose Psychic into their ranks, and possibly have some influence on the formnation of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Zor goes on to confront the Spectre. [Seven Soldiers of Victory #1] 1849 ======================= Wonder Woman travels from 1949 to the western town of Twin Peaks to learn how her name was written in a diary from that year. Once there, she battles Jabez Dexter. [Sensation #87] c. 1861 ======================= The African-American Samuel Braxton becomes the Black Bat, a mounted figure with batwings, horned cowl and batarang, to fight on the side of the U.S. Army. [Batman #600] [Ed Brubaker & James Walker] c. 1866 ======================= Arthur Gordon Pym becomes Captain Nemo. Vengeful ex-slaves resolve to have revenge against New Orleans plantation owner Louis DuBois. A hypnotized DuBois is commanded to go to a voodoo ceremony even as his sister, Dala, surreptiously trails him. DuBois, mesmerized, is commanded to thrust his hand into a basket -- where a snake bites him. Dala races after her yelling brother, imagining that the snake had been poisonous. In fact, the bite had been the last part of a ceremony designed to make Louis into a vampire -- and Dala DuBois becames the first he infects to join him among the undead. By 1938 Louis DuBois is masquerading as a werewolf and calling himself The Monk. [Detective #517] late 1870 ======================= Vandal Savage becomes an advisor to Prince Otto Von Bismarck, the premier and later chancellor of Prussia. Savage orchestrates Bismarck's victory over the French in the Franco-Prussian war (1870-1871) and consolidation of the German states. [Flash #137] 1870'S ======================= The time-lost 20th century gunslinger named the Vigilante becomes sheriff of Pepper Gulch, Arizona for several years. On February 12th, 1875 he and Johnny Frankenstein corral the giant 'bufallo spider' in Miracle Mesa. He is defending himself against an onslaught from a tribe of American Indians when he is rescued by Black Canary, Johnny Thunder, and the Earth-1 Green Arrow. 1878 ======================= Superman, traveling from May 1949, encounters P.T. Barnum, who offers him the job of a circus strongman. He also encounters the youngester who will one day grow up to be his own foster father. [Action #132] 1894 ======================= Cyrus Gold is murdered in Slaughter Swamp near Gotham City. His corpse later is reanimated as Solomon Grundy. [Alfred Bester] [All-American #61] 1899 ======================= On December 31st, Zator, a member of a group of mystics called the Seven rescue two infants from sacrifice to the demon Koth later named Richard Occult and Rose Psychic. 1900 ======================= Jules Verne travels from here to March 1956 to assist Batman & Robin in constructing a weapon capable of defeating the villainous Simak [preferred post-Crisis substitution: Hourman & Second Sweep] [Batman #98] 1903 ======================= Professor Challenger's and Lord John Roxton's expedition to The Lost World, as related by Edward Malone (edited by Arthur Conan Doyle). Wonder Woman travels to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina from 1954, where she smashes a meteor that is about to destroy the Wright Brothers plane. [Wonder Woman #69] 1912 ======================= Perkins (Arthur Gordon Pym) builds Leviathan which is used to sink the Titanic. 1913 ======================= Sir Denis Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie first cross paths with Dr. Fu Manchu. [Detective Comics #18]. 1915 ======================= Bruce Wayne is born April 7, in Gotham City to Thomas and Martha Wayne. [America Vs. the JSA #1; birthdate is closer to 1917 according to AWoDCC #16] James Brendan Corrigan is born. [AWoDCC #16] 1917 ============================ Johnny Thunder born July 7, at 7 am. [Flash #1] Charles McNider born. [AWoDCC #16] James Wright and Samuel Dashiell Hammett, two Pinkerton detectives, travel to the city of St. Roch on a case. James Wright is reunited with an old lover of his, Sheila Carr, and briefly makes use of an Nth metal ring before the pair are killed by mobster Big Louie Moretti. [Hawkman #27] The U.S. 13th Air Squadron loses one of its members, Captain Luther Jarvis, to a German ace named Kreig. In June 1967, Jarvis' ghost returns as The Ghost Pilot to avenge himself on his comrades for abandoning him, although he is foiled by the Spectre and the Earth-1 Flash. [The Brave & the Bold #72] 1920 ======================== Noted archeologist Sven Nelson and his 12-year-old son Kent conduct a dig in the Valley of Ur in Mesopotamia. Upon opening the sarcophagus of Nabu the Wise, Kent releases poison gas which immediately slays his father. Nabu takes pity on the boy and schools him in the ways of mysticism. [All-Star Squadron #47] A rocket lands on Earth from the exploded planet Krypton, Kal-L is a few months old. Alan Wellington Scott born. [AWoDCC #16] 1922 ======================= Jason Peter Garrick born. [AWoDCC #16] Carter Hall born. [AWoDCC #16] 1924 ======================= June 8 Thomas & Martha Wayne are killed; several years later Bruce Wayne has first public case as Robin I assisting police detective Harvey Harris. [Detective #226, date from the 1976 Super DC Calendar] Alan Pratt born. [AWoDCC #16] 1926 ======================== Sylvester Pemberton is born. [All-Star #70] 1928 ======================== Richard Grayson is born November 11, to John and Mary Grayson. [Last Days of the JSA] Dinah Drake is born April 10, to Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Drake. [1976 Super DC Calendar] circa 1933 ======================== Wesley Dodds, Clyde Dunlap and Happy O'Shea serve together as Navy pilots, and gain notoriety as the Three Musketeers. At some point between the end of their service and 1939, Dunlap and O'Shea assist Dodds as the Three Sandmen (wearing gasmasks and specialising in sleeping gas-based attacks, devised by Dodds). [Adventure #42] [Bert Christman] Terry Sloane wins three Olympic medals during the 1930s (at the 1932 or 1936 Olympics or both) [National Comics V2#1] 1935 ======================== October Dr. Occult & Rose Psychic have first public case as paranormal detective agency. [Jerry Siegel & Joe Schuster] [New Fun #6] Don Drake (descendent of the Drake law-enforcement family?) and Betty have adventures on the planet Saro, where they encounter Midget Men from Mars and a race of giant ants. [New Fun #1] [Kenneth Fitch & Clemens Gretter] 1936 ======================== The archeologist Indiana Jones uncovers the Arc of the Covenant. [Raiders of the Lost Arc] The jade lantern constructed by the blacksmith Chang is found by Terry Lee and Pat Ryan as they track the pirates of the China seas, and is brought to America, where eventually it is left outside Arkham Asylum, just north of Gotham City. [Secret Origins #18] 1937 ======================== Slam Bradley has first public case as adventurer. [Jerry Siegel & Joe Schuster] [Detective Comics #1] Cosmo, Phantom of Disguise, has first public case. [Sven Elven] [Detective Comics #1] Cyril "Speed" Saunders has first public case special operative in a unit of the river patrol. [Detective Comics #1] Bat-Man may have had first public case. [Detective Comics #65] [Note from Aaron Severson: This story explicitly states that Mike Nolan was murdered in 1937 and that Batman was already in action at that time. However, the majority of subsequent accounts explicitly indicate that Batman’s career began in 1939, the time of his textual debut, so this account can be considered apocryphal.] [Note from Mikel Midnight: I am also personally loath to have Batman begin his career in advance of Superman, although any canonical indication that Superman may have begun his career in 1937 orearlier would incline me to include this story dating in the timeline] 1938 ======================== May Nadir, Master of Magic, has first public case. [New Adventure #17] June Clark Kent/Kal-L, reporter for The Metropolis Daily Star under the editorship of George Taylor, becomes Superman after the deaths of his parents John and Mary Kent. [Jerry Siegel & Joe Schuster] On Earth-2A, Clark Kent/Kal-El, reporter for The Cleveland Evening News under the editorship of George Taylor, becomes Superman following his career as Superboy, after the deaths of his parents Jonathan and Martha Kent. He and Lois Lane are eventually transferred to the Metropolis Daily Planet under the editorship of Perry White, after briefly working on a New York beat. On an alternate Earth, Clark Kent/Kal-El, reporter for The Metropolis Daily Planet under the editorship of Perry White, becomes Superman after the deaths of his parents Eben and Sarah Kent. [George Lowther] On an alternate Earth, Kal-El arrives from a Krypton which orbits the sun opposite the Earth, having grown to adulthood during his journey, and adopts the name Clark Kent (on the advice of a professor and his son whom he has saved from a runaway train) as a pseudonym with which to become a reporter for The Metropolis Daily Flash, under the editorship of Paris White. (Kryptonite on this Earth just makes Superman incapable of moving. In order to kill him, he has to be exposed to it long enought to starve to death.) [Mutual Radio] Harry "Tex" Thomson has first public case as a cowboy/adventurer [Bernard Bailey] [Action #1] Giovanni Zatara has first public case [Fred Guardineer] [Action #1] October On Halloween night, Lee Travis & chauffer become the Crimson Avenger & Wing [Jim Chambers] [Detective #20] 1939 ======================== While on an archaeological expedition in Egypt, Professor James Rock unearths the crystal dagger that Hath-Set used to murder Prince Khufu and Chay-Ara. [Flash #1, Secret Origins #11] February Cotton Carver begins his adventures as world-famous explorer and adventurer. [Adventure 2/39] [Gardner Fox & Ogden Whitney] April Hop Harrigan has first public case as a pilot/adventurer [John L. Blummer] May Bruce Wayne has first public case as The Bat-Man [Bob Kane & Bill Finger] June Wesley Dodds has first public case as Sandman in New York City [Gardner Fox & Bernard Bailey] [New York World's Fair Comics #1]; later, Sandman and Crimson Avenger save England's Royal Family from the Phantom of the Fair, after which the Crimson assists Sandman in perfecting his sleeping gas technology. [Secret Origins] death of Nadir, Master of Magic? (strangled into unconsciousness and abducted in the cliffhanger of his last appearance) [New Adventure #30] July 23 Detective Jim Corrigan, of the 101st Precinct in Cliffland City, is murdered; within a month he becomes the Spectre. (date from 1976 Super DC Calendar). [Jerry Siegel & Bernard Bailey] [More Fun #52-53] November Purported origin of Steel the Indestructable Man; internal evidence suggests 1941. December Rex Tyler has first public case as Man of the Hour in Cosmos City; by March 1965 he is living in Gotham City. 1940 ======================== January Jay Garrick becomes the Flash in Keystone City [Gardner Fox & Harry Lampert] [Flash #1] Carter Hall of 1948 Keystone Avenue becomes Hawkman in New York City (also identified as Gotham City). [Gardner Fox & Dennis Neville] [Flash #1] Johnny Thunder first uses the Thunderbolt in New York City (later Park City). [John Wentworth & Stanley Aschmeir] [Flash #1] Rodney Elwood Gaynor becomes the Whip [John Wentworth & George Storm] [Flash #1] February Rex Darrell becomes Flying Fox. [Terry Gilkinson] Sandman encounters the cat burglar, "The Lady in Evening Clothes," who is later revealed to be Dian Belmont, daughter of the District Attorney. [Adventure #47] March Rex Tyler becomes Hourman (cf. Man of the Hour) [Bernard Bailey] King Standish becomes the King [Gardner Fox & Harry Lampert] [Flash #3] April Richard Grayson becomes Robin II [Jerry Robinson] Selina Kyle has first public case as Catwoman May Kent Nelson becomes Dr. Fate [Gardner Fox & Howard Sherman] [More Fun #55] Tomas Ludlow-Dalt becomes the Spider (Alias the ...) [Paul Gustavson] [Crack #1] June 20th - 22nd The man known as the Unknown Soldier has first case. [Unknown Soldier #249] July Alan Scott becomes Green Lantern, eventually settling in Capitol City (later Gotham City). [Bill Finger, Martin Nodell and Sheldon Mayer] August Janice "Peggy" Maloney accompanies Tex Thomson and Bob Daley as Miss X [Action #26] October Al Pratt becomes the Atom in Calvin City. [Bill O'Conner & Ben Flinton] Abigail Mathilda Hunkle becomes the Red Tornado I [Sheldon Mayer] James Anthony has first public case. [Robert Leslie Bellem & W.T. Ballard] [Super-Detective #1] November 22 First meeting of the Justice Society (Atom, Dr. Fate, Flash, Green Lantern, Hourman, Sandman, Spectre); Johnny Thunder and The Red Tornado sneak into the meeting; Superman and Batman abstain. [Gardner Fox] [All Star #3] December 1 Charles McNider becomes Dr. Mid-nite in New York City (also identified as Gotham City; date from 1976 Super DC Calendar, locale from All-American #74). [Charles Reizenstein & Stanley Aschmeir] 1941 ======================== On an alternate Earth, Superman captures Stalin and Hitler and brings them to trial for war crimes. [Look Magazine, 1943] February Tex Thomson is declared dead after a bomb sinks his vessel; a disheartened Miss X abandons crimefighting. Tex Thomson secretly becomes Mr. America. [Bernard Bailey] March Lando, Master of Magic has first public case [World's Best #1] Henry Heywood becomes Steel [Gerry Conway & Don Heck] April Theodore Knight has first public case as Starman in Gotham City (later Capitol City). [Jack Burnley & Murray Boltinoff] [Adventure #61] May Tom Longacre drinks the soda-pop known as Gingold to gain the ability to stretch his body and begins his career as Stretch. [Bob Rozakis & Stephen DeStefano] [Hero Hotline #1] After initiation "stunts", Johnny Thunder joins the JSA as a full member; the Flash takes honorary status and GL becomes chairman. June Hop Harrigan becomes Guardian Angel [John Blummer] Shiera Saunders becomes Hawkwoman (later Hawkgirl) [Gardner Fox/Sheldon Moldoff] [All-Star #5] JSA, along with non-members, defeat Ian Karkull, who bathes most of them with mystical radiation, retarding their aging. Green Lantern takes leave of absence, Hawkman becomes the chairman, Hourman takes leave of absence. July John Sargent becomes Sargon [All-American #26] Theodore Grant becomes Wildcat,July 19th (date from the 1976 Super DC Calendar). [Bill Finger & Irwin Hasen] [Sensation #1] [Note: Ted Grant appears to have been born in Gotham City, in one of the Adventure Comics "Justice Society" stories, but to have spent much of his professional career in New York City as confirmed in All-Star Squadron Annual #1. By 1968 however he is confirmed as the resident superhero of Knickerbocker City in The Spectre #3, but later returning to his "roots" in Gotham.] August Bart Hawk has first public case as Blackhawk. [Charles Cuidera & Bob Powell] [Military #1] Patrick "Eel" O'Brian becomes Plastic Man [Jack Cole] [Police #1] September Johnny Chambers becomes Johnny Quick [Mort Weisinger & Mort Meskin] Shining Knight becomes Justin Arthur and has first public case in 20th c. [Creig Flessel] The Flash takes honorary status in the JSA; Johnny Thunder formally inducted as member. October Richard "Buck" Dare becomes Captain X of the R.A.F. [Gardner Fox & John Blummer] [Star-Spangled #1] Sylvester Pemberton & Patrick Dugan become Star-Spangled Kid & Stripesy in Civic City. [Jerry Siegel & Hal Sherman] Jonathan Law becomes Tarantula. [Mort Weisinger & Al Avison] Realizing that the Helm of Nabu allows Nabu to control him, Kent Nelson begins using a half-helmet instead. [More Fun #72/All-Star Squadron #23] November Arthur Curry becomes Aquaman. [Mort Weisinger & Paul Norris] Robert Daley becomes Fat Man. [Bernard Bailey] Oliver Queen has first public case as Green Arrow in Star City. [Mort Weisinger & George Papp] Roy Harper has first public case as Speedy. [Mort Weisinger & George Papp] Greg Saunders becomes the Vigilante on November 27. [Mort Weisinger & Mort Meskin] Billy Gunn has first public case accompanying Vigilante. [Mort Weisinger & Mort Meskin] December Percival Popp has first public case as "the Super Cop". [More Fun #74] [Bernard Bailey] Sanderson Hawkins becomes Sandy the Golden Boy. [Bob Kane/Whitney Ellsworth/Chad Grothkopf/Paul Norris] Wonder Woman becomes Diana Prince and has first public case in Washington D.C. [William Moulton Marston & Harry G. Peter] start All-Star Squadron [Roy Thomas] Green Lantern takes honorary membership in the JSA; Dr. Mid-Nite and Starman "win their spurs" as new members. Hooty is made the JSA mascot. [All-Star #8] 1942 ======================== January Charles Collins, possessed by the soul of Keith Everet, the Earl of Strethmere, becomes the Gay Ghost [Gardner Fox & Howard Purcell] [Sensation #1] Thomas Rogers becomes Little Boy Blue, accompanied by his friends Tommy and Tubby as the Blue Boys. [Bill Finger & Jon Blummer] [Sensation #1] Terrence Sloane becomes Mr. Terrific in Gateway City. [Charles Reizenstein & Hal Sharp] [Sensation #1] Will Everett becomes Amazing Man [Roy Thomas & Jerry Ordway] On trial as a public menace, Robotman reveals that he is Robert Crane's brain in a robot body; the court declares him a human being. February Larry Jordan becomes Air Wave [Mort Weisinger & Lee Harris] [Detective #60] Jimmy Martin assists Hourman as Minuteman [Adventure #71] Daniel Leong becomes Stuff the Chinatown Kid. Firebrand II, Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, and Starman battle Tsunami (Miya Shimada). [All-Star Squadron #33] Infinity, Inc. travels from the year 1978 and confront the All-Star Squadron. [All-Star Squadron #24] Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior, and Mary Marvel are magically transported from Earth-S to Earth-2's Berlin. Under Hitler's spell, Captain Marvel attacks England and butts heads with Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and Plastic Man. [All-Star Squadron #36] Needing help to battle Doctor Poison, Wonder Woman recruits Etta Candy and ninety-nine other girls from the Beeta Lambda Holliday College for Women in Washington, D.C. They become known as the Holliday Girls (known members include Betty, Brenda, Dorothy Lord, Eve Brown, Faith Alden, Gay, Gell Osey, Glamora Treat, Hester, Janet Foster, Jean Townsend, Lillie, Lita Little, Lorrie, Marcia, Marcy Young, Mary Lane, Patsy Peters, Selina, Roberta "Bobbie" Strong, Ruth Rorick, Susan Tardee, Tina Toy, Thelma Tall, Tress Akter, Virginia True, and Millie & Tillie Heyday). [Sensation #2] J. Edgar Hoover voted in as Associate Member of the JSA. [All-Star #9] April James Harper becomes the Guardian, then becomes legal "guardian" for members of The Newsboy Legion [Joe Simon & Jack Kirby] [Star-Spangled #7] Paul Kirk becomes Manhunter in Empire City. [Joe Simon & Jack Kirby] [Adventure #73] On Earth-2A, Rick Nelson becomes Manhunter [Joe Simon & Jack Kirby] [Adventure #73] Dr. Robert Crane becomes Robotman [Jerry Siegel & Joe Schuster] [Star-Spangled #7] Thomas N. Thomas & Daniel Dunbar become TNT & Dan the Dyna-Mite [Mort Weisinger] [Star-Spangled #7] May Paula Brooks has first public case as the Tigress [Roy Thomas & Jerry Ordway] Thorndyke assists Hourman as Second Sweep [Adventure #74] Superman takes on an occasional sidekick, the teenaged inventor named Tim. [Superman-Tim] start Ghost Patrol (Fred, Pedro, and Slim) [Ted Udall & Frank Harry] [Flash #29] JSA disbands, all save the Spectre join Armed Forces; start Justice Batallion. [speculation] On an alternate Earth, start the Teen Titans (Stripesy/Pat Dugan, Amazon Prince/Marvin White, Arsenal/Roy Harper, Dr. Fate Jr./Eric Strauss, Kid Spectre/Casper Freeman, Li'l Atom/Ray Palmer). [Ty Templeton] [Elseworlds 80-Page Giant] July Wonder Woman inducted as JSA secretary. Superman builds his Secret Citadel in the mountains outside Metropolis. [Superman #17] On an alternate Earth, the Justice Society and then the universe is destroyed by a visiting Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite of Earth-1. [World's Funnest] Autumn Winky Moylan, Blinky Boylan, and Noddy Toylan, three would-be crooks who make a general mess of things but who aren't truly evil, are sort of adopted by the Flash as "the Three Dimwits." [All-Flash #5] August Johnny Jones becomes Genius Jones, the Answerman. [Alfred Bester/Stan Kaye] [Adventure #77] Independently stopping the agents of the Hand, Crimson Avenger & Wing, Green Arrow & Speedy, Shining Knight, Star-Spangled Kid & Stripesy, and Vigilante join together to become the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Auxiliary members over the years include Billy Gunn, Stuff, and The Spider. September start Americommandos, carrying out undercover operations in Europe while disguised as German officers (Americommando & Fat Man) November Drusilla, of Paradise Island, has first case as Wonder Girl. start Creature Commandos. Mr. Mind travels from Earth-S. He recruits Oom, Nyola, Nightshade (a.k.a. Ramulus), and Mr. Who to form the Monster Society of Evil, which battles Dr. Fate, Hawkgirl, Hourman, and Sandy. [All-Star Squadron #51] Winter Boy Commandoes have first public case. [Joe Simon & Jack Kirby] Elisabeth Lawrence becomes Liberty Belle [Don Cameron & Chuck Winter] 1943 ======================== January Volto (from Mars) arrives on Earth, has first public case. June A modern-day Robin Hood has adventures before becoming cynical and allying himself with criminals. He dies intercepting a bullet intended for Lois Lane. [Superman #22] Justice Society drop the name "Justice Battalion"; Justice Society move their HQ from Smithsonian Museum to the Perisphere in NYC Winter Vandal Savage allies himself with the Axis powers, conspiring to make himself the new chief of war labor in the U.S. in hopes of sabotaging American military production. He is challenged and defeated by Green Lantern, apparently falling to his death. November The Vagabond, "Uncle Sam's European counterpart", has first case publicised in America. [National #37] On Earth-2A, army private Sam Stupe falls off a cliff; Superman, flying overhead, gives the lad a super blood transfusion. Sam Stupe becomes Super Sam. [Jerry Siegel & Ben Bryan] [an armed forces magazine, probably Yank] 1944 ======================== January An explosion in the city of Rome awakens the Roman god Mercury from his centuries- long sleep. He creates pandemonium in Metropolis under the name 'The Quicksilver Kid' before being defeated by Superman. (note: this probably contradicts accounts in Wonder Woman, leading one either to assume the Greek and Roman pantheons are distinct, and Wonder Woman has had dealings with Hermes, or that Mercury's timeline overlaps in some way as does Superman and Batman's (twice!) cf. 2956 and 2957 entries) [Superman #26] Summer On Earth-C, Merton McSnurtle of Zooville is selected by gods from another planet for good on Earth; equipped with an automatic conscience that doesn't leave him alone for a second, he becomes The Terrific Whatzit. [Martin Naydel] [Funny Stuff #1] December U. S. Representative Thomas K. Cole is given the Disc of Mars and briefly becomes the Bombardier. [Jack C. Harris] [Wonder Woman Spectacular 1978] Winter Daniel Leong's brother Victor takes over his brother's role as Stuff, The Chinatown Kid 1945 ======================== Spring Dr. Fate, Sandman, Spectre and Starman take leaves of absence from JSA membership; Wildcat and Mr. Terrific become provisional members of the JSA. June Neptune Perkins and Hawkman first team up; capture a gang of criminals [Flash #66] August All-Star Squadron disbands Winter Blinky Boylan, of the Three Dimwits, hypnotises himself into turning into a superhero called Muscleman. [All-Flash #13] December Edward Sloane briefly becomes Doctor Nil in Gateway City. [JSA: All-Stars #7] 1946 ======================== January Stretch Skinner brefly becomes Tomcat [Sensation #49] March death of Paul Kirk/Manhunter II; resumes big game hunting only to be killed by the charge of a bull elephant. [Detective #439] Sandy transformed into silicon monster, Sandman retires. April Lady Fear has first case publicised in the West. May Hawkman & Hawkgirl befriend the winged inhabitants of the hidden city of Feithera. [Flash #71] October Hop Harrigan briefly becomes The Black Lamp. [All-American # 78] 1947 ======================== February Superman publishes his autobiography, entitled The Confessions of Superman [Ace Publishing Co.], with his share of the proceeds donated to charity. [World's Finest #26] August Dinah Drake becomes Black Canary in Park City (later Gotham) [Robert Khaniger & Carmine Infantino] [Flash #86] Paula Brooks (formerly Tigress?) begins criminal career as the Huntress [Sensation #86] Ted Grant (Wildcat) and his girlfriend Irina have a son, Jake, who is kidnapped shortly after birth by Wildcat's old enemy, the Yellow Wasp. Neither the child nor the Yellow Wasp are ever seen again. September Green Lantern has first clash with the Harlequin (Molly Mayne). [All-American #89] December Johnny Quick visits Africa where he encounters the "Antelope Boy," can run faster than 60 miles an hour. He brings the boy back to America, where Antelope Boy assists him on a case and eventually is invited to join a college track team. [Adventure #123] [Don Cameron & Mort Meskin] 1948 ======================== February Meredith Pemberton becomes Merry the Gimmick Girl [Otto Binder] [Star-Spangled #81] March In India, an Indian maharaja inspired by seeing Robin in Gotham City adopts the role of Rajah Rahbin, donning the same costume save for the addition of a turban. [Star-Spangled #78] July Black Canary joins the JSA. August The Stalker travels from his alternate dimension and battles the JSA. Interaction with one of his lackeys acts as a catalyst to Al Pratt's system, already altered in his battle with Cyclotron, and he develops superhuman strength. [James Robinson] [date from Flash Comics #98 and All-Star Comics #42, first appearences of his new costume] [post-Crisis substitution: this event takes place during WW2] 1949 ======================== March The JSA moves its headquarters from Gotham City to Civic City. [All-Star #45] February Jay Garrick retires as a full-time crimefighter, although he continues to attend meeting of the Justice Society. [Flash #123] June Jay Garrick marries Joan Williams. [Flash #134] [his adventures as portrayed in All-Star Comics at this time must be slightly inaccurate in their portrayal of his personal life] Regor, the super-champion of the planet Uuz, has adventure on Earth. [Superman #58] On Earth-2A, Clark Kent marries Lois Lane. Shortly thereafter they have a son, Joel. [Amazing World of DC Comics Special Edition #1 / World's Finest: Generations #2] [E. Nelson Bridwell, John Byrne] September By showing him visions of various possible futures, the JSA helps a dying boy named Edmund Blake find the will to live. The images of the future seen in this issue in actuality show the Earth-2A JSA in action in the mid-1950's, although on Earth-2 the team would be disbanded by then. November Clarence Pierce briefly becomes Wireboy [Star-Spangled #98] December Seven Soldiers of Victory battle Nebula Man, are betrayed by auxiliary member The Spider, and are timelost; death of Wing. (date given in Stars and STRIPE was 1948. I have taken the date of the last appearance of the Shining Knight's strip; the Golden Age Green Arrow continued publication until 1955 or so but that seems too late to me. The 1976 Super DC Calendar lists this date as June 28) 1950 ======================== The Earl of Wordenshire and his son Cyril have first case publicised in America as the Knight and the Squire. The Spider I is slain by a the Shade. [James Robinson] [The Shade #3] April Dr. Gordon Star has been found to be selling atomic secrets to foreign powers. Professor Rome and Johnny Peril find Star in an abandoned lighthouse who wants to demo his time machine for them, which he will use to escape. [he also has a time viewing screen by which the pair can watch his progress]. First stop: 2050 [beautiful cities], then to 5000 [robot slaves], 25000 AD [interplanetary travel], 50000 AD [just wilderness], 100000 AD [man has become primitive]. Plans to return to 2050 but machine can only go forward -- both moon and sun closer to earth. Hot. Then 20M into future. Earth dead. Keeps going and time ends -- then restarts. Sees dinosaurs, early man, Egyptians, Vikings, WWI, then back to 1950 where he ceases to exist. [All Star Comics #52] August Superman is confronted with his first Kryptonian menace: Mala, Kizo and U-Ban, three super criminals who had been shot into orbit by his father, Jor-El, and thus survived the destruction of the planet. (note: this is the last time the contention is made that everyone on Krypton has had the ability to run at super speed and leap an eighth of a mile, etc.) [Superman #65] Winter A spell cast by the Wizard, intended to eliminate Superman, causes Clark Kent to forget his identity as Superman for nearly a year. [Action #484] 1951 ======================== January Tom Sparks, Boy Inventor has first public case. [World's Finest #49] February After nearly being killed by Eliminations, Inc., the JSA is called to appear before Congress on charges of consorting with a foreign agent. When asked to unmask and reveal their true identities, the JSA opt to disappear dramatically from the hearing and disband. Note: Vandal Savage has claimed responsibility for the JSA's retirement; it is unclear whether this is true or just braggadocio on Savage's part. March [speculation] With technical support from other retired members of the JSA, Charles McNider becomes Starman II, an emergency catchall identity taken by various JSA members in response to their forced retirement. This practice lasts at least until September 1957, when Bruce Wayne briefly dons the identity. [Starman #77, Detective Comics #247] June Wingman has first public case assisting Batman. [Batman #65] November Robotgirl has first public case. [Detective Comics #177] 1952 ======================== October Joanie Swift becomes the queen of speed [Adventure Comics #181] 1953 ======================== Richard Carter becomes Mysto, Magician Detective Fred Venable briefly becomes the Human Target [Detective #201] On Earth-2A, Green Arrow joins the JSA. [Generations II] [John Byrne] January Halk Kar (Earth-2 counterpart of Mon-El) of the planet Thoron, with powers similar to but not as great as Superman's, has adventure on Earth (note: as Superman was amnesiac during this period, adventure occurred probably prior to stated date). [Ed Hamilton & Al Plastino] [Superman #80] March Tharka, the Superwoman of the planet Zor, has adventure on Earth (note: as Superman was amnesiac during this period, adventure occurred probably prior to stated date). [Superman #81] June Clark Kent marries Lois Lane. On their wedding night, Lois discovers that Clark is Superman. Clark shortly recovers his memories and reclaims his Superman identity. [Action #484] September Roh Kar has adventure on Earth as the Manhunter from Mars [Batman #78] Clark Kent becomes the managing editor of the Metropolis Daily Star after the retirement of George Taylor. [Superman Family #197] December Lana Lang becomes Insect Queen [Superman Family #213] 1954 ======================== Sioux Indian Great Eagle and his son have first case publicised in Gotham as Chief Man-of-the-Bats and Little Raven. [Batman #86] September Clark Kent/Kal-L briefly becomes Mental Man [Action Comics #196] 1955 ======================== October Bruce Wayne marries Selina Kyle [Superman Family #211] 1956 ======================== July Kathy Kane becomes Batwoman [note: original publication date; Earth-2 Batwoman's career starts prior to 1955, probably postwar heroine] [Edmond Hamilton] 1957 ======================== June Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have a daughter, Helena Wayne (Huntress II). [Last Days of the JSA] July Clark Kent/Kal-L briefly becomes Lightning Man [World's Finest #89] start Club of Heroes (Batman, Gaucho, Legionary, Musketeer, Superman, Knight & Squire). August Donald Bard briefly brandishes the hammer of Thor. 1960 ======================== Batman, Robin, and Batwoman battle the Star-Man III [Detective #286] 1961 ======================= Barry Allen travels to Earth-2 from Earth-1; first human alternate-Earth encounter since the 1940's. 1963 ======================== Albert Elwood briefly becomes The Crimson Avenger II February On Earth-1, The Justice League meets the Tornado Champion. Wonder Woman marries Steve Trevor. [Wonder Woman #300] June JSA members are captured by Vandal Savage in a revenge plot; they are rescued by Jay Garrick and Barry Allen, and decide to officially revive the JSA. November Hector Hall (Silver Scarab/Sandman III) is born to Carter and Shiera Hall in Cairo, Egypt. 1965 ======================== February Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor is born to Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. [Wonder Woman #300] June The Immortal Man has first public case. [Jack Sparling] [Strange Adventures #177] 1966 ======================== June Doiby Dickles leaves the Earth to marry the alien princess Ramia from the planet Myrg. [Green Lantern #45] "Q-energy" is brought from Earth-2 to bedevil the Earth-1 Green Lantern. It had also been used offensively on November 1962 against the Earth-1 Flash [Flash #132] and against the Earth-1 Superman [Superman #204]. Note: The nature of "Q-energy" remains mysterious, but the Green Lantern tale is the only one in which its dimension of origin has been revealed. 1967 ======================== Robin joins the JSA. [preferred post-Crisis substitution: Sanderson Hawkins] March The Immortal Man has last public case ("The Apes With Bizarre Powers"); shortly after this he presumably emigrates to Earth-1. [Jack Sparling] [Strange Adventures #198] 1968 ======================== William MacIntyre discovers that his father is a petty thug in the employ of the aging Dr. Cobalt late one night after tailing the elder MacIntyre. When Hourman engages Dr. Cobalt in combat, Will saves the hero from a magnetic blast. September 29 Tornado Champion becomes Red Tornado II, joins the JSA (after some initial confusion over whether s/he was original member Ma Hunkle) (date from 1976 Super DC Calendar). 1969 ======================== On Earth-2A, Richard Grayson and Bruce Wayne, Junior (the son of Bruce Wayne and Kathy Kane) begin their careers as Batman II and Robin II [Batman #131 and #146, World's Finest: Generations #2] 1972 ======================== May [speculated by Doc Quantum] Since Vandal Savage was unsuccessful in using the original Earth-2 meteor from Flash #215 to restore his lost immortality, and his scheme to steal it from the Earth-2 Superman didn't work, he traveled to Earth-1 in order to discover whether there was a similar meteor in that world, and after he found it his immortality was restored by it, in an untold story, before his next appearance battling the Earth-1 Superman in which his immortality is back. August - October Seven Soldiers of Victory return; apparent death of Red Tornado II [JLA #100-102] 1976 ======================== February Kara Zor-L has first public case as Power Girl [Gerry Conway & Wally Wood] start Super Squad (Power Girl, Robin, Star-Spangled Kid, + JSA) March Mikaal Tomas comes to Earth, briefly becomes Starman IV [Gerry Conway & Mike Vosburg] [First Issue Special #12] 1977 ======================== Vandal Savage works in a series of biochemical projects, including Project Telemachus. In that project, Savage collects DNA samples from his "encounters" with the JSA and the JLA. Egrin Wahrman grafts these samples to the DNA of a child who already had metagenetic potential: Grant Emerson, the son of Al Pratt. June death of Selina Kyle (Catwoman). [DC Super-Stars #17] Helena Wayne becomes the Huntress; joins JSA [Paul Levitz & Joe Staton] [preferred post-Crisis substitution: Black Canary II] 1979 ======================== April death Batman in combat with William Jensen, revealed to be a pawn of sorceror Frederick Vaux [Adventure #462] July/August Charles Bullock assists Wildcat [Adventure #464] October death Mr. Terrific, slain by the Spirit King, possessing the body of Jay Garrick [JLA #171] 1980 ======================== February Wonder Woman reveals her secret identity as Diana Prince to the world. [Wonder Woman #300] 1981 ======================== January Vandal Savage emigrates to Earth-1 to collect cell samples for use in Project Telemachus. He encounters Superman during this time. [Action #515] It is possible that in his emigration he crossed time as well, emerging on Earth-1 in the 1920's to encounter Hans von Hammer, Bat Lash, and Biff Bradley. [Guns of the Dragon #1-4] death of Crimson Avenger I 1982 ======================== November Charles Bullock becomes Blackwing [Paul Levitz & Joe Staton] [Wonder Woman #297] 1984 ======================== William MacIntyre becomes Triumph May Fury (Hippolyta Trevor), The Huntress, Jade (Jennifer-Lynn Hayden), Northwind (Norda of Feithera), Nuklon (Albert Rothstein), Obsidian (Scott Rice), Power Girl, Silver Scarab (Hector Hall) and Star-Spangled-Kid start Infinity, Inc. [Roy Thomas & Jerry Ordway] [Infinity, Inc. #3] June Vandal Savage's last reported appearance on Earth-1. After confronting his old foe the Immortal Man (accompanied by Superman and the Forgotten Heroes), he returns to Earth-2 to begin work on DNA grafting. [Action #556] 1985 ======================== September Yolanda Montez becomes Wildcat II [Crisis #6] December Beth Chapel becomes Dr. Midnight [Infinity, Inc. #21] Richard Tyler, son of Rex Tyler and Wendi Harris [speculated to be the daughter of Gotham detective Harvey Harris], becomes Hourman II [Infinity, Inc. #21] 1986 ======================== March Superman and Lois Lane Kent depart Earth. (note: this speculation, which corresponds to their passage to another realm in Crisis #12, explains the absence of a contemporary Superman in A.D. 2000, though leaves unclear from where their descendents, including Lois 4XR, operate; the postulated 'Supertown' may be farther from Earth than originally thought). October Sylvester Pemberton becomes Skyman. Dr. Midnight, Hourman II, and Wildcat II are admitted as full members of Infinity, Inc. [Infinity, Inc. #31] 1988 ======================== January Marcie Cooper, granddaughter of Dan Richards, steals the goggles of the original Harlequin and becomes Harlequin II. [Infinity, Inc. #46] June death of Skyman (murdered by Harlequin II). Infinity, Inc. disbands. [Infinity, Inc. #52] 1989 ======================== Hero Hotline is founded by Harry "Tex" Thomson. Note: a one-panel cameo character from HH #4 featured a character named Ms. Terrific. Her relationship to the Sloane family is unknown, though speculation has it that she later became the villainess known as Roulette. [Bob Rozakis & Stephen DeStefano] [Hero Hotline #1] [speculation] Halk Kar, Marsman, Mekanique, Mikaal Tomas, and Triumph join forces as The L.E.G.I.O.N. (Licensed Extra-Governmental Interplanetary Operatives Network). 1992 ======================== August Jesse Chambers has first public case as Jesse Quick [JSA #1] 1994 ======================== April Grant Emerson becomes Damage [Tom Joyner & Bill Marimon] [Damage #1] May On Earth-2A, Kyle Rayner becomes Green Lantern II [Ron Marz & Bill Willingham] [Generations #3] August Deborah Perkins, daughter of Neptune Perkins & Tsunami, becomes Deep Blue. [Aquaman #23] 1997 ======================== June Michael Holt becomes Mr. Terrific II [Spectre #54] 1998 ======================== Jim Corrigan completes his tenure in the mortal world. His funeral is attended by the Flash, Alan Scott, Wildcat, Ted Knight, Mr. Terrific, the JLA and others. The Spectre returns to limbo to await a new mortal host. [Spectre #62] 1999 ======================== Dr. Pieter Cross becomes Dr. Mid-Nite II [Dr. Mid-Nite #1] August death of Dian Belmont. [JSA Secret Files #1] death of Wesley Dodds, the Sandman. [JSA Secret Files #1] Albert Julian Rothstein becomes Atom-Smasher [JSA Secret Files #1] Kendra Saunders becomes Hawkgirl II [JSA Secret Files #1] Courtney Whitmore becomes Star-Spangled Kid II [Stars & STRIPE #1] Patrick Dugan becomes S.T.R.I.P.E. [Stars & STRIPE #1] 2000 ======================== Soseh Mykros has first public case as Nemesis. [JSA Annual #2] Lucas Ludlow-Dalt becomes The Spider II. [Stars & STRIPE #9] January Black Adam travels from Earth-S and battles the JSA, later offering to reform, and joins the team as probationary member. [JSA #6] Superman is brought from April 1959 by the "futuremen" Vard and Boka to discover that Earth's oceans are gone, "accidentally dissolved by an atomic experiment" (which evidently killed the remaining JSA members as well). Superman defeats the villainous Boka and his sidekick, then replenishes Earth's oceans by towing several of Saturn's frozen moons to Earth. [Note: given other developments, this story probably takes place centuries after the stated date.] [Superman #128] 2001 ======================== February Jakeem (JJ) Thunder has first public case. [JSA #19] On an alternate Earth, Air Wave II, Black Condor II, Damage, Dr. Occult, Iron Munro, JJ Thunder, Jade, Nemesis, Phantom Lady II, The Patriot, The Ray II, Power Girl, Shining Knight, S.T.R.I.P.E., Vigilante (Greg Saunders) and Vigilante (Pat Trayce) are active as the JSA Auxiliary. [JSA Annual #1, "Our Worlds at War"] [Note: Jessie Quick and Deep Blue were regrettably absent, and I haven't the patience to back-retcon this odd assemblage into Earth-2 continuity.] 2003 ======================== Catalina Flores becomes the Tarantula II in Bludhaven. It is possible she interacts with Robin or Blackwing who may have emigrated there from Gotham City. [Nightwing #75] [Devin Grayson & Rick Leonardi] An unknown woman obtains the guns of Lee Travis and becomes the Crimson Avenger III. [JSA #53] 2004 (approx) ======================== Shawn Solomano becomes Boy Blue. Harris D. Ledbetter purchases the rings of Dan the Dyna-Mite off of ebay and becomes Dyno-Mite Dan. Jacqueline Pemberton becomes Gimmix. Thomas Ludlow-Dalt II becomes The Spyder. Shelley Gaynor, columnist for the New York Daily Recorder, becomes The Whip II. 2005 ======================== February Vigilante, Boy Blue, Dyno-Mite Dan, Gimmix, The Spyder, The Whip II and one other (Bat-Girl? Shining Knight? Crimson Avenger II or III?) join together to become the second incarnation of The Seven Soldiers of Victory. They are soon betrayed, and slain by the interdimensional Sheeda. [Seven Soldiers of Victory #0] 2006 ======================== Power Boy (Zarl Vorne?) has adventures? [Teen Titans #34] [Geoff Johns & Tony Daniel] [Note: Fourth World references may entail Earth-1 placement.] 2020 ======================== On Earth-2A, Wonder Woman and Etta Candy take some water from the spring of eternal youth on Paradise Island and isolate the Life Vitamin L-3, which is the substance that keeps the Amazons young. They make L-3 available to everyone on Earth, thus ending aging. Hence they all would stay young throughout the centuries (but it doesn't explain why Diana would be content to stay General Darnell's secretary for 1062 years). There's no reference to exactly when this happened, except to say that it is "many years in the future" from the 1944 date of the story, and Etta's mother is 82 and dying, which is why Etta and WW found L-3. [Wonder Woman #7] 2023 ======================== February Rex Cosmos, Professor Shanley, his daughter Joan and the wimpy Axel Yoke become the Super-Police. They travel via an all-purpose vehicle called the Hi-Lo that could go into space, underwater, etc. Their first foe is Captain Kiddlaw, “the wizard-pirate.” [New Fun #1] [Ken Fitch & Clem Gretter] 2050 ======================== Batman & Robin travel from 1950 and assist Gotham City Police Chief Rokej (descendent of the Joker) in exposing Erkham, an industrial saboteur. [Batman #59] 2051 ======================== A 20th century villain, Prof. Toz, takes over the city of New Metropolo and erases all mention of Wonder Woman, who arrives from 1951 to investigate and takes Toz into custody. [Sensation #103] 21st century ======================== Patricia Dugan becomes Starwoman. [Starman #50] 2150 ======================== September/October Astra, Girl of the Future has first public case as ace telecaster for Transworld News, often accompanied by her traveling companion Professor Rockwell. [Sensation #99] [Robert Kanigher] 2300 ======================== The criminal Tibro travels back to the year 1952, where he becomes known as the Crime Master of Time. [Wonder Woman #53] 23rd century ======================== The Great Wars of the 23rd century occur. The city of Metropolis comes under the demagoguery of the scientist Rotwang (possible descendent of Alexei Luthor?). After being defeated by Joh Freder (possible descendent of Kal-L?) in his attempt to undermine a worker's revolt by replacing the workers' leader, Maria, with a robot, Rotwang sends the robot back in time to change history in his favor. The robot appears in the year 1942, where Robotman dubs it Mekanique. Mekanique persuades members of the All-Star Squadron to complete her task, thus ensuring Rotwang's dominance. [All-Star Squadron #60] Note: The Elseworlds where the Super-Man once fought Lutor, and Bruss Wayne-Son took the alias of the Nosferatu, has been designated by John Wells as Earth-1927. 2442 ======================== Using Dr. Everson's time ray, the JSA travel from April 1942 in order to retrieve a Bomb Defense Formula. [All-Star #10] 2446 ======================== Landor, a thrill-seeker, travels to 1946 and battles the JSA. [All-Star #29] 2447 ======================== Bored with the law-abiding existence where crime has been largely eradicated, Knodar (deemed "The Last Criminal") seeks other eras to practice his crimes; pursued by a man named Dalmyr, he travels from here to October 1947 to battle Green Lantern, is defeated and sent back. [Green Lantern #28] He nevertheless returns to the 20th century on at least three other occasions (including one to August 1948 [All-American #100]). 2500 ======================== Rod Rian keeps the space lanes free of pirates as an agent for the Inter-Planetary Police (or "Sky Police"). [Gardner Fox & Paul Jepson] [Flash #2] 2949 ======================== Lois 4XR, descendent of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, visits March 1949 and has brief career as Superwoman. (note: the assertion that all the inhabitants of this time period are super-powered contradicts numerous other texts, notably the career of Craig King. speculation: Kryptonian descendants are segregated in a "Supertown"-like environment which may have been destroyed by the Saturnian invasion in the late 30th century. whatever the details, Lois 4XR is clearly the Earth-2 counterpart of Laurel Kent,) [Superman #57] 2950 ======================== Detective Dan Rafferty chases criminal Weepy Wilson, who stole Prof. Fairchild's time ray from February 1951. Weepy finds there is no place to hide as the entire alternate future earth is now populated. [Strange Adventures #4] 2956 ======================== Superman awakes from suspended animation from August 1956 and battles the renegade scientist Drago, who escapes from his moon-based prison and attempts to conquer the world. Superman eventually returns to his own era via time machine; these events may inspire Craig King. [Superman #107] Craig King, telenews reporter for The Daily Solar System under the employ of Parri Wyte, uses scientific gadgetry - including "concealed jet units for flight" and "a concealed degravitator to make heavy things light" - that enables him to simulate, albeit somewhat imperfectly, some of Superman's powers. Donning a costume identical to Superman's he has a brief career as a crimefighter, before summoning the original Superman from April 1956 to his time for help. [Action #215] 2957 ======================== Superman, Batman & Robin awake from suspended animation, placed there in December 1957 by the criminal Rick Harben, and defeat the villainous Rohtul (descendant of Luthor) before returning to their own era via a time ray. [World's Finest #91] 3000 ======================== Brane and Ricky are inspired by time capsule footage of Batman and Robin to don similar guises to liberate Earth from domination by the Saturnian warlord Fura. [Batman #62] Jor-L, nonpowered descendent of Superman, re-establishes law and order following the departure of the Saturnians, as a member of the Federal Men. [Jerry Siegel & Joe Schuster] On Earth-2A, The first woman president, Arda Moore, is elected. [Wonder Woman #7] 3004 ======================== On Earth-2A, after four years of Arda Moore's government, a men's party, called the Purple Shirts, is formed by Professor Manly. Manly proposes that in the upcoming election, Steve Trevor should run for President with Manly as vice-president. Despite Diana Prince's warning that she suspects Manly is up to no good, the egotistical Trevor agrees to run. Arda Moore refuses to run against Trevor, so Diana puts herself on the ballot as the woman's party candidate, with Etta Candy as her running mate. When the election results are counted, Manly's Purple Shirts rig the election so that he and Trevor win, and then gets Trevor out of the way so that he can rule as acting president. Diana investigates as Wonder Woman and exposes Manly's fraud. With the ballots recounted, Diana Prince is elected President. [Wonder Woman #7] 3051 ======================== Brane Taylor and his nephew become Batman and Robin of the year 3051 after perusing historical "micro-films" of Batman's exploits, battling villains including the villainous space pirate Yerxa. [Batman #67] 31st century ======================== The JSA travels from January 1951 to save humanity from Knelo and his race of shape-changing "chameleons". [All-Star #56] 35th century ======================== The Shining Knight time-travels to 3450, being sent there by an addled Merlin rather than the intended 1950. [Adventure #159] 60th century ======================== The historian Ka Thar travels to April 1956 via a time-thrust projector to verify the accuracy of his book, The History of Superman and Batman. We learn the crime fighters' secret identities were not revealed until centuries after their deaths. [World's Finest #81] circa 7432 ======================== The solar system is joined by an alien planet which exerts terrible gravitational pull on the Earth. Only one man, called the Coordinator, is able to overcome it by "coordinating the polar pull with the cosmic vibratory influences and counterbalancing the gravitation lift by the sidereal forces." [Sensation #28] 7532 ======================== Black Barax kidnaps the Coordinator, taking him to his headquarters in "the Western Ocean" (what we know as the South Sea Islands in the Pacific), as part of a plan to become world tyrant. Mr. Terrific is brought forth from 1944 to the city state of Kikago (Chicago), to defeat Barax. [Sensation #28] 40,000 A.D. ======================== The Thing, a highly intelligent shapechanging blob of protoplasm, is banished from its own era to February 1954 before it is eventually defeated by Superman. [Superman #87] 853rd century ======================= An android 'Hourman' is constructed using the brain patterns of Rex Tyler. [JLA #12] 2,000,000,000 A.D. ======================= Slam Bradley and Shorty Morgan take a time machine trip from January 1939. [Detective Comics #23] The following characters or events I need information or dates for: Mark Marson of the Interplanetary Police [Tom Hickey] [More Fun #15] Mr. America II & Liberty Lass change their names to Bloodtype & Death Doll documented (as the vigilantes killed by Aztek) in Aztek: The Ultimate Man #1 (August 1996)