Outside, the bleak sound Harsh and blue, rolls like warclouds Shot with Death's lightening. -Lady Burning Fish

prehistory ===================== The caveman known as Anakro is frozen. ['Paragon of Painthorpe Street'] An alien invasion of beings called the Irio is defeated by a time-traveling Miracleman. [from Marvelman #255] c. 450 ===================== Atilla the Hun encounters a time-tripping Miracleman. [Mick Anglo] mid 6th century ======================== The era of King Astor and Camelot, the sorceror Myrr, and the fabled knights of the Pentagram Table. [from Stephen Mellor] 12th century ======================== In England, Robert Fitzooth, Earl of Huntingdon, becomes the outlaw Robin Hood. He and his men hide in Sherwood Forest, stealing from the corrupt rich and giving their spoils to the downtrodden poor. He is visited by Miracleman briefly. [Mick Anglo] 1814 ===================== The man known as Gaath is born. (gravestone dating '1824' is in error) 1888 ===================== Gaath time-travels to London from 1966 and makes his way to Miller's Court, where the native temporal inhabitants mistake him for Jack the Ripper. [from Daily Mirror] 1929 ===================== Night Raven is active in a large American city. [Hulk Weekly] 1936 ===================== Tarnaz the Untamed has first case publicised in the West. ['Paragon of Painthorpe Street'] 1940's ===================== World War Two sees the first wave of superheroes. The Black Soldier, Captain Courage, Centurion, John Steele, Mister Strong, Miss Legion, The Mutant, and Sgt. Nick Fury are among the notables of this era. [primarily from Stephen Mellor] 1942 ====================== Lewis Randall is born. (gravestone dating '1952' is in error) 1943 ===================== July Gaath has first public case as adventurer (his counterpart is Garth). 1950 ====================== April Roy Risk has first public case as crimefighter/adventurer; his advanced aircraft gains him the nickname, "pilot of the future" (his counterpart is Dan Dare). He is assisted by his co-pilot, Rigby (counterpart to Dan Dare's co-pilot, Digby). 1954 ====================== Anthony Ludgate, known on Earth-616 as Doctor Druid, visits Earth-238. Using the name Guntag Borghelm, he gives a young man named Mike Moran the "key harmonic of the universe" (or at least, that universe) which transforms him into the atomic powerhouse called Miracleman upon saying the word "Raelcun!". [Mick Anglo, Alan Moore, Mark Grunewald] Calvin Elroy becomes Paragon, champion of Capitol City. He battles a variety of villains, including Dexter Dorbolak, Dork the Disruptor, General DeKay, and Repello. His occasional consort is t.v. anchorwoman Kora Kane. [Steve Alan] 1956 ====================== Guntag Borghelm grants powers to 8-year-old Rick Dawson, who becomes Miracleman Junior (the name 'Marvelman Junior' was used for Dicky Dauntless in the original L. Miller Captain Marvel Jr. issues which announced the changeover; curiously, the final Young Marvelman Annual in 1963 was published as Marvelman Jr. Annual. The name Richard Dawson was used for Richard Dauntless in Alan Moore's original proposal for the 'Marvelman' revival, either because he felt the original name was silly or simply because of faulty memory). [Mick Anglo] 1959 ====================== Android Andy, the first and most successful creation of Professor Anton Simes, has first public case (his Earth-88 counterpart is Robot Archie, the invention of Professor Ritchie; 23 February 1959 as "The Jungle Robot" in Lion #1, then owned by Amalgamated Press). [George Cowan] 1962 ====================== Lewis Randall, able to become invisible and generate electricity through his artificial hand, becomes the Iron Talon (his Earth-D counterpart is Louis Crandall, the Steel Claw; 06 October 1962 in Fleetway's Valiant). [Tom Tully/Jesus Blasco] Tom Rosetta finds the Stone of Ra which, when worn, renders him indestructible (his counterpart, Tim Kelley, found the Eye of Zoltec; 21 July 1962 in Knockout which was then owned by Fleetway). [Solano Lopez] Perry Porter becomes Arachno-Man. He battles a variety of villains, including Bluebird, Light-Master, Seth Youngblood, the Siskinsky Sisters, and the Sleeper. Henry Pym discovers the "Pym particle" and uses them to become Ant-Man. [Hulk Weekly] [Steve Moore/Steve Dillon] David Bruce Banner, exposed to gamma radiation, becomes the Hulk. He battles a variety of villains, including the Armies of the Black Sun, Dr. Scarabeus, the Exterminator, Passing Cloud, Professor Latimer, the Matador, and the Mechadroid [Hulk Weekly] [Paul Neary/Steve Dillon] Paragon, Ant-Man, Arachno-Man, Dourdevil, Thunderclap, and others form the America's Finest. America's Finest and the Soviet People's Heroes fight over the presence of Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba -- decimating the island, leaving nothing but a smoking pile of rubble. [from Stephen Mellor] 1963 ====================== Colenol Tusker has first public case using his "killer toys" to fight crime (his Earth-666 counterpart is General Jumbo who appeared a decade earlier; 10 October 1953 in DC Thompson's Beano). [Paddy Brennan] 1965 ====================== Nicholas Joseph Fury becomes public director of S.H.I.E.L.D. He battles a variety of villains, including Abdul Kazir, Ma Yung-Chen, and the traitorous Carlyle Pallis. [Hulk Weekly] [Steve Moore/Steve Dillon, Steve Parkhouse/Barry Smith] The Arachnid has first public case as villain; later reforms (his counterpart is The Spider; 26 June 1965 in the Lion, which was then owned by Fleetway). [Geoff Kemp/Ted Cowan/Reg Bunn] 1966 ====================== Puppetman has first public case using his puppets to fight crime (his counterpart is Dolmann; 08 October 1966 in Fleetway's Valiant). Linda McQuillan is granted powers by Myrr and Roma, and becomes Captain UK. 1971 ====================== Perseus Ablemarle becomes The Crusader. (his Earth-616 counterpart perished during his first and only case). [Rampage #41] [Alan Davis] 1969-1972 ====================== Ronald Reagan elected President of the United States of America. Sir James Jaspers addresses the House of Commons and calls for 'Super Hero' legislation. "They are clandestine, they are frighteningly powerful and they are not our friends. They have walked among us for more than forty years, robbing us of our independence and endangering our lives ... and they call themselves superheroes! America is over-run with them. They have established footholds in Canada, Africa and the Middle East. Even Russia has not proven immune. Many of the creatures are individually as powerful as entire armies! And they number in the hundreds ... hundreds [ed. note: an exaggeration, at least on Earth-238]! We have encouraged them! Last month, President Ronald Reagan granted a full pardon to the mindless engine of destruction known as The Hulk. These monsters ignore our laws and threaten our freedom, yet we welcome them with open arms! They must be contained! But how? How do you contain a being that can uproot mountains or walk through walls? How do you reprimand creatures that are indestructible, that can bend the very lightning to their will? How do we supress the supermen? But let them know this ... impregnable though they may be, humanity is aware of the menace they pose. We have closed our ranks against them and we stand determined ... waiting to see who will make the next move." 1971 sees the passing of the Treason Act, according to which all persons taking the law into their own hands are punishable. Superheroes are banned. Within a year, there are purges, death camps and executions. 1972 sees the formation of the Status Crew -- government agents armed with high-level technology, as guards against and replacements for the superhero population. Jim Jaspers creates the Fury, which kills the British superheroes, including a last stand by the Lawful Union of Britain. Within two years, every superhero on the planet has been killed. Other fatalities include Anakro the Unfrozen, Bow Girl, the Mutant, the Ooze, the Prestidigitator, Reef Radford, Steam Woman, the Transformer, Ulti-Man, and Vendetta (gravestones dating '1982' are in error). [primarily from Stephen Mellor] Captain UK and Miracleman Junior survive, transported to alternate Earths. The Status Crew briefly employs a male actor who takes the name Captain UK to act as a patriotic front man and denounce the other heroes. He is assassinated by the Mutant, before the Mutant is slain (again and for the last time) by the Fury. [speculated; from Stephen Mellor + attempt to explain reference to male Captain UK] 1981 ====================== Captain Britain of Earth-616 arrives. Scott of the British National Party is Prime Minister. Margaret the 1st is Queen. Wilcox-Smith is Home Secretary. The Crazy Gang is running rampant. 1983 ======================= June Lord Mandragon, Emperor of the Dimensional Development Court of Earth-9, destroys the universe. Only the Fury survives, travels to Earth-616. 1986 ======================= February Linda McQuillan/Captain UK and Rick Dawson/Miracleman Junior, at Roma's request, travel to Earth-839, the home of the late Kaptain Briton and of Opul Lun Sat-Yr-Nin, to liberate its people from Sat-Yr-Nin's tyrannical rule. 1990 ======================= On an alternate possible Earth, in a version of London more technologically advanced than Earth-616's, The High Lord Justicer (Captain Britain) reigns over a Britain in which superhumans have been banned. His subordinates, the Justicers, as represented by Justicer Bull, are counterparts of the Judges of Mega City One. Also evident are alternate versions of Illyana Rasputin (Darkchylde), Kitty Pryde (Kingpin), Kurt Wagner, The Hulk (Davey Banner), Spiderman, Meggan, and Betsy Braddock (Chief Examining Magistrate). [Excalibur #23] This might also be the Earth of the Apeslayer (Marvel UK continued the Planet of the Apes title by reprinting "Killraven" strips from Amazing Adventures, altering the art so he was fighting apes instead of Martians) and the Timeshmasher strips? [Rampage] [Paul Neary/Mick Austin] Appendix: To fill in gaps in the timeline I have used Stephen Mellor's Captain UK: Body & Soul and Jess Nevins' Guide to Marvel's Golden Age Characters and his Guide to Marvel's Pre-FF #1 Characters. A brief summary of Linda McQuillan's post-238 adventures can be found here. For more on some of the original British versions of these characters, see Midnight reviews. Another site on this world is from the Marvel Appendix, The Last Surviving Heroes and The Crooked World. (thanks to Loki, John McDonagh, Nigel Lowrey and to Paul Eke for Marvel UK information, Daniel Fish for Excalibur/Crosstime help, and to adyk for tons of UK character comic chronology help) The similarly themed (and similarly defunct) Earth-666 numbers among its champions Big Ben (Desperate Dan), Bobbie (Black Bob), an apparent counterpart to "The Black Hawk", an apparent counterpart to "The Falcon", an apparent counterpart to "General Jumbo", an apparent counterpart to "Captain Hornet", an apparent counterpart to "Jack Flash", Jimmy Quick (Billy Whizz), Miss Wonderstarr (Starr of Wonderland), Mr. Why (Mr. X), Prince Mamba (King Cobra), Springheeled Jock (Springheeled Jackson/Jock McCoy), Tiger Tom & Tammy (Billy the Cat & Katy), Tommy Trident (Atomic Tommy), Z-Riders (Q-Riders) and two or three unidentified. [Zenith Phase Three] Loki notes that "Specifically this is counterparts to Fleetway's rivals, D.C. Thompson - it's a bit like Earth-Squadron Supreme, in that it is Fleetway's take on their rival's characters. Of course, when the reader sees it, it's been invaded by Lloigor, who have slaughtered the inhabitants. They used the terminology Alternative 666, but that's a minor distinction - after all, using Earth-616 as a name for the whole reality is as accurate as calling it Mars-616, or Jupiter-616." The similarly themed Earth detailed in Paul Grist's comic Jack Staff numbers among its champions Jack Staff (Union Jack), Blazing Glory (Spitfire), Betsy Burdock, the Claw (the Steel Claw), the Druid (Mr. Syn), an apparent counterpart to "Tim Kelley" (wearing the "Valient Stone" rather than "the Eye of Zoltec"), The Man of Shadow (various other occult heroes), Detective Sgt 'Zipper' Nolan (whose similarity to 'Zip Nolan' - an American motorcycle cop who appeared in Lion from 19th Jan 63 doesn't seem to extend much beyond their names and profession), Charlie Raven (Janus Stark), Sgt. States (Captain America), The Spider (The Spider), Colonel "Thunder" Storm (Nick Fury), Tommy Twister (? a boy with tornado powers), Tom Tom the Robot Man (Robot Archie/Iron Man), Bramble & Son, Vampire Hunters (Steptoe & Son). Note that Jack Staff, Sgt. States, Blazing Glory, and Tommy Twister together formed the "Freedom Fighters", a derivation on The Invaders. Also extant is Templar Richard (Baron Blood). Thanks to adyk and Phil Rushton for help in tracking these entries. Earth-88 numbers among its champions (many now deceased in their battle against the Lloigor) Captain Phantom, Derickson Dene, Super-Inventor; the Falcon; Thunderbolt Jaxon; the members of Black Flag which comprised 93 Mantra, D.J. Chill, Domino, Smiley Sun, and Robot Archie; and The Silent Three which comprised Joan Derwent, Betty Roland, and Peggy West. The future of Earth-88 includes such heroes as Captain Condor and Rick Random. Earth-42 or Earth-331 (its designation is unclear, although Earth-42 has since been designated for the Hillman characters) numbers among its champions Adam Eterno, Animalad, Cat-Girl, Cursitor Doom, The Dwarf (counterpart of The Spider), Golden Boy, Kid Chameleon, The Leopard, Sintek, Spare Part Kit, Spellbinder, Steel Claw, Steel Commando, Strongman, Tri-Man, and The Amazing Three which comprised Blue Wizard, Oakman, and Tanya. Later emigrants from Earth-666 include the Falcon and the Black Hawk counterparts. The Captain UK Experience