Earth-27 Timeline (Preliminary)


(thanks to Steve Chung for his review of Action Comics #399, "Superman, 
You're Dead... Dead... Dead!", which is quoted liberally below)

(Lenny Carlson notes Earth 27 doesn't have jumbo jets and airplanes 
outside of WWII era... it's possible that they might still exist but
travel by blimp is evidently more popular, as portrayed in Animal Man)

1770's - 1780's
 George Washington pens the Emancipation Proclamation, which frees
the slaves in the American colonies.  An important moral document,
it soon results in the ending of slavery throughout the British 
Commonwealth.  [speculation]

 Abraham Lincoln leads the country in the Revolutionary War, 
achieving independence from Britain.  He is elected President for 
life.  [speculation]

 Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer achieves a position 
of honor among the various native tribes and is elected Chief of 
the Indian Federation.  [speculation]

 The man known as the Unknown Soldier has first case.  [Unknown Soldier #249]
After his death he is buried in Arlington Cemetary.

1945 - 1946
 At the Nuremburg trials, Adolph Hitler is found guilty of war crimes
and is sentenced to death by hanging.

 President Robert Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas by Lee Harvey
Oswald. After his death he is buried in Arlington Cemetary.
[speculation by Lenny Carlson based on Earth-Prime JFK's assassination]

June 1969
 37 year old Edward Kennedy along with his secretary drowns in Chappaquiddick,
Massachusetts during their car accident. 

 Clark Kent/Kal-El begins his career as Superman. 

 Bruce Wayne begins his career as Batman.

 Buddy Baker has adventures as Animal Man.  [Strange Adventures #180]

 Rupert "Ken" Kenboya, a native African, has adventures as B'wana Beast.  [Showcase #66]

 American boxer Joe Louis accidently assassinated by Mark Chapman
during his first meeting with musician John Lennon. After his death
he is buried in Arlington Cemetary. [speculation by Lenny Carlson, 
who notes that Joe Louis possibly never met Lennon within Earth-Prime 

 Bruise has adventures.  [Animal Man #28]
 Envelope Girl has adventures.  [Animal Man #28]
 Front Page has adventures.  [Animal Man #28]
 The Green Cigarette has adventures.  [Animal Man #28]
 The Human Vegetable has adventures.  [Animal Man #28]
 Notional Man has adventures.  [Animal Man #28]
 Nowhere Man has adventures.  [Animal Man #28]
 Marvin Gaye survives a shooting incident and continues his musical
career.  [Animal Man #32]

 America is controlled by a corrupt, extremely right-wing government
headed by President Eagleton.  [Animal Man #27]
 The Angel Mob kills Animal Man.