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(thanks to Kate Ryan for inspiration, Tiberius for historical details, 
Matthew Baugh for Holmes info, Adam Lenny Carlsville for Justice Underground
and Alternate Outlaws info, and Ivan Schablotski for the graphic and Appendix info) 

c. 1193 B.C.
 The Trojan War.  Achilles kills Priam when the king of Troy comes 
to beg for Hector's body.  [Star Trek:  Dark Mirror]  [Diane Duane]

 Amerikan Christopher Columbus discovers Europe.  [Justice League of America #29]

c. 1672
 The events described in Gregory Maguire's Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
take place.

 Colonial England wins her freedom from the United States of Amerika 
during the Revolutionary War. Benedict Arnold is President.  USA flag 
designed with black stars, red field, black and blue bars.  [Justice League of America #29]

 Actor Abraham Lincoln assassinates President John Wilkes Booth, a few 
years after the South wins the Civil War.   [Justice League of America #29]

 Young Harry Houdini begins his criminal career following the death
of his mother. ["Learning Magic" by Janni Lee Simner as told in
Alternate Outlaws]
 Sherlock Holmes operates as a consulting detective in London.  He 
becomes a heroin addict, and constructs an elaborate fantasy in which 
his benevolant math tutor Moriarty is an arch-criminal.  [The Seven Per Cent Solution].  
He becomes bored with catching criminals who are no match for him and 
decides to become a criminal himself to fight the ennui of his life.  He 
becomes a supercriminal under the alias Moriarty but finds that he is still 
bored.  He is eventually publically exposed as being the arch-criminal 
Moriarty  ["From a Detective's Notebook" by P. G Wodehouse].  He descends 
into madness and finds the missing element of danger in his life as he 
becomes Jack the Ripper. [The Last Sherlock Holmes Story by Michael Dibdin; 
"A Scholarly Case Study: the Problem of Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper" 
by Philip Weller with Christopher Roden].  He is eventually killed by Dr. Watson.

 Elvis Presley started reading biographies involving Marx, Engels and
Gandhi as well as others and becomes a rebellious rocker, hated for
dodging the draft by later honored by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Decades later, he gets arrested by police officers and is executed live 
on Pay-Per-View Television. ["Red Elvis" by Walter Jon Williams as printed 
in Alternate Outlaws]

 Doc Zilber (Nazi counterpart to Doc Savage) begins his career.  A generation 
earlier, Doc's father was imbued with racial/superior notions and decided he 
couldn't raise his son in a decadent, racially-mixed Amerika (the way he saw it) 
and did it in a proto-Nazi Germany (for an alternate Doc Zylber, a Germany ruled 
by Dr. Mabuse, though that may not be the case on Earth-3). [Alone in the Dark #2, 
unpublished; Robur 2: 20,000 Years Under the Seas]  [Jean-Marc Lofficier]

 On an alternate Earth, first meeting of the Crime Legion (The Avenger, The Brain, 
Chiaroscuro, Doctor Nightmare, Donnerwetter, Hyperman, Magic Lantern, Major Zoom, 
Professor Fate, Zeitgeist) [JLA: Earth-2; date from All-Star #3]  [names proposed 
by Mark Coale], headquartered in the Crime Lodge [as revealed in JLA #114].

 World War II occurs. Nazi leader and former asylum patient Adolf
Hitler, along with his German army, joins with Britain to stop Amerika
from winning the war. However, Amerika helps the "Eurostates"
(Earth-3 name for Europe?) bomb Britain (along with the House of
Parliament there) and wins the war while Adolf Hitler's life after the war
is uncertain. [Note that the information about Adolf Hitler being an asylum 
patient was partially told in "Painted Bridges" by Barbara Delaplace as 
printed in Alternate Outlaws]

  On an alternate Earth, Dr. Noon and Spaceman "win their spurs" as new members 
of the Crime Legion.  [JLA: Earth-2; date from All-Star #8] 

 Dr. Thomas Wayne's wife and child are killed by a policeman; revengeful, he
develops the ability to momentarily dominate other minds without their knowledge 
and begins his criminal career as Owlman, donning a uniform he once wore to a
costume party.  [speculation; date 15 years prior to Detective #27 + Phantom 
Stranger's assertion that twenty years separate events between Earth-1 and Earth-2]
 On an alternate Earth, Sir Solomon Grundy begins his heroic career after being
blasted to life out of the white cliffs of Dover during an aerial bombardment. 
After defeat by Magic Lantern and the Crime Legion during their adventures, he 
is sent to Earth-3 and has several battles with the Crime Syndicate. [JLA Secret Files 2004; Date based on All-American #61]

 On an alternate Earth, White Cat joins the Crime Legion.  [JLA: Earth-2; date from All-Star #41]

early 1950's 
 Kel-Ll, who came to Earth from an unexploded Krypton, begins his criminal 
career as Ultraman in the city of Centropolis (although as Al Schroeder has 
pointed out, if in their universe Krypton never exploded, then where did the 
Kryptonite, from which Ultraman gained additional powers, come from?).  He
is originally accompanied by Neutro the Ultradog, which he later has put down.
 At a later date we learn his father Jur-Ll had been turned in by one of his 
underlings for crimes on Krypton and sentenced to the Phantom Zone (ironically, 
he had invented the device that sent him there).  At one point Jur-Ll found a 
dimensional "tear" and escaped to (Earth-1's) Kandor just before Brainiac 
shrunk and stole it.  He is revealed to have established himself as The Crime 
Lord in the bottle city of Kandor on Earth-1, before being defeated by Nightwing 
(Van-Zee) and Flamebird (Ak-Var).  [Superman Family #194]   
 A renegade Amazon begins her criminal career in the USA as Superwoman.  Friends 
include "Superwoman's Snitch, Jimmy Olsen."

 J'ars J'arkas, a white Martian, comes to Earth bringing with him the curse 
of Volthoom.  He establishes himself as chief rival to Ultraman before 
being slain in battle.  [date from House of Mystery #143; see Notes for 
more info]

  John Chamberlain develops a helmet which grants him super-speed as 
Johnny Quick. [date from Showcase #4; see Notes for more info]

 Ultraman constructs the robot Brainiac to act as his assistant.
 Red Archer has first public case.  [Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths]

 Barracuda becomes tyrant of Atlantis?  [date from Adventure Comics #260]
 Joseph Harrolds, while traveling through Bahdnesia, receives a mystical 
power battery and ring of almost limitless power from a mad Buddhist monk 
named Volthoom; he takes the name Power Ring. [date from Showcase #22] 
His power battery grants him the same powers as his ring; thus he still 
has his powers even if he loses his ring.  [as revealed in SSoSV #13]
[Note: JLA #109 mentioned Power Ring's last name was "Harrolds"; see Notes
for more info]

  Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, and Power Ring organise 
as the Crime Syndicate.  [date from Brave & Bold #28], headquartered 
in the Eyrie of Evil [as revealed in SSoSV #13].  Their motto is "Cui 
Bono?" ("Who profits?").  [JLA:  Earth-2]
 Lee Harvey Oswald becomes the President of United States of Amerika.
He is later assassinated by The King of Crime himself, John F.
Kennedy in Dallas.  [based on the fact about Kennedy's criminal career 
in "#2, with a Bullet" by Jack Nimersheim as printed in Alternate Outlaws]

 Hro Talak of Thanagar has first public case as Blood Eagle. He dies later,
under unknown circumstances.  [JLA #112; date based on Brave and the Bold #34;
name from animated Justice League episode, "The Starcrossed."]
 He is accompanied by his wife, a Thanagran named Angelique. [Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths]

 Bito Waldon begins her career as Lady Sonar on Modora. [JLA Secret
Files 2004; date based on Green Lantern #14]
[Note: due to her apparent age in JLA Secret Files 2004, it makes sense 
for Lady Sonar to debut in the 60s during her 20s/30s and age during
her adventures]

 The alien Robot Z-1 creates innumerable duplicates of himself and, 
seeking a queen, decides to take Superwoman with the help of his "Missile 
Men".  [date based on Metal Men #1, with the caveat that there is no
evidence for the existence of an Earth-3 Metal Men, while the Missile
Men are listed as foes of the CSA in JLA Secret Files 2004]
 The Crime Syndicate is involved in a cross-dimensional battle with the 
Justice League of Earth-1 and the Justice Society of Earth-2.  They are 
defeated, and imprisoned by the Green Lantern of Earth-1. [Justice League of America #29]

 The Superman of Earth-1 summons Hercules, Samson, and Atlas to help save 
Metropolis in an emergency when he is otherwise occupied, not suspecting 
that he has inadvertantly summoned their evil counterparts.  [Action #320; see Appendix]

 From an alternate Earth, White Cat's daughter emigrates to Earth-3 and soon
takes the name Scream Queen.  [Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths]
 Charles Manson and his "family" becomes well-known rock musicians.
After that, the slaughter of the third-rate Manson Family provokes
commentary on modern society and culture. ["What Goes Around" by
David Gerrold as printed in Alternate Outlaws]

 Captain Comet and the Secret Society of Super-Villains travel from Earth-1 
to Earth-3 and do battle with Johnny Quick, Power Ring, and Superwoman. [SSoSV #14]

 Egbert B. Gebstadter publishes his first major work, Copper, Silver, Gold: an
Indestructible Metallic Alloy.

 On Earth-3.1, the Crime Syndicate discover a series of temporal anomalies.  
Encountering a transdimensional visit from counterparts of the Earth-1 Flash 
and Atom, the team captures the pair before discovering they are not at fault.  [The Nail #2-3]

 Element Man begins his criminal career. [date from Zero Hour #0]

 The Crime Syndicate travel to the 1962 of Earth-Prime and confront the All-Star 
Squadron.  [All-Star Squadron #14]
 Alexander Luthor becomes the first public superhero.  With the assistance of 
the Supermans of Earths 1 and 2, he defeats Ultraman, Lex Luthor of Earth-1 and 
Alexei Luthor of Earth-2.  [DC Comics Present Annual #1]
 On Earth-3.1, the Crime Syndicate and then the universe is destroyed by a 
visiting Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite of Earth-1.  [World's Funnest]

 Thomas Wayne retires as Owlman, reforming and taking advantage of his secret
identity's public image to become police commisioner of Gotham City.  His 
surviving son Thomas Wayne Jr., in anger over his father's years of neglect, 
becomes Owlman II (originally donning a variation of his father's uniform, 
but later developing a unique costume of his own).  [speculation based on 
JLA: Earth-2 and the relatively youthful appearence of Owlman as portrayed 
by George Perez in Crisis on Infinite Earths]  He operates from the Owlcave.
[JSA Classified #3]

 The archer known as Deadeye begins his criminal career. [date from Zero Hour #0]
 The Scarab, who obtains his powers from chanting 'Khaji Da' over an ancient 
Egyptian artifact, begins his criminal career. [date from Zero Hour #0]

 A young boy assists Johnny Quick as his sidekick, Slipstream. [date from Zero Hour #0]
 The Gingold-powered Elasti-Man/Extruded Man begins his 
 criminal career. [date from Zero Hour #0, latter name from Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths] 

 In Brazil, Fiero begins her criminal career. [date from Zero Hour #0]
 In Norway, Frostbite begins her criminal career; her first name (or later 
stage name) is "Tiffany". [JLA Classified #8, 9; date from Zero Hour #0]
 General Grodd, a renegade fighter goes to Amerika from Gorilla City and 
begins his heroic adventures. He is then defeated by Johnny Quick. 
[JLA Secret Files 2004; date based on Flash #106]

 Ultraman and Power Ring travel to Earth-1 and assist Animal Man against the 
Overman of Earth-17.  [Animal Man #23]

 Deadeye, Elasti-Man, Element Man, Fiero, Frostbite, Scarab and Slipstream travel 
to Earth-1 and confront the Justice League as "The New Conglomerate." [Justice League Quarterly #8]
 Star Sapphire, knight-errant from the other side of the galaxy, begins her 
adventures on Earth.  [JLA Secret Files 2004; Date based on Green Lantern #16]

 Owlman slays Jack Drake, and adopts his son Tim Drake as his sidekick, Talon.
Talon may spend some time on Earth-1 as a member of the Teen Titans.  [52 #3]
 Zazzala comes to earth and begins her heroic adventures as The Insect
Queen. [JLA Secret Files 2004; Date based on Justice League of America #23]
 Bruce Gordon is possessed by a god of redemption and has heroic
adventures as Dr. Eclipso. [JLA Secret Files 2004; date based on House of Secrets #61]

 Power Ring II or II.V inherits "the curse of Volthoom" from Joseph Harrolds 
and begins his criminal career.  [Note: the counterpart to Kyle Rayner was later 
reality-shifted into a counterpart of John Stewart]
 Fiero is slain by Frostbite at the order of Max Lord.  [JLA Classified #8, 9; 
date rather arbitrarily from the death of Tora Olafsdotter in Justice League Task Force #14]
 On Earth-3.1, Kyle Rayner is one of the few human survivors, and acts as "Sector 
Dictator" for the "Weaponers of Qward".  [JLA #8]

 Ultraman and Owlman II are arrested after an attempt to vandalize the Statue 
of Liberty; they join Johnny Quick, Power Ring II and Superwoman in the "Superhuman 
Rehabilitation Program" initiated by Vice President Luthor. [Swamp Thing #154]
 The Swamp Thing of Earth-1 travels to Earth-3 and, misunderstanding the 
nature of his environment, assists the evil Abigail Arcane in murdering the 
benevolent Anton Arcane. [Swamp Thing #154]
 Edward Nigma begins his adventures as The Quizmaster in Gotham City.
[JLA Secret Files 2004; date based on Batman #171]

 Jeffrey Dahmer elected President of the United States.  [JLA:  Earth-2]
 The Scarab's career is snuffed out by one who seeks to deliver justice. A scientist 
who witnessed his death undergoes extreme physical training and develops specialised 
weaponry to become the Scarab II. [JLA Classified #8, 9; date based on Captain Atom #83]

 The Crime Syndicate reforms, with Ultraman, Owlman II, Superwoman, Johnny 
Quick II (formerly Slipstream), and Power Ring II  [date from JLA #1].
 Following Luthor's apparent popularity, a variety of other heroes are inspired
to challenge this incarnation of the Crime Syndicate, who find themselves forced 
to defeat the Justice Underground (Lady Sonar, Star Sapphire, General Grodd, Q-Ranger, 
Sir Solomon Grundy and Quizmaster)

 Clifford Zmeck has heroic adventures as Q-Ranger, The Quantum-Powered
Dynamo. He then becomes a member of Justice Underground. [JLA Secret Files 2004; date based on Captain Atom #12]

 Alex Luthor travels to Earth-1 to acquire the Justice League's assistance 
in battling the unrehabilitated Crime Syndicate.  The two teams briefly trade 
places before the JLA abandons its attempt to reconstruct Earth-3.  [JLA: Earth-2]
 George W. Bush declared President of the United States.

 Dr. Leng, with his beautiful female assistant Monplaisir (counterparts to 
Dr. Fu Manchu and Ducharme), assists paranormal investigator Edward Carnby, 
accompanied by archeologist Aline Cedrac, on the trail of a mysterious
conspiracy in Tibet.  [Alone in the Dark #1]  [Jean-Marc Lofficier & Matt Haley]

 Brainiac escapes destruction from the events of 1999 by transferring his
consciousness into some of Ultraman's dead skin cells, then traversing through
the Anti-Phantom Zone to be born as an infant on Earth-1.  He matures quickly
and wreaks havok there while under pursuit from Ultraman, Owlman, and Superwoman.
Brainiac flees to the subspace between the two Phantom Zones, where he is 
executed by Superwoman.  [Adventures of Superman #603-605]
 Lex Luthor is framed by the Crime Syndicate and is now in Straker's Prison. 
[JLA Secret Files and Origins 2004]

 The Crime Syndicate travels to the planet Qward, where they wreak havoc.
 The Crime Syndicate manages to destroy the government of the country of Modora,
finally defeating Lady Sonar.  This ends the last outpost of resistance to their
domination of the planet.  [JLA Secret Files and Origins 2004]

 Power Ring II.V discovers their history has been altered and traces the interference
to Earth-1. While on Earth-1, the team attacks that Earth's civilians while wearing 
Justice League costumes. During this time, they briefly encounter their Earth-1 
counterparts. [JLA #107-109]

 The Crime Syndicate travels to Earth-2 and encounters Power Girl and the Huntress as
part of a ploy, coordinated with the Psycho Pirate, to confuse Power Girl about her 
true origins.  [JSA Classified #3]
 Some of the remaining members of the New Conglomerate form the Power Posse, a crime 
ring fronted by an adult strip club.  A counterpart to Max Lord sponsors the group;
a counterpart to Oberon works the ticket booth; a counterpart to Booster Gold is a
bartender; Sue Dibney and Frostbite are entertainers; Element Man (now physically 
resembling his Earth-1 counterpart) is a bouncer.  Elasti-Man's status is unknown.  A 
possibly gay alternate of Guy Gardner exists as well (he's described as being 'limp-wristed' 
by Mary).  [JLA Classified #8, 9]
 Also extant at this time are an immense counterpart of G'Nort of Earth-1, as well as
Mistress Mary and her brother (presumably touristing counterparts of Mary Marvel and
Captain Marvel from an alternate Earth-S).  Their relationship with the Power Posse
is unknown, although they assist the team against one of its members, G'Nort, grown
to monstrous size due to "space rabies".  [JLA Classified #8, 9]
Their names appear to be Captain Super and Mary Super (presumably); their Earth also
sports an Uncle Super.  [Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths]
 Slade Wilson declared President of the United States.  [Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths]
22nd century
 Two earthmen, stranded on Mars, narrowly escape possession by the evil god
Vulthoom.  ["Vulthoom"]  [Clark Ashton Smith]
 In an explosion which kills fellow Space Ranger Richard Purvis, Karel Sorenson 
ascends to godhood; she founds a church in her name (headquartered at the Space 
Museum) with the third member of the team, Homer Glint, as consort.  The Knights 
of the Galaxy act as her personal honor guard.  Beginning of a thousand years of 
immortality for man. [Twilight #1]

  Michael Jon Carter travels to the early 21st century in a stolen time machine,
and eventually joins the Power Posse. [Booster Gold #1, JLA CLassified #8, 9]

32nd century
 Karel Sorenson is assassinated by Tommy Tomorrow who steals her godlike power, 
establishing himself as tyrant before himself being assassinated by a melding 
of Manhunter 2070 and Star Hawkins' robot, Ilda.  [Twilight #3]

853rd century
 Owlwoman, descendant of the Waynes, is involved in cross-dimensional battle with 
the Huntress (presumably descendant of Earth 2's Batman).  She and the telekinetic
Superwoman (descendant of the 20th century Superwoman) are members of the 
Super-Syndicate.  [DC One Million 80 Page Giant #1]

APPENDIX (Other Earths on a similar theme):

The Flash #174 featured Barry Allen traveling to a Mirror Earth in which his counter-
part was a villain and Mirror Master and the rest of his Rogue's Gallery were heroes.  
This may also be the Earth depicted in World's Finest #148, in which Superman and 
Batman are thrown into a parallel world where they aid a heroic Luthor and Clayface 
against an evil Superman, Batman and Robin (despite the lack of mirrored logos).  
In this world, Thomas Wayne, Jonathan & Martha Kent were notorious criminals, Jimmy 
Olsen is Lex Luthor's pal, and Perry White is a prosecuting attorney.  This Earth 
also seems to have appeared in Super Friends #23. It is undetermined whether the 
Hercules, Samson, and Atlas from Action #320 are actually from Earth-3 or this
Earth-174. The Elseworlds Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham in which Gotham City‘s greatest 
heroine was the Catwoman and its most notorious villain was The Batman may also be 
related (designated Earth-1099 by John Wells).

Superman #230 featured the Imaginary Story "Killer Kent vs Super Luthor," in which
Jor-El, driven mad by the death of Lara, destroyed Krypton himself, and escaped in a 
spacecraft with his son Lex-El (who had lost his hair as a result of a lab accident). 
On Earth, they adopted the identities of Dr. Jordan Luthor and his son, Lex, who grew 
up to be Superman. His arch enemy was Clark Kent, son of notorious gangsters Jonathan 
and Martha Kent. Continued in Superman #231, "The Wheel of Super-Fortune," with the 
death of Kent.  Designated Earth-230 by John Wells, review by Steve Chung with comments
from Bob Beuthe and Brad W.

Superboy #117 featured the Legion of Evil, in which Ultra Boy, Element Lad, Brainiac 5, 
Invisible Kid and Chameleon Boy appear as villains, but Superboy is still heroic.  
The names of Smallville and Metropolis are respelled as Smallvile and Metropolus.  
There seems implicitly to be a non-evil Legion in that Earth's future as well (as 
Superboy is seen returning from a mission in the 30th century).  Thanks to matlock 
for this information.  Designated Earth-43 by John Wells.

John McDonagh informs me that in Wonder Woman #89, a very early story of a parallel
Earth, Wonder Woman of Earth-1 is transported to an alternate Earth where crime 
predominates by an unnamed plotter.

Tesla Strong, daughter of Tom Strong, encountered the evil Twyla Strong and her
father Black Tom of Terra Beta.

The Tomorrow Syndicate traveled to the Earth of the Tomorrow Gang and battled their
counterparts Ahriman (Horus), Hiroshiman (N-Man), Orbiteer (Hypernaut), USSR (USA), 
Imp & She-Imp (Infra-Man & Infra-Girl). This Earth is also notable as the team has 
their headquarters in a Mount Rushmore which commemorates America's greatest villains
(Al Capone, John Wilkes Booth, Benedict Arnold, Billy the Kid).  The superhero team
Mystery Incorporated also has its counterparts in Malice Incorporated (so despite the
Tomorrow Gang's replacement of the heroic USA with the villainous USSR, this is not
the Earth in which "a bunch of Reds ... became the Mystery Collective").

Erik Sieurin informs me that Mandrake has had some adventures in a literal mirror 
universe (accessed by mirrors): the same kind of topsy-turvy world that the Reversoverse 
seems to be in some DC comics, you got robbed by the police and a good driver would try 
to run over pedestrians if he could, etc. Mandrake's beau Nadia discovers it - the 
mirror universe has some formula to turn mirrors into gates, so they will be able to 
conquer our universe, and Nadia is drawn into it through her bathroom mirror.  
Mandrake's evil equivalent in the world is named 'Ekardnam'.

The cast of Star Trek traveled to the world of "Mirror Mirror" (link to Win Eckhart's
varying timelines).

The episode "Stranger in a Strange Land" in the Hercules: Legendary Journeys television
series featured Iolaus traveling to a parallel universe, where he is court jester to 
Hercules's evil counterpart, the Sovereign. When he objected to the Sovereign's evil
ways, Iolaus was thrown in the dungeon, where he met the parallel-universe version of 
Joxer: a hard-hitting (competant) leader of a rebellion that planned to assassinate the
Sovereign during his planned wedding to Aphrodite  [written by Paul Robert Coyle, 
directed by Michael Levine, broadcast 10/27/97].  The Hercules tv series is certainly
not canonical for the DC multiverse, although certain broader details of the Sovereign's
biography (such as the marriage to Aphrodite) may be shared by the evil Herculian 
counterpart noted above.

Marc Miyake advises me of "The Other Side!", reprinted in JUGHEAD AND ARCHIE DIGEST #43 
(March, 1981).  He has no idea what the source was - his guess is a 70s issue of LIFE
WITH ARCHIE.  The premise is that Archie walks through a magical fog into a parallel 
universe where the familiar cast members have "reversed" personalities: e.g., Jughead 
is a food-hating woman-chaser, Veronica and Reggie are heroes, Betty is evil, Dilton is 
dumb, Big Moose is smart, etc.


Young Justice's counterparts are referenced as the Young Offenders in JLA #114.

In JSA Classified #3, an alternate origin for Power Girl is proposed: she is 
Ultraman's cousin who obtained her powers from anti-Kryptonite.  She traveled
to an Earth other than her own to escape her murderous, cannibalistic parents
Alan Scott and Sandra Knight.  She also apparently had a sexual encounter with
Owlman in his Owlcave.  It's possible this reflects the reality of the Crime 
Legion although it is more likely a jumbled hallucination.

We avoid the problem of the Earth-1 floating timeline by the convenient fact that 
the revived Crime Syndicate 1999 lineup consists of three second generation heroes 
(Owlman, Johnny Quick, and Power Ring) and two near-immortals (Ultraman and Superwoman).

The "Superwoman's Snitch, Jimmy Olsen" line is probably incompatible with canonical
Earth-3 continuity but is too good a joke to resist mentioning.  [JLA: Earth-2]
Per Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Jimmy Olsen also goes by the name Mr. Action.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths provides information about Owlman's team
presumable named The Insiders: Aurora (Halo), Black Power (Black Lightning), Model Citizen 
(Looker), and Sai (Katana), though I have not bothered to incorporate them into the timeline.

From the same film, we infer that during the time the Crime Syndicate was inactive there was 
presumably a group of young upstarts, possibly led by Barracuda, who operated under the name,
including Breakdance (Vibe), Gypsy Woman (Gypsy Woman), and Vamp (Vixen).  

The word "Vulthoom" was first coined by Weird Tales writer Clark Ashton Smith in the 
1930's for one of his otherworldly stories.  I placed the (undated) story in the 22nd
century simply because that is the era of DC's classic Silver Age science fiction 
characters.  The Bahdnesian connection is from JLA: Earth-2 although the former best 
guess as to the ethnic background of 'Volthoom' had been that the monk must have been 
Dutch (whereupon it would be pronounced Vault-home)!  Vulthoom has ties to Mars, which 
suggested a connection between the Earth-3 counterpart of J'onn J'onnz and Power Ring.  
A similar connection does exist on Other-Earth between Skamax the Skrullian Skymaster 
and Joseph Ledger, Doctor Spectrum, and I have chosen to reflect that on the timeline.  
Whether J'ars J'arkas disguised himself as a mad Bahdnesian Buddhist to present Joseph 
Harrolds with the curse of Volthoom, or whether he passed the curse on to a Bahdnesian 
Buddhist who went mad as a consequence, is unclear.  The Earth-1 Power Ring appeared 
in Green Lantern #18, "Green Lantern vs. Power Ring"; he was a hobo named William Bagget 
who found a magical Ring of Power, and I assumed this was the original Power Ring's 
name until Kurt Busiek gave us the name "Harrolds."  William Bagget may still be the 
Power Ring of Earth-3.1.  My original name for the Martian was S'kaa M'axx; the current
canonical name (reflective of Tars Tarkas) comes from Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

My original name for Johnny Quick was Charles Drake.  The Earth-2 Charles Drake appeared 
in Adventure #159; he was the lab assistant of the same Professor who gave Jonathan Chambers
the speed formula, and used a temporary version of the speed formula for crime.  He never 
took on a 'super villain name', but was plainly touted as the evil counterpart to Johnny 
Quick.  However, I was never enthusiastic about the name, so have used John Chamberlain 
from the Gates of Alternity site, even though a lot the author's speculations are 
incompatible with my own.  Charles Drake may still be the Johnny Quick of Earth-3.1.

I include Alone in the Dark	due to the presence of the benevolent Dr. Fu Manchu counter-
part. I speculate that Edward Carnby had an Earth-1 counterpart who was an opponent of
the Global Guardians, a thesis Jean-Marc Lofficier finds agreeable.  The comic has also
received Annotations which reveal some of Earth-3's supernatural nature (although I won't
commit to every literary hero whose adventures are inferred as being present on Earth-3). 

The illustration by Gene Ha is from Top Ten #8.