Earth-4 Timeline

Note:  Superman's and Booster Gold's inclusions are tentative and based entirely on the
characters' involvement with Charlton characters in the post-Crisis DCU.  Cornelius Kramm
appeared in an early 20th century novel but is included due to his appearance in the DC 
Blue Beetle title.

Gif informed me of various names the Charlton line (or lines with historical links to what
became the Charlton line) used during the 40's.  Based on their indicia information we have:
The Charles Publishing Co.,49 Hawkins Street, Derby, Conn.
Charlton Comics, Inc.,49 Hawkins Street, Derby, Conn.
The Frank Comunale Publishing Company,49 Hawkins Street, Derby, Conn.
The Frank Publishing Company,49 Hawkins Street, Derby, Conn.
Childrens Comics Publishers, Inc.,49 Hawkins Street, Derby, Conn.

Ramon Schenk's Charlton Comics Page has a cover gallery.

(thanks Ronald Byrd for the biography of Countess R.H. Von Bludd and other details, 
Andrew Goldstein for Frank Communale info, Rome Maynard, and to the folks at the Charlton-L 
e-mail list; additional information provided from Frank Motler's article in Alter Ego #40) 

208 to 146 Million Years B.C.
 The time wanderer Travis and his sentient time machine Anacrom encounter some
not-too-bright fellow time travelers.  The latter accidentally allow a dinosaur into 
a time warp they have created.  Travis chases it, hoping to stop it before it kills
someone.  The time warp empties into the middle ages.  By the time Travis arrived, 
the dinosaur has already killed a knight.  Travis kills the dinosaur and wins the heart 
of a princess. - E-Man #3

circa 70,000 B.C.
 Korg has adventures.

circa 4,036 B.C.
 The evil pharoah Kha-ef-re rules in ancient Egypt.  He creates a mystical 
scarab which is lost for 4,500 years before being rediscovered in the 20th 
century by archaeologist Dan Garrett.  

circa 2,000 B.C.
 During the 12th dynasty, an evil Pharoah, misled by the false priest Mesu, 
abandons Osiris and the benevolent gods and makes league with Set.  When Prince 
Amentep speaks out, he is thrown in jail, there receiving from his uncle the 
Ibistick and becoming Ibis the Invincible.  In rebellion against the tyrannical 
Mesu (now known as the Black Pharoah), Taia is struck by an arrow. Ibis places 
her and himself into suspended animation. - Whiz Comics #2

circa 1,500 B.C.
 Hercules begins the Nine Labors which will prove him worthy of entering Olympus
as a full deity.  Along the way he encounters Helen of Troy and Alexander the Great
(cf. Hercules #1).

circa 1450 B.C.
 The Egyptian sorcoress Evila (alias Hatshephut II?) is active. Her mummy is
revived in April 1966 by The Hooded One, though she is eventually defeated by
Thunderbolt and Blue Beetle II. - Thunderbolt #51 

circa 1350 B.C.
 Chufru, the Sun King, reigns in Egypt.  In A.D. 1968 his apparent 
reincarnation, an Egyptian metallurgist, physicist and chemist of note, 
attempts to steal the world's gold and use it to coat the building blocks 
of a new pyramid he is building in the Egyptian desert, as a step towards 
re-establishing the culture of the Old Kingdom across the world. He is 
eventually stopped by the Peacemaker. - Peacemaker #6, unpublished  [Joe Gill & Pat Boyette]

1st century A.D.
 Nero is emperor of Rome.  He briefly encounters Spookman from September, 1967. - Charlton Bullseye #1 

circa 6th century A.D.
 Upon the passing of Heardred, son of Hygelac, the kingdom of the Geats 
devolved unto the much praised son of Ecgtheow, Beowulf, proud warrior and 
prosperous hero.  And soon thereupon, the noble and generous Beowulf gave 
great tracks of land to those most loyal Thanes who fought beside him at 
Heorot when he slew th monstrous Grendel.  And among these Thanes, the 
good Wigmeric was the first to die, whereupon his eldest son, the young 
but wise Hrothelac, became Thane of Bagarth and rule his lands well.  (Hercules #?)  (Steve Skeates & Jim Aparo)

late 12th century A.D. 
 In England, Robert Fitzooth, Earl of Huntingdon, becomes the outlaw Robin Hood.  
He and his men hide in Sherwood Forest, stealing from the corrupt rich and 
giving their spoils to the downtrodden poor (cf. Robin Hood & His Merry Men #1)

15th century
 The vampire Count Gregor Von Bludd rules the village of the Dark Valley
somewhere in Europe, where he periodically tortures and kills the villagers 
for sport and sustenance.  Under unknown circumstances, Von Bludd's first wife
falls to her death from the tower of his Castle on the Crags.
 Ten years after his first marriage, Von Bludd forces the lovely young Rosa to
become his second wife, the Countess R.H. Von Bludd, after she courageously
defends her father from his brutal whims.  Shortly afterward, a plague sweeps
the village and castle, killing all mortals but the Countess and her maid Olga,
who survived the plague as a child.  Immune to the plague, Von Bludd
nevertheless requires a human victim and transforms the Countess into a
vampire; however, through pre-arrangement with the Countess, Olga slays the
Count with a wooden crossbow bolt and flees the castle.  The Countess departs
as well some time later, eventually relocating to America.

 Death of Captain Kit Walker in a pirate raid; his son, also named Kit, the sole 
survivor, washes up on a remote Bangala beach and is rescued by pygmies.  Kit 
swears an oath on the skull of the pirate who killed his father that he and his 
descendents will fight pirates and evildoers all over the world. He becomes the 
first Phantom.

18th century
 The events of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island.  Long John Silver has
adventures.  - Long John Silver #1

19th century
 Apache Red- Cheyenne Kid #88
 Big Bow & Little Arrow - Cowboy Western #55
 Bill Folers, a rope-throwing troubleshooter - Death Valley #?
 Buffalo Bill - Cowboy Western #52
 Sunset Carson - Cowboy Western Comics #35
 Charisma Kid - Geronimo Jones #1
 The Chaser - Gunfighters #?
 Cheyenne Kid, raised by Cheyenne Indians, helps keep peace among the tribes of the 
plains - Wild Frontier #7
 Filipino Kid - Yellowjacket Comics #1
 Roger Parsons has adventures as Golden Arrow I.
 Gunmaster (cf. Six-Gun Heroes #57), a masked hero who helped preserve justice 
in the Old West with a young sidekick named Bullet the Gun-Boy (cf. Six-Gun Heroes #79)
has first public case.
 Kit Carson - Six Gun Heroes #44
 Hopalong Cassidy - Six-Gun Heroes #1
 Geronimo Jones - Geronimo Jones #1
 Kid Curry - Billy the Kid #134
 Kid Montana - Outlaws of the West #48?
 Lash LaRue - Six-Gun Heroes #6
 The Man Called Loco - Texas Rangers In Action #1
 Monte Hale - Six-Gun Heroes #18
 Doc Holliday - Billy the Kid #66
 The Masked Raider has adventures - Billy the Kid #30
 Mountain Man Morgan - Hercules #6
 Annie Oakley - Cowboy Western #17
 The "Old Scout", an ageing Cavalry scout, pens his memoirs during the days of the 
Indian wars - Death Valley #?
 Pistol Packing Pattie - Black Fury #4
 Pistol Pete - Cowboy Western Comics #17
 The Range Busters are active. - Range Busters #1
 Rocky Lane - Six-Gun Heroes #1
 Luke Spade becomes the Sheriff of Tombstone - Sheriff of Tombstone #1
 Six-Gun Larsen - Death Valley #?
 Shawn O'Meara becomes a bounty hunter - Billy the Kid #66
 Smiley Brunette - Six-Gun Heroes #1
 Tex Ritter - Six-Gun Heroes #24 
 Wander, a galactic merchant from Sirius 5, is stranded on Earth and has adventures
accompanied by Phineas T. Bloat and Jeb Dooley - Cheyenne Kid #66

 Daniel Boone accompanies Stonewall Jackson in his successful defense of New Orleans 
against the British Armada (the Earth-Prime Daniel Boone was 86 at this time; obviously 
the Earth-4 Daniel Boon was born much later). - Star Western

 Davy Crockett (cf. Wild Frontier #1), Jim Bowie (cf. Jim Bowie #15) and 187 others die at 
the Alamo.

 Wild Bill Hickock (cf. Six-Gun Heroes #38) becomes marshal of Abilene, Kansas.

 Henry McCarty vows vengeance on every man who participated in the murder of John Tunstall 
and becomes known as Billy the Kid (cf. Billy the Kid #1)

 Wyatt Earp agrees to become marshall of Dodge City at request of Mayor Hoover 
- Frontier Marshall Wyatt Earp #1

 Sherlock Holmes becomes a consulting detective based out of New York City - All New Baffling Adventures of Sherlock Holmes #1

 Yang leaves China to adventure in the west - Yang #1

 Frank Merriwell attends Yale University, from which he has a variety of adventures 
- Frank Merriwell at Yale #1

 John Clayton, Lord Graystoke, has first contact with the West - Jungle Tales of Tarzan #1

 Cornelius Kramm, a brilliant surgeon and mad scientist, rules an international 
crime empire called the "Red Hand."  He is eventually defeated by a vast alliance 
of heroes after a world-spanning battle, chief among them Prosper Bondonnat, also a
brilliant scientist and "easygoing plant-lover." - Le Mystérieux Dr. Cornélius

 Paul Parsons, just before WWI, invents a non-flammable light-than-air gas of 
unbelievable lifting power. On a trip across country to test his gas the family 
was shot down and his son Roger was the sole survivor. Raised in the west by a 
miner, Roger proves an exceptional individual with an uncanny accuracy with bow 
and arrow.  [Whiz #2]

 The present generation Phantom has first contemporary case publicised in the West.  [Lee Falk]

 Clark Savage. Jr. has first public case - Doc Savage #1

 Dan Garret, a policeman, gains superpowers from Vitamin 2X to become the Blue Beetle I 
- Mystery Men Comics #1

 Roger Parsons follows his ancestor and becomes Golden Arrow II, "the Robin Hood 
of the West"  [Bill Parker & Greg Duncan]  - Whiz #2 / Range Busters #8
 Prince Amentep awakens from a 4000-year sleep and becomes Ibis the Invincible - Whiz #2 / Danger & Adventure #22
 Lance O'Casey, sailor of fortune who plies the South Seas aboard his schooner 
"The Brian Boru", has first public case - Whiz #2 / Danger & Adventure #23

 Sparkington J. Northrup becomes Sparky, the Blue Beetle's kid sidekick.

late 1943 - early 1944
 Don Winslow, a WW1 vet, is assigned to handle the major individual threats to 
world peace by naval intelligence, accompanied by his sidekick Red Pennington. - Don Winslow #1
 Willie Shultz, an American officer in North Africa (the Germans withdrew 
from North Africa in May of 1943, hence the first half of the series takes 
place before and during that withdrawal) of German extraction is falsely 
accused of a battlefield murder, supposedly having killed his commanding
officer who was actually killed by a German soldier.  He gets railroaded
into a court-martial and is convicted of murder and sentenced to hang, though
escapes into the desert and dons the uniform of a dead German soldier, seeking
refuge in the Afrika Corps. The series was cut short with the Germans still in 
Italy, which places the second half of it in 1944, running no later than May or 
early June of that year. - Fightin' Army #76

 Sgt. Rip Jagger helps fight the Japanese invaders in the Pacific as Judomaster, 
accompanied by his Japanese-American kid sidekick Tiger - Special War Series #4 
 Fightin' Marines #1
 Vince Harley, crime fiction writer for Dark Detective Magazine, becomes involved
in a jewel robbery as source material for a story, he is discovered by the thieves
who usea carton of yellowjackets to finish him off.  Harley discovers he is immune 
to bee stings and acquires the ability to control them, and seeks revenge as the
costumed Yellowjacket. - Yellowjacket Comics #1
 Cap'n Grim, an old sailor, tells his first mate stories from his younger days as a 
harbor pilot in the South Seas (set in an unspecified time in the past, maybe 40 years, 
given Grim's apparent age). - Yellowjacket Comics #1
 Diana the Huntress, glum due to the suffering that has befallen the world, leaves her
secure habitation atop Mt. Olympus and journey to the United States, where she has her
first public case accompanied by a young child named Billy Kirby. In addition to being 
skilled with the bow and arrow, Diana is an expert fighter and has superhuman strength 
and agility - Yellowjacket Comics #1
 Fip, the Filipino Kid (a trickster Filipino who works for the U.S. as a spy in 
Japan) has first notable case. - Yellowjacket Comics #1
 King, a circus animal tamer, has first public case as a crime fighter. - Yellowjacket Comics #1

 Devil's Brigade, two rogue American and British tank crews, have first adventure
in North Africa - Fightin' Army #76
 Nyoka Gordon has first case as solo explorer - Nyoka, Jungle Girl #1 / Danger & Adventure #23
 Canteen Kate has adventures? - Fightin' Marines #14
 Leatherneck Jack has adventures? - Fightin' Marines #14
 Sgt Arkie "Shotgun" Harker and "Chicken" Smith have adventures? - Fightin' Marines #78
  Yellowjacket Jr. (who is actually Vince Harley's nephew) has first public case. - Zoo Funnies #1
 The woman known only as "The Old Witch" regales listeners with "Tales of Terror." - Yellowjacket Comics #7-8

 Terry Lee encounters pilot Pat Ryan, and the two proceed to adventures in China 
- Terry & the Pirates #1

 Louie Lue becomes detective sergeant in the Honolulu Police Department - The 
Adventures of Charlie Chan #1 / Zaza the Mystic # 10 (counterpart to Charlie Chan, 
renamed following loss of character license; previous publications do not take 
place on the primary Earth-4 line)

 The Racket Squad goes into action until early 1958. - Racket Squad in Action #1

 Johnny Dynamite has first public case - Dynamite #1
 Note:  Charlton acquires more than a dozen titles from Fawcett when they fold 
their comics line in 1953, including Cowboy Love, Don Winslow of the Navy, Funny 
Animals, Gabby Hayes Western, Lash LaRue Western, Monte Hale Western, Negro Romances, 
Nyoka the Jungle Girl, Rocky Lane Western, Romantic Story, Six-Gun Heroes, Strange
Suspense Stories, Tex Ritter Western, This Magazine Is Haunted, etc.  Additional
material was published in Danger and Adventure.

 Ramar of the Jungle begins his exploits. - Ramar of the Jungle #1
 Bullseye has adventures - Bullseye #6, following numbering from Mainline Publications.
Note: other purchases include Foxhole, In Love, and Police Trap.

 Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion #2
 Inspector Farnsworth of Scotland Yard #1
 "Gumbo" Galahad has various comedic experiences with his friends and relatives 
in the Ozarks. - Hillbilly Comics #1
 Blue Beetle I falls victim to a mad scientist's bomb - Americomics #3: The Blue Beetle

 Headline Harry has adventures. - Foreign Intrigues #15
 The Olympians endow David Crandall with power over fire, earth, air, and water, 
turning him into Nature Boy. In later years, he becomes known as Nature Man. - Nature Boy #3 
 Zaza the Mystic, a woman of Gypsy descent, has first public case - Zaza the Mystic #1
 Nature Girl has first public case - Nature Boy #3 
 Brett Carson, aka Mister Muscles, "the World's most perfect man", has first 
public case - Mr. Muscles #22  
 Miss Muscles and Kid Muscles have first public cases. - Mr. Muscles #23  

 Captain Allen Adam rematerialises after being exploded in space and becomes Captain Atom 
- Space Adventures #33

 Gorgo, an amphibious baby dinosaur, and his mum wreck London - Gorgo #1
 Reptilicus/Reptisaurus, a dinosaur, is grown from a discarded limb found frozen in 
the Arctic - Reptilicus #1

 Konga, a small chimpanzee, is turned into a giant gorilla by daily injections of 
chemicals derived from carnivorous plants. - Konga #1
 Sue and Sally Smith, two nurses with special training, volunteer for hazardous 
missions of mercy with the Emergency Corps rescue team - Flying Nurses #48

 Mercury Man, a benign alien made of mercury, comes to Earth - Space Adventures #44

 Dan Garrett, an archaeologist, gains super powers from a mystic blue scarab to 
become Blue Beetle II- Blue Beetle V2#1 
 start Fightin' Five, a team of specialists who fight would-be world conquerors 
(Hank Hennessey, Irv Haganah, Granite Gallero, Frenchy the Fox, Tom-Tom, Sonya) 
- The Fightin' 5 #28
 Sarge Steel becomes a private eye working on private and government (for the FBI and CIA) 
cases - Sarge Steel #1

 Jonathan Mann, a lame newspaper reporter, hurls a challenge at the gods of Mount Olympus 
and is endowed with their might to become Son of Vulcan. - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #46 

 Peter Cannon is trained by Tibetan monks to harness the energy of his entire brain to 
perform amazing feats and returns to America as Thunderbolt - Thunderbolt #51
 Dr. M.T. Graves has first public case as a "supernaturalist" - Ghostly Tales #55
 A trio of youths are given super abilities by special devices and fight crime as 
the Sentinels (Brute, Helio, and Mentalia) - Thunderbolt #54 
 Eve Eden, the daughter of a United States Senator and an other dimensional princess, with 
the power to become a living shadow besides her considerable martial arts expertise, becomes 
Nightshade, the "darling of darkness", first the partner of Captain Atom and then a solo 
heroine in her own right - Captain Atom #82
 Christopher Smith, a diplomat who devises weaponry to be used against the perpetrators 
of war, has first public case as The Peacemaker - The Fightin' 5 #40 

 Charlie Droople and Dorothy Carson briefly travel to Earth C-Minus 4; Charlie Droople 
decides to remain there - The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves #5
 Blue Beetle II's career is snuffed out by one who seeks to avoid justice. Ted Kord, a 
scientist who witnessed the death of Dan Garrett, undergoes extreme physical training and 
develops specialised weaponry to become Blue Beetle III - Captain Atom #83

  Vic Sage, a crusading reporter, ferrets out facts by assuming the faceless identity of 
The Question - Blue Beetle #1 
 The Shape is created - Charlton Premiere #1
 Aaron Piper, art gallery owner and former archaeologist, finds the Moonstone amulet in 
a temple and uses it to travel into the past as Spookman - Charlton Premiere #1
 start Tyro Team, a trio of telepathic students (John "Specs" Anders, Warren "Creep" Blaine, 
David "Swift" Scott) - Charlton Premiere #1
  A duo named 13 and Faustus (a cat) come to 1967 from ? to stop Captain Atom's enemy, the 
Ghost, from endangering their time line. - Captain Atom #89

 Phantom (present generation) has first contemporary case - The Phantom #30
 "Jungle" Jim Bradley has first public case as African explorer - Jungle Jim #1

 Carter Primus, based on his floating home and sea lab, has first public case as an 
underwater troubleshooter-for-hire - Primus #1
 The Human Fish has adventures. - Primus #2

 A sentient envelope of energy which has come to Earth begins his career as E-Man - E-Man #1
 The Knight, agent for a counter-espionage organization known as C.H.E.S.S., participates
in Operation: Rotten Apple. - E-Man #1
 Killjoy has first public case. - E-Man #2

 Mastermind, brought to Earth through a psychic research experiment by Dr. Bellum 
and his daughter Sara, has first public case. - Mastermind #1, unpublished; synopsis 
appears in Comic Book Artist #12
 Michael Mauser has first public case. - E-Man #3
 Caroline Dean, a martial arts whiz and trained astronaut, has first public 
case as Liberty Belle - E-Man #5
 Blue Beetle II, Captain Atom, and E-Man appear together in a parade. - 
"Death in a Darkroom," Ghost Manor #21

 Rog 2000 is created - E-Man #6
 Katrinka Colchnzski, aka Nova Kane, becomes "Nova, the Energy Being that Walks 
Like a Woman" - E-Man #8
 start Vengeance Squad (Eric Redd, Tulsa Coyle, Candy Orr) - Vengeance Squad #1
 Colonel Whiteshroud has first public case - Monster Hunters #1
 Countess R.H. Von Bludd, residing in an old house somewhere in America in the
company of a white cat, amuses herself by telling various "scary tales" to
mortal listeners. - Scary Tales #1  She also tells "unlikely tales" under the
psuedonym Bella Von Drak.  

 Jonathan, Kim, Katherine, and Gregory Butler, while exploring the Amazon River, 
are sucked down by a whirlpool, which mysteriously transports them to a Valley
of Dinosaurs. - Valley of Dinosaurs #1
 Col. Steve Austin has six million dollars worth of cybernetic equipment 
implanted following an accident - Six Million Dollar Man #1

 Jaime Sommers has first case as a cyborg - Bionic Woman #1

 Thunderbunny has first appearence - Charlton Bullseye #7

 The Sentinels of Justice (Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Nightshade, Question) have first 
public case - Americomics Special #1

 Mister Jigsaw, "Man of a Thousand Parts", has first public case - Scary Tales #38
 Clark Kent/Kal-El becomes Superman? - Blockbuster Weekly/Comics Cavalcade Weekly #1 (unpublished), Zero Hour #0

 Static has adventures. - Charlton Action #1
 In an alternate potential future, the Peacemaker is assassinated by Peter Cannon.  
This leads to a confrontation between the Sentinels of Justice and Thunderbolt.  Death of 
The Question; Captain Atom leaves Earth; Eve Eden partners with Blue Beetle and possibly 
becomes Peacemaker II. - Who Sentinels the Sentinels of Justice #1 - 12

 Michael Jon Carter travels from the year 2462 in a stolen time machine and has first 
adventure as Booster Gold. - Booster Gold #1

 death of Son of Vulcan (as Halciber Filius?) - War of the Gods #1

 Sarge Steel assembles a task force (Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Nightshade, 
Thunderbolt, Judomaster II) to battle Andreas Havoc. - Justice League Quarterly #14

April 7
 A world war is narrowly averted, and a new wave of world peace begins.  
 In an alternate potential future, an experimental rocket with Boyd Ellis, 
Jill Malden and Ikei Yashida, blasts off into space.  At the same time,
a small-time dictator who has some nukes triggers the nuclear bombs that 
would bring about doomsday.  World War III kills seven billion people and 
gives rise to the world of Doomsday +1.  The rocket crew float around in 
space for eight days, then touch back down on Earth on April 15, 1996, 
when they encounter the frozen caveman, Kuno.

 In an alternate potential future, stored nuclear waste explodes causing the moon to 
leave its orbit and fly through space - Space 1999 #1

 Ted Kord briefly becomes the stupendous Silverfish. - Justice League of America Annual #5
 Captain Atom has retired because his activities as Captain Atom are disturbing the 
quantum field.  When Peacemakers kill his family, subsequent use of his powers 
eventually causes him to become lost in the timestream. - Justice League Europe Annual #2

 death of Ted Kord - Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1

 Amy Allen becomes Bombshell (or, possibly, Lieutenant Atom).  She may spend some time 
on Earth-1 as a member of the Teen Titans.  [52 #3]

21st century
 Rocky Jones becomes a captain in the Space Rangers - Space Adventures #15

 A working time portal is developed - Charlton Bullseye #5

40th century
 Stinson Tempest is caught in a time disruption and stranded in the alternate past 
(to him) of Doomsday +1 - Charlton Bullseye #5

Dates/info needed:
 American Eagle has adventures during WW2 - Fightin' Air Force #50
 Baron Weirwulf - Baron Weirwulf's Haunted Library
 Brick Bradford - Flash Gordon #17
 Captain Doom - Outlaws of the West #64
 Children of Doom - Charlton Premiere #2 - November, 1967        
 Rex Clive and the Space Officers - Space Adventures #1
 Dr. Haunt - This Magazine is Haunted #12
 Dragon Force - Scary Tales #40
 Iron Corporal, an American volunteer in the Australian army in New Guinea - Army War Heroes #22, November-December 1967 
 Spurs Jackson and his Space Vigilantes, armed with six-guns which fire "miniature 
atomic bombs", fight Martians and Nazis on the moon when they aren't roping cattle on 
the Bar-Z Ranch in Arizona. - Space Western #40, October 1951 
 Mortimer Tishin - Beyond the Grave
 Mr. L. Dedd - Ghostly Tales #55, April-May, 1966 
 Mr. Bones - Ghost Manor #1 --October, 1971
 Miss Witcherly
 Paul Mann & the Saucers from the Future - Space Adventures #60
 Mr. Dee Mun - Creepy Things
 The Mysterious Traveler - Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #1
 The Prankster, a harlequin-like hero, fights with laughing gas, his hot air balloon 
and a "magic flute" against the repressive dictator Bane in the dour future city of 
Ultrapolis, where love, laughter, music, art, and every expression of human dignity 
can be a crime punishable by death. - Thunderbolt #60. 
 Professor Coffin the Midnight Philosopher and Arachne - Midnight Tales #1--December, 1972 
 Radar The International Policeman - is this the same as the Fawcett Radar? 
 Sam Spolo becomes Spy Smasher - Fightin' Marines #87 
 Mortimer Tischin
 Tiffany Sinn, the C.I.A. Sweetheart - Secret Agent
 Winnie the Witch - Ghostly Haunts
 Doomsday +1 #1