Earth 412 and Earth C-Minus 4 Timelines
There is an Earth very similar to Earth-12 which is tangential to the Charlton Earth.  
I believe this is also the Earth of the now deceased post-Crisis hero Vulcan and his kid
sidekick, Son of Vulcan.  The inestimable Ronald Byrd advises me of the following:

 The Flintstones, their assorted friends, and pets have adventures. - Flintstones #1,
Barney & Betty Rubble #1, Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm #1, Dino #1

 Dudley Do-Right has adventures - Dudley Do-Right #1

 The Bestest Society of America is established, whose membership eventually 
includes Wilycat, Starfish, Dr. Mid-Noon, the Spectacle, Sandhog, Mr. Horrific, 
Johnny Blunder, and all the rest. - Alter Ego

 Dan Garrett, an archaeologist, gains super powers from a mystic blue scarab to 
become Blue Beetle - Blue Beetle V2#1

 Peter Cannon is trained by Tibetan monks to harness the energy of his entire 
brain to perform amazing feats and returns to America as Thunderbolt - Thunderbolt #51
  Christopher Smith, a diplomat who devises weaponry to be used against the 
perpetrators of war, has first public case as the Peacemaker - The Fightin' 5 #40
  Blooperman is established fighting crime in Metroville, working closely
with Chief O'Hare; his most persistent opponent is socialite Bruce Pain, a.k.a.
Badman, and his sidekick Robber.  Blooperman also works as a member of the
Bestest League of America, whose membership includes Wondrous Woman of the
Glamazons, Aquariuman, the Cash, the Green Trashcan, S'amm S'mmith the Martian
Manhandler, Aukman, Lean Arrow, Hotel Man, IPOM (Infinitesimal Particle Of 
Matter), and teenage member Snapper Carp. - Go-Go Comics #3, additional 
information from the version of the team which appeared in Alter Ego, with 
its varients Superham and Wombatman.

 Blue Beetle's career is snuffed out by one who seeks to avoid justice. Ted Kord, a 
scientist who witnessed the death of Dan Garrett, undergoes extreme physical training and 
develops specialised weaponry to become Blue Beetle II - Captain Atom #83
  A "square" teenage girl is transformed into Superella. - Go-Go Comics #6
  The Bestest League of America clashes with a group of "Marvelous
Super-Heroes," including Mister Fantabulous, the Invisibubble Girl, the Fumin'
Scorch, and the Thang of the Frantic Four; Spider-Dan, Scrap-Iron Man, Great-Big-Huge Man, 
and Thore the God Thenthational. - Go-Go Comics #6.  Great-Big-Huge Man may be an 
alternate identity of Aunt-Man as referenced in Charlton Premiere #3.  Varients who
appeared in Alter Ego include Spiderwebman, Sunkmariner, and the Inedible Hunk.
   Another possible super-group affiliated with the Starchie Comics Company 
comprises the Flea, Flea Girl, the Cougar, Black Hoodlum, and the Windshield. - Alter Ego
 Sinistro, Boy Fiend battles Blue Beetle II, Captain USA, the Green Spider, 
Peacemaker, and Superguy - Charlton Premiere #3

the future
 The Jetsons have adventures. - Jetsons #1

Dates/info needed:
Flame Sparkle & Plugg the Robot - Great Gazoo #7

There is an Earth very similar to Earth-C which is tangential to the Charlton Earth. The State Historical Society of Wisconsin's Living Under a Mushroom Cloud provided info on Charlton's atomic-age heroes. 1860's ======================== Quick Draw McGraw has adventures. - Quick Draw McGaw #1 1945 ======================== Detecto the Bloodhound has first public case. - Zoo Funnies #2 Superdog has first public case. - Zoo Funnies 1946 ======================== Deriving his powers from "Cosmic Catnip Capsules", Cosmo Cat is based in his secret lab,on the moon. Cosmo Cat uses his telefinder to locate trouble on Earth. When finding one, Cosmo uses his Cat rocketship to zoom to Earth's aid. The Cat-rocket is powered by the "blaster beam", a powerful energy source. Once on Earth, Cosmo Cat possesses super strength, the ability to fly and near invulnerability. His arch enemy is Horrorface, a [hairless ape] so ugly that no one can look at him. Horrorface is out to rule the universe and to humiliate Cosmo Cat in the process. Cosmo has a sidekick in Dunky Duck, who uses a jet belt given to him by Cosmo. Cosmo Cat has an ally in Flash Rabbit, the fleet footed hare. Together they fight for all animal's rights to have truth, freedom and justice. - Cosmo Cat #1 (text by Richard Boucher) 1953 ======================== Atomic Mouse begins life as Cimota Mouse ('atomic' spelled backwards), a victim of an evil magician. When the magician shrinks him to the size of an atom, he meets several living atoms who give him U(ranium)-235 power pills, a new costume, and a lecture on working for the good of the world. Atomic Mouse gets his super powers by ingesting the pills, provided by the scientific genius Professor Invento (a dog) which enables him to protect the citizens of Mouseville, working in conjunction with the 1,999,999th Precinct, from the evil Count Gatto (a cat) and his inept sidekick, Shadow. In the hero's honor, the first day of every month is Atomic Mouse Day. [Al Fago] - Atomic Mouse #1 (from Jeff Rovin and the State Historical Society of Wisconsin) 1955 ======================== Atomic Rabbit acquires his powers by eating carrot cubes which have been irradiated by U(ranium)-235, and protects Bunnyville from the evil Sly Fox. - Atomic Rabbit #1 Happy says the magic word "Alizam" and becomes Magic Bunny (his costume similar to his counterpart Marvel Bunny, save for the absence of the thunderbolt emblem and blue instead of red tights) [Chad Grothkopf + some unknown Charlton editor] - Atomic Mouse #? 1956 ======================== Tom Cat has first adventures. - All-American Tom Cat #1? Tom the Cat #4? 1957 ======================== Tom Cat absorbs atomic rays from a nuclear reactor. The scientists who built the reactor give him a cape and convince him to work for his country and the world. Atom the Cat maintains his powers by eating fresh fish. - Atom the Cat #9 (text from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin) 1958 ======================== Atomic Rabbit changes his name to Atomic Bunny, and either acquires the ability to shapechange or leads a battalion of Atomic Bunnies. - Atomic Bunny #1 1967 ======================== Howard the Mouse Cop briefly encounters Charlie Droople and Dorothy Carson, who travel from Earth 4 (or possibly Earth Prime). - The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves #5 [Steve Skeates & Jim Aparo] 1970 ======================== July Underdog has adventures. - Underdog #1 1975 ======================== Hong Kong Phooey has adventures. - Hong Kong Phooey #1 1981 ======================== Millionaire Cheshire A. Catt, outraged at the growing crime rate in Petropolis, assumes the costumed identity of Cap'n Catnip and recruits junior accountant Freddie the Gerbil as his sidekick Womble; he is also briefly aided by Ms. Kitty. Despite the misgivings of Inspector Drummond, Cap'n Catnip puts an end to the crime spree of Ratman and his gang. - Charlton Bullseye #2 (text by Ronald Byrd)