Earth-597 Timeline

Earth-597 is the home of the Lightning Force, a Nazi version of Excalibur. This timeline covers them as well as other Hitler Wins worlds in the Marvel Multiverse. In addition, some attention has been given to the Marvel Universe's established adaption of history relevant to the Nazis, such as the Marvel Universe history of the Jews, Japanese, Aryans and Germans (the Japanese play a part for the history of Earth Thunder-Guard [see below for explanation of Earth-Thunderguard] and the alternate Earth in Captain America IV#17-20, hence their inclusion).

Many stories with themes similar to that of Earth-597 exist. However, none of them can really be smoothly melded with Earth-597. So, they appear on this timeline with appropriate color-coding.

Text in black represents events from either the established history of the Marvel Universe with regards to Aryans, etc. or Earth-597 events. Earth-597 only appears in issues of Excalibur.

Text in teal denotes events from Earth-Thunderguard. Earth-Thunderguard is an alternate timeline seen in the A-Next series, which is a spin-off the Spider-Girl series. These series take place in a possible future for Earth-616.

Text in maroon denotes events for the Captain America IV#17-20 timeline. This storyline presented another thematically similar alternate Earth.

Text in red denotes sundry alternate timelines to Earth-597. These would include those of Kommandant Englander, What If II#1, and Fantastic Four III#47. (Those last three could be the same Earth.) Also, the world seen in the prose novel X-Men: Chaos Engine Book 3, which featured the Lightning Squad, which could not be the same Earth as that of Englander/What If II#1/Fantastic Four III#47.

Text in lime denotes material from the short story "Sambatyon" by David Honigsberg from The Ultimate Silver Surfer.

Text in purple denotes material from the prose anthology X-Men: Legends.

Text in blue denotes material from the alternate timeline seen in Fantastic Four Annual #11, Marvel Two-In-One Annual #1, and Marvel Two-In-One #20

Highly recommended links:

A fuller discussion of the history of the Jews and Yahweh/Abrahamic god on Earth-616. -scroll down when you get there to see why I included it.
Bible Tales For Young Folk article


X-Men: Chaos Engine Book 3=XCAO;
# refers to page number Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition: OHOTMUDE
BTFYF/P=Bible Tales For Young Folk/People.


Notes from Mikel Midnight:

I'm more than a little uncomfortable at the author's inclusion of the history of the Jewish people in the timeline. I don't feel that World War II (which this timeline centers around) was "about" the Jews in the same way that the American Civil War was "about" African slavery, and writing it this way erects the pretense in my eyes that that is so. In discussion, John told me "I only did the history of the Abrahamic god up to the time of Logos/Jesus, approximately when the Nazis would have believed Yahweh would have changed allegiance in favor of the Germans." I have decided not to edit from the timeline every passage which makes me uncomfortable, preferring to state my case and to let John go on to state his.

Also, John and I have a disagreement about the Earth-597 divergence factor. He believes the turning point came circa 1936; I believe it was much earlier, and that Englande was a nation which historically had much stronger ties to Germany than it did on Earth-616 or Earth-Real.


 400,000,000 Years Ago
A time-travelling Baron Von Strucker from March 1964 went here and nabbed a 
dinosaur. [Captain America (IV)#18]  

 Circa 14,000 to 10,000 BCE
The Hyborian civilization of Shem were the ancestors of the Israelites/Jews and 
of the Arabs. They were not monotheists, but worshipped Ishtar, Bel, Pteor, Adonis 
(also called Tammuz), Derketo, and others. [Hyborian Age Essay by Robert E. Howard] 

At some point, jealous of the human beauty Isolene, Ishtar had her placed in a tower 
guarded by demons-and then forgot about her. [Savage Sword of Conan #98/2]

Ishtar was served by a wizard named Libro, who became greedy and stole her powerstone. 
Under the alias of Alonia, Ishtar regained her powerstone. [Conan the Barbarian I#40]

Tel-Ammon, a city-state of Shem, was ruled by Queen Atala. She was seduced and slain 
by Nebuhan, who only married her to become king. However, Atala's daughter Ayelet 
escaped, and about two decades later, with Conan's help, would avenge her mother.
(Upon the advice of a Vanir mystic, Nebuhan had placed his soul in a mystical container. 
Ayelet and Conan acquired the container.). [King Conan #17] 

The pirate queen Belit of Shem became Conan's lover and sailed with him for three 
years. They even had an adventure at the Mountains of Madness and met a shoggoth.

Sadly, she was slain by an ape-like monster, but Conan avenged her death. 
[Conan the Barbarian #58-100, Savage Sword of Conan#107, Conan the Savage #2-4, 
Marvel Feature Presents Red Sonja #6-7, Giant-Size Conan#1] 

Conan has an adventure in Asgalun of Pelishtia, meeting king Akhirom, who worshipped 
Pteor.  ["Hawks Over Shem", Savage Sword of Conan#36]

Later, Zukala (a minor god in the time of Atlantis) offered to resurrect Belit, and her 
corpse had started to emerge from the sea, but Conan stabbed Zukala. [Conan the Barbarian #115] 

In a Shemite city-state, Conan meets Rosina, whose crystal figures are stolen. [Savage Sword of Conan#217]

On the borderline of Aquilonia, Conan saw one of Mitra's angels-the angel who usually 
appeared to those about to die. The angel of Mitra appeared again to Conan and granted 
him Mitra's power to stop a priestess of Yog (a demon worshipped in Darfar).

The angels of Mitra and the demons of Yog looked on as the two fought. Conan killed the 
priestess and saw her blood fall to Earth. The blood cursed the land upon which it fell, 
making that land a place of war and disorder. This land would eventually become known 
as Palestine.  [Savage Sword of Conan #188]

In Shem, Conan is employed by two rich brothers to find the woman Fionqu'a. Little does 
Conan know that these brothers are the Gamesmen of Asgalun, using him and Fionqu'a in 
an amusing game of life and death. [Savage Sword of Conan #89] 

Conan has a few encounters with Nergal and Tammuz. [Conan the Barbarian I#30, Savage 
Sword of Conan #220-230]

Conan encounters Shumash-Shum-Ukin, a time-travelling Babylonian monarch. After an 
encounter with Xka'Ahk, a serpent demon rival of Set, Shumash-Shum-Ukin declares he 
will time travel a few thousand years into the future to meet with a carpenter who can 
perform miracles. [Savage Sword of Conan #65] 

Conan faces a giant turtle in Shem. [Savage Sword of Conan#72]

Conan encounters Bel, one of the gods of Shem. He also meets Ashtoreth, another god of 
Shem. [Savage Sword of Conan #211-212].

Ayelet remained a staunch ally of King Conan. However, she later died due to the 
machinations of an imposter posing as Conan's son, Taurus. [Conan the King#21-22, 28; King Conan#50]

Circa 9,500 to 8,000 BCE
In the waning days of the Hyborian Age, as the clash of mighty nations and an 
encroaching Ice Age end this phase of civilzation, a group of Vanir, Nordir, 
and Cimmerian tribes migrate to live around the Vilayet Sea. These people come 
to be known as the Aryans. The Vilayet Sea eventually shrinks to become the 
Caspian Sea, and the Aryans are forced to migrate due to a growing population. 
Eventually, the Aryans displaced the Picts in Europe. [Hyborian Age Essay by 
Robert E. Howard, "Kings of the Night" in Savage Sword of Conan #42-43, 
"The Lost Race" in Savage Sword of Conan #69, "Men of the Shadows" in 
Savage Sword of Conan #102-106]] 

During the time of the drift from Nordheim, an Aesir named Niord joined his tribe in
their migration. (Niord and his people worshipped the Frost Giant Ymir.) During the 
journey, they encounter Grom, a Pict. Another Aesir named Bragi was also on the journey. 
In the Valley of Broken Stones, Niord faces Satha, the great snake, and an odd monster 
left behind by the Old Ones (C'thulhu related monsters). [Robert E. Howard's "The Valley 
of the Worm" in Supernatural Thrillers #3, reprinted in Kull and the Barbarians #1] 

 Circa 8,250 BCE
During these transitional times, the Caretakers of Arcturus endowed a man with
metahuman powers. This man turned against them. [Doctor Strange III#27/2]

In Vanaheim, the man mutated by the Caretakers witnessed the battle between the alien
Ulluxy'l Kwan Tae Syn and a hero of the Vanir people. During this battle, the 
destruction of the Hellfire Helix took place, shattering it into numerous pieces. 
Most of the humans present for the battle against Ulluxy'l died-however, two of them 
became immortal by taking fragments of the Hellfire Helix, called the Bloodstones.

The hero of the Vanir people became Ulysses Bloodstone. The man previously mutated by 
the Caretakers became the Mad Merlin. [Year and location in Vanaheim from OHOTMUDE #16-
Bloodstone entry; Mad Merlin in Vanaheim in Incredible Hulk #210; rest from Marvel 
Presents #1-2, Rampaging Hulk #4/2]   

At some point after this, Ulysses Bloodstone faced Orrgo, an alien monster. [Defenders II#9]

 Ancient Times (but presumably post-Hyborian)
The exiled god Susa-No-O-Izumo, defeated the eight-forked serpent of Koshi. 
He found a perfect sword in the belly of the dragon. He took this sword to 
Amaterasu. This sword eventually acquired the name of Kusanagi-No-Tsurugi. [Black Axe #2] 

 Circa 2000 BCE 
At around this time, Lot (Abraham's nephew) and his family escape from the 
city of Sodom and Gomorah. [Marvel Premiere #13-14] 

 Circa 1200 BCE 
Moses confronts the Pharaoh. The Levite will engage the Pharaoh's adviser, 
Anath-Na Mut, the man who will later become Nova's foe the Sphinx, in a battle 
which the Sphinx will lose. Unknown to Moses, the Sphinx is not actually a 
sorcerer, but uses superhuman powers given to him by the extraterrestrial 
Caretakers of Arcturus which seem to the untrained eye as magic. Moses defeats
the Sphinx. [Doctor Strange #27/2, BTYF/P #3, Fantastic Four #212, Fantastic 
Four Annual #12, New Warriors #12]  

 Moses uses a magical staff to fight Anath-Na Mut. This staff was once held 
by Atlantean kings. [Robert E. Howard's "The Footfalls Within", Marvel Preview #19] 

 Circa 1020 BCE
Saul becomes the first king of Israel. He becomes interested in David, a young 
boy who works at first first as a shepherd, then becomes the warrior who kills 
the giant Goliath. [BTYF/P #1,4; Amazing High Adventure #5]
David becomes king, eventually fighting alongside the Eternal Gilgamesh, also 
known as the Forgotten One and Herekles.  [Avengers I#300] 

 Circa 930 BCE
David's son Solomon becomes king of Israel. At some point he will acquire 
time-travel devices shaped in the form of frogs. The famous incident with the 
two women who argued over a baby occurs.  King Solomon's Mines are in Wakanda. 
[BTYF/P #4, Black Panther I#1, OHOTMUDE #14-Wakanda Entry/Map]
King Solomon banishes a demon. [Marvel Preview #19/2] 

 Circa 721 BCE
The Assyrians destroy the northern kingdom of Israel. Its people are scattered, 
becoming the Lost Tribes of Israel. Some are taken by the Abrahamic god to a 
strange planet called Sambatyon, which is invisible except for one day a year.  
Other Lost Tribes of Israel become the forerunner of the Wolfpack, warriors 
against the Nine.  [Wolfpack Graphic Novel, Sambatyon in Ultimate Silver Surfer] 

 Circa 140 BCE
The Judahites eventually returned to their homeland. Eventually, they face the 
Greek king Antiochus Epiphanes in the first Hanukkah. [What The?! #15, Marvel Holiday Special 1993] 

 Circa 10 BCE
The Abrahamic god instructs the Hand of God, a warrior who is possibly a prior 
incarnation of Wolverine, to defeat the demon Baal, who has set up a cult 
outside of Jerusalem. [Wolverine #10-13] 

 Circa 4 BCE
The angel Gabriel informs Mary that she will have Jesus. [BTYF/P #4]
Jesus is born. [Some believe he is an eternally pre-existent cosmic being, 
others a prophet.] 
A series of odd or supernatural occurences serve as the Star of Bethlehem 
that lead the Magi to Jesus; the arrival of the Yazdi Gem and the destruction 
of  Asgard in a prior version of Ragnarok. [BTYF/P #1, Life of Christ: The 
Christmas Story, Thor #293-294, Tomb of Dracula Magazine #1, Marvel Holiday 
Special 1996] 

The Magi who gave gifts to Jesus in fact were aliens who followed the Star of Bethlehem
throughout the universe as it appeared before important events. [Marvel Comics Presents#17]

 Circa 1 BCE
Around this time, a lost tribe of Israel wandered into China. As part of a 
peculiar covenant of the Abrahamic god, at all times ten just and righteous 
men will exist, but as a balance, the Nine, a group of depraved mortal men 
will also exist. To fight them, one of the ten resigned and started a group 
of warriors to oppose the Nine. [Wolfpack graphic novel]  

 Circa 30 CE
The Romans have Jesus crucified-or at least believe they do. Some believe that 
the Abrahamic god saved Jesus but caused observers to experience an illusion 
of him dying. [The Life of Christ: The Easter Story, The Koran; Surah 4:157]
The Spear of Destiny is supposedly the spear a Roman soldier used to kill 
Jesus. [Wolverine: Evilution]
The Holy Grail is supposedly a cup in which Jesus turned water into wine at 
the Last Supper. [Union Jack #1-3]
The Sphinx observes the life of Jesus. [Fantastic Four #212]
The first vampire, Varnae, observes the life of Jesus. [Bizarre Adventures #33/4]  

 81-110 CE
Yamato Take uses Susano's sword, the Kusanagi-No-Tsurugi. [Daredevil: Ninja #3] 

 1000 CE
Izanagi, a Japanese god, attends a gathering of the gods of Earth that 
discusses the threat of the Celestials.[Thor #300]
Also around this time, the Sect of the Chasm (a group of sorcerers) make a 
deal with Mephisto: in exchange for immortality, they will provide the demon 
a constant supply of human souls.  The Sect of the Chasm includes Algernon 
Crowe. [The MyS-TECH Wars #1-4] 

A storm saves Japan from a Mongol fleet. These winds gain the name "Kamikaze". [Savage Tales #7] 

 Japanese Feudal Period
Gilgamesh is reincarnated as a Japanese samurai. He is called upon to slay a 
woman named Akima who was killed and turned into a demonic creature. Freeing 
her soul, Gilgamesh returns to the sleep of death.
[The presence of the Eternal Gilgamesh in the Marvel Universe would seem to 
displace an "actual" Gilgamesh, but then Hercules and the Forgotten One 
coexist.] [Tales of the Zombie #3]
Ho-Ti, the Japanese god, has a misadventure. [Bizarre Adventures #32] 

Frank Von Frankenstein, one of the Teutonic Knights, dies fighting Vlad Tepes 
(Dracula).  [Doctor Strange III#37]
Possibly Sir Magnus of the Danes also active in the Teutonic Knights at this 
time?  [Thor:Vikings #3-4] 

Black Axe works in the time of feudal Japan's daimyo. He observes as Nobunaga, 
Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa unite Japan. [Black Axe #2] 

Solomon Kane acquires the staff that Moses used to battle Anath-Na Mut from 
the shaman N'Longa. [Solomon Kane #1-6] 

Solomon Kane views Mohammed's corpse. [Solomon Kane #4] 

The dragon the Wani attacks humans for the O-Wata-Tsu-Mi, but a Japanese 
warrior stops him.  [Marvel Feature II#5] 

Albert and Gracie Destine prevent a coup against the Tokugawa shoguns. [Clan Destine I#8] 

A Russian and Japanese group of explorers discovered a massive crude oil deposit in
Alaska. They made a map to the crude oil deposit, but the explorers died while
trying to make the trip back. [Two-Gun Kid: The Sunset Riders#2] 

Heindrich Von Wilhelm Innsbruck, a classmate of Otton Von Bismarck and an aid
to Bismark throughout his life, has the castle Hawk Eyrie constructed. [Sgt. Fury #119]

A woman named Lyza Strang convinces Dracula to kill her husband, because she 
has fallen in love with Otto Von Bismarck. Dracula obliges, and Bismarck 
becomes chancellor of Prussia. [Tomb of Dracula #30] 

A group of Russian merchant sailors discovered that a group of Inuits had found the 
map to the oil deposit. The Emperor Mutushito of Japan was informed as to the map's 
discovery.  [Two-Gun Kid: The Sunset Riders #2]  

Mutushito dispatches samurai such as Hijiro Nguri and Shintaro Aiichi as part of a 
plan to assert Japanese control over the oil. [Two-Gun Kid: The Sunset Riders #1-2] 

Around this time, Heindrich Von Wilhelm Innsbruck becomes a cyborg. [Sgt. Fury #119]

World War I occurs. 
Kaiser Wilhelm II rules Germany. [War Comics #16, War Is Hell #2]
During this time, Jack Fury, father of Nick Fury, fights the Red Baron, 
Richtofen. [Sergeant Fury #76]
Mata Hari spies for Germany. [Amazing Adventures IV#1]
Albion, later of the Knights of Pendragon, also fought during World War I. [Knights of Pendragon I#8]
Freedom's Five active for the Allied countries. Its members include the 
Crimson Cavalier, Sir Steel, the Phantom Eagle, Silver Squire, and Union Jack. [Invaders #7]
The Freedom's Five face Baron Blood, a vampire who works for the Central Powers. [Invaders #7-9]
The World War One-Era Ghost Rider faces the rat-like ghoul Verminius Rex [Ghost Rider III#89] 
The Phantom Eagle, while trying to transport his parents from Germany, is shot 
down by von Reitberger. [Ghost Rider II#12] 

Hitler and his NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party) begin 
agitating. He gains the support of Heinrich Krowler, a mystic intending to 
harness the power of Dormammu. Seeking to key into the power released by hate, 
Krowler supports the NSDAP. [Doctor Strange II#51]
Algernon Crowe, of the Sect of the Chasm, at some point formed an alliance 
with the Third Reich, though possibly not this early in time. [Motormouth and Killpower #5]
Another group of sorcerers, the Chapel of Dresden, also allegedly had ties to 
Hitler. [Hellstorm #16, 18] 

The International Conference on Genetics takes place in Geneva, Switzerland. 
Arnim Zola attends. Also present; Herbert Edgar Wyndham, Jonathan Drew, and 
Wladyslav Shinski.  [X-Factor Annual #3]  

Arnim Zola discovers and decodes Deviant scientific literature found in his 
ancestral castle, allowing him to pursue spectacular genetic experiments. [OHOTMUDE #1]
Tengu of the Shadowmasters active in Japan. [Shadowmasters #1-4] 
The apparently immortal warrior Ogun serves in the Japanese Army. He meets Logan
several times. [Wolverine II#113; Wolverine II#169, Kitty Pryde and Wolverine#3-6]

Japanese troops move into Manchuria. Shiro Ishii begins experiments in 
biological warfare. [Ishi mentioned in Nick Fury II#38-39] 

Hitler wagers that he can make a lowly bellboy a great warrior. This bellboy 
will become the Red Skull. [Tales of Suspense #66] 

Geist, Baron Strucker, Amahl Farouk, and Lady Windermere scheme to bring Sir 
Oswald Mosley to power in the UK, so that his Union of British Fascists would 
prevent the UK from challenging the Third Reich, or become allies with the 
Third Reich. Possibly, on Earth-597, they succeeded.  [Speculation based on X-Men: True Friends #1-3] 

Logan, Ernest Hemingway, and Eugene Judd fight in the Spanish Civil War. [Wolverine II#35-37, 79]
Baron Strucker is sent to assasinate an American senator in New York, but 
Dominic Fortune stops him.  [The Hulk! #23/2.] 

Germany begins the war in Europe. Refugees flee to the Swiss border only to 
become fodder for Arnim Zola's experiments. Zola eventually works with Doctor 
Mengele for the Third Reich.  [XCAO #170-171]  

The Soviet Union pursues psychic experiments. [XCAO #284]  

The Japanese invade the French colony of Vietnam. Duong, a simple farmer, sees 
his wife executed for resisting the Shinto Imperialists. He meets Phan Boi 
Chau, a nationalist leader, and joins the resistance. [The 'Nam #7] 

The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. [Darkholders #6-7]
Red Hargrove, a friend of Nick Fury, dies in the attack. [Sgt. Fury #34, 101]
A nurse with mutant powers, engaged to be married, sees her lover die during 
the attack. She goes into a coma. [X-Men: Legends]  

The Red Skull uses the nullatron (a hypnotic device) to brainwash the Invaders 
to serve the Third Reich. Bucky, ignored, summons a group of costumed 
adventurers to form the Liberty Legion, and the Invaders are cured. [Invaders #5-6, 
Marvel Premiere #29-30; referred to in Fantastic Four Annual #11;  also
in Excalibur: Weird War III, the Red Skull recalls the nullatron. ]
The Nazi scientists Baron Zemo and Brain Drain acquire vibranium that arrives 
due to a time machine accident on Earth-616. This enables the Third Reich to 
create highly accurate "buzz-bombs" to strike England. [Fantastic Four Annual #11, 
Marvel Two-In-One Annual #1]  
The Fantastic Four arrive from the present of Earth-616 to aid the Invaders in 
a raid on Castle Cherbelle. They manage to defeat Baron Zemo and destroy his 
vibranium, but Brain Drain retains his part of the vibranium. [Fantastic Four Annual #11]
Sky Shark is sent by Brain Drain to obtain a gyroscope needed to create flying 
superweapon. The Patriot and Thin Man thwart him, but he escapes. [Marvel Two-In-One Annual #1]
Brain Drain manages to create the flying superweapon without the gyroscope. 
Sky Shark, working with Master Man and the U-Man, faces the Liberty Legion and 
the Earth-616 Thing (the latter again time/dimension travels). [Marvel Two-In-One #20]   
Captain America and Bucky defeat no fewer than 26 saboteurs and Fifth Columnists.  [Captain America (III) #17] 
The Super-Soldier program provides Logan with his claws. [XCAO #238]
German troops occupy England after a successful Channel crossing. [Fantastic Four Annual #11]   

German troops fight Americans in lower Manhattan. [Fantastic Four Annual #11]  

Third Reich soldiers reach Cleveland, Ohio. New York, London, and Moscow have 
also fallen.  [Fantastic Four Annual #11] 

Captain America first meets Reed Richards when he was in the OSS alongside 
with Benjamin Grimm. [Captain America (IV #18]
Later that year, Captain America was placed into suspended animation. [Captain America IV#17] 

The Red Skull secretly assassinates Adolf Hitler telling the world that he 
passed away naturally.  The Skull also slew Captain America. [A-Next #10] 
The Third Reich develops an atomic bomb and drops it on Washington. [XCAO #170-171]
Logan with his regiment attempts to free Auschwitz. However, Washington is 
bombed and all his fellow soldiers are slain. Logan escapes, making it across 
the Bering Strait to Canada. [XCAO #238]  

 July 1949
The Nazis take over England and re-Occupied North Africa and Soviet Russia
while a mighty invasion fleet sailed for North America. After heavy fighting,
the Nazis held Washington and the South but the V-3 Atomic Missile that
destroys Detroit wins them the war. [Speculated in Captain America (III) #17]
[Note From Lenny Carlson: In that same issue, a possibly senile Red Skull
mentioned this takes place a few months after Captain America's disappearance.] 
Strange mutants are discovered in Washington. While investigating them, Arnim 
Zola falls prey to radiation sickness, requiring him to transfer his mind into 
a genetically engineered body [XCAO #170-171]
Early 1950s
After the Nazis won the war, New York is renamed and semi-rebuilted as New 
Berlin and The Statue of Liberty is replaced by The Statue of The Leader 
himself, Adolf Hitler. [Captain America (III) #17]
All Inuits at some point slain. [Mentioned in Captain America (III) #17] 
The Red Skull goes to Latveria and meets a young Victor Von Doom. He chose to 
spare Victor during an annual purge. Victor became the Skull's official heir 
and his murderer. [A-Next #10] 
Logan makes it to Canada. [XCAO #238]  

The Reich constructs a concentration camp in Canda. [XCAO #238]  

Captain America, revived (and captured) by The Nazis, is sent to New Berlin
(formerly New York) to meet the Red Skull, but he escapes the Empire State
Building. Later, Captain America meets with resistance fighters such as 
Donald Blake, Tony Stark, Henry Pym, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Johnny Storm,
Luke Cage, Frank Castle, Sue Storm, Stephen Strange-and Bucky, now an adult. 

The Red Skull, with the help of Victor Von Doom, Otto Octavius, Baron Strucker, and 
others, creates a time machine. The rebels, facing the Reich's Iron Men (with grey armor)
, infiltrate the Skull's base. In a final battle, the Skull and Cap are lost in the 
machine, and a bright flash occurs (see comments). [Captain America (III) #17-20]  

 1970's to 1980's
The Reich pursues experiments in travel between dimensions. [XCAO #255]  

The Red Skull has most of the world's black population settle in Africa. 
Presumably, during this time, the mutant Ororo Munroe is defeated by Klaw and
stripped of her powers by Arnim Zola. [XCAO #60-61]  

Kommandant Englander (Helga Geering) attends Merlyn's funeral in Otherworld. [Mighty World of Marvel #13]  

The Watcher from Earth-616 observes a world where a titled swastika flag flys 
over the White House. [What If II#1]  
The Lightning Squad travel to Earth-616 to find Reichminister Moira MacTaggart 
and her bodyguard, Callisto. They battle the Earth-616 Excalibur. An exchange 
is agreed upon, and the natives of Earth-597 open a rift between dimensions. [Excalibur I#6,9-11]  

 Charles Xavier of Earth-597, a Nazi agent, uses psionic energy harnassed from 
extermination camp victims in an attempt to achieve greater psychic power as 
the X-Man. The souls of his victims merge together and use their power to 
temporarily merge Earth-616 and Earth-597. 
 Merged with the Lightning Force, the Earth-616 Excalibur face the Reichsmen 
(counterparts of Havok, Rogue, Psylocke, Banshee, Storm and Iceman). Meanwhile, 
the Red Skull (who has retained his youth thanks to scientific experiments) 
attends to a badly aged Adolf Hitler. Eventually, the process is used to 
restore Hitler's youth. However, Phoenix uses her power to defeat the Earth-597 
Xavier, and communing with Xavier's victims, slays the Red Skull and de-ages 
Hitle to zygote. The Earths de-merge as the Earth-597 Xavier is mutated into the 
benevolent X-Man.   
American-Born Jimmy Rhodes becomes the Iron Cross. [Speculation based on A-Next #10]
Simon Williams begins as Overman. [A-Next #10]
Scott Lang begins as Pincer. [A-Next #10]
The son of Odin begins to serve Abrahamic Germany as Donar. [A-Next #10]
S.S. Agents, The Swords-Master and Deadeye, separately have first cases. [A-Next #10]

The Thunder Guard (Iron Cross, Overman, Pincer, Donar, S.S. Agent, Swords-Master
and Deadeye) formed. [A-Next #10-11]

Hauptmann Englande serves as prosecutor at the trial of the Earth-616 Captain 
Britain in Otherworld. [Excalibur I#44-45]
Kommandant Englander attends the trial of the Earth-616 Captain Britain. [Excalibur #45]  

The Lightning Squad attends the wedding of Meggan and the Earth-616 Captain 
Britain. [Excalibur #125] 

Hauptmann Englande, with the other members of the Captain Corps, battles the 
Fantastic Four on behalf of Roma. [Fantastic Four III#7-8]

Hauptmann Englande is attacked by Mastermind in Otherworld. [Excalibur II#2] 

An Axis victory world is briefly glimpsed. Seen are a counterpart of the 
Mighty Destroyer (Aubrey) and Master Man. [Fantastic Four III#47]
 Late 1990s
Victor Von Doom spens millions on scientific research to create a Universal 
Cube which opens portals to alternate universes. The economy of his entire 
planet was based on military agression, so he decided to pillage other Earths. [A-Next #10-11]  

First Decade of 21st Century Era
The Avengers of a possible future Earth go to Earth-Thunderguard meet the 
Thunder Guard. These Avengers were all killed or so badly injured that they 
retired upon returning to their native timeline. [Hawkeye was blinded, Tony 
Stark retired.]   
Captain America of that alternate Earth remained there to defeat the Nazi-ruled 
world. [A-Next #10]

Spider-Girl/A-Next Era
A second generation of Avengers (or A-Next) goes To Earth-Thunderguard and 
meet Captain America who was thought dead on his world. The team and Captain 
America helped defeat Thunder Guard, stopping Victor Von Doom from opening a 
Universal Cube so he could conquer parallel dimensions. Crimson Curse gave her 
All of the members of the Thunderguard died (except for one called Stormtrooper 
who decided to spend time with the A-Next's Earth's version of his deceased 
son, now known as Thunderstrike II). [A-Next#10-11]


Need Information on: Marvel Universe#4-7 (published in 1998) (Ulysses Bloodstone flashbacks)
Savage Sword of Conan#7 (Ishtar article)

Steven Roman wrote a trilogy of X-Men novels called The Chaos Engine. In the third entry, the Red Skull uses the Cosmic Cube to merge Earth-616 with a Hitler Wins World. Since prose novels featuring Marvel characters are not canonical, and the world described in Roman's book differs sharply from established Earth-597 history, I have decided to set off material from Roman's book appropriately.

Aryans and Robert E. Howard

Robert E. Howard incorporated the Aryans into his history of the Hyborian Age in the Hyborian Age Essay of that name. This essay was adapted to the comics, said adaption having been reprinted in Conan Saga #50-54, and #56.

What is interesting about Howard's Hyborian Age essay is that he had already come up with his history of Atlantis and the Picts in the Kull and Bran Mak Morn stories before he created Conan. Thus, the history of the world given in the Bran Mak Morn stories does not always match up with the Hyborian Age essay.

For those readers who feel curious, the Hyborian Era ancestors of the Jews (and the Arabs) were the people of Shem. This nation included Belit, the pirate queen who sailed with Conan. However, the ancestors of the Aryans (Cimmerians, Vanir, Aesir) had no special quarrel with the people of Shem. The people of Shem's main enemies were the Stygians, the ancestors of the pre-Arab Egyptians. Also, the people of Shem were not monotheistic; they worshipped many gods, including Ishtar, Bel, Adonis (Tammuz), Derketo, and a few others.

"The Valley of the Worm" was a short story that took place towards the end of the Hyborian Age, as the Aesir (a human tribe that worshipped Ymir, King of the Ice Giants and his daughter Ymir) migrated from their home, Nordheim. Nordheim was separated into two sections; Aesgaard (home of the Aesir) and Vanaheim (home of another human tribe, the Vanir). Both countries worshipped Ymir and Atali. (They also invoked other gods-or perhaps Frost Giants-such as Wodun in Conan Annual#7 and Conan the Savage#10). Ulysses Bloodstone and the Mad Merlin were established as having gained their Bloodstones in Vanaheim, so I decided that this odd slice of the history of the transition to the Aryans was worth a mention.
(Other notable Aesir and/or Vanir include Grendel from the Xean story, Fafnir Demonhand, Sigurd from Savage Sword of Conan#40-44/, Conan of the Isles/Conan the Savage#10, Niord from Savage Tales I#1 and Conan the Barbarian I#109-112.)

Niord was later reincarnated as James Allison in the 20th century.

World War I

I have included World War I material due to the paucity of World War I stories. This dearth of World War I material comes from several reasons. (1) Relatively few people today have any knowledge or understanding of what World War I was about, or only know it happened based on the implication of the title of World War II (2) There were no comic books (except for comic strip reprints) during World War I.

I found it very interesting that Roy Thomas went to the trouble of retconning in costumed heroes for World War I with the Phantom Eagle and Freedom's Five, since, as noted, Marvel did not exist back then. Sadly, we have never seen any of the Freedom's Five's adventures ever depicted! Except for the original Union Jack (who made a few appearances during World War II and afterwards) and the Phantom Eagle (who appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #16 and Incredible Hulk #135), there is little else to write about the Freedom's Five.

Though the Third Reich had numerous super-villains on its payroll, the Second Reich had only had one known super-villain working for it: Baron Blood. Baron Blood was not even German, but British.

Heinrich Krowler and the Chapel of Dresden

Though I find stories linking the Nazis with the Occult quite silly, I thought that Heinrich Krowler and the Chapel of Dresden merited mention in the timeline due to the fact that the Earth-597 Third Reich was shown in Excalibur I#11 to be adept at manipulating sorcerous/magical energy. I would posit that the Earth-597 Reich could have gained such knowledge from the Earth-597 Heinrich Krowler and/or the Chapel of Dresden.

I actually enjoy finding occasions such as this when writers back-in to themselves. Roger Stern established Hitler's ties to Krowler in Doctor Strange comics published in the 1980's, while Warren Ellis came up with the Chapel of Dresden during in 1990's published Hellstorm comics. However, little else was made of the Chapel of Dresden's Hitler ties. The serendipity continues with the Captain America/Nick Fury: Otherworld War one-shot involved the Red Skull kidnapping the Ancient One, and meeting Dormammu.

The MyS-TECH Wars was a crossover in the Marvel UK books in the early 1990's. Of interest to us is Algernon Crowe. Crowe was retconned in as a World War II-era foe of Nick Fury. As he was a sorcerer, mentioning him would fit in with explaining the mystical achievements of the Earth-597 Abrahamic Germany.


The Japanese do not follow an Abrahamic religion, but due to their prominence during World War II, and the fact that we do not have a lot of information about the Japanese past, I have included material about them here.

With that, I end with the deep thought of the day. General Tojo, before he was executed, wrote a short poem. I have never forgotten reading it.

"Even though I know depart, I shall return again to this land.
That I may repay in full my debt to my country.
This is farewell.
I shall wait beneath the moss,
until the flowers again are fragrant,
in this island country of Japan".

(from Holocaust and World War II, volume 3, pages 478-481, edited by Peggy Saari and Aaron Maurice Sauri)


One note is that Reed Richards and Baron Zemo became Dr. Doom's chief advisors as mentioned in A-Next #11.

In issues published in the early 1960's to 1970's such as Fantastic Four I#11, Sgt. Fury #3, and Captain Savage and His Leatherneck Raiders #7, Ben Grimm and Reed Richards having served, respectively, as a pilot and an OSS agent were acknowledged, but this has become topical.

In Excalibur: Weird War III, the Red Skull recalls battling Magneto's band of rebels.

Captain America IV#20 has an odd ending. The Red Skull and Captain America are lost in the time vortex, a bright flash occurs-and the next page is a scene which takes place in 1964. However, this time we see Captain America being revived in a version similar to his Earth-616 revival, with the Avengers finding him per Avengers I#4. The intended implication may have been that the timeline shown in this story arc was the virgin, unaltered timeline, and that Earth-616 was created through the events seen in this story. However, that last scene explicitly identifies the events as taking place in 1964, which does not work for Earth-616, which has a rolling timescale. Perhaps the world seen on the last few pages of Captain America IV#20 was Earth-1961 (seen in Fantastic Four Annual 1998), a world which is very similar to Earth-616, save that it does not have a rolling timescale, so references to time are absolute, not relative.

Article by John McDonagh , additional research by Lenny Carlson.