Earth-886 Timeline

Note: I prefer to leave out non-Marvel owned heroes. Actually, a note
should be put in the timeline to this effect. I included Red Sonja
and Conan as they have Earth-616 counterparts. However, non-Marvel
owned character will be left out otherwise.

The First Cosmic War occurs.  The Dark Overlords, who seek the annihilation 
of all other life, are exiled to the Nexus of Sominus.  One of them is 
brought to Earth inadvertently in 1986.  Calling himself The Dark Overlord,
he wrecks havoc before being defeated by Howard the Duck. [Marvel Super Special #41]

Circa 20,000 BCE
The evil empire of Acheron exists. [Kull Movie Adaption]

Circa 18,500 BCE
Kull faces the evil Acheronian revenant Akivasha [Kull Movie Adaption]

Circa 18,000 BCE
Atlantis sinks, but the wizard Dakimh survives. [speculation based on
Doctor Strange #33/2 and Fear #15]

Circa 10,000 BCE
Conan's family is killed by soldiers under the command of Set-worshipper
Thulsa Doom. Years later, Conan slays Thulsa Doom. [Marvel Super Special #21]

Conan, while undertaking a mission he hopes will help resurrect his dead
lover Valeria, slays Thoth-Amon. [Marvel Super Special #35]

Red Sonja, taking a vow to serve the goddess Scathach, has an adventure
with the warrior Kalidor. [Red Sonja III #8, Marvel Super-Special #38]

16th Century Era
Three Musketeers have adventures. [Three Musketeers Movie Adaption]

Circa 1920's to 1930's
A gangster runs afoul of a vampire, leading to him and his daughter being
bitten. [Blade: Sins of the Father]

Indiana Jones goes across Asia with a gold-digging woman and a young
child to rescue a village's missing children and find a magic stone.
[Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, Marvel Super Special #30]

Indiana Jones must retrieve the mythic Lost Ark of the Covenant before
the it gets into the hands of Adolf Hitler who plans on useing its
power to guarantee his global conquest. [Raiders of the Lost Ark,
Marvel Super Special #18]
Tadzio De Santis becomes the Red Skull.  [Captain America Movie Adaption]

Indiana and his father outwit the Nazis in their attempt to find the
Holy Grail. [Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade]

Steve Rogers becomes Captain America. A few days later, he is placed in 
suspended animation after a battle with the Red Skull. [Captain America Movie Adaption]

Soviet troops liberate the concentration camp in which a young Erik Magnus
Lensherr is held. Lensherr uses his mutant powers to force a Soviet soldier's 
gun to start shooting in the direction of the captured Third Reich officers, 
including Hans Von Shank. The other Soviet troops, frightened at the outburst, 
shoot their comrade. [X-Men The Movie Prequel: Magneto]

The Red Skull engineers the murder of JFK. [Captain America Movie Adaption]

Vanessa Brooks dies in childbirth after having been bitten by Deacon
Frost. Her son Eric is born.  He will become Blade. [1967 date from Blade 
screenplay; last name Brooks from her driver's license; she calls him "Eric" 
during the film]

The Red Skull has an agent kill Martin Luther King. [Captain America Movie Adaption]
In an alternate timeline, Frank Castle encounters fellow marine John 
Carmody at Phu Bai.  [What If II #10]

The Red Skull has an agent kill John Lennon. [Captain America Movie Adaption]

James Bond must locate a weapons system known as ATAC, which controls
Great Britain's submarines, after it is sunk on a ship in the Ionian
Sea. While he must contend with a formidable foe in the villain known
as Kristatos, he does have the lovely and talented Melina, the
daughter of a scientist killed by Kristatos, on his side. [For Your
Eyes Only, Marvel Super Special #19]

When fellow secret serviceman Agent 009 is murdered over a treasured
Faberge egg, the British intelligence sends James Bond to investigate.
Bond follows the egg to India after it is put up for auction and
bought by the wealthy prince Kamal Khan. There he meets the enigmatic
and beautiful circus leader, Octopussy and discovers that Khan and the
maniacal Russian General Orlov plan to cripple Western Europe with a
nuclear explosion and incite a world war. [Octopussy, Marvel Super
Special #26]

In an alternate timeline, the Kingpin orders an attack on Frank Castle's 
apartment which kills his family, but Castle survives, though he is believed 
dead when the disfigured body of a visiting relative named Jake is found 
in the rubble. [What If II #10; date from page 16, where the children are 
shown watching Michael Jackson's Thriller video]
Also this year, Peter Parker is born.
Matt Murdock undergoes the accident that gives him superhuman powers. Soon
afterwards, his father is murdered by Wilson Fisk, a petty thug who later 
becomes the Kingpin.  [Daredevil movie novelization by Greg Cox pages 15-16]

Officer Frank Castle's family is killed. Believed dead, Castle begins his
activities as the Punisher.  [Punisher Movie Adaption; date based on 
statement that five years elapsed since the death of Castle's family]
Howard the Duck comes to Earth-886 from an alternate version of Duckworld.
[Marvel Super Special #41]

Peter Parker's parents die in a plane crash. Unable to accept the
alliterative tragedy, Peter believes that his parents (Richard and Mary 
Parker) were secret agents killed by a super-villain like "the Red Skull". 
[Spider-Man movie novelization by Peter David, page 8]
Also this year, a young girl in Kenya nicknamed "Silver Streak" manifests
her mutant powers over the weather. [X-Men Movie Adaption]

The Punisher, aided by informant Shakespeare, guns for Franco, the head of
the crime family that ordered his family's murder. However, the Punisher 
first works with Franco against the Yakuza before killing him. [Punisher 
Movie Adaption]

The Punisher, aided by informant Shakespeare, guns for Franco, the head 
of the crime family that ordered his family's murder. However, the Punisher 
first works with Franco against the Yakuza before killing him. [Punisher Movie Adaption]
Captain America is revived and faces the Red Skull. [Captain America Movie

Eric Magnus Lensherr meets a travelling Charles Xavier in Israel. They
witness a car bombing.
Lensherr sees Von Shank in Israel, but does not fully recognize him.
[X-Men The Movie Prequel: Magneto]

Lensherr and Xavier save a boy wearing ruby quartz glasses from mob
violence. Though Xavier calls him Henry, he is obviously a young
Cyclops. Later, Magneto learns of Von Shank's arrest and goes to prison to
kill him. [X-Men The Movie Prequel: Magneto]

Blade has his final showdown with vampire Deacon Frost. [Blade Movie
Blade encounters the vampirized gangster and his daughter. [Blade: Sins of
the Father]

A young girl in Mississippi named Marie attends a school social event. Her
power to leech energy through physical contact accidentally knocks a young 
man out cold. [X-Men Movie Adaption]

Marie later flees her home, but is captured by agents of a closet mutant
named Mr. Sherman. She is studied by Doctor Teed, but she escapes. [X-Men 
The Movie Prequel: Rogue]
Logan (Wolverine) finds an amnesiac Chinese young woman. Later, he
encounters the Silver Samurai. [X-Men The Movie Prequel: Wolverine]
Wolverine and Rogue encounter Professor Xavier and face Magneto,
Sabretooth, and other mutant terrorists. [X-Men Movie Adaption]

Blade forms an uneasy alliance with vampires to defeat a mutant vampire.
[Blade 2 Movie Adaption]
Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man, graduates high school in May. Norman
Osborn becomes the Green Goblin. Osborn dies after a battle that takes 
place after Thanksgiving.

Daredevil faces Bullseye and Kingpin as Matt Murdock defends client Daunte
Jackson. [Daredevil Movie Adaption]
Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk. [Hulk Movie Adaption]
Nightcrawler is captured by William Stryker's men and brainwashed into 
Stryker's service.  [X-Men 2 Movie Prequel: Nightcrawler]
The X-Men face William Stryker and Lady Deathstrike. [X-Men 2 Movie Adaption]

Frank Castle Jr. begins his adventures as The Punisher following the
death of his family (including Frank Castle Sr.) and uses his actions
against notorious . [Punisher Movie Adaption Mini-Series #1-3]
[Note: On the movie version, Roy Scheider appears on the credits as
Frank Castle Sr. which possibly explains his Punisher career and the
fact that Frank Castle Jr. was at somewhere else during Frank Sr.'s
family killing and later]
Dr. Otto Octavius becomes criminal Dr. Octopus after the death of his
wife during his experiment, but is defeated by Spider-Man whom his
identity is revealed to both Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn.
[Spider-Man 2 Movie Adaption]

 Elektra (who got killed by Bullseye) is resurrected by the Order of the
Hand and is assigned by the Hand's leader Kirigi to murder Mark Miller
and his daughter Abby; Mark is revealed to be the grandson of Elektra's 
former mentor, Stick. Instead of killing them, she befriends them and
decides to stop the Order of the Hand as well as Tengu and Typhoid
Mary. [Elektra Movie Adaption]
 Nathan Mehr, an insurance investigator, looks into damage at the work site
of industrialist Frederic Schist (Earth-886 counterpart of F.A. Schist).
Along the way he encounters the Earth-886 Donna Garth as well as Drumm's
Voodo shop (an homage to Brother Voodoo, perhaps). He encounters the
Man-Thing. [Man Thing #1-3]

Need further information on:
Hulk Movie Adaption (I will not see Hulk until it comes out on video)

X-Men Movie Topics
The X-Men movies are hard to nail down dates for. The first movie, according 
to a caption in the film itself and also a caption in the Rogue Prequel, 
took place in the "near future".  That implies that the first X-Men movie 
took places a few years after 2000. However, in the Wolverine Movie Prequel, 
set immediately before the events of the movie, someone states that the 
year is 2000!

Incidentally, the Internet Movie Database under trivia for X-Men 2 notes 
that an ending deliberately different from that of the movie was created 
for both the comic book adaption and the novelization. This was done to 
keep the ending of the movie secret. In the comic adaption, the following 
ending takes place: Stryker gains control of Xavier and forces him to use 
his Cerebro to exterminate all mutants. However, working with Magneto, 
the X-Men manage to break in and prevent Xavier from doing so. Magneto 
then rewires Cerebro so it will kill all normal humans instead of mutants. 
Xavier manges to stop Cerebro. Magneto uses his powers to command a length 
of chain to kill William Stryker. Pyro, a rebellious student of Xavier's, 
joins Magneto's band of terrorists.
Howard the Duck
I included Dakimh on the timeline since I always wondered who the narrator 
was for the beginning of Howard the Duck. This, by the way, is the source 
of the designation 886; that film came out August 1986. Though a major 
flop when it came out, this film was until the release of the first Blade 
movie in 1998 the only Marvel feature film ever released to American movie 
theaters. Howard the Duck is also unique in that he is one of the few comic 
book characters from an alternate Earth (in this case Duckworld) to have 
appeared in a movie.
To avoid duplication, I have excluded the 1970's tv versions of Spider-Man 
and Captain America none of which had comic book adaptions. I have also 
excluded the Japanese TV version of Spider-Man. 

The Nick Fury, Power Pack, Generation X, and Doctor Strange tv movies have 
been left out as they did not generate comic book adaptions. Generation X 
may also cause an overlap with the X-Men movies. The 1940's Captain America 
serial has been excluded for similar reasons. Animated adaptions have been 
left out, including the Japanese Dracula movie based on Tomb of Dracula, 
and The Monster of Frankenstein film made for Japanese television.
Hulk TV Show and Earth-11777
Although not a part of the adaption of the TV show but rather of the TV 
show itself, the two-parter "The First" (aired March 6, 1981 and March 31, 
1981) presents an interesting part of the past of Earth-11777. The 
fascinating part of those episodes was that they established that there
once had been, in the 1950's, a creature similar to the Hulk, whose real 
name was Dell Frye.  One of the notable things about the Bixby Hulk tv 
show was that for many stories, other than the presence of the Hulk, there 
were no fantasy or science fiction elements.  Until two late 1980's tv movies, 
the tv Hulk never encountered any other Marvel characters (although the 
villain in an episode called "The Snare" was similar to Kraven the Hunter, 
as well as any number of "The Most Dangerous Game"-derived tropes). 
Earth-11777 seemed fairly fallow. 

"The First" also featured some homages to the Universal Frankenstein movies 
of the 1930's and 1940's-the name of the town in that episode (Visaria) 
shares the name with a town seen in the films House of Frankenstein and 
House of Dracula. Dell Frye name probably comes from Dwight Frye, the man 
who played Renfield, Fritz (the hunchbacked assistant of Frankenstein in 
the first Karloff movie-not be confused with Ygor from the sequels), and 
other roles in Universal films.  Dr. Clive was probably named after Colin 
Clive, who played Frankenstein ("Henry" Frankenstein the creator of the 
monster) in the first two Karloff films.

Incidentally, this version of Banner had a father named D.W. and a sister 
named Helen, per the episode "Homecoming". His first wife was Laura, his 
second Dr. Caroline Fields; both died. Also, on the tv show, the Hulk's 
alter ego was named David Banner, not Bruce Banner. In the Eric Bana movie, 
Bruce Banner's father (played by Nick Nolte) is named David Banner in homage 
to the Bixby version. (On Earth-616, the Hulk's father was named Brian 
Banner.) Since the time periods roughly match up, and both David Banners 
experimented on themselves, perhaps Bixby's character is the counterpart 
of Nolte's character.

A comic publication which took place in the tv series continuity was
Power Records Album #8216.  There were also numerous strips published by 
Marvel UK.
Robert E. Howard-Derived Characters
Due to their presence on Earth-616, I have included the Robert E. Howard 
characters Kull, Conan, and Red Sonja. However, a problem emerges with 
the Kull movie. This movie had the empire of Acheron existing before Kull's 
time; however, in Howard's stories, Acheron existed after Kull (Acheron 
was introduced in the Hyborian stories). Since Acheron existed about 2,000 
years before Conan's time, I have presumed the Acheron transposed to Kull 
as 2,000 years before him.

The name of Scathach for Red Sonja's goddess comes from Red Sonja III #8. 
I presume similar events between Earth-616 and Earth-886 where reasonably 
Daredevil and Daunte Jackson
Daunte Jackson was to have been played by Coolio in the Daredevil movie, 
but his scenes were deleted. Jackson appeared in the Daredevil Movie Adaption 
and the novelization (where he mentions Turk, the recurring Daredevil thug).
Punisher Movie Topics/What If II #10
The issue of duplication has not come up with Marvel movies too much. However, 
it has come to my attention that a new Punisher movie with Thomas Jane is 
reasonably close to production; if it does get made, I expect a comic book 
adaption to follow. If so, this would probably cause an overlap with the 
1980's Punisher movie, since I seriously doubt the Thomas Jane version will 
be a sequel to the earlier film. 

Curiously, Doug Murray wrote a story for What If II#10 called "What If the 
Punisher's Family Had Not Been Killed in Central Park?" which had many 
similarities to the Lundgren version's  origin. In this alternate reality, 
the Castle family narrowly avoided being killed in the way they did on 
Earth-616. Later, Castle became a policeman (even encountering Spider-Man)
but soon became impatient with the corruption and graft that had infected 
the NYPD. He confided in Captain John Carmody, who tipped the Arranger off. 
The Kingpin then ordered an attack on the Castle home, which went as described 
above. Castle was believed dead in the attack, which again parallels the 
Lundgren version. An even odder coincidence is that, on the night they die, 
the Castle children are watching the video to Michael Jackson's Thriller 
which came out in 1984....the same year that the Lundgren version's family 
died, per my calculations.

Article by John McDonagh

Thanks to Lenny Carlson for Marvel Super Special adaptions and the 2004 entries.