Angor Timeline

Angor is an example of a 'terra obscura' ... a parallel Earth in a 
single dimension and galaxy; in this case, Angor is a terra obscura
for Earth-1 although it bears striking resemblances to Earth-616.
As often happens, information passes between terra obscurae, and 
as a result, some of the heroes of Angor appear in comic books on

(the following is primarily derived from research by Ola Hellsten 
and Jason Kirk)

 Barracuda, half-human/half-Atlantean, has first public case.  [Freedom Fighters #7-9]
 Fireball, an android capable of generating flame, has first public
case.  He soon adopts the human name James Nielsen and takes on a 
kid sidekick, the young mutant Sparky.  [Freedom Fighters #7-9]

 The Americommando has first public case, and soon takes on a kid 
sidekick, Rusty.  [Freedom Fighters #7-9]

 The Crusaders form as a team, comprising Americommando & Rusty,
Fireball & Sparky, and the Barracuda.  [Freedom Fighters #7-9]

 "Uncle" Mitch Wacky, a famous engineer, inventor, and cartoonist, 
constructs Wackeyland.  [Justice League Europe #18]

 Perry Porter has first public case as the Glo-Worm.  [Justice League 
Quarterly #3, Sandman #36, Doom Patrol #45]
 A surgeon becomes the avatar of the storm god Wandjina, fighting
crime under that name and possessing super-strength, flight and 
natural storm- and thunder powers.  [Justice League of America Vol. 1 #87]
 Jay Abrams, a mutant in a world of normals who had to live with 
the mental agony of growing to over twenty feet tall, fights crime
under the name Massive Man.  [Justice League Quarterly #3]

 Tin Man, despite having to wear a chest plate all the time to keep
his heart alive, has first public case.  [Justice League Quarterly #3]
 Thomasina Hewitta Edwina Angel has first public case as T.H.E.
Avenging Angel.  [Justice League Quarterly #3]
 The Bowman, a master archer yet a very insecure man who relies on 
his analyst for support, seeks to prove himself and inadvertently 
becomes an opponent of Tin Man.  [Justice League Europe #16]
 The Zen Men, comprising Uni-beam, the Rat, the Startler and 
others, form as a team to advocate for mutant rights under the 
leadership of Herr Doktor Skull.  [Justice League Quarterly #3, Doom Patrol #45]
 Captain Speed (Harry Christos, "the fastest man on two legs") 
and the Silver Sorceress (Laura Cynthia Christos, with the mutant 
ability of probability/luck manipulation, although she later becomes 
a gifted magician relying mostly on spells including flight, inter-
dimensional travel, manipulation of matter, and telepathy) have 
conflicts with the Zen Men.  [speculation, Justice League of America Vol. 1 #87] 

 The Eagle, a war veteran whose family was slain by criminals, 
becomes a vigilante.  He soon comes into conflict with Glo-Worm.  [Justice League Quarterly #3]
 The Justifiers form as a team; Wandjina, Massive Man, and Tin 
Man act as mentors for the younger heroine T.H.E. Angel as well
as the reformed Bowman and Captain Speed.  This group even have 
their own English butler.  [Justice League Quarterly #3]

 The Justifiers break up due to internal tensions.  Massive Man,
Tin Man, and T.H.E. Angel leave the group (the latter eventually
joining her fellow mutants the Zen Men).  Wandjina, Bowman, and 
Captain Speed successfully reform Silver Sorceress; she joins the 
new team the Assemblers, and Harry Christos changes his name to 
Johnny Quick as a symbol of a final break from his villainous past 
(although he soon settles on the name Jack B. Quick in disgust after 
a visiting member of the Darkstar Corps informs him the name is 
already being used).  [speculation, Justice League of America Vol. 1 #87]
 Herekles comes to Earth, establishing himself as a sometimes-friend/
sometimes-competitor to Wandjina.  [Justice League Quarterly #3]
 Jay Abrams, realising his use of his mutant powers were endangering his 
health, manages to alter the effects of his mutant genes on his body, and 
rejoins the Assemblers as Blue Jay. In this new identity he can shrink to 
the size of 7", grow wings that give him the ability to fly, has increased 
speed, agility, and stamina.  [speculation, Justice League of America Vol. 1 #87]
 Fireball, having deactivated in the mid-50's, is revived by a villain
who seeks to turn him against the Assemblers.  Fireball soon realises the 
truth of the situation and becomes a member of the team in good standing.  
After a brief courtship, he marries Silver Sorceress, and the pair have a 
few happy years together before his tragic, final destruction.  [speculation]
 Mitch Wacky, after getting infected by the flu Š a lethal disease on 
Angor Š has himself put into a survival chamber.  [Justice League Europe #18]

 Glo-Worm has first encounter with the villainous Carny.  [Justice League Europe #16]

 Aliens from the planet Can-Nam-Loo sends robots to two worlds - Angor
and Earth - to plunder their natural resources.  [Justice League of America Vol. 1 #87]
 A criminal gang are intent on stealing a nuclear device from the Timely 
Research Facility. During their reconnaissance mission, the device was 
accidentally detonated by a time-travelling Mitch Wacky and Silver Sorceress, 
with the men standing on Ground Zero. As so many times before on Angor, the 
result was not death, but mutation, their minds were damaged and their 
bodies endowed with powers on an extremely destructive level. Their leaderÕs 
body grew so huge and disproportionate that only a specially designed techno-
armor could contain it. He became the dreaded Lord Havoc. Erik Christos 
became the incredibly powerful master of magnetism, Doctor Diehard (it was 
he who took control of the nukes). A third, growing hideous tentacles from 
his head, called himself Gorgon, and a fourth became a savage, blood sensing 
animal with blades attached to his forearm and took the name Tracer. The 
last member of the group did not mutate. Instead, he was thrust into another 
dimension. When he returned to Angor, he was known as the Dreamslayer, a 
being of enormous psychic power with a possibly demonic origin. The Extremists
were soon joined by the costumed villain known as Carny.  [Justice League Quarterly #3]
 These five beings became a greater threat than Angor had ever seen before.
Apparently stopping at nothing, the Extremists recruited the rest of the 
worldÕs super-villains and created an army of super-powered criminals. The 
heroes of the world stood powerless as the villains took control of the 
planetÕs nuclear arsenals, taking the entire world of Angor hostage and 
demanding that the worldÕs leaders gave up their power in favor to the 
dictatorship of the Extremists. [Justice League Europe #16]
 Blue Jay's technical skills uncover the fact that the cause of the explosion 
which mutated the Extremists was located on Earth.  Mistakingly believing
the Can-Nam-Loo robots (which the Assemblers soon defeated) to be Earth 
super-villains, Wandjina, Silver Sorceress, Jack B. Quick, and Blue Jay 
travel to EarthÕs space sector to enlist the assistance of EarthÕs heroes 
the Justice League of America to defeat the Extremists. Arriving first at 
Can-Nam-Loo en route, the heroes of each world mistakenly assume the others 
were the senders of the threats and promptly indulge in the ubiquitous 
hero versus hero battle. Peace eventually breaks out when Zatanna heals 
the injured Blue Jay.  [Justice League of America Vol. 1 #87, Justice League Europe #16]
 Upon their return, they were met with a horrible sight. Too late to help 
anyone, they realized that the planetÕs leaders had refused to give in to 
the Extremists, who then had made truth of their threats. Angor was completely 
ravaged by nuclear weapons. The cities lay in ruins. Most of the inhabitants 
were dead, including all their friends and seemingly the villains as well. 
As a last effort, the heroes attempted to be of some assistance to the few 
survivors, who were nonetheless mortally injured by radiation and continued 
to die one by one. Among the casualties was Harry Christos, whose hyperfast
metabolism contracted cancer after exposing himself to the nuclear areas.  [Justice League #2, Justice League Europe #16]
 When there was no one left to help, the three remaining Assemblers Š 
Wandjina, Silver Sorceress, and Blue Jay Š committed themselves to a new 
goal: They would prevent a disaster of this magnitude from ever happening, 
ever again, anywhere in the universe. From now on, the powerful trio 
travelled worlds and dimensions, visiting several planets and destroying 
their arsenals of mass-destructive weapons, no matter whether the planetsÕ 
inhabitants liked it or not.  [Justice League #2-3]

 A timelost  Silver Sorceress ends up in a prehistoric era with dinosaurs 
and primitive humans [Justice League Europe Annual #2] or dies died while 
fighting Dreamslayer [Justice League Europe #35]
 A timelost Bluejay finds himself in Earth's 30th Century, and joins the 
Legion of Substitute Heroes.  [Justice League Europe Annual #2]


Americommando -> Captain America
Barracuda -> Sub-Mariner
The Bowman -> Hawkeye
Captain Speed/Johnny Quick/Jack B. Quick -> Quicksilver
Carny -> Kingpin + Arcade
Doctor Diehard -> Magneto
Dreamslayer -> Dormammu
The Eagle -> The Punisher
Fireball -> Human Torch
Glo-Worm -> Spider-Man
Gorgon -> Doctor Octopus
Herekles -> Hercules
Lord Havoc -> Doctor Doom
Massive Man/Blue Jay -> Goliath/Yellowjacket
The Rat -> Wolverine
Rusty -> Bucky
Silver Sorceress -> Scarlet Witch
Sparky -> Toro
The Startler -> generic X-Men member
T.H.E. Angel -> The Angel
Tin Man -> Iron Man
Tracer -> Sabretooth
Uni-beam -> Cyclops
Mitch Wacky -> Walt Disney
Wandjina -> Thor