Earth-B Chronology

From "Comments on a Finite Number of Earths" by Lou Mougin and Mark Waid:

"This Earth can be the most elusive of all for which to pin 
down any identifying traits. Indeed, it has never been shown 
by DC as a distinct Earth; it is only posited to exist because 
of inconsistencies created in comics edited by Murray Boltinoff, 
or written by Bob Haney or E. Nelson Bridwell. Mostly, these 
inconsistencies are found in issues of Brave and the Bold and 
World's Finest Comics." 

"In fact, it is difficult to say which stories in those series 
did occur on Earth-B, since most issues can be recognised as 
canonical tales of Earth-One. Here are some possible identifying 

"The Batman of Earth-B began his career in World War II, at least 
shortly before D Day He teamed with Sgt. Rock in a crucial point of 
the conflict. Bruce Wayne had a brother named Thomas, whose existence 
was hidden from him until the 1970s, Batman continued his career 
without letup all the way through the Seventies, without marrying or
seeming to age. His Catwoman, unlike that of Earth One, has no 
compunction against murdering and has done so at least once. Green 
Arrow I, after losing his fortune to John Deleon (as on Earth One), 
apparently regained it to a large degree." 

"These stories are but the tip of the iceberg, and any tale which conflicts
irreconcilably with canonical "fact" in other stories can be assigned to 
Earth-B. It is probable that Earth-B did not survive the Crisis; it may be 
the Earth on which DC Challenge takes place." 

Thomas Wayne, Jr. is born to Gotham socialites Thomas and
Martha Wayne. Their second son, Bruce, is born a few years
later. [World's Finest  #223]

Lois Lane travels from the future to Krypton before its
destruction and tries to romance Jor-El before he can marry
Lara. Jor-El eventually projects her into the Phantom Zone,
where she remains until rescued by Superman. [Lois Lane #59]

After the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne, their bodies are
cremated and their ashes are placed in an urn. [Brave and the
Bold #99] NOTE: In Earth-1 continuity, they were buried in a

Superboy discovers Jor-El & Lara didn't die when Krypton blew
up, but were placed in suspended animation in a space
capsule. Since reviving them would mean having them both die
of radiation poisoning, Superboy leaves them alone. [Superboy #158]

Bart Hawk's brother Jack is lost during a bombing mission in 
World War II. [Blackhawk #242]

Liu Huang, the son of the governor of a Chinese province,
secretly fights the occupying Japanese army as the White
Dragon. He later joins the Blackhawks as Chop-Chop.  [Blackhawk #203]

Superboy becomes Superman. After relocating to Metropolis he
is briefly reunited with his childhood sweetheart Lana Lang.
[Superman #78] NOTE: This was replaced in Earth-1 continuity
by Showcase #9.

Dick Grayson becomes Batman's partner Robin. [Batman #32]
NOTE: This account differs significantly from Detective
Comics #38.

Roy Harper becomes Green Arrow's partner Speedy. [Adventure
Comics #209] NOTE: This was replaced in Earth-1 continuity by
Adventure Comics #262.

Barry Allen gains superspeed thanks to an alien imp named
Mopee directing a lightning bolt to his lab. [Flash #167]

Jimmy Olsen meets Lois Lane's sister Lucy. [Superman's Pal,
Jimmy Olsen #36]

Hal Jordan becomes Green Lantern of Earth. On one of his
earliest missions, he brings the gorilla-like natives of the
planet Calor to Gorilla City on Earth, and becomes the first
human to fight Grodd. [DC Super-Stars #14] NOTE: This account
contradicts every other Gorilla City origin story told before
or since.

Superman brings Samson and Hercules from the past. Lois Lane
and Lana Lang agree to marry the two heroes, but eventually
Samson and Hercules beg Superman to return them home. [Action
Comics #279] NOTE: Unlike most Imaginary Stories, this one
does not feature a big change in the status quo, so is relegated
to Earth-B rather than its own Earth.

Lois Lane borrows a time machine from Professor Potter and
goes back to Krypton before its destruction. [Lois Lane #59]

Thanagar establishes an intergalactic Hawk Corps. Carter and
Sheira Hall are revealed as aliens in their civilian
identities. [Hawkman #22-27] NOTE: These issues were revealed
to be not part of Earth-1 continuity in Shadow War of

The Blackhawks battle Black Mask, who is revealed to be Bart
Hawk's brother. [Blackhawk #242-243]

Jimmy Olsen briefly teams up with Lex Luthor. [Superman's
Pal, Jimmy Olsen #109]

Batman and Adam Strange team up. [Brave and the Bold #90]
NOTE: At the time of this story on Earth-1, Adam Strange was
unable to return to Earth from Rann or he would die.

Batman and the Flash meet the ghosts of Thomas and Martha
Wayne. [Brave and the Bold #99]

Batman learns of the existence of his older brother, Thomas
Wayne, Jr. [World's Finest #223, 227]

Batman and Robin battle the Joker [Batman Power Records Comic
#PR-27] and encounter Man-Bat [Batman Power Records Comic #PR-30]

The Blackhawks become mercenaries, gaining new uniforms and
cover identities in the process. [Blackhawk #244-250]

Batman and Wonder Woman battle Catwoman. [Brave and the Bold #131]

Firestorm battles the Typhoon. [Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #1]. 
NOTE: The Typhoon here has a different identity and origin from 
the Earth-1 version.

Mari McCabe becomes the Vixen. [Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #2]. 
NOTE: This account differs significantly from Action #521.

Superman learns that his Kryptonian glasses have intensified
his super-hypnotism powers to make people think that Kent
doesn't resemble Superman [Superman #330]

Superman battles Brainiac. [Superman Special #2] NOTE: Unlike 
most Imaginary Stories, this one does not feature a big change 
in the status quo, so is relegated to Earth-B rather than its 
own Earth.

The events of DC Challenge! [DC Challenge #1-12]

Batman and Catwoman battle the Joker and Rupert Thorne.
[Batman: The Last Angel]

These are the comics listed as Earth-32 by John Wells that I
know nothing about. As you have told me before in a prior
e-mail, these are mostly non-standard format comics,
advertising pamphlets and coloring books, which may or may
not belong to Earth-B but instead to Earth-12 or
Earth-Hostess -- perhaps they could be included in a appendix
like the alternate versions of Earth-1278.

Amazing World of DC Comics #11
Aquateers Meet the Super Friends
Batman: Belt 'Em For Safety
Batman: The Joker's Last Laugh
Batman: The Peril of the Penguin
Flash vs. Dr. Polaris
Justice League America vs. Amazo
Super Heroes: Prisoners of the Stars
Super Heroes: The Secret of the Sinister Lighthouse
Super Powers Collection #1 - 23
Supergear Comics
Supergirl (American Honda) #1
Supergirl (American Honda) #2
Superman (Power Records) #28
Superman (Power Records) #34
Superman at Bloomingdales
Superman vs. Metallo
Superman: Luthor's Impossible Crime
Superman: Terra-Man's Skyway Robbery
Superman: This Island Bradman
Viewmaster Mini Comics #1 - 9
Wonder Woman (Power Records) #35
Wonder Woman and the Star Riders vs. Purrsia
Wonder Woman: The Angle Menace
Wonder Woman: The Cheetah's Jewel Caper

Note: I vaguely recall one of the Viewmaster Mini Comics
being an abbreviated version of "The Joker's Five-Way

--Douglas Ethington