Earth-C Timeline

Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew is a comprehensive homepage on the Crew.
Time Trust's Annotated Captain Carrot, still in progress, is an exemplary resource.
Fanzing article The Hall of Justice features Michael Hutchison's origin of the Crew.
Yahoo! Clubs: Zoo Crew On Earth C is devoted to discussion of many of the characters 
and concepts discussed here.
The Oddball Comics Message Board moderated by Scott Shaw is an invaluable source of 
The Lives and Times in Duckburg offers an impressive history based on the stories
by Carl Barks and Don Rosa.

I have nominated some characters as not native to Earth C or Earth C-Minus.
  • Earth C-Minus 2 is designated for direct counterparts to the Justice Society; there are no other direct counterparts to DC heroes in the canon on Earth C, and the formation of the Justice Critters appears too early to take advantage of Terrific Whatzit as a founding member. However, I'd have no objection to anyone's assertions that this world is identical to Earth C.
  • Funny Animal Land comprises the Fawcett characters, based on the fact that Captain Carrot was ignorant of Marvel Bunny's existence when they met in Oz- Wonderland War. The name comes from the first Marvel Bunny story. (thanks to Ronald Byrd, Steven Rowe, Crazy Ivan for inspiration and info on the Young Justice 80-Page Giant, Time Trust who has practically written the timeline for me once I set it up, Adam Lenny Carlsville for the Wizard and Mighty Mouse information, and the rest of the folks at the Oddball Message Board) circa 10,000 B.C.E. ======================== Bow-Zar the Barkbarian has adventures. [CCAHAZC #7] On Earth C-Minus, Canine the Barkbarian has adventures. [CCAHAZC #7] 1st century A.D. ======================== Nero Fox is emperor of Rome. Peter Porkchops and Wolfie travel back to Ancient Rome after Peter is preparing a batch of spot-removing fluid and Wolfie mixes them up, causing them to explode. In Rome they are promptly thrown to the lions until they escape to find an apothecary to recreate the explosion and are sent back home. (One of the streets they travel on is called Nero Avenue.) [reprinted in The Best of DC (Blue Ribbon Digest) #43] (text by Time Trust) mid 6th century ======================== The era of King Arthur (has a dog-like nose and short floppy ears). Sir Glancelot, one of the Round Table knights, is an ancestor of Peter Porkchops and resides in Glurch Castle in England. 1087 ======================== On a far-off planet which had a civilization far more advanced than any on Earth, strange colored eggs (painted like Easter eggs) drifted to their planet from outer space. All the children began to open them with their little hammers, but what was inside was "the most horrifying, terrifying, scary thing in the entire universe". (What it was was an egg yolk from outer space which could suck up any and all moisture it came into contact with, growing all the while, including an entire ocean! Although the Earthers didn't know that until 1982.) The people (rabbits) of that planet had to get rid of all the eggs, and came to Earth to use it as a garbage dump. Only one of them, Ralf-124C4U, survived, and he directed the natives to bury the eggs and erect a stone bunny head over each of them as a warning. Since he couldn't get back home, he spun a cocoon around himself to wait until someone could get him. (text by Time Trust) 1626-27 ======================== The Three Mouseketeers have adventures. [Funny Stuff #1] 1790 ======================= Victor Frankenswine, resident of Ringtailkat, West Verminy, in middle Ewerope, creates the 'Frankenswine monster'. The creature is lost in the Arctic for many years, before battling Pig-Iron in July 1983. [CCAHAZC #17] 1860 ======================== Abraham Linkidd is elected President of the United Species of America. [CCAHAZC #3] 1880's ======================== Spylot Bones has adventures? [Otto Feuer] [Leading Comics #15 - 22] On Funny Animal Land, Billy the Kid (a goat cowboy) has adventures. [Chad Grothkopf] [Fawcett's Funny Animals #1] 1920's ======================== Bulldog Drumhead has adventures. [Funny Stuff] 1931 ======================== On Earth C-Minus, Kent Mallard has first public case as the Waddler. [?/George Chastain] 1933 ======================== On Earth C-Minus, Duck Savage has first public case. 1936 ======================== The archeologist Oklahoma Bones has adventures, his most famous case being his quest for the "Lost Aardvark". [CCAHAZC #5] 1940 ======================== On Earth C-Minus 2, Abigail Mathilda Hunkle (a "mother" hen) becomes the Red Tornado. Her next-door neighbor is Scribbly (a horse); Scribbly's brother Dinky and Ma Hunkel's daughter Sisty (a colt and a chick, respectibly) become the Cyclone Kids. [Sheldon Mayer] [All-American #59] 1942 ======================== Weird War II: Adolph Hippo and his Ratzi's advocate a "New Odor" in Verminy. On Earth C-Minus 2, the Justice Critters of America have adventures. [note: aside from Starfox and possibly 'The Star-Spangled Poodle' the lineup of the team is unknown]. On Funny Animal Land, Sherlock Monk has adventures with his assistant, Chuck. [Chad Grothkopf] [Fawcett's Funny Animals #1] On Funny Animal Land (a world which lies just beyond Planet Carrot), Animalville resident Hoppy (reading an issue of Captain Marvel), is inspired to say the magic word "Shazam" on witnessing a bully trying to steal his girlfriend, and is granted powers by the Bunny Wizard to become Marvel Bunny with all the power of Salamander, Hogules, Antlers, Zebreus, Abalone and Monkury. [Chad Grothkopf] [Fawcett's Funny Animals #1] 1944 ======================== Merton McSnurtle of Zooville is selected by gods from another planet for good on Earth; equipped with an automatic conscience that doesn't leave him alone for a second, he becomes The Terrific Whatzit. [Martin Naydel] [Funny Stuff #1] 1947 ======================== Peter Porkchops and Wolfie have first appearance in the comics. [Otto Feur] [Leading Comics #23] 1980 ======================== Mallard Fillmore is elected President of the United Species of America. On an alternate possible Earth, Mallard Fillmore is a conservative political columnist. On an alternate possible Earth, Ronnie Raccoon is elected President of the United Species of America. [Peter Porker, Spectacular Spider-Ham] 1982 ======================== Superman and Starro travel from Earth 1. Their presence gives rise to the Zoo Crew (Captain Carrot/Rodney Rabbit, Alley-Kat-Abra/Felina Furr, Fastback/Timmy-Joe Terrapin, Pig-Iron/Peter Porkchops, Rubberduck/Byrd Rentals, Yankee Poodle/Rova Barkitt). [New Teen Titans #16] On Earth C-Minus, there are apocryphal accounts of a battle occuring between Bat-Mouse and The Inedible Hawg (see appendix). [date from DC/Marvel crossover, Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk] The Zoo crew encounters the Time-Keeper, which disperses them through their past. [CCAHAZC #9] 1983 ======================== Chester Cheese becomes Little Cheese, and is inducted into the Zoo Crew. [CCAHAZC #12] On an alternate possible Earth, Chester Cheese becomes Big Cheese, and is inducted into the Zoo Crew. [unpublished, character appeared as sketch in Amazing Heroes Preview Special #9] The Justa Lotta Animals (see Appendix) travel from Earth C-Minus. [CCAHAZC #14] Beast Boy and Gorilla Grodd travel from Earth 1. [CCAHAZC #20] 1985 ======================== Hoppy the Marvel Bunny is magically summoned to Oz by the Nome King Roquat. He assists Captain Carrot and Wonder Wabbit before returning to his own Earth. [Oz-Wonderland War #2] between 1985 and 2006 ======================== Amazing Ant has first public case. [Teen Titans #31, 32] Ballistic Baboon has first public case. [Teen Titans #31, 32] Carrie Carrot accompanies Captain Carrot. [Teen Titans #31, 32] Giant Giraffe has first public case. [Teen Titans #31, 32] Power Panda has first public case. [Teen Titans #31, 32] Whirlibird is inducted into the Zoo Crew. [unpublished, character appeared as sketch in Amazing Heroes Preview Special #9] On Funny Animal Land, Marvel Bunny Jr. has first public case. [Teen Titans #31, 32] The Zoo Crew disbands. After that, Whirlibird's whereabouts are unknown. Pig-Iron and Rubberduck decide to separately fight crime as vigilantes. Alley-Kat-Abra gives up as crimefighter and goes to Hollywood to become a successful movie star. [Wizard: The Comics Magazine #151] Yankee Poodle begins career as supervillain. [Wizard: The Comics Magazine #151] Fastback becomes lost 100 years in the future. [Teen Titans #31, 32] Carrie Carrot dies in action. [Teen Titans #31, 32] 1990 ======================== On an alternate Earth, Mices on Infinite Earths occurs. Mighty Mouse joins forces with his counterparts Super Mouse and Mighty Mousette along with other heroes against The Anti-Minotaur and Mangy Mouse. [Mighty Mouse #4-5, Second Marvel Series] 1993 ======================== One "The Dodo and the Frog" story took place in the future year 1993 (written in 1953): "Space-Dodo Rides Again!" A radio message is received from the planet Mars. The President sends Space-Dodo (the first to reach the Moon) on a rocketship to Mars. Ralph Rocketnose ("great-great-grandson" of Fenimore Frog), however, decides to sabotage his ship, causing it to crash back onto the Earth. The undeterred Space-Dodo builds a new space-ship by the very next day and decides to go to Mars. This time, however, Ralph Rocketnose pushes Space-Dodo aside and goes to Mars himself in order to receive the credit for being the first "Earthman" to reach Mars. Unfortunately for Ralph Rocketnose, the moment he opens the hatch, he's greeted by the Martians -- all of whom look exactly like Space-Dodo! He abruptly leaves. [reprinted in The Best of DC (Blue Ribbon Digest) #49] (text by Time Trust) 2006 ======================== After the murder of Little Cheese, Captain Carrot reunites with former Zoo Crew members Pig Iron, Rubber Duck and Yankee Poodle to investigate the incident with the help of Green Lambkin, Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, Swamp Thing (all of whom travel from their home dimensions) and new member American Eagle. The assassin is revealed to have been Alley-Kat-Abra. [Wizard: The Comics Magazine #151, Teen Titans #31, 32] Appendix: American Eagle, a new character introduced in the comics-insert sections of Teen Titans #31 & 32, was called Bald Eagle in Wizard: The Comics Magazine #151 which featured a preview of Captain Carrot's comeback Vertigo mini-series (an April Fool's joke issue). Since the Wizard entry was only a preview and not published by DC, the name 'American Eagle' is treated as canon, although the preview has been used to provide additional background information. Earth C-Minus is home of the Justa Lotta Animals: Super-Squirrel, Wonder Wabbit/Lt. Diana Prance, Bat-Mouse (and his sidekick Boyd the Robin-Wonder), Aqua Duck, the Crash, ElonGator, Firestork, Green Lambkin, Green Sparrow, Hawkmoose, the Item, LĠonng NĠozz the Martian Anteater, Rat Tornado, Stacked Canary, and Zap-Panda. Bat-Mouse's arch-enemy is the Porker. [CCAHAZC #14] The 1998 Young Justice 80-Page Giant features a flashback of what appears to be an alternate Justa Lotta Animals, including a bear counterpart to Superman, a chipmunk counterpart to Batman, a roadrunner counterpart to Wonder Woman (?), a frog counterpart to Aquaman, a feline counterpart to Catwoman, a teddy bear counterpart to the Flash, a turtle counterpart to Green Lantern, a worm counter- part to J'onn J'onnz, a duck counterpart to Huntress, a canine counterpart to Nightwing, a chick counterpart to Superboy, and possibly a duck counterpart to Steel.
    The alternate Earth known as Funnyland (home of Warren Strong, Supermouse, the Black Terrier, and probably a Zippy the Chimp counterpart) is discussed in the Terra Obscura timeline. Another Supermouse was the subject of a cartoon feature from Terrytoons and is vaguely analogous to an "Earth-2 Mighty Mouse." On an alternate reality level, the alien planet of the Moles and the Chubbs boasts such champions as Astro-Mole (Astro-Boy), Doc Cryptic (Doc Savage), Shadomole (The Shadow), and Tom Mole (Tom Swift). Other relevant counterparts include Squeek the Supremouse, and his girlfriend Diana Duck, and his arch-enemy, Darius Duck ('Mallard of Mayhem!'). This may also be the Earth in which Mark Shaw's Doc Cougar had adventures. Earth-Marsupial is named for Marsupial Comics, the company that Rodney Rabbit claims is the publisher of The Inedible Hawg; Peter Porker's exploits, according to his own appearences in What The!?!, are published by Larval Comics. The Earth-Larvel counterpart of the Hawg seems to be Hulk-Bunny. Spider-Ham did once battle a cult dedicated to the Lark Knight, the only DC parody Crazy Ivan recalls showing up in a Spider-Ham story (in an issue of Marvel Tales), although Earth-Larval did sport a Super Rabbit from 1943 (All Surprise #1) whose powers, however, stemmed not from an extra-planetary birth but from rubbing a magic ring. He was doubtless active against Earth-Larvel's Nazis. An additional counterpart (?) unrelated to Spider-Ham can be found at this Norwegian site: TV-Spill Spesialisten Spider-Man. There have been varying representations of a lionine Captain Britain counterpart (Excalibur #11, 25), presumably one of these is from Earth-Larvel. Duckworld is the original source home of Howard the Duck, and defenders such as Duktor Strange. Other humanoid animals co-exist there, but the dominant form is ducks. There have also been sightings of Canard Britain (?) who may be from this Earth. Another relevant character, Merton McSnurtle, never develops super powers but operates a variety of retail operations, and is seen in Comics Cavalcade #59 selling Bo Bunny a new suit from "McSnurtle the Turtle Inc Suits-Clothes-etc." and Doodles Duck a horse from "Horses Bought Sold & Traded." This character could be the Terrific Whatzit's Earth C-Minus counterpart. The Earth depicted in Mighty Mouse cartoon series (along with related comics) is home to the Mighty Mouse along with Bat-Bat (Bruce Vain/Batman), Tick the Bug Wonder (Robin), Prince Samor, The Sub-Plotter (Namor) and others. They also encountered Mighty Mouse's alternate universe counterparts such as Mighty Mousette (now deceased during The Mices on Infinite Earths event), the villainous Mangy Mouse and Super Mouse (might be the same Super Mouse from Funnyland or Terrytoons universes). Mighty Mouse (amongst with his fellow heroes) battles villains such as Arsenio Hawk, Moustermind, The Smoker (The Joker), Petey Pate, The Cow, Mangy Mouse, The Anti-Minotaur (The Anti- Monitor), The Emperor Penguin, Oil Can Harry and The Glove. It's uncertain if Barnie Badger, Gas Gopher, The Rampaging Sloth and Strongman are part of Mighty Mouse's dimension or the universes of Mighty Mousette, Mangy Mouse or Super Mouse.