Earth-E Timeline

Earth-E was first postulated by Mark Gruenwald in Omniverse #1, 1977. Its role 
was to deal with the "Super-Sons" series which appeared in several issues of 
World's Finest, starting from issue 215: 

"Between the Earth-Two Superman and Batman whose careers began in the 1940's 
and the Earth-One and Batman whose careers began in the 1960's, there must have 
been a Superman and Batman whose careers began in the 1950's. In scanning the 
complete runs of all the magazines where Superman and Batman regularly appeared, 
is it difficult to assign strict cut-off points where one Earth's heroes' 
adventures end and the next begins. Still, let us presume that the period between 
the retirement of the Justice Society (All-Star #57, February-March 1951) and the 
founding of the Justice League (Brave & Bold #28, February-March 1960) roughly 
corresponds to the heyday of the Earth-E heroes." 

"The 'E' stand for both 'Extraneous' and 'E.' Nelson Bridwell, who first postulated
the existence of this 'middle Earth.'"

Detailed sites on these characters can be found at Operation Super-Sons and at
The Far-Out Saga of the Super-Sons.

[Note from Mikel Midnight: of course Gruenwald's dates are slightly off.  The 
Earth-2 World's Finest team started their career in the 30's and the Earth-1 
heroes must have been established by the late 50's (pace floating Earth-1 
timescale), so the Earth-E heroes must have started their careers in the 40's.]

(thanks to Nathanial Parson, John McDonagh, and DarkMark whose Comics Indexing Domain
supplied details of the career of the Earth-E Superboy)

10th century
 Nacht, hero of the other-dimensional world of Myrra, is banished to Earth
by the magician Farben.  [Showcase #82]

 Thomas and Martha Wayne give birth to Bruce Wayne.

 Jor-El and Lara give birth to Kal-El on planet Krypton.

 Jor-El places Kal-El in a space rocket just minutes before Krypton is exploded.
The baby survives and crashes to Smallville, Kansas. He is found and adopted
by Jonathan and Martha Kent and is renamed as Clark Kent.

 Seven year old Bruce Wayne witnesses the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

 Lee Travis & chauffer become the Crimson Avenger & Wing  [Detective Comics #20, World's Finest #131]

Late 1930s
 Clark Kent/ Kal-El begins his adventures as Superboy in Smallville, Kansas. [based on More Fun Comics #101]

Mid 1940s
 Superboy is blackmailed by the Invisible Empire, alien invaders who can 
disassemble their atomic structure and plate themselves onto any object, and 
who have disassembled the molecules of everyone in Smallville.  The aliens 
threaten to keep the people of Smallville in this state unless Superboy brings
them the Earth's leaders for them to occupy. Superboy tricks them into
accepting robotized wax dummies of the world's leaders (Adolf Hitler, Benito 
Mussolini, Winston Churchill, Josef Stalin, Hirohito, and Vidkun Quisling) 
as new body-homes and, after they bring back the people of Smallville, has a 
robot Anton Mesmer hypnotize them into eternal sleep.  One last alien remains, 
but Superboy manages to imprison him.  [Superboy #153]
 An adult Lex Luthor terrorizes the great cities of the world (including London,
which is holding war games in case Hitler decides to attack) with a Superboy 
robot of his own creation, which the world believes is the real Superboy, or 
multiple Superboy robots.  The military forces of various nations destroy 
Superboy’s robots, but Luthor, posing as “Dr. Rothul”, offers his resource of 
refined Kryptonite to the American military--for a price.  Superboy sends his 
Clark Kent robot, disguised as an alien super-hero named Voltran, against 
Luthor’s Superboy robot, destroying it and exposing a cache of Kryptonite 
within it.  Luthor reveals himself, and Superboy, out of range of the 
Kryptonite, captures him. [Superboy #59] NOTE from Douglas Ethington: In 
Earth-1 continuity Kal-El and Lex Luthor were the same age.
 To ensure that Superboy does not interfere with the plan of Nazi world 
conquest, Adolf Hitler initiates a covert operation in Smallville.  Nazi 
spies mine the entire sewer system of Smallville, blow up the power station, 
and attempt to blackmail him into leaving Earth or facing the destruction of 
the whole town.  Superboy and a robot Jonathan Kent finally defuse the mines 
and capture the spies.  [Superboy #163]

 Jonathan and Martha Kent both pass away.
 After the passing away of the Kents, Clark Kent/ Kal-El begins his adult career
as Superman in Metropolis.

 Years after the murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne begins his career as the dark
knight known as Batman. During his later adventures, he is aided by Robin the Boy
Wonder and Ace the Bat-Hound.

 Richard "Dick" Grayson becomes Batman's sidekick Robin after the deaths of his 

Early 1950s
 Eel O'Brien attempts a robbery, but instead becomes embroiled in the 
accident that makes him Plastic Man. Another criminal, Skizzle Shanks, 
is also present.  [Plastic Man #17, DC Comics Presents #93] 
 Kathy Kane becomes Batwoman.  [Original publication date: 1955]
 The Gaucho, who had operated as a spy for the Allies within Nazi Germany, 
has first public case in Argentina.
 The Legionary, who had opposed his country's fascists, has first public 
case in Italy.
 The Musketeer, who had been a member of the French Resistance, has first 
public case in France.
 The Ranger has first public case in Australia.
 The Earl of Wordenshire, who had been a prisoner of war during World War II,
and his son Cyril become the Knight and the Squire in Great Britain.

 Arthur Curry becomes Aquaman.  
 Betty Kane becomes Bat-Girl. [Batman #139] [Original publication date: April 1961]
 Wonder Woman becomes Diana Prince and has first public case in Washington D.C.  
 Wingman, who had fought as a member of the Norwegian underground during 
World War II, has first case assisting Batman before embarking on a career 
in his native Sweden. [Batman #65]

 Barry Allen becomes The Flash. [Showcase #4, cf. World's Finest #231]

July 1957
 Clark Kent/Kal-L briefly becomes Lightning Man. [World's Finest #89]
 Formation of Club of Heroes (Batman, Gaucho, Legionary, Musketeer, Superman,
Knight & Squire).  [World's Finest #89]

 Oliver Queen has first public case as Green Arrow.  

 Clark Kent/ Kal-El marries Lois Lane.
 Bruce Wayne marries Kathy Kane who's also known as Batwoman. 
 Dane Dorrance, John Payton, Biff Bailey, and Judy Walton meet when, 
individually, they all go searching for the same sunken treasure, and 
remain together as the Sea Devils.  [Showcase #27]
early 1960s
 Clark Kent/ Kal-El and Lois Lane Kent give birth to Clark Kent Jr.
 Bruce Wayne and Kathy Kane Wayne give birth to Bruce Wayne Jr.

February 1963
 Albert Elwood briefly becomes The Crimson Avenger II. [World's Finest #131]

 Buddy Baker becomes Animal Man.  [Strange Adventures #180]

 June Moone becomes The Enchantress.  [Strange Adventures #187]
 Robby Reed dials H for H.E.R.O.  [House of Mystery #156]

 Michael Payson Maxwell becomes B'wana Beast.  [Showcase #66]

 James Rook, descendant of the ancient hero Nacht, is brought to the other-
dimensional world of Myrra by the magic of King Zolto, where he is given 
Sword of Night and becomes Nightmaster.  [Showcase #82]

early 1970's
 Richard "Dick" Grayson becomes a college professor but is still active 
as Robin.

 Clark Kent Jr. and Bruce Wayne Jr. begin their career as Superman Jr and Batman
Jr. They form a World's Finest-like group known as The Super-Sons. [World's Finest #215]
 Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. visit the town of Barstow, where they assist some
stranded aliens from the constellation Orion and free numerous inhabitants of
the town from cryogenic suspension.  [World's Finest #216]

 Dr. Garret Sanford is trapped in the Dream Dimension and becomes The Sandman.  [Sandman #1]
 Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. assist Danny Orr in contacting his genetic father,
business tycoon Mark King, and the trio abet King's mine workers in a rebellion
against slavelike conditions.  [World's Finest #221]
 Batman Jr. supports scientist Omar Benson in acts of terrorism and kidnapping
on  Desolation Island, in the name of justifying a dubious scientific argument
that humanity is essentially evil.  [World's Finest #222]
 Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. sign on to an "Encounter Camp" with their fathers
to help work out their generation gap.  Under the leader's advice, they switch
partners for a case which involves tracking down a renegade government cyborg.  [World's Finest #224]

 Following Batman's apparent death, Robin and Batman Jr. compete to find his
killer and prove themselves the rightful heir to the Batman name.  [World's Finest #228]
 Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. join their fathers on an expedition to find a 
possible living Mayan civilization  [World's Finest #230]
 Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. team up with Aquaman, Flash and Green Arrow to 
defeat a conspiracy to control the weather.  [World's Finest #231]
 Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. investigate the town of Belton, where a female 
separatist community resides. Discovering the town is under control of the 
malicious alien Big Sister Sybil, they extradite her to her home planet.  [World's Finest #233] 

 Kara Zor-El has first public case as Power Girl.  [Gerry Conway & Wally Wood]  
By 2005 her children are active as the Kandorian heroes Nightwing and Flamebird.  [JSA Classified #3]
 Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. travel to Lexor with Lex Luthor and Luthor's
daughter Ardora, in order to stop a (typically Luthor-created) plague.  [World's Finest #238] 
 Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. encounter a gang of century-old wild west
gunmen in the ghost town of Dry Gulch.  [World's Finest #242]

 Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. battle Dr. Sivana. [World's Finest #263] 

 Superman Jr. quits the superhero business, feeling that he can't live 
up to his father's reputation, but returns following Superman's apparent
death.  [Elseworlds 80-Page Giant #1]

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NOTE from Commander Benson:

... There is one misattribution mentioned in one of those sites, and, in 
fact, is a common misconception regarding the Super-Sons.

That erroneous fact is crediting Denny O'Neil with the idea of determining
the Super-Sons to be probability-based creations of Superman's
super-ultivac computer, in order to reconcile them with the Earth-One DC

True, O'Neil did use this notion as the basis for his story "The Final
Secret of the Super-Sons", from World's Finest Comics # 263 (Jun.-Jul.,
1980). However, the idea was first advanced by Gerry Conway--in his story
"My Father . . . Superman", from Superman Family # 192 (Nov.-Dec., 1978).
In a scene showing Superman in his Fortress on page 1, panel 4 reveals the
Man of Steel's thoughts:

"Batman and I once used this computer probability simulator to project
what might have happened if Krypton had never exploded. And later, if we'd
married and had sons a few years ago . . . * That was an interesting
experiment, though a little bizarre."

The same panel contains a footnote:

"* At last, the true story behind the "Super-Sons" series in World's
Finest nos. 215, 216, 221, etc."

This was a rare--I say "rare" based on the number of times I've seen
Conway disregard established facts regarding characters in the DC
universe--instance where Conway cleverly employed an element from the
Silver-Age Superman.

You see, neither Conway nor O'Neil pulled out of their hats the idea of a
super-computer which displayed probable events based on scenarios fed to
it. It had been long established that Superman possessed such a computer
and it had been used recurringly during the Silver Age.

In the story "Superman's Other Life', from Superman # 132 (Oct., 1959),
the Man of Steel is entertaining the Batman and Robin in his Fortress of
Solitude, and he unveils for them his new "Super-Univac"--an advanced
simulation computer which, once fed all of the pertinent data and
background details, can determine the most probable outcome of a
hypothetical question fed to it, then presents this outcome in a visual
display. The plotline for "Superman's Other Life" was kicked off when
Superman feeds the Super-Univac the question "WHAT IF KRYPTON HAD NEVER

The simulations presented by the Super-Univac figured prominently in
several other DC stories in the early '60's--"The 'Superman' from Outer
Space" (Action Comics # 265 [Jun., 1960]) and "The Super-Life of Lois
Lane!" (Lois Lane # 47 [Feb., 1964]), among others.