That Was The Year That Wasn't: An Elseworlds Timeline

approx 4004 BC

 In the Garden of Eden, Adam dons the mantle of the Bat to protect Eve from
the menace of the Serpent.  (Elseworlds 80-Page Giant)

mid 6th century AD    

 The era of King Arthur and Camelot:
 The Kryptonian known as Kal fights and dies as an armored knight and a 
bat-man known as the Dark Knight fights on behalf of Merlin during King 
Arthur’s final days.  [Superman: Kal, Batman: Dark Knight of the Round 
Table, and Superboy #61 (April, 1999), "Superboy of Infinite Worlds", 
which features a cameo appearance by a Superboy who is the squire to 
Sir Kal].  Designated as Earth-395 (named after the month and date -- 
March, 1995 -- that Kal was published) by John Wells.
Legionnaires Annual #1, "Castles in the Air" 

circa 800 AD

 A young Sultan (Kyle Rayner) is used by evil Caliph Sinestro until he
obtains the gift of a green genie from the daughter of Jor Dhan. [Green
Lantern:  1001 Emerald Knights]


 Josiah of Waynewright becomes the 1st Batman to fight Vandal Savage.  [Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty]


 Christopher Grodd Columbus discovers the New World and claims it for
himself and the Apes of Gorilla City.  The Native American Flash opposes
Grodd and the rest of the 'Savage Europeans' in "The Menace Of The
Gorilla-Explorer!"  (Elseworlds 80-Page Giant)


 In Renaissance Italy, a young apprentice to Leonardo da Vinci helps
his master avoid an angry patron, and becomes the Batman. [Batman Annual
#18, "Black Masterpiece"]


 The buccaneer Leatherwing (Batman) sails the waters around England
& Spain, fighting pirates and defending the oppressed alongside allies 
such as Alfredo and Robin Redblade.  Along the way he encounters the 
Laughing Man (an evil captain) and Senorina Felina, captain of the CatsPaw. 
[Detective Comics Annual #7, Batman Chronicles #14]  Designated as 
Earth-494 (named after the month and date -- April, 1994 -- that Detective
Annual #7 was published) by John Wells.

 Gar-El,a Kryptonian Survivor arrives in England by the time of the
American Revolution. [Action Comics Annual #6]


 In Revolutionary France, returning soldier Bruce Wayne must choose between 
the brutal Revolution supported by his father and his own conscience.  But 
when Bruce's wife's parents face a brutal death by guillotine, his decision 
launches the adventure of a lifetime.  (Batman: Reign of Terror)

 In the dark, dark days of the French Revolution, the citizens of Paris look
desperately for a champion to save them from the tyranny of King Louis XVI
and his Bourbon Battalion.  Will Lord William DeMagnus and his astounding 
Metal Men succeed where Napoleon Bonaparte failed?   (Elseworlds 80-Page Giant)


 German scientist Bruce Wayne seeks to restore life to his dead father, 
creating a monstrous Batman. [Batman: Castle of the Bat]


 In 19th century Kansas, an abolitionist couple rescues an orphaned baby 
from a gleaming space capsule, and forever alters the future of the United
States in the process. Seventeen years later, young Josiah Kent becomes the 
hero of the Battle of Vicksburg, defeating the Confederate troops almost 
single-handedly. Intrigued by the miraculous soldier, Grant sends Kent to
Gettysburg, where he meets President Abraham Lincoln, and embarks on the 
path to a remarkable destiny. (Superman: A Nation Divided)  Designated as
Earth-1863 by John Wells.

 In 19th century Kansas, an orphan from Krypton is adopted by the Booth
family.  Eventually taking the name Metallo, he attempts to assassinate
President Brainiac.  (Elseworlds 80-Page Giant)

 Batman & Robin have adventures during the Civil War.  (Batman: the Blue, 
the Grey, and the Bat)

 In Prague, a poverty-stricken student known as Raskol murders an elderly 
shopkeeper.  Eventually, consumed by guilt, he turns himself over to the 
police in a desire to achieve redemption.  (Batman: Crime & Punishment)

Steel Annual #1, "Crucible of Freedom" 


 Superman forms the League of Science, a team of idealistic scientists
around him to help create an Age of Wonder. Among them are Starman,
Flash and Green Lantern. However, the technological advance is so fast
as to speed out of control, and the world takes a dark turn, leading
up to a more apocalyptic First World War in 1912, one fought with
nuclear bombs. Uncovering a conspiracy by Lex Luthor to exploit the
new Age of Chaos, the heroes join forces with Batman, Atom and a war
refugee Wonder Woman to end the war and save the world, leading to the
eventual formation of the Justice League. [JLA: Age of Wonder]


 Sheriff Diana Prince assembles a crew including sharp-shooter Booster 
Gold, Pinkerton agent Guy Gardner, inventor Ted Kord, Kid Flash (the 
FASTEST gun in the West), shaman-trained Katar Johnson, and the alien 
John Jones to fight land baron Max Lord and his engine of Destruction. 
[Justice Riders] (Note:  Superboy #61 (April, 1999), "Superboy of Infinite 
Worlds", features a cameo appearance by Kid Kon-El as a member of the 
Justice Riders).  Designated as Earth-1890 by John Wells.

 Various analogs of Lobo appear throughout the Wild West.  Specific
parodies include Geroni'bo, the Lone Bastiche & Tont'bo, Little 'Bo on the
Prairie, and 'Bo-nanza.  [Lobo Annual #2]


 The events of JLA:  The Island of Dr. Moreau (possibly in-continuity with 
Superman: War of the Worlds).


 As the villainy of Harvey Dent, Two-Face, runs rampant in a Victorian British
Gotham City, the Batman tries a new approach to solving the problem of man's 
dual nature: devising a potion to increase his efficiency against Harvey Dent 
by splitting the good and evil within. But testing the formula on himself, 
Bruce Wayne unleashes a menace deadlier than Two-Face ever was ... and 
inadvertently transforms himself into the hulking maniac called the Joker.  He 
eventually overcomes the affliction in death, and Dent assumes the mantle of 
the Bat.  [Batman/Joker: Two Faces]

 In 1880s Switzerland, promising science student Vicktor Luthor is expelled 
from the university for his experiments in the creation of life. Wandering 
the forests near his home, he comes upon the discovery of a lifetime: a vessel 
from another world, whose cargo provides him with both a second chance...and 
a terrifying fate. Luthor's bizarre, resurrected creation possesses powers 
beyond those of mortal men, but will the world accept this strange being?
[The Superman Monster]

(Note from Crazy Ivan:  These two may be in-continuity, since they are by the 
same creative team and share a theme of Victorian Horror.


 Jack the Ripper terrorises London.  Emigrating to Gotham City in the 
United States, he tangles with the Batman, who later goes on to defeat
other foes. (Gotham by Gaslight, Batman: Master of the Future).
Designated as Earth-1889 by John Wells.


 Batman investigates a series of crimes at the Opera House in Paris,
which leads him to the horribly disfigured Harvey Dent.  [Batman: Masque]



 Deathblow is a bounty hunter hired to bring Jonah Hex's corpse to a man 
intent on gaining demonic powers and ruling the world.

 John Holloway is a lively young lad whose father is the 17th Baron of 
Fingall, lord of a sizable Irish estate. However, his rival in Parliament 
connives with a cousin to swindle Fingall out of his wealth and manor. 
Holloway is still in school and seemingly cannot do anything to help 
his father.  But he discovers that a special suit he'd been given by his
father's butler enables him to glide through the air; the suit is a caped 
affair made for formal dinners, but with a mask it lets Holloway glide 
around incognito. Holloway then begins using it to fight for his father; 
he takes up the identity of the Human Bat so much that he begins hiding 
out at night in a local cave and sleeping upside down, hanging from the 
ceiling by his feet.  Eventually, of course, Holloway helps his father 
regain his good name and wealth, as well as stymieing various Chinese 
smugglers and getting a kiss from the girl who was his best friend growing 
up.   (The Funny Wonder, March 1899 issue)  (cf. Jess Nevins' Fantastic, 
Mysterious, and Adventurous Victoriana page for more info)


 Kal-L, a humanoid alien raised by apes in the jungle, is taken to
London by wealthy explorer Lex Luthor, who exploits the ape-man with the
help of Kryptonite.  [Superman Annual #6, "The Feral Man of Steel"]

 Kal-L, a humanoid alien raised by apes in the jungle, befriends British 
adventurer Lord Greystoke as they fight the forces of La.  Greystoke and 
his companion Jane remain in Africa while Kal-L goes to London with Lois
Lane. [Superman / Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle #1-3]

 Superboy 183 "Karkan the Mighty -- Lord of the Jungle!" imaginary story,
date of occurence unknown.  (Note from Crazy Ivan: with only a tiny bit 
of tweaking, these three stories could be the same reality. Superboy #61 
(April, 1999), "Superboy of Infinite Worlds", features a cameo appearance 
by Karkan).

 Bruce Wayne runs Arkham Asylum -- a respected psychiatrist by day and a 
vigilante helping to fill the asylum's cells by night. Meanwhile, the 
Joker is spreading his maniacal brand of madness through Gotham City.  
(Batman of Arkham)

 In the early days of the 20th century, in a harsh society that strips
women of their sense of worth, Diana has hidden strengths that no man
can ever touch -- and more secrets than she herself can imagine. The
Princess of Themyscira may inspire a nation to break its chains of
oppression, but only if she can first learn the truth about her
heritage. [Wonder Woman: Amazonia]

 New York is filled with poverty, corruption and violence. From his offices 
around the corner from City Hall, "Boss" Tweed oversees the graft and 
extortion that make the city run. From his tenement flat in the Lower East 
Side just blocks away, Kyle Rayner pens the political cartoons that mock a 
government that cares little (if at all) for its poorest and neediest citizens. 
Uptown, police officer Hal Jordan courts Carol Ferris, the daughter of one of 
Tweed’s top political cronies. And on the West Side, gang leader Alan Scott 
begins building his own corrupt dynasty — one based on the rule of the fist, 
club and eventually, gun. Irish-born immigrants all, the lives of these men 
were destined to cross from the start. But something happens to make the 
collision even more explosive.  That something is a gift — a gift of a lantern, 
given to Kyle in gratitude for saving a shopkeeper from Alan Scott's extortionist 
thugs. And when Kyle gets home, he discovers something else: a ring, secreted 
inside the lantern, which seems to come to life when Kyle places it on his 
finger, giving him undreamed-of powers! Crafted by the King of the Leprechauns 
a millennium ago and powered by a piece of the Blarney Stone, the ring gives Kyle 
the power to change the lives of New York's poorest…and to bring down the corrupt
political regime he could until now only mock in the pages of the daily paper.
(Green Lantern:  Evil's Might)


When a disastrous fire kills dozens of women and children who worked in a garment
factory, as well as immigrant Bruce Vanekow's parents, the young man assumes the 
identity of the Bat, pledging to fight the criminal negligence that killed them. 
Enlisting the help of union agitators, social reformers and bohemian theater-types — 
including a young female journalist and the leader of the Underground Workers 
Movement, known as the Cat — he extracts the only kind of justice the powerful
elite of Gotham City will notice: their wealth!  (Batman: The Golden Streets of Gotham)


 Batman & Houdini battle a vampire and his familiar Jack in Gotham
City.  (Note from Crazy Ivan: this Batman is presumably different from 
the Gaslight one because he's starting out brand new in 1905) 
(Batman/Houdini: The Devil's Workshop)


 Gotham is beseiged by Cthulhian horrors led by Ra's Al Ghul.  Bruce
Wayne stops him at a terrible cost to himself. (Note from Crazy Ivan:
I personally consider this one as in-continuity with Superman: War of 
the Worlds) (Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham #1-3)

 Bruce Wayne is an Indiana Jones figure, and Clark Kent is reminiscent 
of Doc Savage (but with genuine powers).  Together they journey to the 
Middle East and fight Ra's al Ghul.  Bruce plays the Batman role as
more of a rogue than a detective, and Clark is betrothed by Ra's to 
marry Talia.  Captain Marvel appears as a comic strip character in 
the style of Flash Gordon.  (Note from Mikel Midnight:  the closing 
pages of this book suggest the protagonists may have gone on to 
mainstream superheroic careers; hence some of the other Elseworlds may
well be in-continuity.)  (Elseworld's Finest #1-2)


 Grifter is a cop tired of taking pay-offs in Chicago (other Wildcats 
members are redone as period figures, but there is no apparent DCU 


 As the flames of war ignite Europe, a lone vigilante fights a battle 
on the American homefront to keep a secret weapon from falling into 
enemy hands, while sinister figures fan the fires of racism.  By 1940 
the O.S.S. has called Bruce Wayne (Batman), Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and 
Alfred Pennyworth (Robin) into action to commit espionage against fascist 
forces in Europe. (Batman: Dark Allegiances)


 An orphaned Kryptonian battles an armada of invading Martians. Must 
reporter Clark Kent sacrifice his very life to protect his adopted 
planet? (Superman: War of the Worlds)


 Baruch Wane, a prominent and wealthy German artist-socialite who is 
also secretly a Jew, dons a mask and fights fascism as the Fledermaus.  
Baruch is a friend of Komissar Garten, who tells him of the recent 
confiscation of the property of Jewish economist Ludwig Von Mises. 
Though unable to stop the train carrying Von Mise's belongings, Fledermaus 
sabotages the railroad tracks. In flashback, the brutal anti-semitic attack 
on Wane's parents, which made him an orphan is shown.  [Batman Chronicles #14]
(Note from Mikel Midnight: with only a tiny bit of tweaking, this story 
could be in-continuity with Kim Newman's "Ubermensch").  

 Catwoman is an incognito princess from a lost African city, while Harvey 
Dent is a greedy explorer and archeologist out to reap as much profit from
the hidden land as he can -- with Gotham City philanthropist Bruce Wayne 
footing the bill. Upon learning of the archeologist's betrayal, the Golden
Age Batman sets out to undo the wrong; he teams up with the Lord Greystoke, 
Tarzan of the Apes, and heads for the Dark Continent.  (Batman & Tarzan:  
Claws of the Catwoman)


J'Onn J'Onzz arrives in Nazi Germany in 1940.  Batman, Dr. Midnight &
Hour-Man are called the Bat, the Owl, and the Clock (only Superman 
isn't apparently different from his Earth 1/2/etc namesakes aside from
his affiliation with the American military community).  (JSA: Liberty Files)

 When World War II hits the home front, it's time to mobilize democracy's
youngest, most dedicated defenders: the Legion of Super-Heroes.  (Legionnaires #54, 
"A Golden Age")

  Reichfuhrer Himmler creates a ring through a supernatural ceremony which
allows Nazi Germany to take over the word.  Thirty years later Abin Strauss, 
an Obergruppenfuhrer and Himmler's trusted adjutant, believes Himmler to 
have been corrupted by demonic powers and slays him with an iron knife, 
finally fleeing to America.  Flight Lieutenant Hal Jordan and Major Guy
Gardner are decorated members of the Coast City SS; they are opposed by the
Hooded Lanterns of the Green, led by their warlord Oliver Queen, who holds 
the title of "Green Arrow."  On the night leadership of the rebel group is 
passed to John Stewart, they are raided and destroyed by troops led by Guy 
Gardner. Stewart escapes, finding refuge with his lover, Carol Ferris.
Abin Strauss finally passes the ring on to Hal Jordan, who is nevertheless
slain by Guy Gardner.  The ring is inherited by John Stewart, who intends
it to be "a lantern of hope and freedom to shine over a new age... of hope 
and freedom... for all mankind."  (Green Lantern Annual #3, "Ring of Evil")

 In the Golden Age of Hollywood, at the height of production of the great
serial movie adventures, the most successful serial of all features a man in
a Bat-suit, fighting crime and striking fear into the hearts of evildoers.
Byron Wyatt is a successful actor/director/producer, whose independent film
company, Gotham Pictures, creates the Batman serials based on the popular
comic-book character. But Wyatt (who stars as the Batman) and his success
threaten to undermine the big studio Arkham Pictures, run by mogul Jack "the
Joker" Napier. After several threats from Napier fail to sway Wyatt from
stopping production of the serials, Napier uses his mob connections for a
more permanent solution to his problem. After the mob kills off the
production crew and sets fire to the sets, they find Wyatt in costume and
shoot him in the head.  Only Wyatt doesn't die. When the actor regains 
consciousness from his near-fatal head wound, he has no memory of his true 
identity. Instead, he only remembers his life as the Batman, and is consumed 
with a thirst for vengeance for the murder of his "friend," Byron Wyatt!
(Batman:  Hollywood Knight)


 District Attourney Richard Greyson investigates the deaths of Bruce
Wayne & Harvey Dent.  He discovers that Bruce Wayne tried to stop the
Batman, Harvey Dent, from taking things too far in his war on crime.
[Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #4, "Citizen Wayne"]


 The DV8 Project (re-interpreted as the Super-Soldier project) 
produces three viable heroes that are sabotaged by Russian scientist 
Ivana.  Guest-starring Sgt. Rock and the Easy Company.


 Wetworks is a team of Deep Sea explorers investigating the Marianas 
Trench and finding a race of cannibalistic mer-people.  The team discovers 
a cave filled with symbiotes that give them powers, and defeat the monsters 
and their giant sea creature, with only a little help from Superman.


 A pair of thrill-crazed youths - Batgirl and Robin - are making waves in 
Gotham City, until brutal murders and a police detective named Bruce Wayne 
complicate matters.  (Thrillkiller)


 Astrophysicist Jonathan Kent makes a startling discovery: within nine
months, the Earth will be destroyed by a giant meteor. Making the
timing of the disaster even more troubling, Jonathan's wife, Martha,
has just learned that she's pregnant with a child who will be born
scant days before the end of the world. Unable to convince anyone of
the impending danger, all hope is lost...unless the scientist can
complete a primitive rocket that will take his infant son to another
world: a distant planet called Krypton. When the Kryptonian Jor-El
discovers the ship, he takes pity on the baby, whose frail Earth-born
body is too weak to function comfortably in Krypton's high-gravity
environment. He makes it his goal to help the child - whom he names
Kal-El - thrive in a world far more stoic and forbidding than the one
on which he was born. [Superman: Last Son of Earth #1-2] Earth-1968 is
designated by Nathanial Parkson.


 The Gen13 kids attend Woodstock, dodge the draft, and almost get arrested 
by the original Teen Titans before escaping to London (really more of a 
statement about the hippy culture and Viet Nam than a superhero story).


 On A World where Oliver Cromwell lived another 10 years and
consolidated the Puritan hold on Britain and its colonies. Bruce Wayne
is a Priest in Religious State known as America. As he is about to
enter the clergy, Bruce Wayne learns that his parents' long ago deaths
may not have been a random mugging as he believed, but a state
sanctioned execution. He dons a bat-costume to investigate, which
takes him into the heart of the seat of government...the massive
building known as Cathedral. [Batman: Holy Terror]  Designated as
Earth-1658 (the year it diverged from the mainline DCU) by Loki Carbis.

 With Kryptonite radiation saturating the environment, Superman's aura of 
invulnerability has faded. But the CyberLink armors he now wears generates 
a synthetic invulnerability field that makes him just as powerful as ever! 
And now The Man of Steel has a partner in his war on crime! That's because 
the Batman you know is based in Metropolis and worked with each other as a 
team as their arch-enemy, Lex Luthor, will soon discover once again. [Superman/Batman:
Doom Link]


 Dale Suderman who's a troubled orphan who became a super-athlete takes
a turn when he is found by a salesman who take him to adoption. He is
adopted by a nice couple known as the Sudermans. But soon he lost his
new father and mother. Alone again he is sent to orphanage where he
discover he can be pretty good in sports. [Superman Inc.]


 Bruce Wayne fights Savage in Gotham City, dies as the two hurl down from space.  
This Batman's costume is somewhat different than Earth-0,1,2.  [Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty]

 (Approximately) ten years have passed since Kal-El's return, and Earth
has thrived in that time. Thanks to Kryptonian technology, humanity
has more than compensated for the "dark ages" of its recent past. Now,
Kal-El yearns to return to the adopted world of Krypton he left years
before. He yearns to see his adopted parents - and the world he saved
and forever changed before taking leave of it.  But in his haste,
Kal-El makes a fatal error, for someone has followed his trail through
the wormhole that opens into the Kryptonian Galaxy. Bad enough that
Lois Lane has followed him...but Lex Luthor has followed her! Now it's
up to Kal-El to lead the people of Krypton in one last stand against
Luther and his Kryptonian cohorts. [Superman: Last Stand on Krypton]
(Note from Nathanial Parker: both this and Last Son of Earth is 
in-continuity with each other.)


 The WildCats are virtually the same as the mainstream team, just set 100 
years in the future, when Earth is part of the Intergalactic community
(briefly mentions the Flash, Tomorrow Woman, and other DC Universe names).

3000 AD
 The Batman Legacy lies dead. Civilization's only remaining hope
against the threat of the group known as the Skulp resides in the boy
who survives the Dark Knight if he can only prevail where his mentor
failed. That boy is known as Robin. [Robin 3000 #1-2]  (Note from Mikel
Midnight: this was originally planned as Tom Swift: 3000.)

3001 AD
 The Spaceship carrying baby Kal-El crashed landed on Earth in 2987 and
is discovered by R.J. Brande. On present day (at this time and
universe), he decides to find other super-powered teens like himself
and form a Legion of Super-Heroes! When the Legion suffers defeat at
the hands of the Fatal Five, a devastated Superboy may well give up on
the dream that inspired him to form his own Legion of Super-Heroes.
Even worse, the villains' abduction of Brainiac 5 leads to their
invasion of the planet Colu, whose super-intelligent beings can
provide untold power to the Fatal Five's leader, a man who's already
been secretly influencing the 30th-century universe for over a
thousand years! [Superboy's Legion #1-2]

35th century

 A female Wayne and her talking chimanzee become the new Batman & Robin, 
and finally succeed in destroying Vandal Savage (as well as the meteor 
that first gave him immortality).  [Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty]


Batman:  Gotham Noir  (Down-on-his-luck former policeman James Gordon is 
drawn into a dizzying world of murder, corruption, femmes fatales, and a 
mysterious figure that haunts the Gotham streets
Batman: The Last Angel
Batman: Nine Lives
Robin Annual #3, "The Narrow Path" (In medieval Japan towards the end of the 
Imperial era, Robin is sent by his dying master Tengu (Batman) to seek the 
Emperor.  The Emperor tries to kill the boy, who is his twin brother, and 
both die before the night is over.) 
Catwoman Annual had Batman, Catwoman, & Ra's Al-Ghul in ancient Egypt.
L.E.G.I.O.N. '94 Annual #5 (aka "L.E.G.I.O.N. '007"), "The Spy Who Fragged Me" (spy)
Superman/JLA: Shogun of Steel (The story is set in ancient Japan..."a time 
of myth and mystery, when wars ravaged the land and the power of a strange 
Shogun from beyond the sea brought even the mightiest samurai to their knees...
But all hope is not lost. A rebellion is taking place throughout the 
fractured nation. A group of freedom fighters have banded together to 
reclaim their country from the tyranny that has kept their people down for 
years. Led by a beautiful but deadly ninja girl, these heroes [a Japanese 
Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Batman (female)] are Japan's only hope 
against the dreaded Shogun of Steel...Or are they?  Enter a young gaijin 
boy with a mysterious past. A stranger in this strange land, he is raised 
from infancy by a poor fisherman and taught the noble eightfold path to 
enlightenment. One day, this boy...named Hoshi...discovers there`s much 
more to him than meets the eye. He can do things far beyond the abilities 
of mortal men."  He bands together with the other champions to fight the 
Warlord Brainiac.  The Warlord presence implies that this story took place 
after the Imperial Age ended)