(by Lenny Carlson, edited and revised by Mikel Midnight.  Thanks to Steve 
Replogle for most of the Tom Strong entries, Jess Nevins for the historical 
Tom Strong info and Mark Parkinson for additional info)

Note that in Tom Strong #2, The Aztechs refer to Terra Gamma as Earth-2058 
since they invaded 2057 other alternate Earths.

3,000,000 Years Ago
 The Pangaean evolves on a continent called Pangaea. It was witnessed by 
Tom Strong who travels from the year 1999. [Tom Strong #5]

411 AD
 In Alexandria the original little girl Promethea is sent out into the 
desert by her father shortly before he is killed. Thoth and Hermes 
rescue her taking her to the Immateria where she becomes a story. 
[Promethea #1]

 Battle of Antioch. A Muslim and a Christian who both manifest Promethea 
battle one another to the death. The event is so dramatic that it is 
completely wiped from Promethea's mind. 

12th Century AD
 The Black Arrow, Ivanhoe, and Robin Hood form a fellowship of 
extraordinary men.  [LXG]

15th Century AD
 An Italian explorer is instrumental in colonising the Americas,
and, donning a mask and a costume, with a funny name, becomes the
first First American.  [America's Best Comics 64 Page Giant]

16th Century AD
 In the Peruvian Andes, the Inca high priestess Lula Lacalan and 
her handmaiden Cla-Cla-Cla discover the secret of human 
parthenogenesis.  [Tomorrow Stories Special #1]

 Captain Cobweb and her first mate Cleopatra terrorise the Spanish
Main with their all-girl crew, aboard the sea ship Jolly Rogeretta. [Tomorrow Stories Special #1]

17th Century AD
 Captain Blood and the Sea Hawk accompany D'Artagnan, Athos, Aramis
and Porthos as mysterymen.  [LXG]  [Note: Cyrano de Bergerac has 
crossed over with D'Artagnan in novels by the son of Paul Feval and 
others, and it's nearly impossible for me to imagine the character 
not being involved in such a society]
 Lady Cobb of Webb Hall and her henchwoman Clarissa terrorise the
highroads of Olde Englande, ultimately escaping Newgate prison in
1684 and fleeing to Timbuktu. [Tomorrow Stories Special #1]
 Prospero, Caliban, Ariel, the pilgrim Christian, and Captain Robert 
Owemuch become known as Prospero's Men in defense of the realm in
the 1680's.

 Charlton Sennet, author of A Faerie Romance, born.  His housekeeper,
Anna, manifests Promethea.

 Sennets' housekeeper Anna dies whilst giving birth. The baby is only 
half real and does not survive. [Promethea #4] 
 Tom Strong I has adventures in the Revolutionary War. [speculation,
based on Tom Strong, Washington's Scout by Alfred Mason]
 Lemuel Gulliver, The Reverend Dr Syn, Natty Bumppo, Moll Flanders,
Sir Percy and Lady Blakeney form a society of extraordinary gentlemen.

1789-90's (approx)
 Mademoiselle Du Lac, the Gossamer Phantom, and her assistant Clarabelle
rescue French noblewomen from the French Revolution, including Marie
Antoinette (sending a drugged, disguised Robespierre to the guillotine
in her stead).   [Tomorrow Stories Special #1]
 Tom Strong, Junior has adventures. [speculation, based on Tom Strong, 
Junior: a story of the young United States by Alfred Mason]

 Charlton Sennet dies. 

 A descendent of Tom Strong has adventures in the War of 1812.  [speculation, 
based on Tom Strong, Boy-Captain: A Story of America by Alfred Mason]

1840's (approx)
 The adventures of Tom Strong, Third: A Story of the United States when 
the Railroads were New. [speculation, Alfred Mason]

 A Japanese woman who name translates as something akin to 'Evanescent silken
strand that's tossed like fragile petals on the bitter Northern wind,' accompanied
by an assistant, battle the Yakuza. [Tomorrow Stories Special #1]
 Coleman Grey (later known as the Space Cowboy) is one of the humans abducted 
by alien invaders. He later meets Tom Strong in 2002. [Tom Strong #16-18]

 A descendent of Tom Strong has adventures in the American Civil War.  
Sometime later he sires a son, Sinclair Strong.  [speculation, based on 
Tom Strong, Lincoln's Scout by Alfred Mason]  

 President Crowley's New Cities Bill leads to the creation of Millennium 
City on the eastern seaboard near New York. The city is designed by 
architect Winsor McKay.

 Allan Quatermain ingests the narcotic taduki and enters a state akin
to the Dreamlands, a land where linear time does not exist. Indeed,
there he meets the astral projection of Randolph Carter, who has come
from the early 20th century. He also meets Randolph's great-uncle, John
Carter, who, on his way to Barsoom from the Arizona cave where he lay
dying in 1866, has been diverted to this realm. At the end of the
second chapter, as the three are about to be attacked, The Time
Traveler appears to rescue them. It is also revealed that the Morlocks
of the far future are related to the Mi-Go of the Cthulhu Mythos.
[Allan and the Sundered Veil (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #1-6)]

 La Toile, Mistress of Villainy, has adventures in Paris France accompanied
by Clothilde. [Tomorrow Stories Special #1]

 Wilhelmina Murray, Allan Quatermain, Captain Nemo, Dr. Hawley Griffin,
and Mr. Edward Hyde become known as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
in defense of the realm.  They are at least occasionally accompanied by
Dorian Gray, Tom Sawyer, and in later years Professor Challenger.
 Meanwhile, on Mars (Barsoom), John Carter, the Barsoomian Green
Martians, the Sorns, and Gulliver Jones of Mars are prominently
featured in the battle to resist alien invaders.  The invaders eventually
emigrate to Earth. [League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume II #1]
 First War of the Worlds occurs. [War of The Worlds by H.G.
Wells].  League of Extraordinary Gentlemen reunite after their last 
month's adventure to stop the Martians. They continue to take their 
orders from Campion Bond, who in turn serves a new "M," presumably 
Mycroft Holmes.  [League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume II #2-6]

 Sinclair Strong and his wife Susan (nee Whittaker) crash onto Attabar 
Teru.  Their ship's captain, Tomas Stone, dies.  Pnueman constructed on 
Attabar Teru. [Tom Strong #1]
 In an alternate timeline, Tomas Stone and Susan Strong crash onto 
Attabar Teru.  Sinclair Strong dies.  [Tom Strong #20]

January 1st, 1900
 Tomas Strong born on Attabar Teru to Sinclair Strong and his wife
Susan.  [Tom Strong #1]
 In an alternate timeline, Tomas Stone II born on Attabar Teru to 
Tomas Stone and his lover Susan Whittaker (formerly Susan Strong).  
[Tom Strong #20]

 William Randoloph Hearst's newspaper The New York Clarion begins 
publishing "Little Margie in Mystic Magic Land" in its Sunday color 
edition. The strip's creator, Margaret Taylor Case, manifests as

 Margaret Case introduces the character of Promethea into her 
comic strip. 

March 1908
 An earthquake claims the lives of Sinclair and Susan Strong. Tom is 
free of the chamber. [Tom Strong #1]

 Tom Strong's future wife Dhaulua born on Attabar Teru. [Tom Strong #1]

 La Toile visits the Castle of Tears.  When next she appears, she has
apparently reformed, and enters the world of espionage, purportedly for
France. [Tomorrow Stories Special #1]
 The occult investigatress known as The Soul has adventures. [Previews interview]
 Robur, The Nyctalope, Arsene Lupin, Fantomas, Sar Dubnotal, and The 
Phantom of the Opera form Les Hommes Mysterieux.
 Aphasia Quick becomes Minute Maid.  [Tomorrow Stories #4]

 At Ypres, Promethea leads many lost soldiers back to safety. [Promethea #5]

 Margaret Taylor Case retires. Last Promethea story published in 
November 1919. 

 Tom Strong, having transformed Attabar Teru with electricity, goes into 
the outside world for the first time.  Settling into Millennium City, he 
soon becomes partnered with reporter Greta Gabriel and encounters killer 
Charley Bones.  [Tom Strong #1]

 Tom Strong defeats Saveen's "Mechanthrope." 

 Astonishing Stories begins publishing Promethea novellas. 15 in all 
are written starting with "A Warrior Queen in Hy Brasil". Other titles 
include "Promethea and the Manigators". The house name for a number of
authors is Marto Neptura and the illustrator is Grace Brannagh, who 
manifests Promethea.

 At her spirit quest, Dhalua meets Bala-Sibbi. 

October 1925
 Tom Strong goes to the land of the dead. 

 Lorelei Lakeland begins her career as a heroine in Indigo City, with
her sidekick Claudia.  Their foes include Helga Von Helkatzen, Kamikaze
Kate, and the Yellow Moon Tong.  [Tomorrow Stories Special #1]
 Marriage of Tom and Dhaulua Strong occurs. 
July 18th
 Tom Strong defeats Paul Saveen atop the Statue of Harmony. Saveen is 
presumed dead. 

 Dhalua makes her first trip to Millennium City. 
 Tesla Strong born. 
 Solomon was born around this time. 
 Aphasia Quick and Peter Van Buren have a son who is adopted as an infant
by Rudy and Trudy Todd.  Troy Todd becomes Teen American and, later,
First American, the 73rd in his family line to bear that name.

 Amazing Stories has been sold to Apex Magazines

 Dhalua inspires the "Dhalua Look" fashion craze.
 An unnamed demon appears in London (in which he called it "Londinium"). [Promethea #8]
 In the Soviet Union, a nineteen-year-old munitions worker is changed
by a freak accident and becomes Svetlana X.  [The Forty-Niners]
 First American locates his headquarters in the Americrypt and is soon 
joined by a kid sidekick, Buckley.  [Tomorrow Stories #5]
 John Sharkey, accompanied by a multi-national coalistion of pilots
(Pierre, Wulf, Lars, and Tiki-Face) starts the Skysharks.  [The Forty-Niners]
 First American & Buckley, American Angel, The Blue Dart, Cane-Toad Man & 
Tadpole, Captain Metropolis, Colonel Lilliput, Dollar Bill, The Eagle's 
Voice, The Green Gun & Bullet, The Human Porch, John Q. Public, Mothman, 
Private Iron, Rocket Ryan & the Time Twins form The Incredible Nineteen.  [Tomorrow Stories #4]  [See Notes]
 Other mysterymen active during the war years include Amazing Man, The 
American Eagle & Eaglet, The Angel, The Atoman, Black Hood, Black Rider, 
Black Terror, Carnac, Commander Cody, Daredevil, Deadman, Doctor Occult, 
Doctor Omega, The Flash, Green Giant, Green Lama, The Human Torch, Buck 
Rogers, The Maid, Mandrake, Mary Marvel, Miss Fury, Mister Monster, 
Namora, The Phantom, Plastic Man, Puma Man, The Red Bee, Robin Hood, 
Sandman, The Shining Knight, The Spirit, Spy Smasher, Starman, The 
Sub-Mariner, Superman, Ultra Man & Ultra Lad.  [The Forty-Niners]
 There is also a counterpart of The Atom with an 'M' logo (The Micron?) 
and a counterpart of Miss Masque with an 'EE' logo.  [The Forty-Niners]

 Apex begins publishing Smashing Comics.

 Steve Traynor becomes Jetlad.

 Samuel Slinger becomes Colonel Lilliput.
 Leni Muller, known as the Skywitch, changes sides and joins the 
Allied forces.  [The Forty-Niners]

July 6th, 1945
 Tom Strong meets Ingrid Weiss for the first time. 

 Science heroine version of Promethea appears in comic book form. 
From 1941 to 1970 William Woolcott writes and draws the Promethea 
stories.  Bill manifests Promethea himself.

 The Incredible Nineteen is disbanded by the government.  [Tom Strong #21]
 City of Neopolis founded.  [The 49'ers]

 Sal Paradise, Dean Moriarty (the great-grandson of James Moriarty), and 
Doctor Sax (possibly accompanied by Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Quatermain, 
but reports are inconclusive) travel to the Interzone as an impromptu 
legion of extraordinary heroes.  [Tripwire interview]
 Cobweb solves "The Riddle of the Hibernating Heiresses."  [Tomorrow Stories #1]
 Johnny Future has adventures.  [Tomorrow Stories]
 Created by deranged comics artist Mort Gort in a Quixotic quest for
four-dimensional ink, Splash Brannigan resolves to use his inky powers
for good. Unfortunately, after a full career he takes a nap and gets 
trapped in a bottle of ink for fifty years until Daisy Screensaver rescues 
him. [Tomorrow Stories]

 Laverne Lakeland begins her career as a heroine in Indigo City, with
her sidekick Clara.  Their foes include the Bat-Cat-Rat-Woman, Glaze-Eye Girl
Mesmo-Mana, and the Giant Doll of Dakota.  [Tomorrow Stories Special #1]
 Tom Strong, Promethea, Cobweb, Splash Brannigan, and Johnny Future
form America's Best after nearly getting collected into "the charm
bracelet of Charlemagne Chance."  [Tomorrow Stories Special #2]

 Tom Strong and Dhalua first go to Pangaea and meet the Pangaean. 
 America's Best are faced with the finger puppet glove of Farsnworth Fayte.  [Tomorrow Stories Special #2]

 America's Best encounter the Scribe, and his "jet pen."  [Tomorrow Stories Special #2]
 America's Best encounter the Jeweler, who has shrunk galaxies down into
earrings.  [Tomorrow Stories Special #2]

 America's Best encounters Muffin Man and his "cake of doom."  [Tomorrow Stories Special #2]

 Fancy O'Keefe, girl globetrotter, is elected official reserve member of 
America's Best, just in time to assist them against "the lethal luck of
Magister Ludi."  [America's Best #78]
 By this time, America's best has encountered myriad science villains including
Abberax, America's Beast, and the Sun Sultan.  [Tomorrow Stories Special #2]

 Tom Strong thwarts a Saveen-engineered dinosaur attack.

 Dahlua deputises for Tom Strong in America's Best when he travels to 
Terra Obscura.  On route he has "memorable encounters" with the Magnetar 
Pirates and Zax the Baryonic Man.

 Pieces of the Pangaean, brought back unknowingly by Tom and Dhalua
Strong, have grown large, and attack. Tom Strong captures it and puts 
it in his lab. 
 Frankie Lafayette and Johnny Apollo first encounter The Lure.
[Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset #1]

 Laurel Lakeland begins her career as L'il Cobweb, changing her name 
to Grooveweb as a teen and finally Cobweb as an adult, always accompanied
by her sidekick Clarice.  She eventually allies herself with the Good
Girls of America and a latter-day incarnation of America's Best.  [Tomorrow Stories Special #1]
 The supernatural hero known as Limbo has adventures. [Previews interview]

 Steve Shelley takes over writing the Promethea comic, and his wife
Barbara manifests Promethea.

 Professor Parallax dies. 

 The Pangean creature escapes, and Tom Strong sends it back in time. 

 Candice joins Franky and Johnny's crime-filled adventures.
[Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset #2]

 Bob, Kenneth, Marv, Roger, and Stan form The Five Swell Guys.  [date
approximated from post-Zero Hour origin of Challengers of the Unknown]

 Tom Strong and others destroys the Modular Man for a second time. 

 Jack B. Quick born in Queerwater Creek.

 Comic book writer Byron Lord dies from an explosion caused by Johnny 
Apollo. [Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset #3]
 Franky and Johnny's friendship ends. Johnny Apollo becomes The Crone.
Johnny Lafayette becomes Greyshirt in Indigo City.  [Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset #5]

 Steve Shelley dies from cancer. [it's possible that he died in 1996 
instead of 1991]

 Using plans found on the internet, the Funt Brothers create one of 
the Modular Man's modules. Tom Strong gives the Modular Man his 
Hypersaucer in exchange for good conduct. A month later, Tom fights 
the Aztech Empire. 
 Sophie Bangs interviews Steve Shelleys' widow Barbara and becomes 
Promethea for the first time. [Promethea #1]
 Joanie Juniper is genetically engineered to become U.S.Angel and 
accompanies First American as his latest sidekick.
July 6th
 Tom Strong fights Ingrid Weiss, gets thrown back in time and battles 
the Pangaean. When he returns, he fights Charade and Weiss, while meeting 
his son for the first time. Dhalua breaks Ingrid Weiss for trifling 
with her family. 

 Cobweb defeats Victoria Price, the Money-Spider.  [Tomorrow Stories #6]
April 12th
 Tom Strong discovers an alien in Guatemala. 
 Tesla Strong fights Kid Tilt. 
April 17th
 Tom Strong investigates the volcanic flare-ups on San Mageo. 
May 1st
 Tom Strong and Solomon investigate Devil's Footstool. 
 Tesla Strong opens up the alternate dimensions and meets her alternate 
 Tom Strong goes to Funnyland and meets Warren Strong.

September 11
 Bob of The Five Swell Guys killed (amongst 3,000 civilians) from The 
World Trade Center disaster.  His teammates carry on as The Four Swell Guys. [Promethea #28]
October 16th
 Snots Lamonico causes Greyshirt to go "missing" after Judge Joilet's
assassination attempt. He survives the attempt. [Greyshirt: Indigo
Sunset #1]
November 5th
 Firstleigh Jefferson American (aka Troy Todd) is elected President
of the United States.  Within two hours, a recount of votes results
in the annulment of his position.  [Tomorrow Stories #10]
November 18th
 Greyshirt stops a couple of gangsters after the murder of Bernard
Novak. It later causes Lakeland Museum of Contemporary Art to be
declared a "Menace to Public Health". [Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset #2]
December 18th
 An unnamed murderer known only as "The Shadow" is killed. [Greyshirt:
Indigo Sunset #3]

April 16th
 Greyshirt stops Vinnie Assapunto after he kills five people because
they make jokes about him. [Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset #5]

 After King Solomon and his alternate counterparts are kidnapped by
Tiberius "Black Tom" and Twyla Strong of Terra Beta, Tesla Strong goes
across the multiverse to look for him. [Many Worlds of Tesla Strong #1]
 Tom Strong, Jonni Future, Cobweb, Greyshirt, Splash Brannigan and 
Jack B. Quick unite to save the world from an upcoming apocalypse. [Promethea #27-28]

 Pearl of the Deep has adventures as an underwater super-heroine. [Previews interview]
 Following Stan's death, a reformed Painted Doll carries on as a member
of The Four Swell Guys.  [Promethea #31]

21st Century Era
 In an alternate future, The Next American has adventures. [Tomorrow Stories #12]

 Tesla deputises for her father as protector of Millennium City when 
he is unavailable.  Solomon's son, Augustus, has by now joined the 

40,000,000 AD
 Cobweb travels from the year 2001. [Tomorrow Stories #10]

4 Billion AD
 Johnny Future (and, later, Jonni Future) has adventures.


Assembling the lineup of the Incredible Nineteen was primarily speculative, 
working off a couple assumptions.  All members of the team must have been 
actually created by Alan Moore.  In cases where two 40's characters appear 
to have met for the first time in The Forty-Niners, they can not both be 
members of the team.  Given that the team originated in the 'First American' 
strip, if there is a potential conflict due to rule two, the more potentially 
comedic character gets precedence.


 Other notable parallels in the ABC multiverse include:  
Terra Alpha - Tom Terrific and his daughter Tesla Terrific/Tara Stone (reflects DC Silver Age)
Terra Beta - Tiberius "Black Tom" Strong and his daughter Twyla Strong (evil counterparts)
Terra Gamma - Tom Strong, Cobweb, Greyshirt, Johnny Future, Promethea, Splash Brannigan, First American, Top Ten (primary ABC line)
Terra Delta - Iron Tom and his daughter Tekla Strong (advanced tech)
Terra Epsilon - Texas Tom and his daughter Two-Gun Tesla (19th century tech, Western theme)
Terra Zeta - Tom of the Tigers and his daughter Tes of the Tigers (feral theme) 
Terra Gamma2 - Thomas Teen and his daughter Tezzie Teen (teen humor comics theme)
Terra Eta - Tom Trash and his daughter Tesla-Sue Trash (white trash)
Terra Theta - Tom Stone and Paul Saveen of the Strongmen of America, and the latter's daughter Tesla Saveen (divergent Terra Gamma)
Terra Iota - Terro Strong and his daughter Tori (acquatic)
Terra Kappa - Tyrone Strong and his daughter Tamla (eros)
Terra Lambda - Aztom Energico and his daughter Aztesla (giant Aztec)
Terra Mu - Captain Thomas Strong (pirates)
Funnyland - Warren Strong and his daughters Topsy, Turvy and Fluffytail, Supermouse, the Black Terrier (funny animals)
Terra Obscura - Tom Strange, The Mask, Captain Future, Major Mars, the Green Ghost (Golden Age)
Terra Obscura-A - Black Bat, Captain Future, the Ghost (pulp)
Terra Media - Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, George of the Jungle, others (America's Best TV Comics)
Terra Meta - Tom Turbine, the Justice Guild (animated metafictional)
Terra Brittania - Captain Universe, Speedsmith, the Bluestocking [speculated] (UK-based Arnold Book Company)
Terra Commerce - Tom Tootsie, the Inquisitor [speculated] (advertising characters, may be the same as Earth-Hostess)
Others can be inferred from the glimpses of "L'il Tesla" and "1950's Space 
Tesla" as well as a hippy Tesla, a lionine Tesla, a pixie Tesla, a barbarian
Tesla, and various counterparts of Terra Gamma's King Solomon including
in a French military uniform, in a Charlie Brown sweater, in a Robin uniform, 
in a Frankensteinian mode, in commando gear, in a hockey uniform, in a beduin 
outfit, in medieval garb, in a Thor (Marvel version) uniform, and others. 

In 1963 #6 we see the Blur & Blur Boy of "Earth-Alpha" as well as the Blur 
of "Earth-Beta."  The formerly could credibly come from Terra Alpha listed 
here, although the latter is plainly not from Terra Beta.


Comet Rangers
Captain Uzbekistan
Le Premier Francais
Deutschlander Zahlein
The Fightin' Limey