Earth-2.5 Timeline


based on "Legends" episode of Justice League, more information on the 
team can be found here.  Earth 2.5 is an example of both a metafictionally-
defined Earth, and a same continuum amalgam. A lovely cover recreation 
featuring the team has been done by Min Ku.

1100 (circa)

 During the Crusades, a meteor containing a slightly radioactive green 
metal falls near the city of Jerusalem. A Javanese metalsmith shapes 
the metal into a medallion and a ring. Hundreds of years later, the two 
artifacts are buried in an earthquake not discovered against until about 


 Alexander Lane born in St. Petersburg, Russia. There is an unconfirmed 
rumor in later years that he is related (an illegitimate son?) to the 
man known as Rasputin.


 Alexander Lane receives his doctorate in Eastern Philosophy from 
Seaboard University. The following year, his parents die and he 
inherits a great deal of money. Some of that money goes towards a 
donation to Seaboard. The Seaboard campus expands over the next ten 
years; Lane Hall, the new administrative building, is named after him.


 Scott Mason born.

 Grover Cleveland Kreisler born.


 Thomas Thorgrimson born to Jeremiah and Josefina Thorgrimson in
Cleveland, Ohio. A child prodigy, he learns to read by the age of two,
teaches himself complex mathematics (mastering calculus by age 4) and
receives a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering by the age of 10
from the University of Chicago.


 Theodore Kane born to "Battlin' Bob" Kane and Katherine Grant
Kane in Los Angeles. Katherine Kane dies in childbirth.


 Garrett Allen Lane born in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, to 
Alexander Lane, president of Bard College, and Margaret Allen Lane. 
As a child, he is often teased by other youngsters for having the 
initials G.A.L. and so often withdraws into the college library, 
reading up on Eastern philosophies and mysticism as well as non-Western 
cultures and their use of various plants to access a "higher 


 Theo Kane witnesses his father's death at the hands of gangsters
after he refuses to take a dive during a boxing match. Distant cousins
of his mother's, Bill and Selina Grant, adopt him and change his name
to Thomas Blake. The Grants move to Seaboard City, where "Thomas" 
becomes proficient in athletics

Late 1920's

 During his college years, Thomas Thorgrimson gets the nickname of 
"Tom Turbine." Shortly before his graduation, his parents legally 
change his name to Tom Turbine. Throughout the late 20's and 30's, 
he patents thousands of devices and becomes world-renowned for his 
adventures. His biographer is a young reporter with the Seaboard
City Sentinel, Warren Peachtree.


 Grover Cleveland "Cleve" Kreisler wins a gold medal in the
decathlon in the Olympics in Berlin.

 Scott Mason graduates from Seaboard University with a degree in
criminal justice. His minor is in classics; at some point during his
four years of college, Prof. Henry Jones Jr. is a visiting lecturer.
Shortly after graduation, Mason joins the Seaboard City Police Force
(at one point over the next several years, Vincent Vance is the 
captain of his precinct).


 Donna Vance born to Vincent Vance, a lieutenant on the Seaboard
City Police Force, and Sally Vance, a former circus acrobat and
sometime exotic dancer.

 On an alternate possible Earth, Warrior Angel begins his adventures.
This strange, bald-headed visitor from another planet protects the 
weak, yet is unable to prevent the closest friend of his youth, 
Devilicus, from turning to evil.  In later years Warrior Angel 
operates from his aerodrome, a floating fortress of solitude.  [Note 
from Mikel Midnight: these characters from the Smallville television 
series may be direct counterparts of Lex (Superman) Luthor and Clark 
"Killer" Kent of Earth 230.] - Fantasy Comics #1

 "Cleve" Kreisler is the third baseman for the Seaboard City
Sunlights baseball team.


The estate of John Carter endows the archeology department at 
Seaboard University. A new building, Carter Hall, is named after him.


Garrett Lane begins study in biochemistry and criminology at the 
University of Maryland, then leaves the university under mysterious 


 Tom Turbine works on the Manhattan Project. Shortly after
World War II, Turbine develops the so-called "Turbine Torso," a
beltlike device that gives him forcefield-based powers of strength,
speed (though his maximum velocity is lesser than the later Streak) 
and the ability to leap an eighth of a mile.


After taking courses at a junior college in upstate New York, 
Garrett Lane finishes his bachelor's degree in industrial chemistry 
at Seaboard University, his father's alma mater.


 Raymond Thompson born to Roy and Jean Thompson.

 Seaboard City Sunlight "Cleve" Kreisler enlists in the Army. He is
among the test subjects in the "Super Soldier" project.


 Donna Vance's parents divorce. Sally Vance resumes her circus


Garrett Lane works for the War (later Defense) Department, partly 
due to his father's influence. During World War II, he is a consultant 
to the "Super  Soldier" project, designed to enhance American soldiers' 
physical capabilities in the field.


 WAC officer Lorraine "Lori" Hallowell becomes a test subject in
the "Better Man" project.


 Tom Blake becomes the world heavyweight boxing champion.


 Nuclear weapons used along the China-India border.

 Garrett Lane is hired by a British-American conglomerate as an 
industrial chemist.

Late 1940's

 Tom Turbine's exploits catalyze the careers of other
mystery men and women.  [amalgamation Superman/Atom/Tom Swift]


 While researching new motor fuels at a lab in Tibet, Garrett Lane 
is given herbs by a mysterious swami. During an experiment involving 
heavy water, Lane seeks to distract himself from a creative block by 
sampling the herbs. Inadvertently creating an industrial accident and 
exposing himself to the combination of heavy water and the ancient herbs, 
Lane is thrown into a coma for six months. Upon his revival, he is endowed 
with super-speed.


 First public appearance of Catman (Tom Blake).  [amalgamation Wildcat/Batman]

 Tom Turbine marries Sarah Stromgren, daughter of UN diplomat (later
Secretary General) Rikki Stromgren.

 While on vacation in the Middle East, Scott Mason discovers the
medallion and the ring in the Middle East and is endowed with the power
to create weapons with his imagination. A strange impurity in the 
original meteor fragment makes him powerless over the metal aluminum.


 First public appearance of the Streak (Garrett Lane).  [amalgamation Flash/Silver Streak]

 Donna Vance is present in the audience when her motherŐs falls to her 
death during a trapeze accident. Sometime over the next several years, 
she is trained in the martial arts by Tom Blake.

 First public appearance of the Green Guardsman (Scott Mason)  [amalgamation Green Lantern/Guardian]

 Justice Guild established. Headquarters built in Seaboard City 
(Earth 2.5's counterpart to Baltimore?)

Later that year, or early in 1951

 Ray Thompson founds the Junior Justice Guild fan club.


 The Justice Guild authorizes a heavily edited version of their 
adventures in All-Fantastic Comics.

 The Sportsman ("Cleve" Kreisler) makes his public debut as a hero,
teamed up with Bird of Paradise (Lori Hallowell).


 While on vacation in the Mediterranean, Donna Vance comes to the
aid of a downed American pilot (of Greek descent), Stavros Keniclius.

 During a team-up with the Justice Guild in which they deal with 
visitors from outer space, Bird of Paradise is accidentally killed. 
Sportsman blames the Justice Guild (and especially the Streak) for 
her death. Several months later, he re-emerges as a villain.


 First public appearance of Music Master (Janos Janacek),
archenemy of the Green Guardsman.


 Tom Turbine and the Streak race in a fundraiser for war orphans.


 First public appearance of Black Siren (Donna Vance), after a
brief unheralded stint as Miss Kitty.  [amalgamation Black Canary/Wonder Woman]


 First recorded clash between Tom Turbine and Dr. Blizzard (Hans

 Sir Swami (Morton Agic) forms the Injustice Guild; among its charter 
members are Music Master, Dr. Blizzard and the Sportsman. First
recorded clash between the Justice Guild and the Injustice Guild.


 Justice Guild dies during nuclear holocaust that decimates much of 
Earth 2.5. Ray Thompson's metagene is activated by the radiation and 
he creates a fantasy world for the next four decades.

Timeline by Rahadyan