Rome-World Timeline

Rome-World is a world where the Roman Empire never fell, and where the Roman Empire never adopted Trinitarian Christianity. As a result of the latter fact, the use of the Anno Domini system of reckoning years would not have emerged there, but for convenience sake, I will use the Common Era system for this timeline.

Very few Rome-Never-Fell alternate worlds have been seen, so to fill out this timeline, information from the Earth-616 Rome's history has been used. Since Rome-World diverged around the time of 330 CE (with the non-conversion of the Romans to Trinitarian Christianity], only information from the Earth-616 past of ancient Rome that comes before that timeframe will be allowed into this timeline.

Information on the Olympian gods has been used sparingly, since Earth-616 references to them are very easy to find, and few of their exploits have exact dates.

Centurion Britannus is presumably from Rome-World. In Excalibur I#24, he invokes Mitra or Mithras. Hence, Mitra's Hyborian Era exploits will be dealt with. Hyborian Era (Circa 13,000 to 10,000 BCE) ======================= Circa 13,000 BCE, the worship of the god Mitra begins. At some point, Mitra banishes the demon Molub. [Savage Sword of Conan#185] At some point, Mitra curses a decadent city. In time, this city becomes a home for many supernatural monsters. A Mitran solar rune is placed on a rock to control the monsters, but it is later corrupted. This was the story of the Sea of Gray Despair in west-central Corinthia. [Savage Sword of Conan#221] In the city of Eidoran, then a mighty but decadent place, Set worshippers summon forth demons such as Khorus from an infernal dimension. The first followers of Mitra hire their own sorcerer - who uses a crystal skull to focus his powers and bind the demons in stone. After this, the ruins of Eidoran are guarded by the Mitran clergy. [Conan: The Skull of Set] Erlik and Mitra oversee the creation of Red Sonja. [Savage Sword of Conan #29/4] Conan encounters the descendants of Alexander the Great's time-travelling scouting party. They live in the secluded Valley of Isklander, with virtually no contact with the outside world. At one point, one of them invokes Zeus, to which Conan replied "I have never heard of a god or demon named "Zoos"". [Conan the Barbarian I#79-81] On the borderline of Aquilonia, Conan sees one of Mitra's angels - the angel who usually appears to those about to die. The angel of Mitra appears again to Conan and grants him Mitra's power to stop a priestess of Yog (a demon worshipped in Darfar). The angels of Mitra and the demons of Yog look on as the two fight. Conan kills the priestess and sees her blood fall to Earth. The blood curses the land upon which it falls, making that land a place of war and disorder. This land would eventually become known as Palestine. [Savage Sword of Conan#188] Mitra appeares to Yasmela to warn her of the sorcerer Thugra Khotan. [Savage Sword of Conan #2/Conan the Barbarian I#249] Mitra gives a sign to Princess Chabela to flee her home. [Savage Sword of Conan#40] Mitra battles the demon Xotli. [Conan of the Isles Graphic Novel] Post-Hyborian Era, pre-2000 BCE ======================= Gaea gives birth to Ouranos (possibly in another dimension), then mates with him to produce Cronus. Cronus slays Ouranos. Afraid his own children would kill him some day, he has his wife Rhea's children imprisoned in Tartarus. [OHOTMUDE#4-Gaea entry, -10 Olympus Entry, -11 Pluto Entry, -15 Zeus entry] Rhea gives birth to Zeus, her sixth child, on Mount Lycaeum in Arcadia, an area of the land which would later be known as Greece, on Earth. Rhea gives the infant Zeus to the safekeeping of Gaea, who hides the baby in the cave of Dicte on Aegean Hill on the isle of Crete. Zeus grows to adulthood among the shepards of Mount Ida, Crete. [Zeus entry in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #15] Zeus directed his siblings in a war against the Titans. [OHOTMUDE #11-Pluto Entry, #10-Olympus Entry,-15 Zeus Entry] Pan would later claim he helped in the defeat of the Titans. [Tales To Astonish#6] Circa 2000 BCE ======================= As the civilization of ancient Greece begins to emerge, Zeus and the Olympian gods make their presence known to the ancient Greeks, appearing to them so that they would worship the Olympian gods. [OHTOMUDE #10-Olympian Gods Entry, #15-Zeus Entry] Zeus names his dimension Olympus after Mount Olympus. [Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #12-Zeus entry] At some point, Zeus and his daughter Athena meet with Zuras and his daughter Azura. A pact is made by which the Eternals would act as the representatives of the Olympian gods on Earth. Azura changes her name to Thena to reflect the pact. Over many years, many ordinary human beings come to think of the Eternals as the gods themselves mistakenly. This triggers a brief war between the Eternals and the Olympian gods. [OHOTMUDE #10-Olympian Gods Entry, #4-Eternals Entry, #13-Thena Entry, #15-Zeus Entry, #20-Zuras Entry] Circa 1500 BCE ======================= Monstro, the giant (50' tall or so) son of the war god Mars, fights in a number of mortal wars over the centuries before finally growing weary of violence and bloodshed. When told of this, Mars knocks Monstro into the relative future. His adventures from that point have not been documented on Earth-Roma. Medusa is slain. Often, she was mistaken for a D'Bari alien. [Marvel Preview #10, Avengers I#4] Roughly around this time, Hercules is born to Zeus and Alcemna. [Approximate year from Hercules Entry in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #5.] Hercules performs his great feats. However, the cleaning of the Aegean Stables is actually performed by the Eternal the Forgotten One/Gilgamesh. [Thor I#291, OHOTMUDE #5-Hercules Entry] Hercules abducts Cerberus. [One panel-flashback in Thor I#356, recounted by Hercules in Avengers I#352] Hercules has his adventure with Diomedes' mares. [Avengers I#39] Hercules slays the Nemean lion. [One panel flasback in Marvel Saga #1.] Hercules slays the Hydra. [Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #5- Hercules Entry, #6-Hydra entry] Hercules defeats Antaeus. [Young Allies Comic s#6, Avengers I#265] Hercules sails with the Argonauts (Aegisthus, Eurytus, Heracles, Jason, Orestus, Timon, and an unnamed old one who died). [Marvel Preview #10, Hulk: Hercules Unleashed] At some point, the Argonauts face the Akaana, a race of bat-like humanoids. Later chroniclers would incorrectly believe that the Argonauts faced the Harpies, but the Akaana later returned to face Solomon Kane. [Robert E. Howard's "Wings in The Night", Savage Sword of Conan #53-54, Solomon Kane #6, Solomon Kane article in Savage Sword of Conan #219] Inhumans were also mistaken for the Harpies. [Thor Annual #12/2.] Deianeira, Hercules' wife, was fooled into bringing about her husband's death due to the schemes of the centaur Nessus. [Marvel Super-Heroes #1] Circa 1290 BCE ======================= The Trojan War occurs. [Marvel Classic Comics #26: The Illiad, Thor Annual #8, 17] Tyndar, a Trojan soldier, is defeated by Kang and joins the Anachronauts. [Fantastic Four Annual #25, Avengers Annual #21] The Eternals Ajak and Arex were mistaken for Ajax the Greater and Lesser during the Trojan War. [Fantastic Four Unlimited#10, Avengers#300] Odysseus engages in the Odyssey. He encounters Sersi as well as Hermes (possibly actually Makkari) working for Athena (possibly Thena) [Marvel Classic Comics #18: The Odyssey, Eternals I#4, OHOTMUDE #12-Sersi Entry] Aeneas flees from Troy. He encounters the Forgotten One. He will found the city of Alba Longa, where the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus will be born. [Thor Annual #8, Avengers I#300] 509 BCE ======================= Horatius Cocles defends Rome from Etruscan tribes. [Young Allies Comics #10] 490 BCE ======================= Pan intervenes for the Greeks during the Battle of Marathon. He turns the weapons of the Persians into flowers and fruit. [Tales to Astonish #6] 432 to 405 BCE ======================= Caius uses the three eyes of Agamotto (Power, Truth, and Conscience) during the Peloponnesia War. [Doom 2099 #13] 387 BCE ======================= Brennus sacks Rome. ["Men of the Shadows", Savage Sword of Conan #104/2] 330's BCE ======================= Alexander the Great begins his career. [Battle Action #11] The Berserker works for Alexander the Great. [Avengers I#207-208] Alexander the Great encounters Apocalypse. [Incredible Hulk #257, X-Men: The Search For Cyclops #1] Alexander the Great accidentally time travels to the Hyborian Age. He left behind a party of his followers, who founded a secluded civilization in a valley, having little contact with the outside world. [Conan the Barbarian I#79] 47 BCE ======================= At some point, Caesar held a gladiator game. [Motormouth and Killpower#9] Julius Caesar faces King Ptolemy in Egypt. Zota of Pergammum supports Ptolemy. [Doctor Strange III#33/2, Ideal #1] 44 BCE ======================= The senators kill Julius Caesar. The Maha Yogi stands by and chooses not to save him. [Hulk #210] Cole, a man made immortal by the Deviants, also saw Julius Caesar's death. [Cable II#96] 37 BCE ======================= Cleopatra and Marc Anthony rule Egypt. Possibly they are attacked by Zota of Pergammum. [Strange Tales I#124] At some point Cleopatra faced the Mad Pharaoh. [Tales of Suspense #?] 31 BCE ======================= Cleopatra and Marc Anthony are defeated at the battle of Actium. [Thor I#240-241, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#7: Seth Entry] Circa I CE ======================= Apollo meets with Sibylla, the seeress. [Doctor Strange II#46] Around this time, the Olympian god Neptune lived among the water-breathing Atlanteans. He fought the Elder God Set when the latter attempted to usurp worshippers from him. [Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9; stated in that story as 2000 years ago] Selene, a mutant alive since at least the Hyborian Age, founds Nova Roman across the ocean with Romans who predicted the end of the Republic. [OHOTMUDE #2-Black Queen entry; reconfirmed in recent issues] 30's CE ======================= Flavius Scollio discovers an alien ship while serving under Caligula. [Fantastic Four I#241] Pontius Pilate oversees the [at least apparent] execution of the Abrahamic prophet Jesus son of Mary. [The Life of Christ: The Easter Story] The Spear of Destiny is supposedly the spear a Roman soldier used to kill Jesus. [Wolverine: Evilution] The first vampire, Varnae, observes the apparent execution of Jesus. [Bizarre Adventures #33/4] 51 CE ======================= Caractacus, leader of the Celtic rebellion against the Roman incursion onto Britain, is defeated. ["Men of the Shadows", Savage Sword of Conan #104/2] 60's CE ======================= Captain Romanus faces Brutus (resembles the Hulk) to save Caesar's life. [Marvel Year In Review '93] Nero serves as emperor of Rome. [Young Allies Comics #20] During the fire that ravaged Rome in Nero's time, Makkari (an Eternal) saves Sersi from the blaze. [Eternals I#4] 79 CE ======================= The Berserker is trapped in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. [Avengers I#207-208] 206-210 CE ======================= The adventures of Bran Mak Morn, a Pictish chief who fights the Romans in Britain. Possibly around this time a succubus in the land later known as Romania began feasting on Roman soldiers. [Savage Sword of Conan #25/2] 206 CE ======================= Bran Mak Morn searches for a magical Black Stone, and encounters the underground monsters the Worms of the Earth. [Savage Sword of Conan #16-17] 207 CE ======================= The Pictish Shaman Gorn summons King Kull from the time of Atlantis to aid Bran Mak Morn against Romans. [Savage Sword of Conan #43-44] 1981 CE ======================= The Roman Empire has conquered the known galaxy. [Doctor Strange II#46] Tiberius Exeter, the emperor, orders an invasion of Earth-616, but Doctor Strange thwarts it. [Doctor Strange II#46] 1990 CE ======================= Centurion Britannus (Thracius Scipio Magnus), accompanied by his alternate universe counterpart Lady London, encounters the Earth-616 Excalibur. [Excalibur I#24] 1991 CE ======================= Centurion Britannus attends a court martial for the Earth-616 Captain Britain. [Excalibur I#44-45] 1998 CE ======================= Centurion Britannus attends the wedding of the Earth-616 Captain Britain. [Excalibur I#125]


Need info on: Young Allies Comics #14, where Tommy Tyme visits the Colloseum.
Strange Tales#109-Circe story; it shows her banishing the demons from Pandora's box. Of course, that was Sersi.
Tomb of Dracula I#15; Dracula meets an ancient Roman kept alive by a Pool of Blood, which, per the Golden Age Handbook, may have provided youth to the Yellow Claw as well. The Romans reckoned time from when they believed the city of Rome had been founded. Two curious references to places called Poseidonis occur in the Conan series. In Conan the Adventurer, a characters recites the song of Tolometh-complete with reference to Poseidonis. In Conan Saga #95, in an article about Conan Comics Chronology, the following passage appears: "When Atlantis sank, priests of Xotli fled to Ptahuacan [an island west of Atlantis] in flying ships powered by "vril"....In Mayapan to the west, Atlantean and Antillian renegades founded Mayapan, Zothique, and related by the Atlantean priest Klarkash-Ton". This paragraph from Conan Saga #95 reveals that Thomas intended to do a series of stories for Savage Sword of Conan incorporating the fantasy writer Clark Ashton Smith's stories for Savage Sword. However, he only ended up doing one such story in Conan the Savage #10, which introduced Zothique (and was possibly the chronologically latest Conan story).
The comment from Conan the Barbarian I#79-81, where Conan responds to the time- travelling Greek's comment mention of Zeus by saying "I have never heard of a god or demon named Zeus" is actually backed up by comments in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #15-Zeus Entry, which states "After the end of the Hyborian Age, the Olympian Gods sought worshippers on Earth". This phrase also appears in the entry for the Olympian Gods in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #10. So, this shows that the Olympian gods were not worshipped during the Hyborian Age.
This is very interesting, because that would mean that the little used Celtic gods would be older than the Olympian gods, since the Celtic gods were invoked repeatedly in Conan the Barbarian, King Conan, Savage Sword of Conan, etc. Even obscure gods of other pantheons would predate the Olympian gods by way of being invoked in the Hyborian Age-for example, Ymir the Frost-Giant was invoked in Savage Tales I#1 and Savage Sword of Conan #141.
Hence, I slotted the birth of Zeus as a post-Hyborian development. The Doctor (from Doctor Who) had a run-in with a Roman Empire Survives world in Doctor Who Weekly #1 in 1979 and other early issues, which were reprinted in Marvel Premiere #57-58. This world was ruled by Adolphus Caesar. These Romans worshipped the Malevilus, aliens whom they mistook for gods. One of these aliens posed as Adolphus' mother, Juno (the alien's true name was Magog). Another native of this world was Vesuvius, a robot. He later appeared in Doctor Who Magazine #173 and The Incomplete Death's Head #12, at a party attended by Captain Britain, Doctor Strange, Apocalypse, Doctor Octopus, Rocket Racoon, and others. During this story, a robot named Ironicus commented that it was the year MMMXXI of the Reign Ironicus. This would indicate that this world might have diverged at least approximately 3000 years in the past. General Ironicus from the Iron Legion/ Rome Never Fell story returned in Doctor Who Magazine #250. [Note from Mikel Midnight: John and I are in disagreement whether this Earth ought to be identified with Earth Roma, or as a distinct Roman Empire Survives world. Hence this information will remain in the Comments field for now.]
[Note from Mikel Midnight: given Marvel's use of characters from the defunct Ace Periodicals and Fox Features Syndicate lines, I believe there would be grounds to claim that heroes such as Vulcan and the Dart may have notable counterparts on Earth-Roma, though I have yet to convince John of that.] For more information on the Olympian gods on Earth-616, I refer you to
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Article by John McDonagh