Earth-X Timeline

An Earth where the trees grow up and bow over the ground ... where the 
spirit of America walks among men ... where the Axis won World War Two ...

Color Coding:
  • denotes the Earth-X of Jimmy Olsen #93 which I have tortuously assumed to be the same
  • denotes post-Crisis events I have back-retconned into being compatible with Earth-X history (I usually include on these timelines additional developments with the characters as presented by the DC Comics line, however the recent slaughter of the Freedom Fighters only to be replaced a month later by a group of lookalikes exceeds my limits of good taste, and I am not acknowledging it here)
  • denotes fanfic-style speculation
  • all other text in black is assumed canonical, with some adjustments to make Quality Comics and DC continuity (from JLA and Freedom Fighters) compatible For additional information, see:
  • Blackhawk on Earth-X: The Earth-X Timeline (cf. JLA #107 and Slow Death #7)
  • Secret Files: The Freedom Fighters - Fanzing #23 article by David Black (thanks to Time Trust and Dan Thompson for historical notes, and David McMahon for info on the Bombadiers) 9638 B.C. ======================== The island nation of Atlantis sinks beneath the waves. Some of their descendents survive into the 20th century as Mermazons, an underwater race of Amazons ruled by Queen Klitra. [Red Bee, Crack Comics #?] 12th century ======================== In England, Robert Fitzooth, Earl of Huntingdon, becomes Robin Hood upon returning from the crusades, King Richard having sent him back to England to investigate the trouble there. He and his men hide in Sherwood Forest, stealing from the corrupt rich and giving their spoils to the downtrodden poor. [Robin Hood Tales #1] 18th century ======================= Benedict Arnold elected second President of the United States of America. [Jimmy Olsen #93] Rembrandt paints a portrait of the great actor Mickey Mantle in the role of Hamlet. [Jimmy Olsen #93] The United States of America invades and rules England. [Crisis on Infinite Earths #11 p 14] Our Lady of the Shadows University (or Université Notre Dame des Ombres) is founded, on the French Riviera. 200 years later, under Dean Sandra Knight, students would include Emma Peel (née Emma Knight) and Dee Tyler. early 19th century ======================= The spirit of America merges with a human and is reborn as Brother Jonathan. He is present in September of 1813 during the Battle of Lake Erie and rallies the troops of Andrew Jackson in January of 1815 during the Battle of New Orleans. [Secret Origins #19] 1838 ======================= Quicksilver travels from the 1940's and briefly has adventures as Windrunner. [Flash Secret Files #1] c. 1861 ======================= The spirit of America is first sundered during the Civil War; two brothers merge with the spirit to form Billy Yank and Johnny Reb. [Secret Origins #19] late 1870 ======================= Samuel Augustus Adams, a political cartoonist, is killed under orders from the corrupt Boss Tweed of Tammany Hall. The spirit of America bonds with Adams to form the first Uncle Sam. [Secret Origins #19] 1891 ======================= Quicksilver travels from the 1940's and briefly has adventures as Whip Whirlwind. [Flash Secret Files #1] 1903 ======================= Professor Challenger's and Lord John Roxton's expedition to The Lost World, as related by Edward Malone (edited by Arthur Conan Doyle). early 20th century ======================= The spirit of America bonds with a human to form the second Uncle Sam. [Secret Origins #19] 1918 or 1919 ======================== Michael and Lance Gallent born. [Crack #27] 1939 ======================== August Kent Thurston becomes the Invisible Justice (soon to become the Invisible Hood). [Art Pinajian] [Smash #1] Chick Carter has first public case as crime reporter for The Daily Star. [Vernon Henkel] [Smash #1] Hugh Hazzard first makes use of Bozo the Iron Robot. [George Brenner] [Smash #1] December Darrel Dane becomes Doll Man. [Feature #27] 1940 ======================== March Rex Tyler becomes Hourman (cf. Man of the Hour) [Bernard Bailey] May Black Condor has first public case. [Will Eisner & Lou Fine] [Crack #1] Brian O'Brien has first public case as the Clock [Crack #1] Richard Stanton becomes Madam Fatale [Crack #1] James Lockhart becomes Red Torpedo. [Jim Lockhart & Harry Kiefer] [Crack #1] Tomas Hallaway becomes the Spider (Alias the ...) [Paul Gustavson] [Crack #1] Mr. Elixer has first public case as the Voice [Feature #32] Zero, Ghost Detective has first public case. [Feature #32] July Joseph Hercules has first public case as Hercules. [Hit #1] Tom Corbet becomes Neon the Unknown. [Jerry Iger] [Hit #1] Richard Raleigh becomes the Red Bee in Superior City. [Jerry Iger] [Hit #1] Uncle Sam has first public case in present incarnation, based in Everytown. [Will Eisner] [National #1] Jock Kellog becomes Merlin the Magician [National #1] Wonder Boy comes from the vacuous depths of outer space and has first public case. [National #1] August Tom Dalton becomes Magno [Paul Gustavson] [Smash #13] September Lanford "Happy" Terrill becomes the Ray [Will Eisner & Lou Fine] [Smash #14] November Ace Egan uses advanced technology from a crashed alien ship to become the Ace of Space [Feature #38] Max Crandall has first public case as Quicksilver in Central City. [Nick Viscardi] [National #5] Barry Moore becomes the Scarlet Seal [Smash #16] December Bruce Blackburn becomes the Destroying Demon. [Feature #39] 1941 ======================== January David Clark becomes Midnight in Big City. [Jack Cole] [Smash #18] February Justin Wright becomes Just 'N' Right. [Doll Man #1] James Slade becomes Tor, Magic Master [Crack #10] March Red McGraw becomes the Dragon. [Doll Man #2] USA, the Spirit of Old Glory has first public case. [Feature #42] June Charles Lane becomes the Jester [Paul Gustavson] [Smash #22] July Chick Carter becomes the Sword. [Smash #24] start Boy Brigadiers (Rusty Ryan, Ed, Pierpont, Lee and Alababa) [Feature #46] August Bart Hawk has first public case as Blackhawk. [Charles Cuidera & Bob Powell] [Military #1] Captain "Wild" Bill Dunn and Boomerang Jones pilot the Blue Tracer. [Fred Guardineer] [Military #1] Joan Dale becomes Miss America. [Elmer Wexler] [Military #1] Jerry Noble, son of Senator Walter Q. Noble, and his pet eagle, Sam, has first public case as Yankee Eagle. [John Stewart & William A. Smith] [Military #1] Daniel Dyce becomes #711. [George E. Brenner] [Police #1] Rodney Reilly becomes Firebrand I [Reed Crandell] [Police #1] Roy Lincoln becomes Human Bomb [Paul Gustavson] [Police #1] William Perkins has first public case as the Mouthpiece. [Fred Guardineer] [Police #1] Sandra Knight has first public case as Phantom Lady [Arthur Peddy] [Police #1] Patrick "Eel" O'Brian becomes Plastic Man [Jack Cole] [Police #1] Carol Vance Martin becomes Wildfire. [Robert Turner & Jim Mooney] [Smash #25] Nazi Germany's "Operation: Barbarossa" is devastatingly successful as they smash through to Moscow. [All-Star Squadron] November Margo the Magician, the daughter of the famous stage magician The Great Presto, has first public case. [Uncle Sam Quarterly #2] December Rip Graves becomes the Ghost of Flanders. [Hit #18] Stormy Foster becomes the Great Defender. [Hit #18] The Sniper has first public case. [Military #5] Kana the Shadow Warrior, on discovering a Japanese official had ordered the death of his parents due to their being too pro-Western, leaves the House of Bamboo ninja to fight for the Allies as a member of the Office of Strategic Services. [G.I. Combat #232] 1942 ======================== January Dianne Grayton becomes the Spider Widow. [Feature #57] February British hero John Bull has first case publicised in America. [Uncle Sam Quarterly #2] March Daniel Richards becomes Manhunter [Tex Blaisdell & Alex Kotsky] [Police #8] April start Freedom Fighters [All-Star Squadron #50] May Baron Povalsky becomes the Marksman. [Ed Cronin] [Smash #33] June The Unknown has first public case operating in Europe against the Nazis. [Ted Udall & Bernard Klein] [National #23] September Denny Colt has first public case as the Spirit. [Police #11] October The Raven has first public case assisting the Spider Widow. [Feature #60] December Don Leash becomes G-2. [National #27] Kit Freeman becomes Kid Eternity [Shelley Moldoff] [Hit #25] Firebrand becomes a secret agent working undercover within the Nazi army and is incorrectly believed to be a traitor. [Freedom Fighters #12] [Note: his previous appearence was in Police Comics #13, November 1942] 1943 ======================== Lance Gallant becomes Captain Triumph [Alfred Andriola] [Crack #27] March #711 is killed in a police shootout. First appearance of his successor, the hero known as Destiny. [Police #15] April Brenda Banks has first public case as Lady Luck. [Smash #42] September Montague T. McGurk aka Curley, a bald stocky man with a criminal record so bad the Army wouldn't take him; Swordo the Sword Swallower, red turban with feather and a mustache and 4f; and Miss Red Rogers are accompanied by the Human Bomb on a trip to Japan to try to rescue Red's brother. Human Bomb gives them capsules of his explosive. Swordo snaps his fingers and things explode and he is also bulletproof. Curly punches a guy and nothing happens. Later, the guy blows up and Curly figures out he is a delayed action bomb. Red's power manifestation is unrevealed in the initial story. When Red's brother dies, the team remains to join in a series of raids on the Japanese army as the Bombardiers. [Police # 21] 1944 ======================== January President Roosevelt has a fatal heart attack. Vice President Henry Wallace succeeds him. The planned Allied invasion of Europe fails to commence as the Nazis grow in power. A cold war stalemate between the Nazi Empire in the east and the American-British alliance in the west begins. [JLA #107-108] August Martha Roberts becomes "Midge, the Doll Girl". 1945 ======================== January Curt Kessler, mild-mannered reporter for the Berlin newspaper Tages Welt, becomes Ubermensch. [speculation based on Animal Man #24 by Grant Morrison & Charles Truog, "Ubermensch" by Kim Newman] [date from More Fun #101] June Mallory Drake becomes the Whistler. [National #48] August A V-2 rocket with an atomic warhead destroys the British city of Manchester. [Mark Millar, Dan Thompson] [Swamp Thing #153] Germany wins the war in Europe. America retreats into isolationism. The Alliance collapses into hostility and recrimination between the remaining free capitalist and communist nations as they enter into a cold war. [speculation based on Len Wein, JLA #107] 1946 ======================== No sooner did the Empire of Japan lay down their arms in triumph than the Nazis turned on them, forcing Japan to bend to the Third Reich's will. [JLA #107-108] April Lady Fear has first case publicised in the West. 1950 ======================== The Spider is slain by a shade-based supervillain. [James Robinson] [The Shade #3] The Ray takes a leave of absence from the Freedom Fighters. [Ray: In A Blaze Of Power #5] 1951 ======================== December start Doll Team (Doll Man & Doll Girl). 1956 ======================== Note: DC acquires several titles from Quality when they fold their comics line, including Blackhawk, G.I. Combat, Heart Throbs, and Robin Hood Tales. 1957 ======================== Quicksilver travels from the 1940's and briefly has adventures as the Blue Streak. [Flash Secret Files] November On an alternate Earth-X, the Freedom Fighters and then the universe is destroyed by a visiting Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite of Earth-1. [Evan Dorkin] [World's Funnest] Ubermensch, accompanied by Axis Amerika (Grosshorne Eule, Fledermaus, Gudra, Sea Wolf, Usil, Kamikaze), invades the United States, bringing most of the country under Nazi occupation after destroying America’s most precious documents. [speculation, based partially on DC Comics Presents #62] One American with Nazi loyalties named Richard Von Zell is set up as the Nazi Governor of America. Rod Reilly becomes the leader of the American Resistance movement and also poses as a collaborator, gaining Von Zell's trust by supposedly giving away Resistance secrets, while actually setting up traps for the Nazis whom he would capture or kill. [some of this is information revealed by Bob Rozakis as plans for an untold story] 1966 ======================== Unbeknownst to all, a system of artificial intelligences created by Nazi scientists develop an interlinked, independent consciousness. They take control from the Third Reich, replacing its leader with android replicas to insure the governmental shift would go unnoticed. [JLA #108] The transitional period results in a temporary lessening of oppression in many of the occupied countries. June Jimmy Olsen and Professor Potter travel from Earth-1. Olsen finds he acquired powers as a result of the trans-world migration and establishes himself in the free city of Metropolis as Steel-Man. He battles the Nazi- backed Luthar League (League Using Terror Havoc And Robbery) headed by an evil Clark Kent before returning to Earth-1. [Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #93] 1968 ======================== Nazi scientists create a world-encompassing "mind-control ray" and now the Third Reich rules over all. Rod Reilly explodes the K-Bomb. Ubermensch is killed, Axis Amerika falls into disarray. Firebrand, now a fugitive from both sides, flees to Earth-1. Pursuing him, Richard Von Zell, carrying an armload of silver bars to use to pay his way, crosses the dimensional barrier as well. But the journey turns Von Zell into a Midas with a silver touch. With his new power, Von Zell becomes Raphael Van Zandt, amassing power and wealth while searching for Reilly. [Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2, JLA #107-108] The Freedom Fighters manage to resist the mind-control ray, but succumb to a second, stronger beam projected from the machines creating a world-wide mental block which prevents anyone, including them, from remembering the projectors' location. [JLA #107-108] Firebrand escapes from Earth-X to Earth-1 after the Axis wins the war. What means he used to do so is unexplained. [Freedom Fighters #12] 1973 ======================== Members of the JLA (Batman, Elongated Man, Green Arrow) and the JSA (Dr. Fate, Red Tornado, Sandman, Superman) assist the surviving Freedom Fighters in freeing their Earth from Nazi rule. [Len Wein] [JLA #107-108] 1974 ======================== The (now semi-retired) Invisible Hood is slain by a mist-based and an icicle-based pair of supervillains. [James Robinson] [Starman #2] 1976 ======================== March The Freedom Fighters briefly emigrate to Earth-1. [Freedom Fighters #1] 1978 ======================== March Firebrand joins the Freedom Fighters. [Freedom Fighters #13] October Firebrand and the Silver Ghost die in battle. The Freedom Fighters return to Earth-X, bearing the shattered pieces of silver with them. [Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2] 1982 ======================== Phantom Lady is visiting the still-devastated ruins of Paris when War, the third Horseman of the Apocalypse, is brought to Paris. Supergirl and Madame Xanadu arrive from Earth-1 and help Phantom Lady stop the effects he has on the populace. [Wonder Woman #292] 1983 ======================== October Uncle Sam, Black Condor, Doll Man, and the Human Bomb briefly return to Earth-1 to stop neo-Nazis from stealing and destroying America's most precious documents, an act which, on Earth-X, led to the Third Reich's victory. But Superman is busy with other national crises, and cannot help them. [DC Comics Presents #62] 1984 ======================== Somehow Firebrand and the Silver Ghost are returned to human form, alive and well. [speculation based on the fact that they showed up in 1985 in Crisis on Infinite Earths undamaged.] 1985 ======================= On an alternate Earth-X which diverged from the main timeline in 1973, the Freedom Fighters are long since deceased. Displaced from Earth-1 due to the effects of Crisis #8 and Blue Devil #18, Blue Devil is sent to Verner Bros. Office. Crashing through Jock Verner's office's ceiling, he sees Jock Verner in a browshirt-style uniform, with a portrait of himself (Verner) wearing the SS lightning bolts on his collar. Verner says "Achu! Who are you, teufel? Und how did you breach der inner circle of the underground? Frau Schmidt--send in V-2 und his Sturm und Drangsters!". Blue Devil sees alternate counterparts of his friends Van, Sharon, and Gopher dressed in grey and blue National socialist uniforms before disappearing to Earth-349. 1988 ======================== Delilah Tyler becomes Phantom Lady II. [Action #636] 1990 ======================== Summer Robert Avery / Robert Mason becomes Midnight II. [Ms. Tree Quarterly #1] 1992 ======================== February Raymond Terrill becomes The Ray II. [Ray: In A Blaze Of Power #1] June Ryan Kendell becomes The Black Condor II. [Black Condor #1] 1995 ======================== April On an alternate Earth-X which diverged from the main timeline in 1973, the Freedom Fighters are long since deceased. An attempt at constructing a golem summons the Swamp Thing of Earth-1. His presence inadvertently results in the death of the Nazi-controlled world. [Mark Millar] [Swamp Thing #153] 1997 ======================== February The Patriot becomes the newest incarnation of the Spirit of America. [John Ostrander] [Spectre #50] 21st century ======================== The Freedom Fighters reform, comprising the Patriot/Uncle Sam, Black Condor (Ryan Kendall), Damage (Grant Emerson, emigrated from Earth-2), Human Bomb (Roy Lincoln), Phantom Lady (Dee Tyler), and the Ray (Ray Terrill). Ra'Gan (as leader), with Tor, and Xeo comprise the Blackhawks. [Blackhawk #147] [Dick Dillin] Rock Braddon and Captain Graves have adventures in the Space Legion. [Crack Comics #10] 3000 ======================== A tenth planet is discovered, and the space aviator known as Cyclone, accompanied by Joy Daye, claims the planet for Earth (under rules dictated by the Grand Solar Council) and names it "Vito". [National #1] 50,017 A.D. ======================== Blaze Barton and Professor Solis construct a great, heat-proof city in which select men and women are invited to live, to protect them from increased heat as Earth spirals closer to the sun. War erupts between mankind and core creatures from inside the Earth who are accustomed to great heat. The following characters or events I need information or dates for: Birdman [Uncle Sam Quarterly?] Ensign Jack Smith becomes the Swordfish [Hit #?] The Vagabond [Uncle Sam Quarterly?] (European counter-part to Uncle Sam)