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"Mikel, your website is truly the most comprehensive on superheroines, because you link to everyone else! I'm recommending it for part 2 of my online course, Superheroines. Thanks! Trina"

Batwoman (DC Silver Age)

The Batwoman and Bat-Girl Site (see also Flamebird)

Titans' Lair: Biographies: Bat-Girl (see also Titans' Lair: Biographies: Flamebird)

Black Canary (DC)

Fists & Fishnets - nice looking site, extensive visual history of the character.

JSA Checklist: Black Canary - nicely illustrated casebook and trivia

Gert & Daisy's Guide to Black Canary - a good bio and misc. information

Black Canary Biography - David Stepp's history of the character

Black Canary Biography - Drakesix's history of the character.

Birds of Prey Message Board

Black Venus (Holyoke)

Vault of Heroes: Black Venus Pin-Up Gallery

Black Widow (Timely/Marvel)

Black Widow Biography - historical analysis by Jess Nevins.

Catwoman (DC)

FELINE FATALE: Catwoman Over The Years - concise and well-researched.


Darna Website - Philipino heroine who career stretches back to the Golden Age.

Golden Girl (Timely/Marvel)

Captain America's Supporting Cast: Golden Girl - brief bio.

Lady Blackhawk

Blackhawk Comics Who's Who: Lady Blackhawk (Zinda Blake)

Blackhawk Comics Who's Who: Lady Blackhawk (Natalie Reed)

Blackhawk Comics Who's Who: Mairzey

Spitfire & the Blackhawks - fan page, expands on the mention in an Amalgam book of the team.

Lady Luck (Will Eisner Publications)

Lady Luck - brief page on Eisner-created character.

Liberty Belle (DC)

Gallery of Golden Age Heroes: Liberty Belle

Gert & Daisy's Guide to Liberty Belle - a good bio and misc. information

Jesse Quick - nice albeit slow page on the daughter of Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick.

Titan's Lair: Biographies: Jesse Quick

Mary Marvel (Fawcett)

The World's Mightiest Girl!

Yahoo! Clubs: Something About Mary Marvel

Millie the Model (Atlas/Marvel)

Millie (the Model) and Friends (Cover Gallery)

Miss America (Timely/Marvel)

America's Wartime Heroine: Miss America! - brief bio of the character

Miss America - a bit more info.

Miss Masque (Visual Editions, Inc.)

"The Devil To Pay" - story from Pure Excitement Comics

"The Ring of Death" - story from Pure Excitement Comics

Femfans: Miss Masque Profile

Ms. Victory (originally Miss Victory, Holyoke)

Femfans: Mis Victory: Holyoke and World War II - bio and illustrations of the original character

Costumed Heroines: Miss Victory

Vault of Heroes: Miss Victory Pin-Up Gallery (and bio)

Namora (Atlas/Marvel)

Profile: Namora - competant bio from Sub-Mariner site

Octobriana (PPP)

The Octobriana Page - detailed on the myths behind the character.

Octobriana Online - Artful Salamander, UK publisher of character's current adventures, have their own page on her.

Octobriana @ Tiger Mountain - semi-official site in communication with Artful Salamander.

Pat Patriot (Lev Gleason)

Pat Patriot - America's Joan of Arc

Pat Savage (Street & Smith)

Pat Savage, Bronze Adventuress - very basic intro to the character.

Pat Savage, Woman of Bronze - vital statistics, list of adventures, a few small pics.

The 86th Floor: Pat Savage - not much info but a great .wav file (presumably from 40's radio show)

Patricia Savage - a detailed biography of the character in the Doc Savage novels.

Phantom Lady (Quality Comics/Fox Features Syndicate)

The Good Girls - intelligent article on Sheenah and Phantom Lady.

Phantom Lady/Blue Beetle Cover Gallery

Phantom Lady Fanclub - publishing history and story by T. Casey Brennan redone as "The Black Mistress".

Femfans: Blue Bulleteer - Bill Black's version of the Fox Phantom Lady.

Promethea (America's Best Comics)

ABC Comics: Promethea - nicely illustrated and annotated site.

The Annotated Promethea - working on complete annotation for this complex series

Promethea Message Board

(incidentally, check out Lucas Digital's Work in Progress -- very Mystic Magic Land-like.)

The Red Tornado (DC)

Meet The Red Tornado - entertaining site on one of the first DC heroines, Ma Hunkel.

Comic Book Profiles: The Red Tornado

Rima the Jungle Girl (DC)

Rima the Jungle Girl


Rio Rita (Fiction House)

Femfans: Rio Rita Profile

Sheena (Fiction House)

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle - brief page with lots of pics.

The Holloway Pages: Sheena, Queen of the Jungle

White Goddess of the Dumont era - David Broad's detailed history of the character.

The Spirit's Women (Eisner-Iger Studios)

The Blue Mask and Bette Davis Eyes - article by Mikel Midnight, with Wes Tumulka, on the female characters who graced one of the greatest Golden Age strips. (also see entry under Vampirella's Bracelets below)

Spitfire (Marvel)

Make Way for Spitfire - nicely illustrated bio of the character

Spitfire - a bit more info

Sungirl (Marvel)

Sungirl: The Mysterious Beauty - slight page gathering together info on the glamorous character.

Supergirl (DC Silver Age)

Supergirl's Beginnings - tracing proto-Supergirls back to 1959

Tharka (DC Silver Age)

Tharka, the Superwoman of the Planet Zor


Venus (Atlas Comics)

Venus - from the Marvel Universe Appendix

War Nurse (Harvey Comics)

"Pat Parker, War Nurse" - story from Pure Excitement Comics

Woman In Red (Better Publications)

"Black Death " - the first costumed woman hero, story from Pure Excitement Comics

Wonder Woman (DC)

Amazon Archives - annotated WW issues including the 228-243 Earth-2 tales and relevant annuals.

The Wonder Woman Pages - not much detailed info, but with 1940's newspaper strips and a cover gallery.

Amazing-Amazon.com - some good Golden Age reviews.

Wonderland - unattractively formatted but a fairly complete illustrated bibliography (from Lynda Carter site).

Wrap-Around Wonders - cover gallery.

DC Comics Message Boards: Wonder Woman

William MarstonŐs Secret Identity - article on WW's creator.

Wonder Woman Biography - David Stepp's history of the character

Wonder Woman Biography - Drakesix's history of the character.

Wonder Woman (Queen Hippolyte)

Yankee Girl (Harry 'A' Chesler)

Femfans: Yankee Girl - illustrations from FemForce fan site.


Other pages of Interest:

Archive of Golden Age Romance Comics - fair amount of info, and some complete stories

Babes In Space - syllabus and sample essays for a course study on women in science fiction

ComicsGirl - "the female friendly guide to comic books"

Fanny - A UK based world wide womens' cartoonist network

Fangirl - many and diverse bios of women in comics, cartoons, and anime.

Friends from the Vault of Heroes also includes Jetgirl (Jetman's partner) and Kitten (Catman's sidekick)

Females of Timely Comics - Miss America, Namora, Blonde Phantom, Sun Girl, Venus, and others.

Femme Fatales - Pulp's Crime-Fighting Heroines, short articles and a number of features.

For You Blue - Lady Heroes and Villains in the Comic, informative article by John Haines

Four-Color Females - "a discussion [message board] on women in comics"

Friends of Lulu

Good Girl Cover Art Gallery - provocative illustrations from the 1940's

Goodgrrlz - e-mail list about and for women and girls in comics, as creators, readers, and characters.

Gretchens Kreuzung mit Lucrezia Borgia - page I don't understand, from Weltwoche

Hungry Minds - online grrls in comics course by Trina Robbins.

Misty Comic - reprints adventures of gothic British girls' title.

Nurses in the Comics - 40's - 70's; main page has links for juvenile series books and mysteries

Penciljack Forum: Women in Comics - message board

Sequential Tart - webzine about comics industry published by an eclectic band of women.

Shoujo Manga Home Page - page on Japanese girls' comics, typically by female creators.

Trina Robbins Homepage - writer, illustrator, lecturer, historian, author of The Great Women Superheroes and A Century of Women Cartoonists.

Welcome to the Jungle - page of portfolios of jungle heroines of the Golden Age.

Women in Refrigerators - discussion of depowering of female heroes. Page with a lot of potential.

Yahoo! Clubs: Comics for Women

Yahoo! Clubs: Women of DC and Marvel Shrine


Other Contemporary Heroines

A-Girl Studio - comics and illustrations by Elizabeth Watasin.

Action Girl - all-ages anthology title with an exciting eponymous heroine.

Adele Blanc-Sec: A Most Extraordinary Website - early 20th century dour and cynical French heroine.

The Bowler (Janeane Garofalo from Mystery Men)

Crazy Jane: The Motion Picture - a nervewracking thought, but includes general info on the character.

The Duela Dent / Harlequin Website - information and pics of neglected Teen Titan, plus variations on the Harlequin character, including Molly Maynne (the Golden Age Harlequin).

Erma Felna (Albedo) - science fiction title with complex political background and a feline protagonist.

Eversummer Eve - enteraining manga-influenced web comic.

The Huntress Unofficial Webpage - devoted to the original Earth-2 version, Helena Wayne.

Jinty Come Back - article on UK girls' comic, Jinty.

Keif Llama - unusual science fiction adventures from Matt Howarth.

Little White Mouse - nicely done all-ages sci-fi comic.

Nowhere Girl - web comic about misunderstood teenage heroine. Highly recommended.

Vampirella's Bracelets - webring devoted to 70's Good Girl heroine; includes link to story involving the Spirit.

Women of DC Comics is a new page, scant on info so far.

Women of Marvel Comics - amazingly detailed and well-designed site; impresses me and I am no Marvel fan.

The Wonderous Wasp - I am just impressed someone has actually attempted to detail every single costume Janet Van Dyne has ever worn. Makes me feel almost normal.


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